Bai Zhi was stunned for a moment, found two bamboo sticks, got hold of a live scorpion, Li Wei Yang said softly: “Since you said that you are innocent, very well, as long as you swallow this scorpion, I will believe in your innocence and will surely get along with you in the future.”

 Li Chang Xi became pale, her whole body becoming stiff like a puppet. Zhao Nan’s sword streak across her neck, no one spoke, all eyes are watching her, including Li Chang Xi’s Yatou, currently watching with a face full of fear. In the house full of silence, the scorpion writhed suddenly with a “pada” sound, causing Li Chang Xi to jerk from the scare. Li Wei Yang smiled silently, Li Chang Xi’s entire body was trembling and creeping on the floor. Li Wei Yang slowly laughed and said: “Afraid? So it seems like the words you just said are insincere.” Li Chang Xi sobbed quietly, resentment flashed in her eyes but she strongly suppressed it: “Sanjie, I know I am wrong, spare me!” Li Wei Yang smiled and said: “Either prove it to me or–” her gaze fell on the top of the cold blade. Li Chang Xi was shocked and said with gritting teeth: “You do not dare to kill me!” Li Wei Yang’s expression was very strange: “Yes, I am very afraid, therefore I am prepared to let him pick apart your arms and legs, cut your tongue so that you cannot speak for the rest of your life!” Li Chang Xi looked at Li Wei Yang with a look of stark terror, she suddenly understood that the other party is serious, there is not a trace of room for negotiation! Zhao Nan’s sword moved, she said hurriedly: “I will prove it to you!” Saying this, she hesitated in catching that scorpion, who knew that the scorpion would gently sway it head, scaring her into retracting her fingers immediately, more tears falling.
Finally, she stretched out two fingers once again, closed her eyes to go hold the scorpion.
When her finger touched that thing, her entire body trembled violently and she flung the scorpion far away! Then clung sobbingly to Li Wei Yang’s legs, crying out: “Sanjie have mercy!” Li Wei Yang was completely indifferent, there’s even a cruel smile on her face.
Zhao Nan quickly raised her up, she struggled desperately, then both eyes rolling, fainted suddenly, a peculiar smell spreading throughout the entire room. Bai Zhi took a look at Li Chang Xi’s skirt and then covered her nose, she had thought that Wu Xiaojie had some courage! “Just an easily scared person!” “Frightened?” Offending her over and over again, thought that it would finished just like this, Li Wei Yang smiled, pointed to the Yatou at the side looking for opportunity to escape and said: “Where are you going!” That Yatou was shocked and tried to run for her life but was captured by Zhao Nan, unable to move, Zhao Nan pressed on her throat and raised her high, Li Wei Yang smiled and said: “Swallow it!” Bai Zhi immediately threw the scorpion towards the Yatou’s mouth, her legs kicked strongly in the air, trying to get rid of Zhao Nan’s hands.
But those hands are like clamp, unable to break free.The scorpion soon got into her mouth, stirring in between her lips and tongue, her hands waved furiously, gradually weakening, even the lips were turning into the same purple colour as the back of the scorpion.
The poison entered and soon she stopped breathing. Zhao Nan threw her aside, Li Wei Yang looked at her and said: “Leave no wound.” Zhao Nan lowered his head and said: “Xiaojie rest assured.” Bai Zhi’s face is still a bit pale but soon she thought that if this scorpion has bitten them, the ones who are dying now would be Xiaojie and her! Therefore, Wu Xiaojie and this evildoer abetting Yatou is not worthy of the slightest sympathy! Mo Zhu glanced down at the unconscious Li Chang Xi on the floor and asked: “Xiaojie, what about her?” Li Wei Yang smiled slightly and said: “Zhao Nan, you should leave first, we will leave shortly.”

 Zhao Nan nodded and quickly disappeared. Li Wei Yang whispered: “Strip off her clothes and let her soak half in the pool.” Bai Zhi and Mo Zhu glanced at each other, both understanding at the same time, immediately did as Li Wei Yang instructed, stripping Li Chang Xi of her clothes and then moved her to the pool but exposing half of her shining white body above the water, after adjusting her posture, Li Wei Yang crooked her finger: “Let’s climb out through the window.” Both Yatous saw their Xiaojie gathered her skirt and quickly climbed out the window, then stood at the window looking at them: “Why aren’t you coming!” Bai Zhi was surprised and immediately ran over, Mo Zhu is also following behind, both Yatous have never done physical exercise, with much difficulty and spending a lot of efforts in order to climb out: “Xiaojie, what’s next?” Li Wei Yang smiled and said: “Let loose of your throat and scream! The louder the better!” Bai Zhi hasn’t even react yet, Mo Zhu is already screaming, that voice suddenly piercing through the roof, going very far! This room is built next to the hot spring, besides it is are lush and green trees, earlier Li Chang Xi was waiting outside the window to see Li Wei Yang become disgraced in public, now the person watching and the unlucky person has been completely switched! Upon the screams, immediately a lot of people rushed in from outside of the courtyard. “Run quickly! Something must have happened!” “It’s in the direction of the bath!” “Quickly go save people!” The anxious and alarmed voices that sounded genuine got closer and closer.
Li Wei Yang laughed coldly, sure enough, Li Chang Xi has arranged for a lot of people to come see a spectacle! “XIaojie, Nucai is coming to save you!” The voice of a guard came through, from the sound, the person is already at the door of the house.
Then a loud noise can be heard as if the entire door was broken open. The sounds of footsteps from a lot of people came, they all rushed into the bath! Li Wei Yang blinked her eyes, looking in through the crack of the window that was just closed and saw that there were seven-eight guards that ran to the front, and they have never imagined that inside there is a scorpion, the dead body of a Yatou and an undressed Wu Xiaojie soaking in the pool. Behind the guards, are Da Furen and Li Chang Xiao who rushed over after receiving news, Da Furen seeing the situation, flew into a rage: “Who let you in?!” The guards then reacted and hastened to retreat. Li Chang Xiao couldn’t help but fainted, over, it’s all over! Li Wei Yang smiled slightly and said quietly: “Let’s go.”

 This good show, presumably Da Furen will be satisfied with it. Da Furen made every effort to suppress this incident and then sent people to detain the eight guards who rashly rushed in, saying that they need to wait for Laoye to return and deal with it, but one want to control, the rumours fly like they sprout wings, soon, the scorpions that Da Furen uses a medical supplements have been accidentally let loose by someone then they ran into the bath, Wu Xiaojie fainted from fright on the spot, scorpions have bit a Yatou to death, when the guards run into the bath, Wu Xiaojie did not dressed on time, the news of the moment blow up has spreaded… Si Yiniang stormed angrily into Da Furen’s courtyard, wailing loudly upon entry, causing Da Furen to frown: “What are you howling about! Blame her for being careless! Why don’t you go and see her!” Si Yiniang did not dare to say a word again and quickly pull Li Chang Xiao to go see Li Chang Xi.
Since fainting in the bath, she has not yet awaken. Li Wei Yang was walking in the corridor and saw Si Yiniang staggering forward, smiled slightly and said: “Si Yiniang is going to see Wu Mei?” Si Yiniang glanced at her, she couldn’t help gnashed her teeth and said: “This courtyard has all kinds of snakes, worms, rats and ants, right now it is my daughter, soon it will be you, San Xiaojie, you should be more careful!” Li Chang Xi’s plan was not told to anyone, therefore Si Yiniang thought that it was all planned by Da Furen, after all that scorpion is for Da Furen’s medicine thus entered into the garden, how could it have ended up in the bath? Where in the world is there such easy thing! Si Yiniang walked forward fuming, Li Wei Yang smiled. Si Yiniang, seeming as if she has cried all the way, entered the room, upon entering, a Yatou said: “Yiniang, Wu Xiaojie has just woke up! However, however she…” “Awake is good!” Si Yiniang was overjoyed.
Even though she knows that Li Chang Xi’s face and reputation has been ruined for the rest of her life, but she is still after all her daughter, now she is not asking for anything else, just that her life is safe that she forgot to pay attention to the Yatou who looks like she want to say something but is having second thoughts. But the weird thing happened just at this time, when Si Yiniang entered the room, she oddly discovered Li Chang Xi is actually sitting barefoot in front of the dresser, Si Yiniang immediately turned angry and turned to the Yatou, the Yatou flinched: “Nubi simply cannot control Xiaojie, after putting on the shoes, she discard them!” Just after she finished saying this, she was cut off by Li Chang Xi’s  clear voice: “Mother, you came, take a look to see if I am beautiful!”Several people heard these strange words and looked at each other. Li Chang Xi also refused to turn around, she faced the mirror carefully and thoroughly applying the duck egg powder on her face and neck, not daring to do it carelessly, after applying the powder, both hands groped about on the table for a bit, as if holding a precious treasure, picked up a dai (a black pigment used by women to paint their eyebrows) marker, then carefully drew on her face.  “Chang Xi, what is this?” Si Yiniang hurriedly grabbed her daughter, Li Chang Xi suddenly turned back, because of the unusually white makeup and thick black eyebrows, her face looked particularly horrifying, Si Yiniang said unhappily: “Snap out of it!” Li Chang Xi ignored her, just giggled and turned around, “Sijie, come and take a look for me, the hair on this side seems a bit crude, pour me some rose oil…” “Chang Xi, what is wrong with you!” Si Yiniang is getting nervous because she discover that Li Chang Xi’s expression is serious, no, it’s too serious! She clenched her hands and forced herself to calm down, then trembling, raised her hand, pointing at Li Chang Xiao and said: “Come, help your sister!” Li Chang Xiao immediately went and grabbed Li Chang Xi but she suddenly broke free, Si Yiniang could no longer bear this strange incident and screamed: “You, go catch Xioajie together!” A few Yatous, as ordered, went over to outflank her, grasping hands and feet, but at this time Li Chang Xi suddenly let out a strange howl that only beasts can make and struggled. Everyone became dumbfounded, Si Yiniang shouted: “Hold her! Get a daifu quickly! Get a daifu immediately! Heavens!” Li Chang Xiao was terrified to find out, even though her sister is headstrong before, she would forget that she is a lady and even more, would not reveal such crazy look, she struggled desperately, even to the point of biting, headbutting, kicking, pulling; she frantically resist letting anyone get close, finally grinning with white teeth, bit fiercely into Li Chang Xiao’s wrist, Li Chang Xiao exclaimed in shock and retreat a couple of steps, looked at her left wrist, dripping with blood, the bones are faintly visible, Si Yiniang screamed: “My daughter ah! How could you have become like this!” Li Chang Xi shrieked: “Get lost! Get lost! Everyone get lost!” 

Those waiting in attendance outside saw Si Yiniang stumbled out, half running, half screaming: “Someone! Help! She’s gone crazy, she’s gone crazy ah—” In a room, Da Furen was talking to Li Wei Yang: “Ai, I don’t even know what misfortune we fell on last night, it was all fine but the scorpion escaped, even escaping into the bath, not mentioning it scaring Chang Xi, even attracting so many guards, your sister’s reputation, this time has been completely destroyed!” Li Wei Yang smiled and said: “Mother, this is the fate of people.” Da Furen did not thought that she would say this, couldn’t help but be speechless for a moment then said: “Luckily it was not you in the bath.” Li Wei Yang smiled faintly, glanced Du Mama with the lowered head not far away and said: “Yes, this daughter is lucky, more importantly it is Mother protecting me.” Da Furen hearing this, somehow felts that this is not a good meaning, changed the topic and said: “In your opinion, how should the guards from last night be dealt with?” Li Wei Yang said lightly: “All of this should naturally be reported to Father and see how he deal with it.” Da Furen sighed: “Your father has been staying at another courtyard these past few days, I already send someone, not sure when he will return, just keep locking up those people is not a good thing either.” Li Wei Yang took a sip of tea, then said leisurely: “Hmm, Father is still at Jiu Yiniang’s place?” Da Furen’s face became livid, then strongly suppressed the sudden pain in her heart, smiled and said: “Yes, I heard that your Jiu Yiniang is pregnant.” “Oh, I hope so this time, it would be good if Jiu Yiniang gives birth to a little brother.” Li Wei Yang’s smile was very gentle. Da Furen is so angry her nose is crooked, almost unable to speak.
She didn’t think that Li Wei Yang would constantly blocked her, making her unhappy, she couldn’t wait to cast this girl out, but thinking of… she held back this attitude and said: “Come to speak of it, our house is low on men, your father has always been hoping for more sons.
I have always been persuading him to go visit the other Yiniangs’ room more but it’s a pity that he only favour that one.” Li Wei Yang smiled and said: “Who Father like is up to him, mother, you should be more magnanimous.” Hit by that wave of dull pain, Da Furen seems like she almost could not sit still, just as she was about to see her out, she suddenly saw Si Yiniang running in desperately: “Help! She’s gone crazy! She’s gone crazy ah!” Da Furen’s face sank and wanted to bawl. “Give it back! Give it to me quickly!” Li Chang Xi suddenly hurled herself crazily into the room, howling madly, throwing off several Yatous behind her. When Li Chang Xi entered, she immediately saw Li Wei Yang, then rushed over: “It’s because of you… it’s because of you! It is irreconcilable between you and I!” Zhao Yue quickly guarded Li Wei Yang, Li Chang Xi was immediately pushed out by a slap and suddenly fell on the ground, she looked at Zhao Yue and then at Li Wei Yang, as if suddenly recalling something, an incomparable horror appearing in her eyes. Li Wei Yang watched faintly, there are times when a crazy is clear-headed, at least she can recognize herself. The chasing Yatous did not dare to enter the house, standing helplessly at the door, a Mama turned her head: “Quickly report to Laoye, Wu Xiaojie has really became crazy!” 

Li Chang Xi climbed up from the ground, saw Da Furen and immediately rushed over: “Save me! Save me! Save me!” Da Furen frowned and asked Si Yiniang: “What is wrong with her?” Si Yiniang’s face is full of fright, she is already unable to give consideration that Li Chang Xi is her daughter, she just feels very afraid. Li Chang Xi shouted furiously: “She, she want to kill me! She want to kill me!” She is half saying this, half looking around at each person desperately, as if she can’t differentiate who is who. Da Furen’s face is not good: “How did she becomes this way!” Li Wei Yang said lightly: “Mother, Wu Mei was first frightened by the scorpion then by the group of heavily armed guards.” A couple of Yatous came to grab onto Li Chang Xi’s arms… Li Chang Xi struggled desperately: “No, no, I wouldn’t leave!” Then she threw herself down at Da Furen’s feet, clutching her skirt tightly. Si Yiniang is impatient.Li Chang Xi is mentally deranged then she suddenly laughed: “I saw…guess what I saw?” Da furen sneered and then glancing at Li Wei Yang, lowered her head and said softly: “Good child, tell me, what did you see?” Li Chang Xi opened her eyes wide, the white powder on her face falling, revealing a grisly scar: “Scorpions, scorpions, lots of scorpions, lots and lots of scorpions…very scary…she want me to eat it…eat all of it…hahahahahaha!” You can’t hear anything out of these crazy words and speech, Da Furen’s eyebrows wrinkled tightly: “You there, make haste and take her away!” Just at this moment, Li Chang Xi suddenly jumped up: “Scorpion, scorpion ah!” Then her face showing a fierce look, her expression becoming more savage, Da Furen originally hoped that she would be able to get something by asking but she never thought that Li Chang Xi would suddenly go berserk, even letting out a loud shout and suddenly rushed at her. Da Furen did not even have time to escape, howled shrilly, suddenly covering her left ear then both of her eyes rolled and fainted away. Li Chang Xi actually bitten off Da Furen’s ear! Today, Da Furen was wearing a gold phoenix earring, Li Chang Xi has lost her mind, she actually thought that the phoenix tail looks like a raised scorpion tail, she suddenly rushed over and bit of Da Furen’s left ear.
Then she spat out the ear and turned towards Si Yiniang! Si Yiniang screamed and fell on the ground, crawling outside: “Catch her quickly! Catch her quickly!” The room became chaotic, with only Li Wei Yang firmly standing in her original spot, watching the play with a smile. Bai Zhi watched from the side, only finding it horrifying, but even though Li Chang Xi is not crazy, she has thoroughly bring ruin upon herself, perhaps this is, the so-called net of Heaven has large meshes but it lets nothing through1. ————————————————-Translator: AngelaEditor: Panisa (In Progress)

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