somewhat impulsive marriage was a good choice, the carriage stopped outside the royal palace.




It was late in the afternoon, when the Grand Duchess was having afternoon tea in their guesthouse, that she received an unexpected visitor.

   Lisa had tried to negotiate with the man who had promised an audience with the Grand Duchess without an appointment, returned, panting.

   “Your Highness, you have to go.
This is really, I can’t explain.”

   Lisa dragged her away and Erna could do nothing but be led on by her maid, who led her to the parlour, where the guest was waiting.
The other servants were all as surprised and stunned as Lisa, even Karen.

   “What the hell is going on here?”

   In the parlour, Erna came face to face with a polite man, bowing before her.
People lined up behind him, each with a colourful box.

   “First of all, please have a seat,” Karen said, leading Erna to the sofa in the middle of the room, “It’s a gift from the Prince.”

   Erna’s eyes grew wide as she sat and Karen whispered in her ear.
A middle-aged man, who had been waiting, approached as soon as Erna was seated.

   “It is our honour to present to you, her royal highness, the princess of Lechen, with these wonderful jewels,” he bowed again, as he spoke clumsily in Lechenian language, “as ordered, we have selected only the very best for you, Your Highness.”

   When he smiled with a face full of pomp and pride, he sent a glance to the others behind him.
They had been waiting patiently in the shadows of the parlour, but now stepped forward and opened up their boxes.

   “Please, take your time and choose,” as he stepped back, the box bearers moved a step closer.

   The revealed jewels.
Such jewels that were so gorgeous and beautiful enough to make your head wander.




“Bjorn!” Erna called as soon as he entered the drawing room.

   Bjorn stopped when he noticed the jeweller was still standing guard outside the parlour, he should have left ages ago.
Erna was sitting on the sofa, surrounded by people holding boxes filled with sparkling colours.

   “You haven’t chosen yet?” Bjorn looked at his watch, bewildered.

   The jewellery had arrived on time, which should have given Erna plenty of time to choose.
It would seem the Erna was incredibly indecisive.

   “I…I just can’t do it.”

   Erna ran up to him and grabbed his sleeve, she looked like she was begging him to take her away from this.
He couldn’t believe she had gotten stuck choosing a simple accessory.
He let out a long sigh and led her back to the sofa, like she was a lost child.

   “My wife, you must hurry and choose.”

   “I’m sorry, I just can’t.”


   “I don’t know about these things, they all look so beautiful, its impossible for me to choose one.”

   As she continued to speak, Bjorn could feel his impatience rise and he was getting angry.  Looking at Erna, he could see the confusion on her face and she would probably cry if he raised his voice even slightly.

   “If it’s that hard for you decide, then take them all.”

   “No way.
That’s not what I want at all, never.” Erna flushed.
“I already received so many gems when we got married, I couldn’t possibly, I’m not that greedy, really.”


   “Can’t you pick for me, please?”

   “I wish that I could, but you see, you have a much better eye for these things than I do, so I know what ever you pick, will be the most special jewel.”

   Bjorn placed his hand on Erna’s hip bone and gently urged her toward the jewels.
He nodded with his chin at the jeweller who had been watching them and he came over.

   “Bring the most expensive one.”

   The jewellers eyes widened slightly at the princes command in Felian.
He quickly regained his composure and ushered forward the clerk in the middle, who stepped forward with a box containing a blue diamond necklace.

   “This is a necklace I have made recently.
I am proud to say that this is one of the finest and unique gems in Felia…”

   “I’ll take that one.” Bjorn said.

   Bjorn had cut off the jeweller before he had chance to finish explaining, he was disappointed at not being able to share the work he had put into it, about how unique the gem was and the fascinating technology used to cut it and set it, but he accepted the Princes request.

   Bjorn placed the box given to him by the jeweller into Erna’s hands.

   “A little while ago, what did you say?” Erna asked, as she examined the necklace with both fear and joy.

   “Romantic words.”

   A smile spread across Erna’s face, Bjorn studied that smile for a long while.
The eyes of his wife were so beautiful, that the jewels of Felia could not compare and they were full of him.

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