utors can teach the same thing for them? Of course, that’s because it’s a place for socializing.

The life of the nobility is filled with tea parties, evening parties, and various events throughout the year.
It’s the foundation for this.


(I couldn’t make use of it at all, though…)


To tell the truth, I think people were still trying to approach me when I was in first grade.

But now that I’m in fifth grade, the perception that “His Highness Nagi prefers to be alone” has spread.
I have almost never spoken to another human being, except for the time I’m with my brother.

In my first life, Mika also had nagged at me, but I even ignored that.
The fact that I said “I want to be loved” must be something shocking and a big deal for Mika too.

It was also something of a big deal for me.

Mika got off his horse, opened the carriage door, and extended his hand to me.
It was embarrassing, but it was for the debut so it couldn’t be helped.
I had no choice but to lay my hand on his hand.
Everyone present there immediately bowed in unison.

While feeling my internal organs shrinking, I still managed to squeeze out my voice.


“…Good morning.”



Normally, I would have quickly disappeared into the school building without saying a word, as if running away from people.
But this time, I said so with a feeling of resignation and left the place as gracefully as possible, taking care not to walk too fast.

I could hear chatter and commotion from behind me, but I ignored them.

But the moment I turned the corner of the school’s auditorium— like a mechanical doll, I simply put my foot forward quickly, then put the opposite foot forward at the speed of light.
I repeated that over and over, running quickly through the courtyard.
Then, the man who was chasing after me with large strides called me from behind.


“Haha, that’s amazing of you to greet them.”

“Shut up.”


As I was getting told those words as if I were a small kid, I clenched my fist.
My face was probably still red.

But still, surely this was a big first step for me.

I also thought that despite my position as a prince, my capacity is still too small that I think of this as a big first step.
Just like that, I grit my teeth to the point of making a grinding sound.


“Ahaha, look at your face.
This is good, Nagi.
After all, someone who can’t make small changes won’t be able to make great changes.”

“…….Sh-shut up.”

“I’m sure this is a big first step that would be useful for His Highness Seth.
You did great.”


Getting told something as if he could read my mind, made anger well up within me.

Mika casually put his hand on my head.
I shook it off while saying, “That’s rude,” but he just brushed it off.

However, there was a very happy smile on Mika’s face.
It made me wonder, since when did this man who always smiled with his mouth wide open like an idiot, this man who smiled like the sun, suddenly stopped showing his smile.

I feel my heart thumping and exaggerating its presence, so I do my best to fight it off.


(Th-that kind of thing doesn’t matter!)


In any case, it should be good to at least do some greetings.
It was also written like that in the book.
As much as it grated on my nerves, what Mika said wasn’t wrong.

If I don’t start with small things, I won’t be able to make a big change.

For now, I must start with things that will only make my stomach churn and my teeth clench afterward.

We crossed the courtyard of the fourth grade through the sixth grade school building.
Then, I heard a carefree voice next to me say, “I hope you can at least make one friend before the summer break”.
My stomach churned again, and I gritted my teeth.
With a deep crease between my brows, I ask.


“Friends, huh… In the first place, what do humans usually do during the summer break?”


So far, I had done nothing more than read books and perform my assigned duties at the castle, no matter if it was summer break or not.
Remembering how happy all the students at the academy looked before the break, I predicted that there should be some kind of fun to be had.

Mika, who looked at me with a blank stare, let out a sigh and said with a bored tone,


“Humans? What are you, a God? …Well, it’s probably socializing.”


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