Tuoba Yu stared intently into her eyes: “I did not think you, a young girl, would be more decisive than myself.”

It occurred to Tuoba Yu that Li Wei Yang was willing to help him at any cost, perhaps she had feelings for him.
Something in his heart began to stir, like willow leaves brushing across the surface of water.
He subconsciously wanted to touch her hand.Li Wei Yang suddenly took a couple steps back, avoiding his hand.Tuoba Yu was puzzled, unable to understand her reaction.Li Wei Yang understood herself, the look in her eyes returning to normal, her expressions gentle: “Qi Dianxia, I hope you understand that I may be helping you, but no such affections will come in between.”Tuoba Yu was completely speechless, the idealistic bubble from within had disappeared without a trace.
Despite his cold expressions, his astonishment was clear.Behind the decorative mountain, Li Min De smiled.He knew Sanjie would not see Tuoba Yu that way.
Perhaps realizing that leaving Gongzhu to eavesdrop had been foolish, he looked down and wryly smiled.
His lowered eyelashes seemed to hide his feelings, the youthful lines of his eyebrows made his face seem warmer, the sadness and frustration had soon evaporated.However, Li Wei Yang’s attitude did not anger Tuoba Yu.
On the other hand, he felt that Li Wei Yang’s eyes were consumed with a fiery passion that could burn others alive – only at this time, he had yet to understand that those were not feelings towards him but her hatred against Tuoba Zhen.“If Qi Dianxia feels that I have spoken wisely, then you should quickly take action against Tuoba Zhen.” Li Wei Yang reminded him.Tuoba Yu was still hesitant: “San ge, I have actually wronged him.” His eyes wavered, revealing his inner turmoil.Li Wei Yang could not help but look to him: “I don’t understand what you are trying to say.”Tuoba Yu paused.
He did not know why but in her presence, he was prepared to tell her everything: “San ge’s birth mother was a low-born palace maid.
This is something everyone knows, but there are certain details outsiders do not know of.”Tuoba Zhen’s mother, Liu pin was originally a palace maid that caught the Emperor’s attention and was suddenly elevated to a high status.[1] After that, she gave birth to a lovely little huangzi.
Those were happier days, unfortunately, she died not long after.
Li Wei Yang knew this part of the story, but Tuoba Zhen had never mentioned a word of it to her.
Others did not dare to speak of it either, so when she heard this, she asked: “Could there have been a particular reason?”Tuoba Yu had kept it in his heart for almost ten years and did not even tell Zhang De Fei.
He always felt that it was a stone at the bottom of his heart, a burden he could not get rid of it.
Now the words were waiting on the tip of his tongue, eager to be heard.

“It had to do with me.” Tuoba Yu spoke frankly, unearthing the secrets hidden in his heart to Li Wei Yang.
He intuitively trusted her, “That year, the Imperial guards discovered outsiders had entered the Forbidden Palace, so every place was to be searched.
I was going home after class.
On my way back, I saw a silhouette with a large dagger flash by.
I was only six years old and scared.
The dark garbed individuals leapt up and down, then disappeared over the palace walls.
A while later, the head of the Imperial guards led pursuers over on horseback–” It was as if the past appeared before his eyes.
Tuoba Yu’s voice grew hoarse and strangely foreboding: “The guards asked which direction they went off in, everyone else was terrified, unable to say a word, but I said they went northwest.”Li Wei Yang slightly pursed her lips as his intense gaze landed on her.
She was afraid this had more to do with other secrets in the palace than him.“Liu pin’s Fei Cui Palace was in that direction.
The guards surrounded Fei Cui Palace, Fu Huang came as well, he had not expected the guards whom he personally sent out to search had found the secret letter Liu pin had sent to Zhou Wangshu outside the Palace.[2] That year Zhou Wangshu battled against Fu Huang for the throne, his entire family was imprisoned, and now a letter from the Emperor’s concubine to Zhou Wangshu had been found… How could Fu Huang spare her?”Tuoba Yu finished his anecdote with a weary expression.Li Wei Yang did not say anything.
She already knew the outcome.
The Emperor was furious and Liu pin was executed, then Zhou Wangshu’s entire family was eliminated.
Later on, Tuoba Zhen was brought to Wu Xian Fei to raise, Wu Xian Fei was close to the Empress, so Tuoba Zhen and Taizi were close and deeply respected the Empress.
However, this part of the story was left out by Wu Xian Fei.
Likewise, the Emperor announced that Liu pin died of an illness, leaving some face for Tuoba Zhen.
Those who knew the truth, knew very clearly that despite her low-birth, Liu pin had given birth to a prince, and someone found her to be an eyesore and found a way to harm her.Li Wei Yang smiled: “The person behind it seems to know Bixia’s temperament well, understanding Bixia wanted to eliminate Zhou Wangshu at the very roots, so they found a good excuse for him to do so.”Tuoba Yu was taken aback.Li Wei Yang’s voice was calm but emotionless: “Dianxia, is it still not clear? Many matters, Dianxia should not overthink, perhaps they have nothing to do with you.
Dianxia saw the dark garbed intruders and told the truth, there is nothing wrong with that.
In the end, the person who truly killed Liu pin, for one, is the person behind this, second would be the Emperor Bixia himself.
Whether Liu pin conspired with outsiders or not is not important, the important thing is that the Emperor only needed to sacrifice a meiren to uproot Zhou Wangshu.”[3]How could Tuoba Yu not understand this, but he felt guilty because if it wasn’t for him, perhaps Liu pin would not be dead.
He had pointed the guards in that direction, helping the culprit accuse Liu pin of the crime.
For that reason, Tuoba Yu still tolerated Tuoba Zhen out of guilt, moreover, he could sympathize as they were both sons of the Emperor, and would have to face slaughter and bloodshed.“You are right, Fu Huang’s reaction was the deciding factor in this matter.
If he had believed Liu pin, then he would not allow San ge to lose his mother at a young age.” Tuoba Yu murmured, his expressions growing bitter, unable to explain his conflict.Li Wei Yang laughed, and in this tense moment, her bright smile seemed even more brilliant.
Tuoba Yu looked at her in surprise, Li Wei Yang’s expressions hardened like ice: “Do not pity Tuoba Zhen, if anything, Tuoba Zhen had soon guessed who was behind it.”Tuoba Yu frowned.“Concerning this, who has the most to gain from it?” Li Wei Yang asked with a smile.Behind the decorative mountain, Li Min De could not help but frown.
By saying this, Sanjie clearly meant…

“Wu Xian Fei.” Tuoba Yu answered.Li Wei Yang’s smile seemed warm and gentle: “Indeed, Wu Xian Fei, she has Yongping Hou supporting her and Bixia’s favor, but her greatest flaw was being childless.
Surely she must steal someone else’s child, but she could not touch the others.
Naturally, the most appropriate target was Liu pin without any support and had given birth to San Huangzi.”


Tuoba Yu did not say anything.
Although he felt Wu Xian Fei was not a cruel woman in those regards, his intuition told him Li Wei Yang was right.“As for the person behind Liu pin’s death, Bixia knows, the Empress knows, and Tuoba Zhen certainly knows.
The important thing is that he chose his enemy to be his adoptive mother.
Even if he can fight back, he will still pretend to be a filial son.
He has grown up and can avenge Liu pin, yet he remains Wu Xian Fei’s good son and good grandson of Yongping Hou Ye, does Dianxia not understand?[4] For the throne, he is willing to do everything! Even if he was told to kneel down and kiss Wu Xian Fei’s feet, he would solemnly do so, he has no fear or shame!” If anything, Tuoba Zhen had caught onto Tuoba Yu’s hesitance and pressed every bit of usefulness he could from this.This person was far more terrifying than evil spirits and demons.“You are saying San ge is ruthless.” Tuoba Yu frowned in disagreement.Li Wei Yang laughed aloud, thought to herself, you have no idea, he is far more ruthless than you could imagine, someone who could cut off the legs and kill off the official wife who supported him through difficult times and was even prepared to die for him.
This man, you still hope that he will have a shred of conscience?“This world has always been unfair, if one does not want to be the fish, then you can only be the fisherman’s knife!” Li Wei Yang coldly retorted.She had said enough today and was not interested in saying more.
If one was to lament injustice, then in this life, no one was as unjust as the Heavens were to her! She was born in an inauspicious month and driven out of the Li residence, if it wasn’t for San Huangzi’s marriage prospects, then in this life, she would never become Li Xiaojie.
Later on in life, countless other miseries would keep her company.
She wallowed in her resentment for a long time and lamented to the almighty Heavens for the glaring injustices.Although her fury burned vehemently that year, perhaps because she had soon destroyed this injustice.
Li Wei Yang laughed hoarsely, her voice brimming with confidence, arrogance, and even passion: “As long as you are the ruler of this world, what you say is fair, and no one would say half a word!” Li Wei Yang’s stare burned like a fiery cloud.Tuoba Yu slightly shuddered, not out of fear but the passion Li Wei Yang had ignited! She could express his aspirations so vividly, how could he not be moved? He wanted to become Emperor and truly stand at the peak of the world!Seeing the changes in his attitude, a satisfied smile appeared on her face: “Dianxia, the palace struggles change in the blink of an eye, both sides put in every last bit of strength.
Life and death are decided in a moment, has there been anyone destined for great things who could not be cut down by the enemy? Therefore, I hope that before Tuoba Zhen takes action, you must cut off his wings, so he would never dare to touch the throne!”

Her breathing was overflowing with hatred and anger.
Tuoba Yu did not notice this, he only felt she had taken someone by surprise and evoked surging emotions.Nearby, Li Min De listened, a smile appearing on his lips as if intrigued.He did not think Li Wei Yang was merciless, he only felt she was passionate.
Daring to love, daring to hate, daring to think and even take action, while paying no mind to others’ opinions, something stirred in his heart like warm wine sloshing in the wine pot.
He quietly retreated along the worn path.
No one would have thought he was hiding behind the artificial mountain, Tuoba Yu’s guards stood outside, even the Li family were not aware of a hiding place within the decorative mountain.Tuoba Yu sighed in relief: “I understand now.
I know what I must do now.”Li Wei Yang smiled faintly.Tuoba Yu caught onto her subtle expressions, his heart stirred – he felt a warm and tender stirring.
In this conversation, the unease that had accumulated in his heart suddenly dissipated, as long as Li Wei Yang supported and understood him, in the future, even if the world judged him, he would feel that he had acted righteously.He realized his feelings towards Li Wei Yang were completely different from before.She had evoked an intimacy that made him feel as if they were old friends.Tuoba Yu instinctively stepped forward and tightly held Li Wei Yang’s hand.
After speaking with her for so long, he felt that she was a highly important person and would not let go.Li Wei Yang furrowed her eyebrows, the silence that had settled over the two of them slowly grew ambiguous.On a moment of impulse, Tuoba Yu had decided.
Holding her hand tightly, his voice was calm yet determined: “I will make a request to Fu Huang to make you Zheng fei.”[5]Tuoba Yu promised her the position of Zheng fei.
Li Wei Yang understood his intentions but did not reveal her bashfulness or panic.
She was a determined, logical individual, not a xiao guniang that easily became infatuated.
Her eyes gleamed under the sunshine like warm water, but her eyes were cold: “Dianxia, I have already said that such affections are not reliable.
I will help you but only as an associate and a friend.
You need a wife who can help you, not someone who holds the title of Xianzhu only in name.
If you put this request forward again, forgive me for being impolite.” She quickly withdrew her hand.She understood herself.
While she had the appearance of a xiao guniang, only remnants of her were left within, it was difficult for genuine feelings to arise.
For that reason, she would not forget her vow in the previous life! She would not enter the palace or become Tuoba Yu’s Zheng fei or anyone else’s, she did not want to relive that experience again! Whether it was Tuoba Yu or anyone else, nothing would change her decision!She knew the more power a noble had, the more likely they will act on their words.
Turning down someone like that is no different from skinning a tiger, but when she refused, she was not afraid at all because if Tuoba Yu was enraged by her refusal, then he would not be able to pursue the plans they discussed.
Least to say, she wanted to ally herself with Tuoba Yu, not as a loyal subordinate, nor as a woman he would love and cherish either, he must familiarize himself with her manner of conduct!Tuoba Yu saw the cold, detached expression on her face felt a bit dejected and reluctantly let go of her hand.

Li Wei Yang immediately interjected: “I have to return.
Forgive me.” She turned and left, curt and brief.Tuoba Yu blankly looked after her as she left, feeling saddened, but he was not worried, there would be many opportunities to win her heart in the future, there must be!Li Wei Yang’s mind was racing, she had not expected Tuoba Yu to bring up a request like that.
She did not know if he had genuine feelings or if he simply felt they were aboard the same boat? Based on this, when this situation arises, she should not continue to meet Tuoba Yu.But the palace struggles have only begun.
The Empress gave birth to Taizi, but over the years, the Emperor has been occupied with court affairs, so he did not closely follow up on Taizi or the Empress’s declining health, whose efforts were concentrated on helping the Emperor.
Helping Taizi had its limit, leading Taizi to have a weak and mediocre resolve.
If someone like that were to become Emperor, nothing good would come from it.
At least he was not a ruthless man, but the Emperor had more favorable sons.
Others will notice Wu Huangzi Tuoba Rui and Qi Huangzi Tuoba Yu.
Firstly, for a Huangzi to ascend to the throne, they must rely on the support of the maternal clan and their own abilities.
Without these two conditions, a Huangzi, while talented, can only gaze upon the throne from afar.
No one had considered that there was still a venomous snake in the grasses, dreaming of becoming Emperor… She was temporarily helping Tuoba Yu until Tuoba Zhen was defeated.In the pavilion, Jiu Gongzhu cried out in frustration: “He tricked me, saying he needed to go to the bathroom, where did he run off to!”Li Wei Yang smiled as she approached her, asking: “Did Gongzhu lose Li Min De?”Jiu Gongzhu was furious, but seeing Li Wei Yang’s smile, she instinctively took a few steps back: “I… I…” She was terrified of this young woman who simply smiled but feared neither the Heavens nor Earth.Tuoba Yu came and picked Jiu Gongzhu up by the collar: “Let’s go.
You still don’t want to go back, your Mufei must be worried!”Jiu Gongzhu was carried up.
She defiantly shook her fists: “Qi ge, put me down! Qi ge, you are too much!”Seeing a xiao guniang being carried away by Tuoba Yu, the others quickly followed.Li Wei Yang smiled and turned away: “Alright, they’ve left.
You can come out now.”Li Min De came out from the side, smiling: “How did Sanjie know I was here?”————————————————-Translator: ChauEditor: Panisa (In Progress)

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