me for 2 minutes and I was feeling awkward with him. Before I could say anything he said ”Hello buddy, my name is Xu Kai, how about you? ” His smile was refreshing, his cute and innocent looks were heart-melting. I had never seen anybody Handsome as him. He was ten times better looking than me but his face was so familiar to me, I was thinking about where I saw him but I could not remember anything.

He was asking my name. ”Feng Ling, ” I said my name and looked down. He was talking to me like a child and I was nodding at everything. He reached his classroom and went there. While going he said, ”bye junior ” I looked at him and smiled.

I entered the classroom, everyone was having fun. As I entered everyone was looking at me I looked down and went to sit on my seat. Everyone was talking about me. There was a group of 3 girls behind me. They were talking about me and my appearance. One of them loudly said ”look at this new boy he is so ugly, even my brown socks are whiter than him haha ” everyone started to laugh. I was looking down and feeling bad, so I chose to not respond to anything. I was about to cry but then I heard something, his voice was familiar to me. I looked up to check who that person was. He was smiling and looking at me ”Hii junior ” as he said that everyone started looking at me and mumbling about how he knows me.

He came to me and asked me whether I was doing fine or not. I nodded and looked down. He was there to take an English class as the teacher were busy with something. Girls were talking about him and some boys were clicking his picture. He was really popular and handsome. After taking a class he went to his classroom and all were talking about him. I heard that he is very kind-hearted and good to everyone and almost everyone at the university is in love with him.

It was recess. I was sitting on my seat. I heard someone saying hi, it was him standing outside and waving a hand at me, I waved my hand too and said hi. The same girl who commented on my appearance was glaring at me ”Would be a perfect match black and white ” she and her friend started to laugh, I ignored what she said and looked outside. I was feeling sad, her mean comments were hurting me but I knew it would happen to me as I look different from them.

I was reading one book and one guy came to me he was looking innocent he smiled and asked my name I told him my name, he asked me to be his friend he gave me his hand for shaking but that girl again commented ”Girls look there old tv, black and white ” she started to laugh, that boy slammed his hand on the bench and shouted ”Shut up Yang Li that is racism ”. She was startled and looked at different directions.

We both shook our hands and became friends. He said his name is Xu Tao.

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