I was wondering why he left. Xu Tao was there so I was expecting Xu Kai to come there. After a while, I finished my work and I went home.


When I was home I got a text from Xu Tao. He was telling me about how other girls fell for him in the cafe. ”Hey, Feng Ling. Lets sit together starting from tomorrow. Is that okay for you? ” I agreed with his question. ”Yeah sure, why not. ”


Xu kai noticed Xu Tao was on his phone and asked, ”With whom are you speaking, Tao? ”. Xu Tao smiled and replied ”Feng ling, that new boy who came today, and we became friends. ” Xu Kai smiled ”Oh you both shared each others numbers too? ” Xu Tao got up and sat and said, ”No we haven we are just talking in line ”. He continued, ”Do you know, his dad is the president of P.S clothing company he is from a very rich family, but he works in a cafe ”. Xu Kai softly smiled and replied ”I know ”

Xu Tao didn hear him so he asked him ”Sorry, what did you say? ” Xu Kai smiled and said nothing and left from there.

Next morning.

I was going to university. I was walking and I saw one flower stall where there were many beautiful flowers. I stood there to take a nice look at those flowers. I saw many flowers but the white lotus caught my attention. I went near and touched that white lotus. That half bloomed white lotus was so pretty that I lost in that lotuss beauty. The stall owner kept asking me if I wanted to buy anything but I couldn hear anything. When that stall owner asked me in a louder voice, I came back to my senses, I smiled awkwardly ”No sorry I was just seeing those flowers I am sorry. ” I ran from there and smiled at myself.

After some time I reached University, and I went inside the classroom. Xu Tao was not there but I reserved a bench beside me as he said he wanted to sit together. After a while he came and sat beside me ”Hi ” he said. ”Hi ” I replied. ”How are you, ” he asked. I was about to reply to him but Yang Li spoke from behind. ”Oh girls look so black ” She took a pause and continued, ”Its my new socks, I love black colour so bought black socks. ” After hearing her Xu Tao got frustrated and slammed his hand on her bench ”Whats your problem Yang Li? Why are you keep mocking him? ”

She stood up and made some shocked and guilty face ”Oh my god, what are you talking about? Xu Tao I was talking about new socks. Look, how can you blame me like this ” she looked at me and continued ”And why did you think I was referring to him? I didn take his name. Oh, then its you who thinks like that. ” He got angry and he was about to say something but I stopped him ”Calm down leave it, its no use to talk about this, calm down and sit down ”

She held my shoulder ”Oh thank you, Feng Ling, for standing up for me ” she smiled at the end but the way she smiled was showing that she was mocking me and Xu Tao. But I decided to let it go and looked to board.

Yang Li was mocking me and Xu Tao indirectly in each and every period. ”Seems like that warning is not enough for her to shut up, ” I said. ”She is the most famous bully at this university, she was forced to transfer to 6 schools due to her bullying issue so what can we expect anything good from her? ” Xu Tao said.

After sometime

It was a lunch break. Xu Tao asked me to join him in the cafeteria but I said no and requested him to not force him to join them. He agreed and left from there. I stayed for Xu Kai, I was waiting for him to come and he finally showed up. ”Oh I didn think you would be here ” he sat down beside me and continued, ”I thought you might be in the cafeteria with Tao since you two have become close friends ” I smiled ”No, I don like to be in a crowdy place. ”

We both opened our lunch boxes and started to eat. While eating, ”Hey Feng Ling? ” I looked at him, and he smiled and gave me one white Lotus. I smiled and took that lotus. While taking that lotus my finger touched his fingers, I felt I knew this touch for a long time but I didn think too much about it. ”A white Lotus? Why? ” I asked. He smiled and replied ”Well I saw you in the morning, you were looking at this lotus so I bought that lotus for you ” I was shocked and surprised ”Wait! You are saying this is the same Lotus that I saw in the morning? ” He said yes. I blushed and thanked him for that flower. He smiled and said no problem.

While he was giving me flowers, Yang Li saw that from outside ”Oh my god time to take revenge haha ” she took photographs of us ”Feng Ling now you will regret messing up with me ”

After eating the lunch box I went to the bathroom to wash my hands. Lunch break was already over so I rushed to the classroom, Xu Tao was already there, I went and sat on my seat, and I looked up to the board. There was written WE HAVE A GAY BOY IN OUR CLASSROOM, AND HE IS DATING A FAMOUS GUY FROM OUR UNIVERSITY!

I asked Xu Tao what it was that but he came to know nothing about, and it was looking so disrespectful so I decided to wipe the board. Xu Tao came and helped me. ”I don know why people still hate homosexual people, cmon its 2022, ” Xu Tao said. I replied ”Not everyone is like you. They probably don have a brain, thats why they are like this. ” We sat down after wiping the board.

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