ster.” Aunt Liang waved her hand, shooing away this dull fool who didn’t understand what was going on.
Then, Aunt Liang and Miss Juan opened the simple and unpatterned wooden cabinet in the inner room, sorting through Gu Heyan’s clothes.

There were only a few pieces of clothing to choose from, and they settled on a sky-cyan brocade garment with a hidden bamboo pattern.
After helping Gu Heyan change his clothes, Aunt Liang found a jade crown2 as green as the bamboo itself from the cabinet and tied up his hair.
After that was done, she said encouragingly: “Young Master Yuyi is so handsome and elegant, he looks good in anything.”

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“True, true!” Miss Juan agreed with a smile.
“In my opinion, Young Master Yuyi can match with any girl, no matter if she’s an ordinary beauty, or if she’s splendidly dressed like an immortal beauty.”

Gu Heyan remained silent as he looked down to fix his sleeves and bind his wrists.

“Madam’s jade pendant doesn’t fit with this set of clothes.” Miss Juan held the red agate jade pendant and hesitated to give it to Gu Heyan to wear on his waist.

“Wrap it in a clean silk cloth and put it in the Young Master’s bosom.
He will still wear it with him, it’s just that it will not be seen.” Aunt Liang said.

“Alright!” Miss Juan nodded and did as she was told.

Little by little, the time for the appointment finally arrived, and the carriage belonging to the Duke of Yan slowly approached the front of the General’s Residence.
Wen Zhongcheng came forward to receive the guests and bowed with a smile as a salute.
Then, he led Mu Boren and Mu Zhiming towards the main hall.

When they walked past the screen wall3, they arrived at the courtyard, which wasn’t decorated with any pavilions or plants.
The Residence was so simple and solemn that both Mu Boren and Mu Zhiming couldn’t help but sigh in their hearts.

“Master, your distinguished guests have arrived.” Wen Zhongcheng called out at the entrance of the main hall, as he leaned down to perform an inviting hand gesture.

Mu Boren led Mu Zhiming into the main hall, where they saw both Gu Miao and Gu Heyan waiting for them, then hurried to salute: “Greetings, General Gu.
I came to thank the Gu family for the great kindness of saving my son’s life.
I’m sorry for the delay in expressing my gratitude, and I hope General Gu can forgive me.
I came to pay General Gu a visit and I apologize if I’m troubling you, but I hope General Gu won’t be offended!”

Mu Zhiming followed his father with a long bow as he gave his gratitude, without being able to stand straight for a long time.

“Greetings, Duke of Yan!” Gu Miao returned the salute as soon as Mu Boren stopped talking and went forward to help Mu Boren stand.
“The Duke of Yan is being too polite.
When kindness comes from the heart, nothing is expected in return.
Please take a seat.”

The Duke and the General sat down at the front seats, while Gu Heayan and Mu Zhiming sat at the side seats.
At that moment, Miss Juan came into the main hall, bringing tea and snacks.

When Mu Zhiming’s eyes fell on the small celadon plates containing the pastries, he was a little surprised to see three pieces of osmanthus poria cakes lined up together with some crispy candied chestnut pancakes.

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Those were actually Mu Zhiming’s favorite snacks from the Jiyue Restaurant.

‘I didn’t think the Jiyue Restaurant’s pastries would be regular snacks in the General’s Residence, since it’s a long-distance away from here.
It seems that the Jiyue Restaurant has a good reputation.’

Although Mu Zhiming’s mouth was salivating, he knew that as a visitor, he should be reserved.
Otherwise, while the others talk, he will just eat and drink? He’ll be called disrespectful! Therefore, Mu Zhiming held back his greedy desire and didn’t come close to the plate filled with snacks.
Instead, he picked up the tea cup and sipped it slowly.

The fragrant tea reverberated sweetly in Mu Zhiming’s mouth, and as he carefully swallowed the tea, he heard Gu Miao call out to Gu Heyan: “Yuyi.”

“Father, at your command.” Gu Heyan stood up and cupped his fist.

Gu Miao stroked the beard on his chin and said: “I’ll be chatting with the Duke of Yan about things you children would find boring and tedious.
Thus, take Young Master Mu with you to play in the courtyard.
You two don’t need to stay here to accompany us.

“Understood.” Gu Heyan nodded his head and looked at Mu Zhiming.

At that moment, Mu Zhiming raised his head to ask Mu Boren with his eyes.

Mu Boren nodded: “Go.”

“Then Father, General, us juniors will retire first.” Mu Zhiming bowed and followed Gu Heyan out of the main hall.

Once Gu Miao saw that the figures of both youths were getting farther and farther away, he turned his head to ask Mu Boren with a smile: “Duke of Yan, may I take the liberty to ask a question?”

“General Gu is being too polite.
He can ask and I will reply with what I know.” Mu Boren hurried to reply.

“Then, I’ll dare to ask….” Gu Miao smiled and slowly opened his mouth.
“Does Duke of Yan have a….

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