to tell everyone that I am dating you. ” I slapped his shoulder and told him to shut up.

We reached home. He was looking at my apartment ”You have a big apartment. ” I laughed ”Yeah you can say that. It is too big for a single person. ” I asked him to sit down and gave him water. ”So you do a part-time job? ” He said yes and told me he works in a restaurant as a cook. ”Well I want to ask you something too, can I? ” I nodded to his question, ”Tao mentioned that you are from a wealthy family then why do you work in the cafe and why do you live in the apartment? ” I smiled ”Well reason might sound funny ” I chuckled and continued, ”all my relatives and school mates said I was born with a golden spoon, you are not more than a son of a rich dad, I can not prove myself, and I had a little fight with my dad after 18th birthday so I left my house and started to work my own. ”

”Oh, kinda sounds unbelievable. ” He said. ”I know, yes I know it sounds unbelievable but its true and I never wanted any luxurious life I was and I am happy with being simple. ” He held my hand and said its ok and he asked me about the argument I had with my dad. ”Well he wanted me to marry his friends daughter and I was against it so yeah that has happened. ” He hugged me and kissed my forehead ”Don worry now I won let you get engaged with anyone. You are mine okay? ” A cute gentle smile appeared on his face. ”You know what you really look cute whenever you smile. ” He smiled and said thank you to me.

After a while, I passed him my chemistry notebook. ”Hey is it okay if I kiss you? ” My heart started to pound fastly after hearing that. I did not know how to react. I started to blush and shyly nodded he came closer and gave a peak on my cheeks. He was blushing and he left from there. I touched my cheeks and smiled. I got a text from him Good night, take care. I laughed and laid on the bed. I was in another world. The sky was pink, butterflies were everywhere it was just so perfect. And couldn be more perfect than this.

I closed my eyes and went to sleep. But I had to eat so I woke up and made some noodles. I was eating those noodles and I got the call from Xu Tao. I picked up and he shouted my name loudly. I was wondering what happened to him so I asked him if he is good or not. ”Bro, you are dating my brother? Are you kidding me? You just said this afternoon that you don like my brother now you two are dating? ” I was shocked after hearing that and asked him who told him that. He said Xu Kai was the one who told him and he asked me to meet him in University. I was afraid and surprised. I didn know he would react like this. He wasn seeming happy or angry.

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