Chapter 16: It’s So Hard To Fool Kids When They’re Older.

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Gu Miao and Gu Heyan were polite enough to personally send the Duke of Yan and his son out of the Residence, as they watched the carriage drive away.
Then, they turned around and entered the Residence again.

As the wheels of the carriage ran over the bluestone street, and the horse’s hooves clattered, Mu Boren noticed that his son was holding a food box in his hands.
When Mu Boren asked what it was, Mu Zhiming sheepishly replied: “The pastries from General Gu’s Residence.”

Mu Boren frowned and scolded: “How can you be so rude?! You can’t just take the pastries away!”

Mu Zhiming knew that he was going to be scolded, so he simply admitted his mistake.
The thing was, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!

‘I didn’t expect Gu Heyan would suddenly stuff the food box into my hands before I could enter the carriage! Not only was I unable to react in time, but I couldn’t even refuse politely!’

‘I’ve been wronged, alright?!’

Mu Zhiming muttered these grievances in his heart, as he looked down at the food box in his hands.
Nevertheless, the corners of his mouth had slowly raised in a faint smile.

‘Maybe, Gu Heyan doesn’t hate me as much as he did in my previous life.’

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At the same time, after seeing off the guests, Gu Miao went back to his study.
However, the moment he stepped inside, he was shocked: “Hmm?! Where is the Sun and Moon Hunting crossbow?! Why is it gone?!”

Wen Zhongcheng, who was in the courtyard, heard the commotion coming from the study and hurried over: “Master, don’t panic.
The crossbow was taken away by the Young Master in the morning, and was put in his wing room!”

Gu Miao didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “When did he become interested in the crossbow? Quick, ask him to bring it back!”

As soon as these words were said, Gu Heyan knocked on the door and walked in.
After saluting his father, Gu Heayn placed the crossbow back where it originally belonged.

Gu Miao said nervously: “Careful, careful, don’t break it.”

Gu Heyan indifferently replied: “Father, this crossbow is already broken.”

Gu Miao: “….”

‘It’s so hard to fool kids when they’re older, their minds are always one step ahead.

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As the nightingales flew in the air, the grass had already grown everywhere1.
On such a beautiful spring day, an Imperial decree arrived at the Residence of the Duke of Yan.

The Imperial decree summoned Mu Boren, the Duke of Yan, to stand as an Imperial tutor; to help the Princes over the age of six with their studies, turn them into reasonable beings, and make them able to distinguish between right and wrong.

However, the decree also summoned Mu Zhiming to the Palace, to become the attendant of Fu Ji’an, the Seventh Prince, in order to diligently urge the Prince to study hard.

The father and son of the Mu Family knelt down to accept the Imperial decree.

In his previous life, Mu Zhiming had pressed his head against the cold ground, feeling overjoyed.
After all, not only could he play with Fu Ji’an all day long, but he could also meet and talk with Fu Yi more often.

However, in this life, Mu Zhiming felt uneasy for some reason.
After all, not only were all kinds of schemes were hidden within the walls of the Imperial Palace, but those walls had also seen the various intentions of countless people over the years.
Could Mu Zhiming survive this period of time in peace?

In any case, Mu Zhiming knew very well that the most important thing right now was to turn Fu Ji’an into a capable Prince.
By establishing a footing and a career, Mu Zhiming would have the strength as well as the confidence to help Fu Ji’an to fight the Crown Prince, Fu Qi, along with the Fifth Prince, Fu Yi, in the future.

Thus, Fu Ji’an’s nightmare officially began.

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One day, at Yin hour2, the rooster crowed three times.
Fu Ji’an was still dreaming on the soft and warm mattress.
In his dream, he saw a peach tree not far away.
Under the tree, he saw a person dressed in white, elegant robes.
The fairy3, with a clean and distinguished temperament, was turning their back on him.

Fu Ji’an was so overjoyed, that he stepped forward and he called out: “Fairy! Fairy!”

When hearing a voice calling out to them, the fairy slowly turned around, revealing Mu Zhiming’s smiling face: “Fu Ji’an~ It’s~ time~ to~ memorize~ the~ contents~ of~ the~ books~”

Fu Ji’an woke up in shock.
As soon as he opened his eyes, he looked outside the window and saw that the sky was still dark outside.
Yet, Mu Zhiming stood beside his bed with a candle lamp in his hand.
The light of the candle flickered on Mu Zhiming’s face, making his kind smile look gloomy instead: “Fu Ji’an~ it’s~ time~ to~ study~”

“Aahh—!!!” Fu Ji’an howled in horror, covered his head with the quilt, and cried: “Mu-gege! I’ve been waking up early for three months! Can’t you take a day off?! One day, just one day!”

“No,” Mu Zhiming said, as he picked up the quilt.
“The great tree grows from tiny sprouts; the nine-floored high platform is built from every pile of soil4.
Perseverance is the key to success!”

“It’s Yin hour!” Fu Ji’an pulled up the quilt and collapsed.

“What’s wrong with Yin hour?” Mu Zhiming coldly snorted.
“I have to get up every day at Chou5 hour, in order to travel all the way to the Palace and wake you up.
Haven’t I told you that?”

“Then go pay your respects to Mother Consort first.
I’ll sleep a little bit more.
Just a little, then I’ll get up right away!” Fu Ji’an begged pitifully.

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“The Noble Consort told me that there’s no need to greet her in the morning.” Mu Zhiming laughed.

In fact, the Noble Consort Niangniang’s words were: “Mu Lizhu! I’ll crush you to death if you dare to disturb my sleep so early in the morning again!”

“Get up! Finish your studies!” Mu Zhiming brutally and ruthlessly lifted Fu Ji’an’s quilt.

“Ahhhhhh! Help!” Fu Ji’an’s miserable scream resounded through the whole Palace.

Gu Heyan gave Mu Zhiming the whole food box with the pastries!!!! But in the end Mu Zhiming was scolded for it FFFFF

Mu Zhiming now has to go to the Palace regularly, will he run into Fu Yi?? ughhhhh

The Noble Consort is as funny and relatable as always

Poor Fu Ji’an, the baby will have it rough with Mu Zhiming lmao he only wants to sleep! And there it is, Mu Zhiming waking him up at 4/5 am 


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