Bjorn came into the room without knocking.
Erna was sat on the edge of the bed, fiddling with the hem of her dress, eyes wide and looking like an innocent doe, not knowing what to do with herself as Bjorn came and stood in front of her.

   She looked down at the floor, but Bjorn cupped her chin in his massive hands and gently turned her face up toward him.

   “How much have you learned so far?” Bjorn smiled at her with warmth.

   “I…I don’t know.” Erna said.

   She chose to lie instead of saying she didn’t have the courage to sit through a single second of listening to Mrs Peg tell her how to please her husband.
She had feigned being sick and ran from the lesson.

   “I mean, I don’t remember.”

   Seeing Bjorn’s scrutinising gaze made her squirm and her mouth was devoid of saliva.

   “Is that so?” Bjorn said and sat down beside her.
“Then I guess we have to start from the beginning.”

   With those words and remembering that first night, Erna laid back on the bed.
Memorise of how painful and shameful it had been flooded her mind.
She could feel tears already.
She remembered the weight of him on top of her, coupled with the embarrassing pictures Mrs Peg had brought with her.

   “If you want to kiss me, you need to open your mouth.” Bjorn said. 

   He touched her lips with care and strength.
When their eyes met, he could see hers trembling.

   “Hurry,” he said without hesitating.

   His tone was welcoming, but there was no warmth in his calm eyes.
Erna parted her lips.
He really was a man that could do what ever he wanted.
It was a wake-up call from the first night.

   Bjorn used his tongue to part her lips and pushed it into her mouth.
Reflexively, Erna felt her body squirm, but she knew should couldn’t push away.
Wife’s duty.

   It had been a short class, but it was enough to learn what it meant.
In the book she had read in her room, it said that it was the wife’s place to give pleasure to her husband.
It was important for the smooth running of a marriage.

   Erna didn’t understand how things like this could be enjoyable, but she did know that Bjorn never came to her room because he wasn’t happy.
He had been so displeased with her inability to please him, that he never came to her room again.
Their marriage was rocky right from the start.

   The kiss kept going on, for a lot longer than that first night.
Bjorn’s tongue had free reign of her mouth and he used it all verily.
He only let go only once her own tongue started to tingle.
Their breath mingles as he pulled away and became rapid without them realising.

   “I hate this thing,” Bjorn said, tugging at Erna’s nightgown.
“Its so cumbersome, I don’t like it.”

   It had ties and buttons all the way up to the neck.

   “Oh, I’ll wear a different one from now on.” Erna said.

   “No, don’t wear anything.” Bjorn said.

   He unfastened the last button and pulled the last ribbon.
He removed the cumbersome pile of lace and tossed it across the room.
He then pulled down the tiny shorts that were smaller than the palm of his hand.
It was such a cute little thing, decorated with more lace and ribbons.

   He kissed his dazed wife on the cheek and picked up her naked body.
She let out a small yelp as he did so and placed her on his thigh.

   Bjorn took in every inch of his wife’s delicate little body and legs.
He thought about what how clumsy and troublesome she was.
Yet, he didn’t hate that any where near as much as he thought he did.
In fact, he found it more attractive.

   Her pale body looked like it gathered in the moonlight coming in through the window.
What man in their right might wouldn’t like such a body? Her skin looked like the texture of porcelain, or ceramic but at a touch it was infinitely soft and warm.

   “Bjorn…” Erna whispered.

   She was flustered in not knowing what to do and looked at Bjorn with pleading eyes.
She wanted to do something, but didn’t know what.

   Bjorn laughed softly and buried his face in her chest.
He wanted to dive into her and take in her sweet, freshly washed scent.
He wanted to surround himself in her softness, wrap it around him and snuggle into it forever.
With each gentle bite of her and each time he sucked her in, she moaned.

   He had already taken off his robe, his half naked torso pressed against her and took in her warmth.
He lowered his hand across her smooth skin, down to between her legs.
The inside of her held him without struggling and he could feel its warmth.
It was wet and made the sound of muddied water.
She let out a noise that reminded him of that first night and the pain he caused.
She was not so easily convinced yet.

   Bjorn swallowed her lips and brought his hand up onto her back and held her firmly, like she was going to run away.
His fingers glistened in the firelight with the wetness of her.

   “Do not be like a corpse, Erna, you can move.” Bjorn said, releasing her lips from his.


   “First, the tongue.”

   As if to demonstrate, he took hold of her lips again with his and kissed her.
She did her best to mimic his behaviour, gripping his lips with hers and clumsily wagging her tongue about.
Even that was enough to make his heat rise.

   “And your hands.” Bjorn said.

   With a wink, Bjorn pointed to the hand that had been resting on his shoulder and had not moved the entire time.

   Erna wrapped her arms around his neck and summoned up the courage to move her hand down his body.
She could feel his muscles and his frame.
She could feel his skeleton as she stroked over his shoulder and down his chest to his side.

   Becoming distracted as she took in his form in her mind, she looked down and inadvertently saw the thing of his that caused so much pain.
Without meaning to, she let out a soft sigh at the sight of it.
It wasn’t the first time seeing it, but it seemed so distant.

   It had been a long time since that night, but the feeling of it inside her was engrained in her memory.
She did not remember the brief pleasure she felt, only that it felt like it was splitting her apart and that’s what she was scared of.

   Following Erna’s anxious gaze, he saw where she was looking and so gave her some encouragement.
He took her delicate hand and squeezed it gently, moving it down.
Realising his intent, Erna panicked, but Bjorn kept going.

   “You asked me to teach you.” Bjorn said.

   His eyes narrowed as he looked at Erna, who shook her head vigorously.
He smiled at her, seeing that she was stunned just by the touch of his firm hand.

   “You have to learn.” Bjorn said.
He wrapped his hand around hers and guided.
“You have to move Erna.”

   Erna let Bjorn guide her and then, his hand moved away, leaving her to concentrate on the rhythm he had set.
His hand moved back down to between her legs and as he pressed into her, she clamped her lips shut, trying to suppress a moan.

   She thought about Mrs Peg.
She wished she had endured those embarrassing lessons rather than ask Bjorn to teach her, but it was too late now.

   “Lips.” Bjorn said.

   He reached up and grabbed her chin with a firm hand, slowly increasing in pressure until Erna opened her mouth and let out a moan.
Only then did Bjorn smile and let Erna go.

   He settled down between her legs, both of them panting on the bed and Bjorn pressed against her slowly.
Erna sobbed with pain and squeezed his shoulder.

   The pain passed.
Erna was wet enough to let Bjorn slide inside her with ease this time.
He did not know how to be more devoted to his wife than this.
Even if he did, the moment had passed.

   Firmly gripping her waist with one hand, he dug in all at once.
Erna twisted under him and bit her lip.

   “Moan.” Bjorn said.

   He moved his hips toward her, even as he pulled her toward him.
A rough moan escaped, forced by the warm feeling of tightening.

   “Bjorn…I feel so ashamed.” Erna gasped.

   She looked up into his cold grey eyes, her own begged in despair.
She had done a lot of shameful things in her time, but moaning like this sounded so obscene, it was really hard to bear.

   “I like to hear you moan, Erna.” Bjorn said.

   Erna’s eyes furrowed as she faced Bjorn, who smiled so sweetly.
Did he really enjoy the pain of others? There was so much she wanted to say, but couldn’t find her voice.

   The feeling of swaying grew as Bjorn dug deeper and deeper inside her.
The sound of wet flesh rubbing rose in volume rapidly.
She didn’t know if she wanted to cry, or feel relief that there was an even more lewd sound beside her moaning.

   “Ah, don’t do it, please, ah…”

   When his hand went from her waist, to the bed, she began to struggle again.
Her best efforts to push him away were in vain and all she could do was let out a shrieking groan and twist around.

   The moment she was overwhelmed by irresistible sensations, she thought back to when her father would beat her.
Even though she knew the two situations were completely different, her body shrank away.
There was a strange resemblance in the sound of being beaten, the lethargy and facing an unbeatable opponent.

   Fortunately, as she felt overwhelmed, Bjorn offered a reprieve and slowed down.
He leaned down to face her.

   “Hug me.” Bjorn said calmly.

   “Do you like that too?” Erna said in a daze.

   “Yes.” Bjorn said and nodded.
He licked his dry lips.
“I like it.” He kissed her soft red cheeks that looked like apples.

   She put her arms round him and started caressing her delicate hands about the base of his neck and around his shoulder blades.
It was cute.

   Bjorn sighed at her barely perceptible touch and moved to his original task.
Even as she gasped for breath, she did not let go of him.
She was so tight and wet.
Her soft moans tickled inside his chest and he could not resist any longer.

   He sped up, kissing her wet eyes and hot cheeks, her quivering lips and behind her ears without stopping.
He had a feeling that his wife’s body would only get better with time.


Bjorn and Erna did not leave the bed until late in the morning.
As he put on the dressing gown and tried to stand up, Erna grabbed his hand.
She was curled up and still, as if dead.
He looked down at her and she looked up at him with trembling eyes.

   “Don’t go, you can stay here.”  Erna said.
“I won’t disturb you.”

   “I can’t rest, but you should.
We can have lunch together at your favourite restaurant.” Bjorn said.

   He gently brushed the hair in her face to behind her ear and gave her a warm smile.
Erna let go of his hand and meekly accepted.

   “Sleep well, Erna.” Bjorn said and bent down to kiss her flushed cheek.

   The door closed behind him and Erna drifted back to sleep as she watched the door.

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