The Blue Kingdom…

A human bastion surrounded by The Dark forest from every side. The Blue Kingdom has a population of about 7 million humans. And their king, King Rages II is an old but firm ruler. During his reign, the kingdoms been oh-so peaceful. People have always been respectful of the laws of the kingdom but today, something bad happened.

The Royal Court,


King Rages shouts furiously to his court members.

– We don know who did it yet my lord. Everything was fine the previous night but some hunters from the Northern village went hunting this morning and saw the horrifying scene in the forest.

The Kings advisor Sobin reports the incident.

– How dare they! Don they know its taboo to harm the Blue Banyan Trees? And its punishable by death if anyone harms one?

Kings Rage isn calming down. The court is silent. Thats obvious. A terrible incident took place yesterday night. Someone cut down about 79 Blue Banyan trees in the Northern forest. The Blue kingdom is surrounded by The Dark Forest from all sides. The dark forest is the habitat of terrifying monsters. But The blue kingdom has always been peaceful because monsters never tried to invade the kingdom ever. The reason is the Blue Banyan Trees. They emit a bitter-sweet aroma which is like poison to the monsters. Thats why monsters avoid the blue banyans instinctively. The blue banyan forest is all around the blue kingdom which is like a border between the kingdom and the dark forest. Thats why blue kingdom has always been safe from a monster invasion. The kingdoms most important rule is to never harm the blue banyans. But today someone cut down 79 trees from the northern border. Which thinned out the border defense massively and put the entire kingdom at risk of invasion.

– Deploy 20 elite hunters from the barrack to the northern forest to strengthen the defense.

– But my lord they are your protectors, how can they…

– Silence! Protecting me is not more important than preventing the kingdom from disaster. Do as I say.

Sobin bows and turns,

– Send Keilan and his team to the north this instant.

A huge-looking man nods from the corner of the court and runs out. He is the general in charge of maintaining and training hunters in the kingdom. His name is Doran. He is tall, big, and powerful looking but a softhearted man inside. He is half the reason people refrain from committing a crime in this kingdom.

The king is still tense. As soon as Doran left the premise, one of the guards from the Royal Gate entered hurriedly and nodded, ”Urgent message from the northern village my lord… ”

King Rages hurriedly asks, ”What is it? Narrate it, hurry. ”

– As you wish my lord, Northern village head madame Leila is in a dire predicament and requested help from the Royal Hunters. A Cloaker has sneaked into the northern village through the weakened defense and has already killed a child in the village and injured 3 more. As a Cloaker is an Elite class monster, village hunters have neither experience nor knowledge of hunting one. Madame requested immediate deployment of help or there will be a lot more casualties… That is all my lord.

The entire court is silent. The worst possible thing has happened. A Cloaker invaded through the border. Such a dangerous monster within the kingdom. Witty king quickly decides what to do and speaks,

– Sobin… Send word to Argos. Unfortunately, his hiatus has to be cut short.

– As you wish my lord.

The Queens Bedchamber,

On the wide comfy royal bed a beautiful woman in her mid 30s, lying bare, moaning… her sweat is making the bed wet. Droplets of sweat on her neck slid down randomly, shining as the light hits through the massive window. She opens her eyes slightly and glances at a young man in his mid 20s whos lying on her sweating just like her. Because of the sunlight, his body looks like its covered in oil. His masculine body pressed against her. As he notices her glancing at him, smiling, he leans in and kisses her. She gladly accepts and returns it wholeheartedly. Then their rhythm of love starts again as do her sweet melody-like moans.

After a while… The beautiful woman standing by the window enjoying the mellow cold breeze. She is almost bare, only covering her front with a thin sheet pressed against her chest with her left hand. The man she was with is still on the bed looking at her majestic beauty. She feels his gaze and looks back at him.

– Something on your mind?

He smiles a bit,

– I don know… Just thinking about the future of this relationship.

– Do you have doubts?

– That I love you? No… no doubt about that. Its just I don know if I am fortunate that a woman of your stature loves me, a lowly knight this wholeheartedly. Or am I unfortunate that the woman I love is the Queen of this kingdom? I feel guilty for betraying my liege, my King.

She smiles at him.

– Come here.

He gets down from the bed and walks towards her with only a sheet covering his nether regions. The breeze hitting his hair and a bulk of his hair that was hiding his left eye, slightly moves and a horizontal scar just above the eye peeks through. A lot of scars on his body too. Mostly monster claw and teeth marks. He stands beside her looking her in the eye. She turns slightly and embraces him, resting her cheek on his chest.

– I feel guilty too. I don love Rages, Our marriage was just a political one. Neither he nor I was ready or eager for this marriage. I love You. Doesn matter who you are to this kingdom. To me, you are my lover. Only man, Ive ever loved.

– I know my lady. Its just I feel sorry for my king. He has sorrow in his eyes. Sometimes when he is alone, I see a lingering shadow in his eyes. Its like a veil thats hiding his sadness within him. Sometimes when he is alone, the veil drops and tears come running.

– Its not your fault Argos. He has his reasons to cry for. I asked several times but he keeps his feelings close to him. I feel guilty too, when I see him, looking at the horizon trying to find answers to questions he alone knows. But such is our fate. I was just like him until I met you. So don blame yourself for everything, just leave everything in the hands of God. Im sure the thread of fate will turn for good for all of us, someday.

– I hope so too, my lady.

She punches his belly softly, ”And how many times have I told you not to call me My lady? Just Theo will suffice. ”

– Its a habit… my lady.

She slams her palm on her forehead. Then looks at him and smiles.

– As you wish.

She embraces his neck, pulls him close, and presses her lips against his. He gladly accepts and returns the kiss. Suddenly a heavy knock on the door. *Thump * Thump *Thump… pause… *Thump… pause… *Thump. Thats the right pattern of knocking. Its Keila, shes the one knocking. She doesn knock unless its urgent. In the entire world, she is the only one who knows about this affair. And she supports them with everything. Argos hurriedly opens the door. Keila rushes in and closes the door behind her. She turns and nods at the Queen, ”Good morning my queen. ”

– Good morning Keila. Whats the matter, you never knock without any reason.

– Somethings going on in the royal court my lady. Royal guards went to summon sir Argos to his residence, but they didn find anyone so they are searching for him. I heard its an urgent summon from his majesty himself.

Argos quickly dresses up and turns towards queen Theodora. I must go now. See you, my queen.

Queen Theodora places her palm on his cheek,

– Be careful Argos…

He smiles, ”I will. ” Then looks at Keila, ”Thank you for always helping us. Im indebted to you. ”

She smiles back, ”Just keep her majesty happy and your debts will be repaid. ”

He tries to say something but stops. A hesitant look in his eyes but he then smiles at both of them and jumps down from the window.

Theodora exhales and looks at Keila, ”Help me dress up, I should go to the court as well. ” Keila nods, ”Be happy to help my lady. ”

The Royal Court,

Argos is standing before the King. The king looks tensed, ”I have no doubt you understand the gravity of the situation Argos. Unfortunately, I had to summon you for work during your hiatus. ”

– Please don shame me, my lord. The kings sword is to cut down enemies of the Kingdom. I am Argos, the sword of King Rages the 2nd. My first duty is to cut down the kingdoms threats on behalf of the king. And I wish to do just that till the day I fall. I will depart for village Kimura of the North right this instant my lord.

The king finally smiles.

– Somehow your words always manage to make me feel at ease. Then here is your royal order, find and slay the Cloaker, Assess the damage of the northern border with your own eyes and instruct the Elite hunter troops to strengthen the border to prevent further damage. And return to the capital safely.

The kings words show the amount of trust and affection he has for Argos. It makes Argoss heart shiver. He was just about to say something but suddenly a middle-aged masculine man stands from the seat of the court and speaks, ”Pardon me my lord but I would like to volunteer myself to go to the northern village along with sir Argos. ”

Argos looks back, its the assistant of the royal physician, Yordan.

As we know a Cloaker invaded and injured some villagers. I wonder how many more and getting attacked as we speak. I would like to tag along and serve the injured. Hopefully, I will be able to save some more lives.

The king nods and says, ” Thats very thoughtful of you Yordan. Go with Argos. May God bless both your paths and saves the Kingdom from this predicament. ”

Argos kneels and says, ”I won disappoint you, my lord. ”

And they depart for the Northern village. As they are crossing the court gate, queen Theodora arrives and she stops in front of Argos. He kneels and greets, ” My lady… ”

She nods slightly and says, ” May God guide your path Argos. ”

He nods back and departs, suppressing his urge to look back to see her one last time.

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