d my eyes, as I closed my eyes I started to fall in darkness. My body was paralysed I couldn even move my fingers. I was scared. Suddenly I saw a bright light, it was too bright so I closed my eyes.

As I opened my eyes, I found myself sitting near white lotus pond. I was holding white lotus. I had no control on my body. It seemed like I was waiting for someone. I heard someones voice from behind ”Yu Feng ” . That voice was so familiar to me I looked back. I had big smile on my face while looking back. I saw a tall guy standing behind me, his face was blurry but somehow I felt that I had seen that face

Suddenly my body freezed. But I was inside that person, that person named Yu Feng was going towards that guy. That guy embraced him, as he embraced him suddenly my eyes opened. I found myself in my bedroom. I was soaked by sweat. That dream was too realistic for me. I went to the bathroom and I changed my clothes again and headed to the cafe. I was thinking about Yu Feng and that guy whose face was blurry. I had many dreams about this Yu Feng and that guy but each and every time those two used to look different.

I found some similarities between me and Yu Feng when I had a dream about them in the morning. But I couldn see that mans face nor I could remember his name.

After a while~

I was at a cafe. While I was working, I got a text from Xu Tao. He texted ”Look who is at your cafe ” I smiled and looked straight to the door. It was him in a casual shirt and shorts. I smiled seeing him like that. ”Why are you smiling? Am I looking bad? ” Before I could say anything, some female customer started to talk about him and his appearance. Xu Tao is a very good looking guy and it was common to get praised by girls when he was that handsome. ”Well in university I saw you with jeans and now in shorts so it kinda seems different. ” I started to make coffee for him after saying that. ”Oh is that so? Then I will always wear jeans ok? ” He laughed in the end. I served him coffee and told him to take his time.

I went to serve coffee to those girls who were talking about Xu Tao. As I reached there they all started to ask me about him. I sighed ”Xu Tao come here and join them, those pretty girls want to know about you. ” He came there and sat with them. They were talking and I was cleaning glasses and cups.

While I was cleaning glasses I saw Xu kai buying some vegetables, he was very focused on buying vegetables. He saw me and waved hand. I waved too, he left from there with a gentle smile on his face. I was wondering about Xu Tao and Xu kai.

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