as such a great person.
It was comforting.

   “It’s been awhile, Bjorn.” Gladys said.
Even in such an embarrassing situation, she remained calm and Bjorn responded with a gentle, but respectful nod.

   “It’s a bit late, but congratulations on getting married.” Gladys continued.

   If it had been any other woman, Bjorn would have just laughed at them for trying to play worn out tricks, but this was Gladys, her way of getting at people was with kindness and geniality.

   Gladys greeted Bjorn once more and like a heroine of some tragic fate, but with the attitude of regality, Gladys led her party away and back on their intended course.
The people who had witnessed the scene unfroze and breathed a sigh in unison.

   “Erna.” Bjorn said.

   Erna had not stopped looking up at him with eyes that trembled like the feathers that adorned her hat.

   Once Erna had composed herself, Bjorn motioned toward the deck at the end of the boarding ramp with a wink.
It was going to be there that the Ducal couple would stand in marital bliss for all the people that came to see them off.
Erna was obedient, not forgetting her duties.

   Erna waved to the onlookers, her bright smile never leaving her face.
Not like her wedding day, where she had no idea where to look.
She was improving remarkably well.

   Bjorn was proud of his dutiful wife and her ability to learn quickly.
She never once mentioned Gladys’ name in front of the masses who were eager to stir the pot for any gossip they could get their vulturous claws into.

   Erna…A woman who is gentle, kind and not at all annoying.

   Based on the last two weeks, Bjorn’s conclusion was pretty much that.
She sometimes acted like a rubber ball, bouncing all over the place, but he didn’t mind that so much.
She was quiet.
Beautiful and harmless.
She was a woman who perfectly met his expectations and Bjorn was satisfied.
Though, it was still too soon to know for sure.

   Once they were done with the waving and smiling, of greeting the crew and a short tour of the boat, they finally made it to their cabin.
Erna started to get agitated.

   “How can they do this?” Erna said.

   She looked at the guest room with awe.
It was a room that had no business being on a ship.
It had two bedrooms, a bathroom, a small solarium filled with palm trees and plants.
A spacious drawing room.
It made no sense, it felt like mansion.

   “Look,” she rushed over, pointing wildly.
“It has a fireplace.” Bjorn just laughed.

   “Your highness, when will lunch be…” A man servant said, standing in the door way.
He had been watching Erna the entire time.

   “I’m good, but please, what ever my wife would like.” Bjorn said.

   “Are you not going to eat?” Erna said.

   Bjorn shook his head and went into his room, leaving Erna behind.

   Standing among the busy servants who were unpacking their things, Erna felt lost and followed after Bjorn.
He had taken off his jacket and laid out on the sofa.
The servants that were in here tidying things away left the two alone.

   “I’ll get some rest, its been quite the day already.” Bjorn said.

   When Erna finally gathered the courage to speak, Bjorn spoke first.

   “I just don’t feel like doing anything for awhile, is all.” Bjorn said and met Erna’s gaze with a soft smile.

   “Okay.” She felt a little embarrassed, but she agreed.

   Right up until they left the Palace, Bjorn was in meetings and heated discussions.
The ministers and officials were strict and obstinate, comparably so with Mrs Fitz, he must be so tired.

   You knew that very well.

   It is too much to beg to do things together, like a spoilt child.
Erna knew the things Bjorn had to do and the late hours he had to work.

   “Then shall we have tea, here, together?” Erna said.

   Erna was curious about the restaurant on the ship, but she was willing to compromise.
Unfortunately, Bjorn seemed utterly unwilling to sit at the negotiation table with her and work something out.

   “Let’s have dinner together.” Bjorn said, checking his watch.

   Feeling dejected, Erna looked at the clock on the writing desk.
It was only 10 in the morning.
Bjorn had told her to go spend half the day on her own.

   Erna was sullen and left Bjorn to his napping.
Before she closed the door, she looked back at him in anticipation, but he had thrown off his tie and his eyes were closed.

   “Where would you like to go? I hear the restaurant is quite nice, would you like to go there for some tea?” Lisa asked.

   Erna smiled awkwardly at the young lady, who approached her with a face full of expectation.
Her cheeks flushed as she recalled the conversation they had last night, about all the things they could do on a ship the size of a city.

   “Yes, let us have tea.” Erna said.

   “Us? You want to go out with me on your honeymoon…”

   Damn you Prince. Lisa muttered under her breath.
Putting Erna on a boat with his ex-wife and then sailing to the ex-wife’s land wasn’t bad enough.

   “…Yes, Your Highness.” Lisa said with a light nod, trying to swallow the harsh words that were rising up from inside her.

   Erna looked at Lisa quietly and smiled brightly.
The Grand Duchess’ smile was so bright, even after losing her gentleman’s cane.
Lisa became more depressed.

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