ng lady once again in the subject that appears in a dress like that.

A crooked smile caught the corners of Biern’s lips as he glanced at the woman.
Her face, which had been parched like a corpse, was gradually burning red.
Carefully raising her head, when her eyes met him, the woman was startled and even stepped backwards.
Now, even her ears were dyed bright red.

“I sincerely apologize, Prince.
Miss Hardy was very nervous and made a big mistake.”

Another wife walked up to the two struggling women.
The moment she recognized her with her bowed head raised, Biern understood the full story of this absurd commotion.

It was Victoria Meyer.
The very woman who is the best broker in the Letchen marriage market.

* * *

The flower of this prom was Erna Hardy, no matter what anyone said.

With the story of her belated debut in the social world, her unconventional appearance, and the name of Prince Biern, there was no lady who came close to defeating her as she was on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

“It is also Countess Meyer.
She’ll even use the Grand Duke to make that girl stand out.”

“I guess that had to be the strategy.
How did you know that Prince Biern would appear late?”

“If not for strategy, how can you explain it? By the way, that girl isn’t ordinary either.
I thought she would be naive because she’s from the countryside, but how could she do such a clever thing?”

The eyes of the ladies who glanced at Erna, who was sitting quietly at the edge of the banquet hall, were filled with contemptuous curiosity.

A beautiful woman who even caught the eyes of Biern Dneister.

Thanks to the commotion, Erna Hardy achieved such a infamous reputation in an instant.
Even he, who was Princess Gladys’ ex-husband, acknowledged her, so the general consensus was that she was a great beauty for sure.
Even those who criticized Viscount Hardy for exposing her vulgar greed to sell her daughter at a high price were not able to argue about Erna Hardy’s beauty.

“Miss Hardy, how are you?”

Countess Meyer, who had been walking around the banquet hall, approached Erna.
Erna reflexively grabbed her shawl and raised her head.
Her eyes filled with resentment were quite daring.

“You’re a girl with more of a personality it seems.”

Countess Meyer, who laughed lightly, sat down next to Erna and opened her fan.

* * *

The other girls were busy enjoying their dance, but Erna sat still on this corner bench.
Many of the young men who came to apply for the dance were turned away without even managing to make eye contact with Erna properly.

“How about dancing at least one song? It’s a debutant.”

“… … I can’t.
I don’t like this, ma’am.”

Erna’s voice was still trembling softly.
She looked around anxiously and then bowed her head again.
She was like an idiot without even a speck of sociability, but this troubled expression also became charming where coupled with her pretty face.

Countess Meyer gently waved her feather fan.
The ugly shawl bothered her, but she decided to leave it alone because if she took it again, she would rip even the curtains of the royal palace to cover herself.
She had already shown everything she needed to show, so the dress had fully served its purpose.

“Lift your head.”

Countess Meyer lifted Erna’s chin with the tip of the folded fan.

“It is basic manners to look into the eyes of the other person when having a conversation.”

“Madam, please… … .”

“He did quite well in front of Prince Biern.
Did you completely forget about that?”

Contrary to her gentle smile, her voice was cold.


Erna, who had been contemplating for a moment, involuntarily closed her body, clenching her lips.
It was because a man by that name flashed into her mind.

As the world began to spin and suffocate, Erna lost all judgment.
It was only after she was able to breathe that she realized what she had done and to whom.
Just thinking about it made her feel like the fear would overwhelm her again.

“I respect the notion of not dancing, but try to keep a minimum of dignity.
It means to keep in mind that this is a way to protect the honor of the Baden family, who have raised Ms.
Do you understand?”

The honor of the Baden family.

Countess Meyer, who had said those words that scratched her heart deeply, quietly left Erna’s side.

Left alone, Erna counted numbers with her eyes closed.
It was only when he counted to twenty that she was able to regain stable breathing.
It’s never been like this in Buford.
For a moment, she felt like a helpless fool.

Be patient a little longer.

Suppressing the urge to run away from here, Erna slowly opened her eyes.
After all, he was there.
Grand Duke Schwerin.
The Prince of Lechen who watched Erna Hardy’s pathetic figure up close.

He was talking, leaning against an ornate marble column.
Standing opposite him was a man who looked like him.
He was the twin brother and Crown Prince Leonit.
They were surprisingly identical in height, physique, and appearance.
The only difference is that the Crown Prince is wearing glasses.

Although Buford is a remote country that feels isolated from the rest of the world, even there, the twin princes are quite famous.
Erna, who was indifferent to such rumors, even remembered his name.
Originally, the first, Prince Biern, was the crown prince, but his bad conduct caused anger and resentment throughout the kingdom, and he said that the position was passed to his younger brother, Prince Leonit.

Without trying to avoid her gaze, Erna let out a sigh without realizing it.
It was because of the feeling of déjà vu when she looked atPrince Biern, who began to walk with his neck upright.

Although they look the same, the twins’ gait is markedly different.

Unlike the Crown Prince, who walked with an upright and modest posture like a soldier, the Grand Duke moved as if enjoying a leisurely stroll.
It felt as if only the air surrounding him was flowing slowly.
It was a figure I had seen at the train station and on Tara Avenue.

“Poisonous mushroom… … .”

The Grand Duke suddenly turned his head towards Erna, who was muttering blankly.
It was a moment when their eyes met with no chance to escape.

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