Chapter 9: When Sharing The Same Karma, There’s More Than What Meets The Eye.

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“Lizhu, do you believe in the concept of ‘rebirth’?”

Fu Yi’s words were like a thick, plush, machine-like instrument creeping up his spine, inch by inch.
Mu Zhiming was creeped out, bursts of bad chills wandered throughout his internal organs.

How could Mu Zhiming not think of such a possibility? If he was reborn, then there must be others in this world who could also be reborn!

Could Fu Yi be one of them?!

Although Mu Zhiming was shocked to the core, he was able to hide his thoughts deeply inside himself.
Therefore, Fu Yi was only able to see Mu Zhiming with a confused expression on his face, as if he was wondering why Fu Yi had asked him such a question.

Then, Mu Zhuming replied: “I heard that there was a strange man in the previous Dynasty who was seriously injured, but in the end, didn’t die.
The moment he woke up, he said that he had received good advice from Meng Po on the Naihe Bridge.
He had grasped the Six Realms of Reincarnation1, and that his Karma had revealed itself.
Due to this, he traveled to perform good deeds every day, and no one saw him again.
At first glance, it sounds absurd, but when you think about it, it’s really interesting.
I don’t know if ‘rebirth’ is a real thing, but your good and evil deeds will be rewarded in the end.
I think it should be real.”

Fu Yi smiled shallowly, looking calm and relaxed on the surface as he stared at Mu Zhiming’s eyes.
However, if one looked into the depths of his eyes, one could notice that there were extremely sharp blades hidden inside them.
As if Fu Yi wanted to skin Mu Zhiming alive and tear his bones apart, not allowing Mu Zhiming to hide from him, so that Fu Yi could obtain what he wanted.
After a long silence, Fu Yi smiled more amiably and said: “Indeed, it’s quite interesting.
You should rest well.
After all, you can’t miss the auspicious time for the sacrifice.
I’ll take my leave.”

“Farewell, Your Highness.” Mu Zhiming bent down and bowed, waiting until Fu Yi’s figure had fully disappeared from outside the tent.
Only then did Mu Zhiming exhale the breath he had been holding in, from the moment Fu Yi asked him that.
As he slowly relaxed his shoulders, Mu Zhiming found that his back was covered in a thin layer of cold sweat.

‘Why did Fu Yi ask such a question?’

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‘Is he testing me? Or was he mentioning it casually?’

If Fu Yi was also reborn, then Fu Yi will soon be aware of the sudden estrangement between Mu Zhiming and himself.
If that were to happen, then the thoughtful Fu Yi will overturn the schemes and strategies he made in his past life.
Instead, he will use other means to bring down the Crown Prince and the Sage King….
In that case, all of the precautions Mu Zhiming had originally envisaged will become useless.

After thinking of such a possibility, Mu Zhiming’s head began to hurt.
In the end, he had no other choice than to laugh at himself in a helpless and self-deprecating way. 

‘The calculating and scheming minds of other people are really difficult and exhausting to guess.
Every word I say feels like a sharp sword hanging around my neck.
I’ll need to advance one step at a time.’

At the end of the day, when the sun fell, the spring light was as warm as wine.
Once the ceremony for the Sacrifice was completed, the Emperor looked at the hunted beasts and awarded the meritorious Officials.

Mu Zhiming followed his father, and stood alongside him, along with the relatives of the Royal family, as well as the relatives of the Officials.
As Mu Zhiming boredly stood there, a eunuch suddenly came to report, summoning the Duke of Yan and his son to see His Majesty the Emperor.

Mu Boren hurried to take Mu Zhiming with him to the head of the procession, where the Emperor was, and kowtowed to him.

On each side of the Emperor, stood the Empress and the Noble Consort Niangniang.
The Emperor was holding the Noble Consort’s hand, whispering and laughing with her.

Mu Zhiming had long heard that the Noble Consort Niangniang was the most favored among the harem, but now he could see it with his own eyes.
However, this didn’t mean that the Noble Consort would be arrogant about her status.
In fact, she had always been humble and modest in public events such as this.
Even when the Emperor called her to accompany him, standing by his side, the Noble Consort only followed behind the Empress.
She had never overstepped her status.

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After allowing father and son to rise from the kowtowing, the Emperor called Mu Zhiming to the front and asked him about his health after falling into the water.
Once he heard that Mu Zhiming was alright, the Emperor tested him on the ‘Four Books’ and the ‘Five Classics’.

Mu Zhiming answered one by one, secretly thinking: ‘No wonder Fu Ji’an’s face became ashen2 when he heard that we had to pay our respects to the Emperor.’

‘Who wouldn’t be scared of a daily test on academic knowledge?!’

After hearing Mu Zhiming’s answers, the Emperor praised him.
As he took the hand of the Noble Consort, the Emperor said: “Just as the Noble Consort has said, you’re intelligent, wise, and very knowledgeable.”


The Noble Consort curved her eyes in a light smile.
Her beauty radiates like a chrysanthemum lightened by the sun in autumn; while her graceful figure was as lush as a pine gently moving in the spring breeze3.

When a beauty like her smiled, the Emperor’s heart felt very happy.

Then, the Emperor said to Mu Zhiming: “All of the animals that have been hunted in the mountain for the past few days are all here.
Choose one as a reward.”

After Mu Zhiming thanked the Emperor for his kindness, he glanced over the rare and exotic animals placed under the sacrificial platform.

In his previous life, Mu Zhiming deliberately chose the rabbit hunted by Fu Yi.
But now….

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‘Fuck that rabbit! I want to choose the biggest one! One that will give me three meals worth of meat!’

“Hmm?” Mu Zhiming suddenly noticed something.

He saw an eye-catching wild boar, with sharp tusks lying there.

Mu Zhiming felt that he had seen it before.
Looking very much like the wild boar that collided with the Royal horse that caused him to fall into the deep pond on the mountain stream.

‘Wild boar, are we predestined?!’

“Your Majesty, may I ask for this wild boar?” Mu Zhiming knelt down and requested.

The Emperor laughed and said: “You have good eyes, many people have taken a fancy to this wild boar at first sight.
Even I have craved it.
You may rise.
Although it’s painful to part with it, a gentleman cannot go back on his promises.
I’ll give it to you! But you still have to personally thank the boar’s hunter.” After saying that, the Emperor turned around and asked: “Who hunted this wild boar? Was it one of my sons?”

After the Emperor asked, everyone stood silent.
However, a smart old eunuch, who had served the Emperor for a long time, immediately said to the Emperor: “Replying to His Majesty the Emperor, this wild boar should be the one hunted by the son of General Gu.”

The Emperor asked: “Gu Miao’s son?”

The old eunuch replied: “Indeed.”

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The Emperor nodded and then announced: “Summon the father and son!”

 Fu Yi was also reborn???! He’s damn sus! The way he looked at Mu Zhiming with such a murderous gaze….

But also~~ here is our dear Gu Heyan being better at Fu Yi in the hunting.
While Fu Yi hunted a rabbit, Gu Heyan hunted a wild boar….
the real question here is….
did Gu Heyan hunt the very same wild boar that made Mu Zhiming fall, or was it a random one that just fit his personal vendetta? Anyways, imagining Gu Heyan following a very specific wild boar all over the mountain sounds so funny to me lmao!!!

And what are the odds??? Mu Zhiming picked the animal hunted by Gu Heyan! Like the title of this ch, it seems they’re connected by karma 





六道轮回 liù dào lún huí; Also known as the ‘Six Realms Of Samsara’.
All sentient beings in the world have Karma, being good or bad, and this Karma has six destinations, which are called the Six Realms (or paths).
The Six Realms are divided by Buddha, according to the amount of blessings that the Karmic body received.
These are: the Realm of the Gods, the Realm of the Asura/Shura (demi-gods or demons who are characterized by their lust for power), the Human Realm, the Animal Realm, the Realm of Pretas (or hungry spirits in a possessive state, greed, and envy), and the Realm of Narakas (equivalent to Hell, it’s the realm of suffering, anger, and pure evil).
Reincarnation is continuously carried out in the Six Realms between the Heavenly Path (the gods, asura, and human’s realms) and the Hellish Path (the animal, pretas, and narakas’ realms), depending purely on the good and evil deeds in one’s life. 面如土色 miàn rú tǔ sè; Chinese idiom, it means that the face turned a grayish-white tone, depicting extreme fright. From《洛神赋》by (曹植 cáo zhí) Cao Zhi [192-232] from Wei of the Three Kingdoms Period [221-265].
This famous verse uses a metaphor to express the beautiful appearance of a person so that the reader can associate their beauty with that of a chrysanthemum in the autumn sun, and the splendor of a pine tree that moves slightly with the spring breeze.
Nowadays, it’s used to describe the beauty and grace of characters in historical novels.

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