” Bjorn pleaded.

   Erna tried to command him to stop, let her breath for a second, but it came out as a whimpering moan.
Bjorn could feel that Erna was wet enough, but she was too narrow.
It didn’t help that she was frightened and rigid of the pain.

   “B-Bjorn, it’s not going to fit.” Erna said, tears flowed again because of the pain.

   Bjorn ignored her and prepared to thrust again.
He had barely gotten himself halfway in, but Erna had not way of knowing that and she thrashed about from the pain.
She could feel him all the way inside her now and it felt like she was getting split in two.

   “It’s okay.” Bjorn tried to reassure Erna.
“You’re fine now.”

   He leaned forward and gave her a gentle kiss on her cheeks and then her lips, deepening their bond.
Sweat covered Erna’s body as much as it dripped off Bjorn.

   He looked into her watery eyes, their perfect blue hue tainted by a red puffiness caused by her crying.
He lied when he said she would be okay, but it had the desired affect.
She seemed to relax and she could feel the tension in her groin lessen.

   Bjorn didn’t hesitate, he seized the moment and thrust himself deep inside Erna.
The shock made her eyes go wide and moments later, she screamed.

   “Stop, now, Bjorn, get off.” She shouted.

   Bjorn withdrew as if he was going to back away and give Erna chance to breath, but as was almost out, he thrust his hips forward again.
Erna struggled and moaned, Bjorn grunted as he thrust once more.
His patience had worn out.

    “It-It hurts, please stop!!” Erna sobbed.

   Bjorn didn’t care any more and started thrusting faster and although the ache of it made Erna sob, the pain was no longer so bad that she could not feel the thrill of sex.
She was a woman now and she seemed to suck in Bjorn as if she’d been doing it her whole life.

   Blooms of blood formed like petals on the nightgown under her waist and smeared across their crotches.
It was a scary amount of blood, Erna recalled thinking, but at that moment the pain was gone and all that was left was the pressure in her tummy from Bjorn thrusting into her and the overpowering pleasure.

   When Bjorn first opened the bedroom door, he told himself that he was doing his duty to his wife, but now that he was deep inside her, he felt entirely selfish as he sucked up every ounce of pleasure he could from taking his wife’s virginity.

It was sending him crazy.

   He looked down at his wife and saw that she was finally accepting of him.
She looked so pretty, with her eyes closed and face sighing with pleasure.
As he moved, Erna wriggled under him and clutched at his shoulders.
Her nails would did into his skin, sending pulses of pain that exacerbated the pleasure.

   Bjorn buried his face into Erna’s neck and started moving wildly.
The sound of his heavy breathing caught in Erna’s ear and she thought of some crazed beast.
Her body shook violently and it became difficult for her to keep hold of reality.

   Erna didn’t know what to do, the sensation was reaching unbearable levels and she didn’t know what to do with it.
Tears came again, she tried to hold them back, but the weight pushing against her waist felt like she was being crushed and she could barely catch a breath.

   The sound of their wet skin slapping against each other made Erna suddenly very self conscious.
It was a disgraceful sound and she could feel herself slip away from the situation, but only to be met by the intense feeling building in her groin.

   Bjorn no longer minded the crying.
He sat up and looked down at his wife.
Her face was a puffy red mess of tears and sweat, but she still looked so beautiful.
She breathed deeply in the momentary reprieve, making her chest heave and her bust stand up as two puffy mounds of soft flesh.

   Bjorn lifted her waist up to him.
She muffled a cry into a fist and smiled drunkenly.
It wasn’t just Erna’s skin that was soft and warm, but being inside her was also a soft, warm and wet mess of velvety pleasure.

   Holding her steady, Bjorn pumped into the deepest parts of her, which sent fresh pain wracking through her tiny body and she screamed out.
With one last thrust, Erna felt Bjorn grow even bigger inside her and a warmth spread up through her tummy.
Her body trembled and goosebumps prickled every inch of skin.

   Bjorn collapsed beside his wife and the room fell into silence.
Their heavy breathing was the only thing that could be heard over the sound of the crackling fire.

He stayed inside Erna for a while, wanting to hold onto the sensation of her soft, velvety inside.

   “A-Are you done now?” Erna asked

   “Yes,” Bjorn said lazily.

   With great effort, he moved his head to be next to Erna’s and while laid on the pillow, stretched out his lips to kiss her cheek.
He missed and kissed the side of her nose instead.

   It was a sweet lie.


“Your Highness, are you awake?” Came the soft, high pitched voice of Mrs Fitz

   Erna thought she was in a dream still, as the voice roused her from unconsciousness, to call it sleep felt like an understatement.
Fear crept across her face as she woke in an unfamiliar room and naked.

   “Yes,” Erna said quickly and sat up, pulling bedsheets over herself.
Doing so sent a shock of pain up her and she was reminded of last night.
“I’m awake.”

   As she pulled the bedsheets up, she saw the large blood stain that no longer looked like a flowering rose, but like someone was murdered in her bed.

   “Okay, I’m coming in.” Mrs Fitz said.

   “No!” Erna called out.

   She scrambled off the bed and tried to walk on shaky legs.
They buckled under her and she collapsed to the floor.

   “Are you okay, your highness, what happened?”

   “Its nothing, I’m fine.”

   Erna forced herself to her feet and gathered up the bloody sheets.
She looked around for some where to hide them and she saw on the clock that it was already noon.

   “Were you still asleep?”

   While Erna struggled to think of what to do, Mrs Fitz continued to knock on the door and pass words of concern through the thick wooden door.

   “I’m coming in, your highness.”

   Erna panicked and remembered the bathroom.
She bolted for it with bedsheets in tow and slammed the door closed, just as the bedroom door opened.

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