”Hey I bought you something Both were looking at me with excitement, the curiosity in their eyes was shown, I laughed and took the lollipop outside from my pocket and handed it to Xu Tao. He thanked me, and I gave him some sour candies and smiled. He smiled and took and ate it. ”Why did you bring candies, Feng Ling? ” Xu Tao asked. I laughed awkwardly ”Ahh nothing I just saw one candy shop and bought. ”

Xu Tao went to catch up with his other friend. Xu Kai and I were alone in his classroom. We both had awkward silence between us. We both made eye contact and smiled. ”Umm, what happened to you yesterday? You didn reply to my text after that text you sent. ” I was embarrassed. I looked down and replied ”oh actually I switched off my phone so I didn know that you texted me. I am sorry. ” He was looking worried. After a couple of minutes, he asked me if I am upset with him or if I am mad at him. I shook my head and said no. And he asked me to never ignore his text. I was a bit happy to know that he cares about me. I got butterflies inside my stomach.

After a while, I went to my classroom and sat down. I got a notification that Xu Kai had posted something, I went to check and it was sour candies which were given by me and he wrote the caption I never knew sour candies can be this sweet~ thank you I smiled and looked down at the comments section. My happy mood suddenly went away when I saw comments. All were talking about Yang Li there. Some said it was given by Yang Li and some said to get back together with Yang Li.

I got frustrated and put my phone aside. I decided to make an appointment with a therapist after 2 days. I was still thinking about that dream. I was thinking about how one of them always dies in my dreams. Every time in different places one of them always dies.

Yang Li was sitting behind me and she was reading those comments loudly. ”Oh my god, Hey Feng Ling, people love to ship me with Xu Kai haha, see this. ” ”What are you showing? ” Xu Tao came and sat beside me. I replied ”The comments on Xu Kais post. ” He laughed ”Those all are her friends who commented on his post like that. She gives them treats whenever they comment like that. ” Yang Li rolled her eyes and told him to shut up. He sat beside me and looked at me with a poker face. ”What happened Xu Tao? ” I asked him, and he pulled me closer and whispered ”Are you going to tell me or not? ” I was surprised when he said that and asked him to explain.

”You brought candies for him, you were asking about his relationship, you both were looking at each others eyes and making me a third wheel, eating in the same lunch box. ” He folded his hand, looked at me and continued ”And I don think that happens between seniors and juniors. So you better tell me whats going on between you two ” he pulled me closer again and whispered, ”And that post, those candies, that was given by you right? ” I looked in different directions and pretended that I didn hear anything. He came near and whispered, ”Is anything going between you two? ” I immediately said no and told him to stop thinking weird things. He gave me a weird look and rolled his eyes. I laughed awkwardly.

After some time.

I was going home and Xu Kai shouted my name from behind. He ran towards me ”Wanna go home together? ” I smiled and nodded. He asked me to come with him somewhere. I was a bit nervous but I decided to follow him. In the middle of the way he held my hand and looked at me. ”Don worry, I won get close to her and I will stay away from her. ” He smiled gently at me. I laughed awkwardly and looked in different directions. ”What do you mean? ” He chuckled and held my both hands ”I don think so I have to say what I meant. You know that and I know too. ” He looked down and continued ”You and me this is what I want. ” I smiled and nodded.

His indirect confession was a bit different but we both ended up getting in a relationship. Even though we knew each other for 3 days only, we both were in love. He took me to one antique shop. As we reached there, the shopkeeper stood up and started to stare at us as if she knew us for ages. ”Excuse me? What happened? ” Xu Kai asked. She shook her head and asked us what we wanted from there. We both went inside and started to look at everything. But one pair of locket caught the attention of Xu Kai and mine. We both went near to look at those locket, that shiny blue stone was looking attractive and both had a lotus print on the stone. Xu Kai called that shopkeeper and asked the price of the locket. She immediately handed us that locket and told us not to pay.

We both looked at each others eyes. We both were confused. She explained to us ”Well this locket belongs to one pair. 2 male lovers made this locket. And I don think it is good to set a price on someones feelings so I am giving you this locket since you both are a couple. ” We both looked at each other we both were shocked about how she know about us. She smiled ”You two look good together, God bless you. ” We both left from there.

”That was weird, wasn it? ” I asked Xu kai. He nodded and helped me to wear that locket. ”This suits you, ” Xu Kai said. I laughed and thanked him. We both held each others hands and went home. ”Don you think people will hate you if they find out about us? ” I asked him. ”I don care, you are the only one about whom I care. ”

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