Chapter 85: Vice only rises one foot

 It was Li Min Feng who desperately came over.
With one glance, he saw Si Yiniang on the side and Da furen was on the ground catching her breath: “Mother, what happened!” Si Yiniang spoke: “Da Shaoye, we all don’t know what is wrong with Furen? She became this sick!” As she spoke, she went over to help Da furen up.
 Waiting until Da furen couldn’t even speak a word but only showed a pale green face, Li Min Feng was enraged and didn’t consider much when he kicked Si Yiniang: “Don’t touch my mother, leave!”
 After being kicked, Si Yiniang’s whole person was laying on the ground, her face was pale white as cold sweats flowed down her forehead.
Li Chang Xiao went over to assist her and seeing her severe injury, she turned to speak to Li Xiao Ran without much thought: “Father, my mother is a concubine, but he is your concubine, Da ge is a junior, how could he injure my mother in front of you?!”
 This one kick didn’t strike Si Yiniang but Li Xiao Ran’s face.
Li Wei Yang saw from the corner of Si Yiniang’s lips appeared an odd smile, it was obvious that she deliberately schemed to instigate Li Min Feng and wanted to stir up more trouble. Of course, Li Xiao Ran was already enraged to the point his veins were jumping: “Evil child, what are you doing!”
 Li Chang Le immediately walked up to embrace Li Min Feng: “Da ge, Da ge! They joined together to plot against me! Li Wei Yang framed me and claimed I wanted to kill Father, please save me!”
 Listening to her story, Li Min Feng unconsciously opened his eyes wide: “Father, how could you listen to words coming from this bitch!”
 Li Wei Yang calmly said: “Da ge, you can’t differentiate right from wrong, you’ve kicked Si Yiniang after arriving, now you don’t ask for the whole story and called me a bitch, who taught you these words.
I am your sister, if I were a bitch, then what are you, what do you see our Father as?!”
 Li Xiao Ran’s brows tightened.
 Li Min Feng’s glance was full of enmity, he said to Li Xiao Ran: “Father, Chang Le must have been framed, she would never do such a thing to harm Father.
Father should give her justice and in turn punish Li Wei Yang for disrespecting Mother!” His hand pointed straight at Li Wei Yang.
 Da furen’s phlegm was stuck in her throat, making it difficult for her to breath so it was impossible for her to prevent Li Min Feng from speaking.
She didn’t even send people to summon her son over and moreover, she didn’t want her son to be implicated into this matter.
But Min Feng appeared and this meant someone purposely alerted him so that this matter would become even bigger! She knew no matter what, she couldn’t let Li Min Feng speak further or else something worse would happen! So she used all her strength to shake her head at Li Min Feng, greatly shook her head to signal that she didn’t want him to speak any further.

However, Li Min Feng didn’t understand Da furen’s intentions and only knew that his Mother was enraged by Li Wei Yang and Li Chang Le was framed by Li Wei Yang so he must let this bitch pay! “Father, we are your official children yet you rather believe the words of a bitch coming from a concubine than to believe us? I am telling you, whatever happened today, it was all planned by Li Wei Yang, everything is real! You are not punishing her and instead blaming Mother and Sister, are you dotard?!”
 Li Xiao Ran greatly raged: “What did you say?!”
 Li Wei Yang calmly smiled and said: “Father, calm down, Da ge was just anxious, that was why he would scold Father.
After all, this whole situation involves Da jie and Mother, the words coming from his mouth are understandable — well, but Da ge, you are going too far, how could you scold Father? This is impiety! Surely you don’t want Father to lock you up in the ancestral hall again?” Every word was indubitably spoken to infuriate Li Min Feng. Once he heard the words, ancestral hall, Li Min Feng couldn’t restrain his anger.
He took out a dagger and without thinking: “Father, since you are not punishing her, then I must kill this bitch before we continue this conversation!” Only killing Li Wei Yang, no matter how angry Father will be, he wouldn’t punish him because he was his only son after all! He raised his dagger and rushed over towards Li Wei Yang’s direction.
He used all his strength with hopes of killing Li Wei Yang to dissolve his enmity.Li Wei Yang, seeing his expression, already knew he wanted to kill her and couldn’t help but coldly smiled.
At this moment, Zhao Yue appeared right in front of Li Wei Yang like a ghost; she raised her leg and kicked Li Min Feng onto the ground.
 Li Min Feng couldn’t believe that Li Wei Yang had a maidservant that had such great martial art skills.
But he still wasn’t willing to give up and once again got up and aimed towards Li Wei Yang.
This time, Li Wei Yang actually lightly nodded at Zhao Yue and Zhao Yue understood her meaning under the glimmering light!
 When Li Min Feng once again jumped towards her, Li Wei Yang hid behind Li Xiao Ran’s back: “Father, daughter is afraid!”
 Li Min Feng couldn’t have guessed that Li Wei Yang would have hid behind Li Xiao Ran’s back.
When he was about to brake, he didn’t notice someone’s leg and rushed forth at once.
Li Xiao Ran’s face discolored; he didn’t have enough time to avoid it and soon after, the dagger plunged into Li Xiao Ran’s left arm! Li Wei Yang hollered: “Protect Father! Quick, send people!”
 Only maidservants were inside, all the guards were sent to stand guard on the outside.
No one could have thought that this type of situation would have happened all of a sudden; Li Min Feng actually stabbed Li Xiao Ran with his dagger.
 Da furen’s rage anxiously plunged within her heart, she suddenly couldn’t say a word but spat out fresh blood from her mouth.
She fainted but at this time no one in the household noticed her because Li Xiao Ran had already been injured.
Moreover, blood was oozing out from his wound and the dagger was still in his arm.
 Li Xiao Ran was already overly furious, Li Min Feng actually stabbed him! He pointed at Li Min Feng as guards piled in: “Tie him up!”
 Li Min Feng was already completely stunned; he originally wanted to stab Li Wei Yang with the dagger, how did he lose control and injured Li Xiao Ran?! After hearing Li Xiao Ran’s order, he unconsciously said: “Father, your son didn’t do this on purpose! I wanted to kill that little bitch!”
 Li Xiao Ran was of course angry but at this moment of anger, he suddenly thought of himself having only one son so he didn’t know what to do out of the mist and thus only ordered guards to tie up Li Min Feng and didn’t say the next order.
Li Min Feng didn’t notice his hesitation and was mainly worried about being tied up so he used all his might to fight back: “Who dares to touch me? I am Li family’s eldest son!”
 Guards blankly stared at one another, they didn’t dare to offend Li Min Feng because he was the first household’s eldest son and he will inherit the family’s assets in the future.
At the same time, they couldn’t disobey Li Xiao Ran because their real master was Lao Ye.
As for Da Shaoye, this would be in the future.
But Li Men Feng kept on fighting back, they don’t dare to force him so they were motionless all of a sudden.

 Li Wei Yang coldly watched and didn’t speak a word.
She calculated the time, the person will soon be here.
As she thought about it, people outside announced: “Lao furen is here!”
  Lao furen was held up by Luo Mama and behind her were a number of maidservants.
She quickly walked in and seeing the situation in the room, she shockingly said: “What happened to your arm?”
 As she spoke, she stepped forward with Luo Mama’s assistance and checkout Li Xiao Ran’s injury, she said afterward: “Quick, call the physician, are you all foolish!”
 The maidservant that was absentminded finally woke up from her daze and flew off to seek the physician.
 Li Xiao Ran busily consoled Lao furen: “It’s nothing, just a small injury, Mother don’t have to worry.”
 Lao furen’s face was filled with rage: “What small injury, this much blood had already flown out! How could this be just a small injury! Who was it that injured you?!”
 Li Xiao Ran became silent, he didn’t want to say that his very own son used a dagger to stab him.
 Lao furen looked towards Li Wei Yang, Li Wei Yang said: “Here’s what happened, Lao furen, Father originally came today to Mother’s place to eat dinner together.
Right at this moment, Dajie returned and she personally made pigeon soup for Mother.
Who would have known that the soup was poisoned, Father became angry and Mother couldn’t withstand the situation and she fainted.
Perhaps, Da ge became anxious after seeing this scene and furthermore believed that it was us who framed Da jie.
In a fit of rage, he kicked Si Yiniang and even wanted to kill me with his dagger but injured Father instead —“
 She was simply stating what happened but she actually clearly illustrated Li Min Feng’s crime and also told Lao furen about Li Chang Le’s poisoning incident.
Li Chang Le sharply voiced: “Lao furen, I didn’t! I really didn’t!”
 Li Wei Yang looked at her and said: “Da jie, was this soup made by you?”
 Li Chang Le didn’t say anything and only crazily glared at her.
 Li Wei Yang continued: “Unless there is no poison in the soup!”
 Li Chang Le couldn’t answer, her eyes almost showed blood.

 Li Wei Yang sighed: “The witness and material evidence are present, Da jie is still claiming you are innocent.
Even if you are innocent, Da ge shouldn’t have injured Father to avenge injustice towards you, this is unprincipled.”
 Li Min Feng couldn’t control himself any longer and rushed forward and loudly spoke: “Lao furen, don’t fall into the trap! Who is the one that poisoned the soup, that can’t be figure out! Even if there is poison in the soup, then it must be Li Wei Yang who framed it on my sister! I didn’t want to injure Father just now, everything was an accident, Lao furen ……”
 Lao furen was completely astonished, she couldn’t believe that Da furen’s pair of children would do such things.
 At this moment, Li Wei Yang said: “Da ge, don’t make any more excuses, I heard you went to visit Da jie at the nunnery …… perhaps you thought if something happened to Father, you both would control the entire Li family? How could you be this foolish, if something happened to Father, the Li family will collapse!”
 Li Xiao Ran was stunned.
Hearing Li Wei Yang’s words, he suddenly envisioned a possibility.
If Li Min Feng really went to the nunnery, what did he and Li Chang Le speak about.
Was he angry that he threw him into the ancestral hall to reflect on his actions so he ordered Li Chang Le to poison …… This hypothesis only flashed across his mind but it couldn’t help but feel the chills on his back.
 Thinking about Li Min Feng’s stares towards him ever since that incident were filled with indignation, Li Xiao Ran unwillingly felt dreadfulness. 
 His blood-related son and daughter, because of such minor punishment, betrayed him.
Heavens know that he only wanted them to repent yet they joined forces to take his life.
 Li Min Feng angrily shouted: “You little bitch, you are full of rubbish, when did I —“
 Li Xiao Ran pointed at Li Min Feng and bellowed: “Close your mouth! You and Chang Le colluded together, from the start, both of you wanted to harm me.
Now that the conspiracy has unmasked, you are not ashamed and instead speak presumptuously! What Father, how could I have such a vicious son!”  
 Seeing this, Li Chang Le couldn’t hold back and cried: “Father, we are your children, how can you believe outsiders’ defamation ……”
 “Enough! Don’t act any longer!” Lao furen’s face was pale and she loudly voiced: “I’ve seen enough of your show! Patricide is already an unforgivable crime, give him slaps!” 
 Lao furen ordered but none of the guards moved.
Luo Mama made a cold humph and went forward to slap Li Min Feng.
Li Min Feng didn’t have a chance to react before his face was already swollen and red.
Purple handprints appeared on his face and watching him, it was indubitably a pitiful scene.

 He said with a sharp voice: “Father, I am your only son!”
 He was right, Li Xiao Ran had four daughters but he had only one son.
So even if Li Xiao Ran was extremely enraged, he had to hold it in and couldn’t help but speak for him: “Lao furen —“
 “Do you still have your mother in your heart?” Lao furen was very infuriated by Li Min Feng and became even more angry seeing her own son, “Look at what an impious thing you’ve fathered, he dared to strike your concubine and even dared to kill his sister.
He didn’t even consider your reputation and injured you.
If he really respected you as his father, how could he do such things? If they thought about the Li family at least once, they wouldn’t have make both of us lose face like this!”
 Seeing Lao furen raging, Li Xiao Ran immediately went to apologize: “Yes, please calm down, it is your son’s fault.” Lao furen was right, no matter how much he loved his son, he was already a useless person now! Who would believe his son now that he injured his own father? Such an impious thing, what use is there to keep him!
 Li Min Feng loudly exclaimed: “Father, your son is not wrong!”
 Li Wei Yang reminded: “Da ge, a wrong is a wrong, Father’s arm is still bleeding.
How can you say you are not wrong, if you’re not wrong, perhaps it’s Lao furen’s fault, it’s Father’s fault? I urge you to stop refusing to admit you are wrong!” 
 Li Min Feng was even more infuriated: “Li Wei Yang, you bitch! Father, Lao furen, don’t be deceived by this treacherous yatou.
Ever since she entered the Li residence, we haven’t had a good day, look at what happened to Mother! Look!”
 Li Wei Yang coldly smiled, her face full of color: “Da ge, Mother fainted because of Da jie, it has nothing to do with me.” 
 At this moment, Li Chang Le cried: “Mother, you’re awake!”
 Da furen’s eyes slowly opened and realized that Li Xiao Ran and Lao furen coldly looked at her like chilled fog.
She then saw the injury on Li Xiao Ran’s arm and after a shock, she knew where did the injury come from! Her mouth gaped open yet she couldn’t speak a single word, Li Chang Le busily said: “Mother, what happened?”
 Da furen shook her head, Du Mama, who had been kneeling on the side, helped her: “Furen is sick, your servant has medicine on me.” She immediately took out the medicine and climbed by Da furen’s side to help her take the medicine.
Letting out a breath, her gaze moved from Li Min Feng and hatefully towards Li Wei Yang.
  Li Wei Yang calmly looked at her as her eyes carried a smile that was about to make her heart explode: “Mother, you are awake, are you okay?”————————————————-Translator: EricaEditor: Panisa (In Progress)

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