platinum-blonde hair and reddish eyes.
He looks like an angel that came from someplace, but his eyes were always cold and gave an air of solitude.

I still felt like there was something off, but I thought to myself, “No, momentum is important in this kind of thing!” Then I called out to him with all my might.



“Wait, Nagi! Stop!”

“……Good morning, Your Highness Nagi.
Do you have any business with me?”

Umm, I wonder if you could invite me to a tea party sometime.”


I tried to desperately squeeze out my voice with all my might.

It was the first time I said such a thing to someone, and my voice trembled.

I could feel the blood pumping through my body at an incredible rate.
Tillois stopped moving with a blank expression on his face, stared at me, and then said,


“Sigh…… I would not possibly refuse Your Highness’ request.
However, I am not good at getting along with others.
Therefore, rather than a tea party, would it be okay if I invite you to my house and we enjoy tea together?”

“Really?! We-well then tell me the date and time later.”

“Yes, then please excuse me.”


My mood was at its highest as I smiled and waved Tillois off.
I did it! I did it! It made me want to roar like a plubear.
And then I looked back at Mika, looking proud.

—However, I was met with Mika’s grim face, with his hand on his brow.
Confused, I tilted my head.

I thought I was going to get a compliment, but as I was wondering what was happening, Mika yelled.


“…That’s the wrong Tillois!!”


“That’s Tillois Ackerson, who’s clearly from the second prince faction.
He’s the Dukes! His sister who’s one year older is engaged to His Highness Vincent! I was talking about the Marquis Tillois.”

So you meant that Tillois.
This is confusing.”


If that’s the case, he should have told me sooner.
As I thought of that, Mika was holding his head and had a very serious look on his face.

Either way, I’m sure Mika will be coming along with me on the day.
Tillois also said he’s not good at getting along with others.
I’m sure it’s fine to at least have some tea together.

But looking at Mika’s reaction, it doesn’t seem like a trivial thing.


If he’s from the faction of the second prince, then he’s something like an arch-enemy to me.
Well, I certainly want to add someone from the second prince faction to my forces, but I had no intention of making contact with them at such an early stage.

Having never been socializing at all, I didn’t quite understand the gravity of the situation.

Mika glanced at me through the gap between his fingers, and said,


“You…… This is the same as going into the enemy’s camp alone and unarmed.”


I see.
I could tell the graveness of the situation now, and that it was no longer just a tea party.

And so, I tried to tell him what I thought for the time being.


“That… doesn’t sound so good.”


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