st a dream, don think too much you are already getting late for university, pack your stuff and run to university. ”

When I went to university, as I entered I felt that other students were looking at me differently. I looked down and directly went to my classroom, but inside the classroom, things were even worse, all my classmates were looking at me and they were gossiping something bad about me.

”I am damn sure he seduced him, ” one classmate said another classmate joined him by saying ”Of course why would he not, look at him he is handsome and popular, he might have spread his leg in front of him ” all of them started to laugh loudly. Xu Tao was sitting beside me, he got angry ”Shut the ** up! How can you say something like this without knowing the whole story ” another classmate replied ”Didn you see the pictures? What else do we need to know? Its clearly shown that. ” I held Xu Taos hand and told him to calm down and asked, ”What happened here? And what picture? What exactly is going on? ”

Xu Tao sighed and showed me the picture, it was a picture of Xu Kai and myself. Someone had clicked our pictures when we were having our lunch and when he gave me that lotus. I looked at Xu Tao and sighed ”Wait I can explain to you ” I tried to explain what happened yesterday to Xu Tao but he stopped me. ”No need to explain to me, I trust you guys. And even if you both are a couple I support you, I would love to have a brother in law who is my best friend. ” He smiled after saying that. I sighed ”Its not like that, we both are just friends or we are just senior and junior. I don know who clicked that picture. ”

”Hey blacky ” Yang Li called me. Xu Tao looked at her with an angry expression. ”Oh I am sorry ” she continued ”How did you both end up dating? Wow, you are dating the most famous guy and most handsome guy from our university when you look like shit. ” I got angry and stood up ”Look, we are not dating and now you are going to pay for what you have said about me. ”

I took my phone and I called my father. ”Hello, dad. ” My dad replied ”Yes my son. How did you call me today? ” I replied, ”Dad I don have time for this conversation. ” I continued ”Dad Mr Yang had to ask for holidays from you didn he? ” My dad replied, ”Yeah he wants to go on vacation with his daughter thats why. ” I replied ”Yeah, cancel it. And manager yangs salary? Is it 1.5 lakh per month right? From this month just give him 40k per month. ” My dad was shocked and asked me the reason. I replied ”Because I am saying it dad ” my dad agreed to that.

The phone was on speaker so everyone heard that. Yang Li was shocked. ”How dare you, you asshole. ” Yang Li said. I slammed my hand on her desk ”Now what? Do you want me to fire him too? I gave you a warning to not mess up with me didn I? ” I continued ”Yang Li, I am telling you don mess with the wrong person, I can make your life way worse than hell. ” She got up and went to the bathroom with her friends. I looked at those 3 guys who were talking about me.

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