at that point, and he was like a ghost instead.

“What does he want, all of the sudden?”


“Well, we should just act like always.”

Receiving the gazes of the Owen Kingdom's envoys, the trainees started creaking like a broken doll.

“Get a grip! You should calm down even more at a time like this and do your best!”


* * *


Reaper Scans

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* * *


Burren was no different than usual.
Or rather, he was moving even better, and led the trainees.

‘It worked.’

As expected of someone who gave himself to Zieghart, he knew what he was supposed to show.

“I don’t want to be a clown.”

Martha snorted and crossed her arms.
Emitting a pressure as fierce as facing an enemy, she glared at the Owen Kingdom’s envoys.
She looked ready to fight them if they wanted.

‘She hasn’t changed.’

Martha had only become softer to him, and she was still as fierce and bad-mouthed as ever.

Runaan wasn’t interested in them at all.
She kept swinging her sword using her footwork, without a single moment’s interruption.

‘I think she might be the strongest.’

Not losing focus in that kind of messy situation was a peerless talent.

Raon skimmed through the Owen Kingdom’s envoys one after another.
The blue-eyed knight trainee was carefully watching Burren, Martha and Runaan, one after another.

He seemed rather surprised, with his mouth slightly open.

‘And he still didn’t recognize me.’

Despite noticing those three, he seemed unaware of Raon’s might.


Raon smiled slightly and pulled out his training sword, his legs at shoulder’s width.

‘Shall I start as well?’

The River Footwork and Combination sword were both extremely simple in their forms and postures.

It was a testament to their strength that they wouldn’t get weaker once seen, so there was no problem with having observers.




Without minding the gazes, Raon naturally blended in the flow of the sword and footwork.




The third prince Greer De Owen had visited two places before coming to the fifth training ground.

The first was the second training ground, where those who’d already received the title of swordsman were practicing.

‘It was amazing.’

The swordsmen from the second training ground were powerful, befitting the great name of Zieghart.

They weren’t inferior in any way compared to the Owen Kingdom’s knights in swordsmanship, pressure, body, and mind.

‘However, the sixth training ground where the trainees practiced was rather disappointing.’

The trainees at the six training grounds were talented, but they lacked practice.

He’d originally planned to request a spar, but he gave up since the result was too obvious.

‘That’s when I remembered.’

When he was going to head back, he remembered what Rimmer had mentioned.
That question about whether he wanted to see the real deal.

That was why he told the officer from the general administration, who was about to guide them elsewhere, that he wanted to see the fifth training ground.

He seemed flustered, but he guided them to the fifth training ground without refusing the request.

He actually didn’t have high expectations.

He thought the fifth training ground wouldn’t be much different from the sixth training ground.

However, that was a huge mistake.

He understood the moment he entered the training ground that it was different.

The talent and the amount of training they did was on a whole different dimension from the sixth training ground.

‘The real deal was this place.’

Rimmer was correct.
The trainees from the fifth training ground weren’t any weaker than the knight trainees.

The blue-haired boy and the silver-haired girl especially were one level stronger than the others.

And the black-haired beauty who was glaring at them also possessed an overwhelming pressure.

All three of them were as strong as himself, or Setun, who was called the strongest knight trainee.

“This was the real one indeed.”

Duke Tartan furrowed his brows while watching the trainees.

“It looks like it.”

“Although it looks like there’s not a big difference in talent except for a few.
The difference is mostly with how much they’ve trained.”


Greer nodded.
The fifth training ground had a completely different atmosphere.
He could smell the passion filled with the trainees’ blood and sweat.

“Those three are particularly amazing.”

The knight trainee Setun’s eyes shone with the intention to fight.
He was also watching the three powerhouses he’d recognized.

“I want to try fighting them.”

“Same goes for me.”

The third prince and Setun licked their lips, watching the three people they thought were the strongest in the fifth training ground.

“How is it? Just like I’ve said, the real ones are here, right?”

A voice as cool as the wind could be heard from behind.


When they turned around, Rimmer was standing there with the same smile as the day before.

“Certainly, I understand why you said that before.”

Greer nodded.

“You seem to be itching for a fight.
How about sparring with one of our boys?”

“Was that the goal?”

“It’s a rare opportunity to fight against one of the Six King’s talents in complete safety.
It will also help you.”

Rimmer pointed towards the trainees who were focused on their swords.


Greer turned around to look at Duke Tartan.
Since he was the actual leader, he needed his permission.

“That sounds fine.”

Duke Tartan nodded but gave Rimmer a cold gaze.
His face seemed to say that he would cut him down the moment he tried something funny.

“I just want some sparring.

Rimmer raised both his hands and smiled.

“Are you fine with a small bet?”


After twenty duels, the loser rewards the winner.”

“Hah, do you think you can win against us?”

“Oh, you are pretty confident, huh?”

“Of course.
Because they are the elites among the Owen’s knight trainees!”

Duke Tartan was full of confidence as he looked at the knight trainees.

“I’m glad.”

Rimmer smiled.
His eyes were clearly shining in dark green.

“Since I also trust my boys.”


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