h delight.

“I was surprised to know where you went!”

“I’m sorry if I caused you concern.”

“That doesn’t mean you have to apologize!”

Embarrassed, Lisa waved her hands and clapped.

Erna, who smiled a little shyly, slowly approached the table where afternoon tea was served.
Lisa, who was hesitating, also approached her.

‘Next time, bring another teacup.’

It was during tea time four days ago that Erna suddenly said something absurd.
Lisa, who understood the meaning of those words too late, almost screamed in shock.

‘Don’t do this to me, miss.
If that’s the case, you will get  in trouble.’

‘why? I’ve been having tea time with Mrs.
Greve in the Baden family.’

No matter how hard she tried to explain, Erna only tilted her head with a blank face like now.

‘Who is Mrs.

Lisa lowered her voice and asked nervously,

‘The housekeeper of the Baden.’

Erna, who held her breath at the same time, responded in earnest.

The secret tea time with the young lady that started like that had been going on peacefully for several days.

She’s definitely a bit of a weird girl.
Lisa somewhat agreed with what the Hardi servants were whispering.

The young girl of the Hardi family, who suddenly appeared one day, had no aspects of an aristocratic lady.
From her appearance to her attitude, it was in every way.
However, such accusations of being arrogant or eccentric were pure absurdity.
She hides her face a lot and doesn’t talk much, giving  the impression of a childish, but looking at her closely, she was a pretty sweet girl.

Did you make that?”

Lisa’s eyes widened when she discovered the coveted harmony placed on the desk where she unintentionally threw her eyes.
Erna blushed a little and nodded her head.
The shadow of her long eyelashes, which swayed with each slow blink, was like a butterfly flapping her wings.

“So pretty! You’re really good at it.
I would believe it even if it was a real flower.”

Lisa was truly amazed.
When she met Erna’s face, who was happy with the compliment and smiled broadly, Lisa felt a bit dazed.

‘Sell and sell, now you’re trying to sell your daughter, huh?’

When Viscount Hardi suddenly wanted to bring the daughter of his ex-wife, who had left  home, into this house, the employers often murmured such accusations.

‘Obviously they will sell for a pretty high price, so that’s good enough.
No matter what they sell, isn’t it good for all of us that this family is still alive?’

Some even secretly attacked the owner.
With the young lady  like this, Lisa seemed to be able to understand the meaning of those bad words.

Does this lady know about this?

A question that suddenly came to mind disturbed Lisa.
It was at that time that Erna, who had come to her side at some point, suddenly brought out harmony.

“Are you going to give it to me?”

When asked in disbelief, Erna nodded her head slightly.

“No, miss! I didn’t mean it that way! I’m just pretty…….”

“I’ll give you a present.
It will be pretty if you put it on your hat.
It can also be used as a brooch.”

In Lisa’s perplexed hand, Erna gave the harmony directly.

Lisa, unable to refuse the sincerity, decided to accept the gift pretending not to win.
At that moment, Erna smiled in relief.
She was a pretty girl smiling like a flower she had made.

“Shall we go for a walk? Schwerin must still be very unfamiliar and awkward, but in return for the gift, I will show you a lot of good places.”

Lisa jumped up from her seat with a renewed enthusiasm.
Erna looked up at her with her round eyes.

“Maybe I’m causing trouble?”

“I can’t! It is my job to take good care of her.”

Lisa, who smiled brightly, quickly brought Erna’s parasol and hat.

“Come on out, miss!”

* * *

Schwerin was a large city second to the capital.

The nobility usually had their mansions in the southern part of the city, where the Schwerin Palace, the royal summer residence, was also located.
From densely packed high-end shopping districts and hotels to luxurious theaters.
It was a bustling downtown boasting the splendor of a resort town where famous nobles of the kingdom come to enjoy the summer season.
A little further north, there is a huge port that connects to the ocean, so Schwerin has been a city where commerce and finance have developed since ancient times.

Erna listened to Lisa’s exasperated chatter and took a slow pace.
It was something she knew from reading books, but when she looked  at this city with her own two eyes,  everything felt new.

“That hotel is the best hotel in Schwerin.”

Lisa paused for a moment and pointed to the hotel located at the intersection of three avenues.

“The restaurant and tea room over there are very popular among the ladies here.
See you next time, miss.”

Before Erna could even reply, Lisa quickly added.
Erna nodded her head gently, as she liked to see her face full of anticipation.
It was then that a tall man caught her eye.

The man who came out of the entrance of the hotel walked with a wide stride.
The woman standing next to me didn’t care what she said to me, and just hurried my way.
Behind these two men followed suitably spaced users.
Seeing the attention of passersby all at once, he seemed to be a fairly famous figure.

“Oh no, miss!”

Erna, possessed by a strange feeling of dizziness, turned to face the man, and Lisa grabbed her arm.

“Yes, miss.
It’s nice to see.
I know that feeling well, but I still can’t.
I can’t use it.”

Lisa frowned, and now her tongue clenched.

Tilt her head at the unfamiliar words, Erna shifted her gaze to the blonde man again.
The wagon carrying him and the woman soon disappeared over the other side of the highway.

“Because it’s never going to happen.”

Lisa took a deep breath and stopped in front of Erna.

“Who is that person?”

“that… … You don’t even need to know that.
Don’t know.”

“Do you have a bad reputation?”

Tell me what are you doing?”

Lisa shook her head and grabbed Erna’s hand.

“Remember, miss.
Not  him, that one.”


“Well… … .
That’s right, a poisonous mushroom!”

Lisa shouted with her eyes twinkling.
Even though he said absurd words, he had a more serious expression.

“Remember, miss.
If you eat it, you die.”

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