, they talk nicely in front of you and talk shit behind you so beware of them. ” I nodded as I remembered Yang Li as soon as he mentioned that kind of person, ”Yeah you are right. But I met your brother. He is nice to me. ” Xu Kai was amazed when I said his brother is good with me. ”Thats good, kinda unbelievable that he started to make friends. ” He continued ”He doesn really make friends by himself like he doesn really approach anyone to be friends with him so yeah kinda unbelievable. ”

”Ohh ” after saying that I started to eat. After some time he said bye and went to his classroom. Lunch break was already over. Xu Tao came and asked me why I didn come to the cafeteria. I gave some stupid excuse. ”Ohh maybe he had no money to pay the bill for the cafeteria. Hahah you should have asked me. My dad is a manager at P.S clothing company. ” She laughed and continued ”Oh my bad how would you know that brand? A person like you could never afford anything from that place. ” Yang Li said and started to laugh.

Everyone in the classroom started to laugh except Xu Tao. He was defending me. I laughed, ”Hahaha ” everyone was looking at me with a surprised expression even Yang Li was shocked by my behaviour. I took out my black card and showed her ”Ahem, see this. ” Everyones faces were open. Yang Li was silent as she could not speak anything after seeing my black card. ”And I didn know Mr Yangs daughter would be like this? ” She suddenly stood up with a shocked expression ”What do you mean? ” I smiled and smirked ”Your dad is a manager in a P.S clothing company. And my dad owns that company. Did you understand what I meant? Your dad works under my dads hand. So be careful okay? If you dare to mock me again. I won take 2 seconds to make your dad manager a common employee. ” I sat down after seeing that.

Yang Li was embarrassed and ran towards the restroom. Everyone was looking at me from different points of view. Xu Tao was shocked after seeing me like that. He sat beside me ”I didn know you are that rich. ” I sighed. ”I am sorry you had to see this. And no I am not rich, my dad is the rich one. I had to say this to shut her mouth. Uncle Yang told me her daughter is very nice and well behaved but seems like its a whole different thing here. ” He was looking at me. His facial expression was a little bit different than usual. ”Would you have changed her dads position because of her? ” Xu Tao asked and I got what he might be thinking about me, I am some kind of rich dads spoiled kid. I smiled and looked at him ”No, of course, no. I said that to shut her mouth. Uncle Yang is very hardworking and nice why would I do that because of her daughter. ” I contained ”I know what you are thinking but sometimes you have to behave like that. I have nothing to say. ”

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