ed in the middle of the map, between the Kingdom of Malacia, where my grandfather is located, on the left-hand side (west) and the Empire of Rubrum on the right-hand side (east).
The Pluvia Kingdom is located at a relatively high altitude and is blessed with abundant rainfall.

The Kingdom of Malacia, on the left, is a beautiful country where the rivers flowing from Pluvia have created a soil suitable for agriculture.


But, the Rubrum Empire on the right is different.


There are various theories, but for some reason, the border on the Rubrum Empire side is shaped like a cliff, and the desert runs from the bottom of the cliff all the way to the capital of the Rubrum Empire.

Of course, not all of it is obstructed by cliffs.

The northern area of Lambert territory connects loosely to the desert.

It seems that because of this, refugees fleeing the harsh environment and oppressive government are staying in Lambert territory.


In my first life, I had never thought about the refugee issue.

Now that a peace agreement is in place, there will be no war.
But the young emperor, recently enthroned in the Rubrum Empire, will be a problem in the next five years.


Machina said, “Ahaha, I’m sorry.
It ended up being a serious talk,” and laughed.
Looking at him laughing caused a feeling of regret to spread and took over my heart.
We were together for five years, but I had never heard such a story from him.

Machina had always worked hard for me, but what did I know about him? I bit my lips.

But I can’t just wallow in my regret.
I should face the Machina in front of me right now.


“That’s amazing, Machina.
I’d be interested to hear more about the refugee issue.
If you don’t mind, can I visit Lambert territory during the summer break? If it’s not too much trouble, that is…”


Such words were slipping out of my mouth.

Seeing Machina frozen in place with his mouth hanging open, I thought that I had made a mistake.
I was the only one who felt a sense of familiarity with him.

I became more and more panicked.

My heart was pounding fast and I felt my eyes darting around.

But, I suddenly felt at ease when I saw Machina supporting his cheek with one hand on the desk and fiddling with his braid with the other hand, twirling it around.

That was Machina’s habit when he felt surprised.

I remember him telling me that he didn’t want people to realize that he was surprised, so he would make it seem like he had the leisure to do the opposite.


“Your Highness Nagi… more than I thought, you’re…”


“No, I’m glad.
I’m so happy that it made me wonder why you didn’t choose me instead.”



I never thought there would come a day when I hear those words from Machina’s mouth.

I was so happy that my chest felt tight.
In my first life, I definitely wasn’t a good lord to him.
Still, to think I could still exchange words with him like this, made a warm feeling spread in me.

As I was thinking how glad I was to see him here, Machina then said something with a smirk on his face.


“Ah~ …..I wish you had chosen me instead~”

“No, I told you, I’m sorry about that.”

“If that was the case, …would it be alright for me to embrace you as Mika did?”



I furrowed my eyebrows, not quite understanding what was being said.

But then, Machina narrowed his eyes and kept continuing frighteningly.


“You embraced Mika earlier.
How nice~ a forbidden love.”

“Wait! Wh-what? You must have seen it wrong.”


I was feeling warm until just earlier, but now I suddenly turn pale as if it were raining ice water.

He said earlier, was it that time?! My heart pounded loudly.
I had a feeling that my desperate excuses weren’t having any effect on Machina.

No, but a forbidden love…? Love? That’s not it! I’m the only one who’s dipping my toe into those things, and it’s not like Mika also feels that way, so I should just be bold about it.

The reality is, there was nothing between Mika and me.


“Huh? Well, I don’t really mind if that was the case.”

“It’s not something like that, I’m telling you, you must have seen it wrong.”

“I guess so.
I must have been mistaken.
There’s no way Your Highness Nagi would be in the forest of that research facility, is there?”

“Ahaha… that’s right.”




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