used those who heard them to take pity on her: “You, Wei’s third young master, should just be studying peacefully at the Imperial College.
Why do you have to treat my younger brother unfairly? And treat me unfairly? That you even have to tire out my family’s old madam by having her make an appearance before you?”

Old Madam Xu and Jiang Yu at this moment both had blank looks.
This member of their family who was venting her feelings here–where did she emerge from?

This ancestor3it means how she is treated like an ancestor in the sense she is held up/spoiled in her family.
of theirs had never been one to cry.
Was this person, who was crying tearfully and letting others look upon her so pitifully, truly their family’s Jiang Mingyue?

In a teahouse on the side of the street, a middle-aged person with the appearance of a retainer spoke in a low voice to a young person sitting by a window: “Crown Prince, that is Anyuan Houfu’s second daughter, Jiang Mingyue.”

Zhao Lingxiao, who was dressed in a jade crested headband and white spring garments, leaned against the window frame.
He appeared somewhat languid, but the ends of his eyes and brows revealed his nobility.
“This young lady wants to ruin Wei’s third young master.” The crown prince sighed lightly.
The Jiangs’ second miss cried like raindrops on a pear blossom4fig.
tear-stained face of a beauty, but she was actually holding malicious intentions.

He understood what the Jiangs’ second miss’s words implied.
The head of Anyuan Houfu was out working hard for the country.
Wei Ziting, this young master of a government minister’s family, seized the opportunity to wield his family’s power and wear out and frighten Jiang Ruqiu’s mother, beat up his son, and even sully his daughter’s reputation.
If her bad reputation were to take hold, it wouldn’t be necessary to wait for Jiang Ruqiu to return and demand for justice.
Wei Xiangfu might not even have a place for Wei Ziting to stay anymore.
‘Was the good reputation of a family of numerous generations, accumulated over a hundred years, something for you to ruin?‘

“Crown Prince, speaking of marriage, will you ask the King5the Crown Prince’s father is the King of Tushan when we return?” the retainer asked, speaking again in a low voice at this moment.

“My marriage will naturally be decided upon by the elders of my family,” Jiang Mingyue cried out on the street below while covering her face, “Currently, my grandfather and grandmother have yet to speak of this, and my father is far away in distant foreign lands.
Where did this talk about my marriage emerge from? Regardless of how good that crown prince that you—Third Young Master Wei—mentioned is, I still have to ask you.
In this world, is this the only man in the world? Is there no one else the women of this world can marry?”

“That is,” Old Madam Xu chimed in, having finally regained her senses at this time, “Have all the good men in this world died, leaving Tushan’s Crown Prince as the only one remaining? Naturally, I, as her grandmother, will worry about my granddaughter’s marriage for her.
What has it got to do with you, the third young master of the Wei family? Have you stopped studying at the Imperial College and instead changed professions to a matchmaker?”

“I…” Third Young Master Wei’s face turned purple.

“Is there a marriage contract?” Jiang Mingyue asked: “Or have you, Third Young Master Wei, seen a matchmaker pass through the gate of my Anyuan Houfu with your own eyes?”

Wei Ziting was speechless.
It was something that he had heard from someone else.
How was he to get ahold of evidence to prove it?

In the teahouse, Zhao Lingxiao put down the teacup he was holding and indifferently said a sentence: “She does not wish to marry me.”


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1a woman offering herself up to be a pillow mat refers to a woman of low status essentially selling herself to be a servant/slave to a husband of higher status2“like rain” – the raw actually says “raindrops”, which doesn’t sound at all as intimidating as it should be in context.
So we adapted from the English idiom of ‘the punches and kicks came down like rain”, and just used ‘rain’.3it means how she is treated like an ancestor in the sense she is held up/spoiled in her family.4fig.
tear-stained face of a beauty5the Crown Prince’s father is the King of Tushan

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