Hm? I looked at this man’s face as he tilted his head, then I thought.

Indeed, Mika’s almond-shaped eyes are well-defined.
The jade-green color of his eyes is beautiful, like the color of a lake in the sun.

His shapely nose gives a masculine feeling, and the sight of him smiling with his big mouth open is invigorating.

His sharp eyebrows give a sense of willpower, and his sticking-out, messy red hair can’t help but be taken as a good thing.

His body is well-built since he’s a knight, and he also has a decent height.
He is strong.
He has brains.

Although he’s the third son of a count, he was chosen to be my knight, so his future is secure.


Hmm, I walked with my hand on my chin.

Once outside in the courtyard, there was already the sweltering summer air that made me imagine the heat of the afternoon.
I could hear the chirping of insects.
I stopped walking.


“Could it be that… you’re popular?”



In my first life, five years ago, I never had such an impression of him, perhaps because all I had seen him do was get angry.
It was hard to believe that any woman would fall for a man who complained so much.
In fact, it had never occurred to me, putting aside the fact that I had inadvertently bonded with him.


(That’s right… I wonder what happened to Mika after I died.)


I only have memories up to five years later, but I wonder if Mika married someone after that.
I’m not certain what state the country was in after that, but I wonder if he could still find someone he loved in that situation.

This man who knows how to swim with the tide would surely be the man to turn to when the state of the country went bad.


I put my own feelings first and thought about it, but if by chance I get executed as the evil prince again in five years, Mika might possibly have to die a terrible death, just like Oswald in my first life.

I thought that much, then I realized.


(That’s right… Although I might end up being the evil prince again, I ended up involving Mika this time.)


No, —it’s different.

I have decided that I’ll try my best to avoid becoming the evil prince again.

I didn’t necessarily decide to drag him into this.
But, that’s right, it means I might have taken away Mika’s future, which could have existed more than five years from now.

It made me become more and more afraid.

I might be unable to conduct myself properly and lose my brother again.
Or perhaps I will do something wrong from now on and face that future again.
And what if I get Mika involved in that? I wondered, only now realizing the severity of what I had done.

Right now, Mika said that he was happy, but still.


—What about in the future?


My eyes met with the jade-green eyes that were staring intently at mine.

Just like that, he straightly asked me a question.


“Why do you look like you’re about to cry?”

“I-I don’t.”


That’s right, I’m a man so I won’t cry over such a thing.

However, Mika grabbed me firmly by the hand and started walking.
We passed the side of the school building, then beyond it, and continued onward at a steady pace toward the forest owned by the research building adjacent to it.

I called out, “Hey!” to Mika, but he wouldn’t stop, and when I realized it we were already deep in the forest.

He held both of my hands tightly, at the place where no one could see us.


“Don’t tell me… are you jealous?!”

“Of course not.”

“No way.
Nagi is jealous…!”

“I told you I’m not.”


Strangely, I was annoyed when he asked me with a beaming and happy face.

What Mika said was totally off the mark.

What I’m worried about is not something on the level of jealousy.
It was about something that might cost his life.

“Oh man, I’m so happy,” Mika said, and I looked at him with a blank stare.

Suddenly, he hugged me tightly.
It was so sudden that my body flinched.

I thought about pulling away, but I was so grateful for his warmth now that I just couldn’t move.

In my ear, I heard Mika’s small voice saying, “It’s okay.” Then he said to me,


That knight’s pledge I made that day, —is my everything.”


Those words which have a little bit of sweetness, fell into me.

Mika misunderstood that I was jealous and said so.
I guess he thought I was still lonely, like when I was little.

But those words soaked in deep, deep down for me.


I remembered the words of Mika’s pledge.


I hoped, just a little, that it would be nice if things would always stay that way.

I pulled myself together and realized that I had to be careful not to become the evil prince again.

And then, I also thought that I have to protect Mika’s future.


As I breathed a sigh of relief in Mika’s arms, there was no way I could have realized that there was someone in the trees.


So His Highness Nagi and Mika… have that kind of relationship?”


Of course, I also wasn’t aware of that small murmur.


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