Chapter 85 Part 1: Vice only rises one foot

  Li Wei Yang coldly looked at Da furen: “Mother, you also believe the words of this old servant? She is framing me because there is absolutely no poison in the soup …” Da furen stroke the table, then rose: “You dare come up with excuses! Someone come and tie up San Xiaojie! I have to interrogate you for good!”
 Poisoning the matriarch, this was enough to employ the most austere family punishment.
Even if they strike the person to death, outsiders wouldn’t be able to say much.
So today, she will do whatever it takes to prevent Li Wei Yang from leaving here alive.
 Zhao Yue walked forth, she stepped in front of Li Wei Yang as her expression turned cold.
Everyone was stunned, yet no one dared to walk forward.
 Li Wei Yang looked at Li Xiao Ran: “Father, you’ve said you would believe me.” Li Xiao Ran, of course, didn’t think Li Wei Yang would commit such actions but now the evidence was completely unfavorable towards her so he said: “Wei Yang, Father believe that you wouldn’t do such things but you must prove your own innocence!” Da furen coldly smiled, even if Li Wei Yang wanted to prove her own innocence, it was harder than impossible.
Du Mama is the witness, the money is the evidence, what’s even more important was that she didn’t think Li Wei Yang would be able to escape this.
Once she is tied up and greatly beaten, who would be able to endure this and admit their wrong?
 Li Wei Yang retained Da furen’s expressions in her eyes.
Her eyes, from the start, seemed like she was watching a performance.
Soon after, she loudly asked Du Mama: “Du Mama, do you dare to swear that everything you’ve just said is true, I’ve bribed you and even told you to poison Mother’s soup!” Du Mama lifted her body: “Yes, your servant dares to admit whatever she’s committed, I am willing to accept Lao Ye and Furen’s punishments!”
 “You’ve been proclaiming that I’ve bribed you, if you’ve received money, why did you go back on your words?” Li Wei Yang forcefully asked.
 Du Mama had already thought over this and so she quickly said: “This is because in the morning, Furen mentioned times when she was still a lady, your servant was her accompanying maid when she married.
Listening to her speaking about the old days, your servant became extremely ashamed because your servant had failed to live up to what the Old Marquis and his wife had entrusted me and done something to hurt Furen.
Your servant had promised you in the past but I’ve made a mistake.
Now that I have become conscientious, I know if I continued with this, I wouldn’t have the face to live!”Li Wei Yang coldly said: “You didn’t regret earlier but right when you were about to kill someone, this is all rubbish! Du mama, I will give you one more chance, please think before you answer! Think about Lin Mama, don’t commit the same mistake that she did!” Hearing Lin Mama’s name, Du Mama thought of Lin Mama’s ending and couldn’t help but tremble to the point of not being to utter a word. 
 Da furen bellowed: “Li Wei Yang! You dare to intimidate Du Mama! You are this arrogant in front of us, I wonder how you act behind our back?! I’ve been too benevolent towards you, you are a curse, we shouldn’t have bought you back from the start.
Now you’ve caused chaos amongst the residence, making it difficult for all of us to eat and rest peacefully! Kneel down!” Li Wei Yang calmly smiled: “Mother, it seems like you’ve already believed the words of this shameless old servant!” 

 Da furen raged: “Why wouldn’t I believe it! She had already repented, why are you still not admitting your wrong, do you really want me to use the family punishment? Or do you think you can depend on a maidservant who knows martial arts to protect you, so that is why you do as you please?!”
 Li Wei Yang just smiled, she didn’t kneel nor responded, she only spoke to Li Xiao Ran: “Father, now that things have reached this point, there are some words I couldn’t withhold any longer.”
 Li Xiao Ran frowned: “Wei Yang, what do you want to say?” In his heart, he still believed Li Wei Yang wouldn’t do such things. Right at this moment, a shimmering beauty suddenly walked in.
Noticing the intense atmosphere inside, she became dumbfounded. Da furen was shock, her mouth opened to the point of being able to swallow an egg: “Chang Le! How did you return!” Li Xiao Ran spoke: “I’ve let her return, she arrived tonight.” Li Chang Le blissfully threw herself onto Da furen’s arms: “Mother, your daughter misses you.” Da furen held onto her tightly and then said: “Wait here for a second, let me finish up this bitch then we’ll talk.”
 Li Chang Le turned her head to give Li Wei Yang a glance.
She was thinking about what was her mother doing this time to deal with Li Wei Yang.
Sadly, she has just arrived, she wasn’t able to watch the whole show.
Based on her observations, stabbing Li Wei Yang to death wasn’t a bad idea, this deathful yatou dared to go against them, she couldn’t be let off that easily! Li Wei Yang watched this mother and daughter reunion yet she calmly said: “I originally wanted to give Mother a surprise so I begged Father to let Dajie return home.
I’ve never thought Mother’s misunderstanding towards me is this deep, I feel absolutely upset about his.
Under these circumstances, I have to clarify something.
This soup wasn’t made by me nor was it made by personal maidservant, the person who made this soup was Dajie!” Everyone in the household shockingly looked towards Li Wei Yang and couldn’t believe what they had just heard.
Du Mama was completely stunned and then loudly hollered: “No, this is impossible!”
 Li Wei Yang didn’t allow her much time to react and only coldly said: “I originally wanted to give Mother a surprise so I deliberately concealed news of Dajie’s arrival.
Dajie probably heard news of Mother’s illness from Father so she said she wanted to personally make a bowl of soup for Mother.
But just as the soup was almost done, she was called away by Lao furen so I kindly bought the soup over.”
 “Chang Le, what is going on!” Da furen was completely astonished as she greatly shouted.
 Li Chang Le was also muddled, she didn’t know what she did wrong.
Father said it was best to give Mother a surprise and suddenly appear at dinner time.
After, Father’s servant specifically told her about her Mother’s recent illness.
Si Xiaojie have been making pigeon soup for her so she purposely went to the kitchen to make a bowl of pigeon soup to let everyone know she had returned so that fake concubine-born daughter didn’t have to be by Mother’s side anymore! But when the soup was just about to be done, she was summoned by Lao furen.
She handed the bowl of soup to a kitchen maidservant but she didn’t know how it ended up in Li Wei Yang’s hands! How could this be! Li Chang Le could have never thought that Li Wei Yang first used Da furen’s illness as an excuse to persuade Li Xiao Ran to bring her home.
Then she arranged people to mislead Li Chang Le into the kitchen to make the soup and used Lao furen to call Li Chang Le away …… linking the whole plan together, even if there was one slip, the whole plan would have failed.
Li Wei Yang actually planned it very well which made others marveled admirably.
 “This soup was definitely made by you! Your servant have already ask around —“ Du Mama couldn’t hold back and said.

Li Wei Yang smiled like a blooming summer flower: “Du Mama, didn’t you say you were in the kitchen for two hours? Aiya, I’ve forgotten to tell you, my cooking is really bad, I thought Mother would not like my cooking no matter what, so I poured the soup into water vat, if you don’t believe me, everyone could go see!” At this moment, Li Xiao Ran’s people who were sent to search Du Mama’s room have returned: “Lao Ye, your maidservants have rummaged through the entire room but we didn’t find the money Du Mama was talking about.”
 Du Mama screeched: “It’s impossible, your maidservant hid it really well, how could it be missing!”
 Li Wei Yang’s lips curved upward: “Du Mama, if there is, there is, if there isn’t, there wouldn’t be! I usually treat you with respect seeing you have taken good care of Mother.
But I would have never think that she would say I’ve bribed you to harm Mother! Even though I am born from a concubine, I am still Li family’s Xiaojie, Father’s daughter, and all the more a Xianzhu conferred by the Emperor, you dare frame your master, do you know what punishments you will face!”
 Li Xiao Ran raged: “Du Mama, since the soup was made by Chang Le, yet you blamed Wei Yang, what intentions do you have!”
 After Da furen understood the whole situation, her expression changed and then she suddenly smiled: “A misunderstanding, it’s actually a misunderstanding, Du Mama, hurry and apologize to San Xiaojie!”
 Li Wei Yang coldly laughed and said: “Mother, is this a misunderstanding? The poison in the soup is real, since the soup was not made by me, then the person who poisoned it must unmistakably be Dajie! Or perhaps, Du Mama lied! She was the one who poisoned it!” Da furen’s face suddenly turned glaringly white, she couldn’t have known Li Chang Le was the one who made the soup and even more, she originally wanted to frame Li Wei Yang but ended up being counterattacked by her! Now, no matter how she explained it, it would still be bad.
If she confirmed what Du Mama said to be true, then that means someone did poison the soup and this person would be Li Chang Le.
But if she claimed these were false accusations and that the person behind the poisoning was Du Mama, then Li Chang Le can be freed from accusations! If she placed all the accusations onto Du Mama, this old servant will most certainly betray her and say she was the one who order her to frame Li Wei Yang! No matter what, it was impossible to go on or retreat! 
 Du Mama didn’t understand the situation now, she loudly said: “Your servant didn’t poison the soup! Lao Ye, your servant didn’t add poison!”
 If it wasn’t Du Mama, then it was Li Chang Le — Li Xiao Ran’s gaze fell onto his elder daughter.
 Li Chang Le’s voice was sharp: “Ridiculous! Why would I poison my very own mother?”
 Li Wei Yang slightly smiled, she said: “Who said Dajie poisoned Mother, it’s not only Mother who ate dinner today.”
 Li Xiao Ran’s expression suddenly changed, he had already understood that Du Mama was framing Li Wei Yang.
She knew that the soup was poisoned beforehand, or else she wouldn’t have rushed forward to stop Da furen.
But how did Li Chang Le got dragged into this? His eyes strolled back and forth on his two daughters.
He didn’t think that Li Wei Yang was clever to the point of knowing the soup had already been poisoned, then did Li Chang Le poison the soup?! If it was her, then she wouldn’t have harmed Da furen, then it would be …… 
 People are like this, if it didn’t involve himself, Li Xiao Ran would have conscientiously seen that Li Chang Le was pulled into this matter by Li Wei Yang as a shooting target.
But now he was infuriated with the fact that someone wanted to harm him, so he couldn’t think of anything else and believe the person who poisoned the soup to be Li Chang Le! Li Wei Yang lightly smiled, this was a human’s blind spot.
Da furen originally invited Li Xiao Ran over to witness her being poisoned, who would have thought that she bought a rock over to squash her foot. Li Wei Yang coldly gazed at Li Chang Le: “Dajie, Father sent you to the nunnery to let you reflect yet you didn’t repent a bit and dared to poison the soup.
If Du Mama didn’t stop them just in time, not only would Father have died, Mother would have also been harmed! Du Mama must have known the truth beforehand, she is Mother’s favorite and she was by your side as you were growing up.
In order to not implicate you or Da furen, she took the chance and place the blame on me! Because it happened all of a sudden, she couldn’t think of a better idea so her lies were full of loopholes!”

Li Wei Yang’s words seemed rational and logical.
Li Chang Le hated Li Xiao Ran for sending her to the nunnery and wanted to poison her father to death.
Who would have guessed Du Mama would find out and seeing Da furen about to drink the soup, she quickly stopped it.
Because everything happened suddenly, she didn’t think it through thoroughly and made up the story of Li Wei Yang bribing her.
This also explained why when others were sent to search her place and found nothing; because the money was fake.
If Li Chang Le didn’t suddenly appear and if Li Xiao Ran believed Du Mama’s words completely, Li Wei Yang would have already been dead, no one would investigate this further!
 Du Mama’s expression froze: “No! This is not true! The person who poisoned the soup was Xianzhu, not Da Xiaojie!”
 Still quibbling, she must not be afraid to die! Li Wei Yang greatly turned her head and shouted: “Du Mama, you’ve been saying the person who poisoned the soup was me, but this soup wasn’t made by me.
On our way here, even though it was my maidservant who carried the bowl of soup, but since we left the kitchen, there were countless of maids by our side, how could we have poisoned the soup in front of that many eyes? The only person who had the chance to add poison would be Dajie, the person who made the soup!” “Also, you said I bribed you but why couldn’t the money be found, it must be a story made up by you to cover up for Dajie and mislead Father! You must have been afraid that once Father found out that it was Dajie who wanted to kill him, he would blame Mother.
Moreover, you were worried that Mother would drink the soup ahead of time and die before Father! Think about this, how could you cover up her blunders, she is foolish yet you’re even more foolish than she is.
You think that putting the blame on me would free Dajie from implications, Father is such an intelligent person, how could he be confused by you all! You stupid old thing!” Saying this, she kicked towards Du Mama’s chest, Du Mama painfully cried out and laid on the ground. Li Chang Le screeched: “Li Wei Yang, don’t go too far! There is no way I would add poison, I have never hated Father, and even more, I would never poison the soup to kill Father.
Father, you have to believe me, I didn’t! I really didn’t, I only wanted Mother to be happy so I made a bowl of pigeon soup for her, I didn’t know the Father would be here beforehand!” Li Wei Yang coldly said: “Dajie, I really regret it now, if I knew you would harm Father, I wouldn’t have begged for your return.
I would let you stay at the nunnery forever than to let you be accused of patricide! You have hurt Father deeply!”
 Li Chang Le’s face turned red all of a sudden and wanted to give Li Wei Yang a slap on the face.
But now she couldn’t come up with excuses, whatever she says, it will be wrong! She turned her head to look at Da furen: “Mother, Mother! Put in a word for me, how would I harm Father! Why would I do that!”
 Then, Da furen’s expression greatly changed, she thought: Li Wei Yang had already planned everything for them to step into! She planned her steps accordingly yet she had already been plotted against by her!
 The maidservants on the side rushed over to help Da furen sit down.
She breathed heavily as she sat down without saying a single word.
Even if she could speak, she couldn’t utter it now because she had just spat blood just then, her heart seemed as if it was molded together.
Now her throat felt as if someone stuffed it, she had to use all her strength to prevent her body from trembling! Her illness was breaking out again!
 Li Xiao Ran’s expression turned worse, he really couldn’t believe that the daughter in his palm actually wanted to kill him because of this.
Without thinking much longer, he strolled forward and angrily gave Li Chang Le two slaps: “Evil child!”
 After the slaps, Li Chang Le fell onto the ground and stared at Li Xiao Ran with disbelief.
How did this happen, she thought today was the day her mother would get rid of Li Wei Yang, how did it turn into this!
 Da furen struggled to stand up, wanting to help Li Chang Le up but Si Yiniang suddenly blocked her: “Furen, Lao Ye is punishing Da Xiaojie, you should watch from the side, or else others will talk about your partiality!”
 Da furen viciously looked at Si Yiniang.
She couldn’t believe that Si Yiniang, who had always acted like a dog, loyal to her, dared disrespect her after Li Wei Yang’s instigation.
 Si Yiniang not only showed disrespect but her eyes also showed despise and pleasure derived from her misfortune.
 Da furen was running out of luck, she was happier than anyone.
Because Da furen stood on her for years, if she didn’t borrow Li Wei Yang’s hands, she wouldn’t have been able to see Da furen in a pathetic position.
Thinking about this, she must thank San Xiaojie!
 Da furen breathed in and loudly bellowed: “Get away!”

 Her voice carried a weak malevolence, she greatly gave Si Yiniang a slap: “What do you think you are, how dare you taunt and jeer at me!”
 Si Yiniang covered her cheek and turned towards Li Xiao Ran with a wronged expression: “Lao Ye! I just didn’t want Furen’s illness to worsen but she must misunderstand my good intention—” Li Xiao Ran’s pair of cold eyes glazed over at Da furen.
He still choked in rage over what happened last time with Jiu Yiniang and now Da furen raised a daughter that wanted to kill him! How could this not make him feel infuriated and actually had the thought of divorcing his wife.
But he had already calmed down and at this critical moment, he thought of Jiang Guogong Furen’s face, that old thing still hasn’t died yet, Jiang Guogong’s power couldn’t be ignored.
Even though he was a prime minister and no longer a servile son-in-law in front of his father-in-law, he still couldn’t act rashly.
So, Da furen’s position as the matriarch must remain! He coldly spoke: “Furen will forever be the furen, you can’t be disrespectful!”
 Trace of disappointment appeared on Si Yiniang’s face yet Li Wei Yang still smiled.
She clearly understood that Li Xiao Ran would never divorce his wife; no matter what Da furen did, her position as the matriarch will never change.
But …… even if he couldn’t divorce her, this didn’t mean Da furen’s coming days would be easy.
Of course, she still felt she wasn’t pitiful enough and wanted to infuriate her more so she can go to heaven earlier!
 Da furen coldly made a humph and walked forward a few steps.
The person she hated the most now was Li Wei Yang, if it wasn’t for Li Wei Yang, she wouldn’t have fallen to this state!
 In Da furen’s logic, her scheming against Li Wei Yang was right but Li Wei Yang actually fought back and used her own plan to scheme against her and didn’t obediently let her kill her, this was a great sin! She had to let out this injustice so she went up towards Li Wei Yang and slap her without much thought! 
 “You little bitch, you’ve caused all the chaos amongst our household!” Da furen greatly shouted, her hands were already shaking uncontrollably. 
 Li Wei Yang showed a slight smile and her body moved to avoid her slap.
Da furen was now a sick patient, her slap couldn’t carry much strength; she only put together all her strength to slap Li Wei Yang, thinking she wouldn’t dare to avoid it because she was the matriarch.
But she underestimated Li Wei Yang’s audacity so not only did she slap air but her whole body fell towards the red sandalwood chair nearby and lost her balance as she drastically dropped onto the ground! The maids quickly went forward to help her up but the corner of Da furen’s lips already had blood flowing out.
She was basically laying on the ground like a dead pig, she couldn’t get up no matter how hard she tried.
 Da furen’s current countenance, even Li Xiao Ran hadn’t even seen before, she was like a beast who had completely lost her mind!
 Li Xiao Ran greatly frowned, no matter how hard he tried to conceal his inner disgust, he couldn’t do it.
 Li Wei Yang showed a surprised expression: “Aiya Mother, how are you doing? Quickly get up, your daughter can’t accept such a huge honor!”
 Bai Zhi and Zhao Yue, who were on the side, were stealthily smiling while their heads were lowered.
 Si Yiniang, pretentiously went over to help Da furen but Da furen swung her hand away and Si Yiniang expressed being wronged.
  Right at this moment, the curtains were lifted.————————————————-

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