Chapter 81 Part 1: Swarm of Scorpions

 九死一生  Jiǔsǐyīshēng – lit: Nine dead one life, there is a high possibility of death and slim chances of survival, but it also implies that if one does survive, they are as good as dead “If it was me, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to eat nor sleep peacefully if the person I murdered reappeared before me everyday.
It seems Da Furen must have a heart of steel to be able to stomach that.” Li Wei Yang said this with a slight smile.“Xiaojie, you should not believe Da Furen’s words, Nubi feels they were not well-intentioned.”This Yatou knows how to be cautious now, it seems she has made some progress.
Li Wei Yang looked at Bai Zhi.On the surface, Da Furen had declined Er Furen’s housekeeper’s request, but Li Wei Yang took note of her expressions.
She heard the words ‘family matters’, and the corner of her mouth lifted, with not a trace of panic, as if it were a long-awaited thing and it had finally happened.However, Er Furen’s suggestion that shu nu should accompany and take care of Da Furen was rather timely.In fact, whether it was Da Furen or Er Furen, Li Wei Yang understood them well enough.Er Furen was clever and ambitious.
She stayed by Lao Furen’s side all day and visited her birth family from time to time, and went on pilgrimages… It was typical for a Furen in the Capital to take participate in such social events.
Although she was considerate towards Lao Furen, it was a pity that Er Laoye was a shu zi, so Lao Furen did not favor him.Er Furen always opposed Da Furen, but sometimes, for the sake of personal gain, they would conspire with one another.
Er Furen’s attitude towards her was sincere at first, especially in supporting her efforts against Da Furen, but once Li Wei Yang became Xianzhu, Er Furen’s intentions became clear, she sometimes treated her indifferently and even stood in Li Wei Yang’s way.
And Da Furen was a gentle person on the surface, but her character was akin to needles, strong and stubborn, if she was gravely ill, she would not run to Lao Furen to lament.
Her expressions today were strangely those of weakness and vulnerability, as if she were begging Lao Furen, but she also agreed to allow shu nu to go to Fu Rui Courtyard look after her, but why?Da Furen’s expressions flashed in her mind, and Li Wei Yang smiled softly.That afternoon, Du mama led other servants to Li Wei Yang’s place: “San Xiaojie has decided to look after Furen but going back and forth will not be convenient, Da Furen’s idea was… Why not move to the De Dong wing of the Fu Rui Courtyard.” She looked over to Li Wei Yang, smiling as she said: “Aside from Xiaojie, Si Xiaojie and Wu Xiaojie have already moved over.
In the future, Xiaojie will not need to do anything at all aside from coming to offer well-wishes, bringing medicine and meals to Da Furen will be enough.
Moreover, the responsibilities can be divided between three Xiaojies, so it will not be as tiring.”Bai Zhi and Mo Zhu glanced at each other and saw the flash of unease in the other’s eyes.Everything was going well, and now they were unexpectedly moving to Fu Rui Courtyard, where everything will be under Da Furen’s control.
It was certainly not a good thing.Li Wei Yang closed the book in her hand and looked to Du mama, surprisingly Du mama, who smiled and said: “Nubi has already asked Laoye, and Laoye has agreed.”In other words, she had no choice but to move.
Li Wei Yang smiled, since Da Furen did not mind going through such trouble, she must not mind if Li Wei Yang adding to her troubles, then? Although they must have something in store for her this time, if they had that much time on their hands and were looking to die, she should grant them their wish, “I have to trouble mama then.” She looked to Bai Zhi, and Bai Zhi said: “All of you, quickly follow me.
Be mindful of Xiaojie’s valuable possessions or you may lose your heads!”Du mama coldly looked on, wondering when San Xiaojie began to show off like this, but when she saw that each chest was overflowing with gold, silver, jade, and pearls, her eyes widened.Mo Zhu laughed: “This time, Xiaojie will not be away for too long, no need to bring the bigger ones, the everyday accessories Xiaojie likes will be enough, aiya, Yatou there, be careful! Gently, gently! This is made of white jade!”Du mama stared intently at the jewelry inside the chests along with the exquisite rolls of silk and treasures, secretly shaking her head.
How many shu nu er of a household could possess these treasures? One could not blame others for saying the one with the most treasures in the Capital is San Xiaojie of the Prime Minister’s residence.
The Emperor had given her so many treasures, enough to last a lifetime.Li Wei Yang saw Du mama’s expressions, smiled and said: “ Du mama, which type of medicine does Mother use these days?Du mama was startled, then she carefully answered: “The kind to nurture her health.” Da Furen had said her heart conditions could not be revealed to San Xiaojie in any way.Li Wei Yang smiled and waved at Du mama: “Mama, sit down and talk.”Du mama cautious sat down in a small, round chair nearby.“I did not grow up in this house, so I’m not aware of the affairs in the courtyard, from Mother’s interests and temperament, I don’t know any of it, so I will need to rely on mama’s advice to avoid making any mistakes.” Li Wei Yang signaled to Bai Zhi, who immediately presented a red envelope to Du mama.
Du mama felt the envelope, noticed how heavy it was and immediately smiled: “San Xiaojie, how can you say that, it is Nubi’s blessing to serve Xiaojie.”Li Wei Yang said it as if it suddenly occurred to her: “Lin mama used to be by Mother’s side, why have I not seen her recently?”Du mama’s face darkened, blood rushing to her ears.“She–!” Du mama reluctantly smiled, “Her illness kept coming back, she told Furen and retired to her hometown.”Lying without batting an eye, Li Wei Yang actually had Lin mama thrown out to the wolves, Li Wei Yang only smiled faintly: “So that is why, Mother must rely on Du mama then.”Then, she pretended to have just remembered: “On our way back from the temple, San di told me something.
A woman was found, torn apart by wolves behind the mountain, beyond recognition, I don’t know who though.
Has Du mama heard of this?”San Xiaojie’s voice was gentle like a meandering stream, clear as the chiming of a silver bell, pleasant to the ear, but after hearing it, Du mama was trembling, how could she not understand the meaning behind Li Wei Yang’s words.Back then, Lin mama was sent to meet with Jiu Yiniang but did not return.
Da Furen thought she was afraid of being implicated and ran away, but hearing what Li Wei Yang said, it seems she was devoured by the wolves! Although the temple was at the top of the mountain, there were wolves behind the mountain.
Perhaps San Xiaojie had disposed of Lin mama!Du mama felt herself shaking and brought her hand up to her forehead, only to find herself sweating profusely.“Xianzhu…” She unconsciously changed her manner of address.It was like a nail was growing out of the chair, Du mama could no longer sit still and stood up.A peaceful silence filled the room again.Li Wei Yang smiled: “Du mama feels that it’s hot and stuffy here? Bai Zhi, quickly bring a handkerchief here!”Bai Zhi immediately brought a handkerchief, Du mama accepted it, not daring to say a word.
She was terrified of San Xiaojie, in fact, she had always been afraid.
Since she entered the residence, she had seen many things, a shu nu that no one paid any mind to had become Lao Furen’s confidant and could even approach the Imperial family.
Da Furen had put in so much effort into her schemes, yet they were hardly effective! She brought the handkerchief up to wipe away her sweat when she suddenly felt something damp.
The smell of blood was there too, she looked up and was horrified to see the bloodstained handkerchief.Li Wei Yang smiled: “Bai Zhi, what is this, daring to bring a dirty handkerchief to Du mama.”Bai Zhi gently said: “Du mama, please forgive this, this is the handkerchief that Lin mama had left behind, Du mama, please take this with you.”Du mama’s entire body seemed to be shaking, racked with fear, and she cried out.

San Xiaojie knows everything!She took in deep breaths and tried to recollect herself, but her voice was still trembling.“Xianzhu, Nubi understands Xianzhu’s intentions!” She raised her head and looked at Li Wei Yang, earnestly saying: “Furen, it’s true Furen has wronged Xianzhu in the past, but recently, Furen’s health has not been good, Da Xiaojie is not by her side, she is all alone and truly pitiful, Nubi dares to ask for Xianzhu’s grace to not continue to resent Da Furen…”“Du mama is rather loyal to Da Furen.” Li Wei Yang’s voice was gentle.
She was still smiling, “I heard that year, the person who took me out of the residence, was you!”Hearing this, Du mama suddenly felt a chill rising from the soles of her feet to her chest, making her freeze up.
It was springtime and warm, but every one of Li Wei Yang’s words made her involuntarily stiffen as if frozen.She had helped Da Furen harm many people these years and had soon forgotten about what happened that year, but every time she saw San Xiaojie, she still felt uneasy.
She thought Li Wei Yang was too young to know the truth behind everything…She looked up at Li Wei Yang.Li Wei Yang had a neutral smile.
Her eyes dark as the water at the bottom of the well, her dimples showing, as if she was only talking to Du mama, there was not a trace of anger or frustration.
If Li Wei Yang was furious, Du mama had a way to pacify her, but she was calm, which made the situation more difficult to understand.Should she say something or not?Du mama hesitated for a while.
Li Wei Yang was still waiting.
The footsteps of the Yatous in the courtyard were more evident because of the silence that had settled over them.
Li Wei Yang was to move to Furen’s courtyard immediately! Du mama clenched her teeth and said: “If Nubi speaks, then what will Xianzhu give in return?”Li Wei Yang smiled faintly, having lived here for many years, one knows how to choose the most beneficial path for themselves.“500 liang.” She slowly proposed.Du mama thought for a moment, five hundred liang, she could find a bride for her son, chase away the hens that could no longer lay eggs, renovate their home… Of course, she could also use the Li family’s name to buy a small piece of farmland in the countryside.Except… She was still hesitant.“Gold.” Li Wei Yang continued.Du mama trembled, this time, not out of fear but excitement, she had devoted half a lifetime to Da Furen, and she had yet to see even a liang of gold.Her voice quivered slightly: “Nubi understands.”Li Wei Yang told her: “Sit down.”Du mama slowly began: “That year when Qi Yiniang entered the residence, she was gentle and lovely, Laoye quickly took a liking to her, but this yiniang happened to be Furen’s Yatou.
If Furen did not agree, then Laoye could not take her.
Furen realized this and was not furious, she continued to keep Qi Yiniang by her side.
Some time later, Furen’s meimei, ah, Xiaojie knows this person, Wei Guo Furen, there was a confrontation while she was traveling by horse carriage.
An old scholar was killed in the process, and it was brought to Bixia’s attention.
Wei Guo Furen looked to Laoye, asking Laoye to intervene, but Laoye declined, saying that the Li family would not be involved in such matters.
For that reason, Da Furen prepared wine for Laoye and allowed him to take Qi Yiniang to his chambers.”Du mama looked up at Li Wei Yang, her voice growing quieter: “Drunk, Laoye accepted Qi Yiniang and even dirtied Furen’s chambers, leaving Furen no face.
Laoye felt ashamed, so he agreed to help.
However, in truth, Furen was worried, San Yiniang was favored the moment she arrived and opposed Furen, Furen was nearly injured once, it was Qi Yiniang who selflessly rushed to save Furen.
It was then that Furen promised her that she would let her go and find a household for her to marry into, but shortly after, she had given Yiniang to Laoye.
Qi Yiniang not consenting was nothing out of the ordinary…”Li Wei Yang sneered, turning away.
It was not something Da Furen did once or twice, it was because Tan shi was too trusting of others.“Back then, Liu Yiniang was rather haughty, so Furen brought Qi Yiniang in to control her.
Qi Yiniang did not fall short, she quickly became pregnant with child.
Laoye respected Qi Yiniang, and Qi Yiniang had a high status, moreover, a fortune teller had said that Qi Yiniang’s child would stand above others.
This made Furen uneasy.
She feared that she would lose control over Qi Yiniang and prepared drugs… so Qi Yiniang would give birth early in February…”“Laoye originally wanted to have Xiaojie suffocated, but it was Qi Yiniang who knelt in the cold, in the ice and snow, begging Laoye to let Xiaojie live…”Du mama cautiously glanced over at Li Wei Yang as she spoke.Li Wei Yang’s face did not have a trace of emotion, even after hearing this.
Du mama felt a bit uneasy, and in hopes of pleasing her, continued to say: “With Laoye’s grace, Xiaojie was sent to Pingcheng to be raised, Da Furen was not at ease yet, so she often sent someone to check, after that, it seems they told that household something, and Xiaojie was taken to a rural household.
Because Da furen held the word of life or death…”Li Wei Yang lightly said: “Du mama, do not speak carelessly, if Mother had ill intentions, she would have left me in the countryside for the rest of my life.”Du mama frowned: “Xianzhu, let Nubi finish, at first, this was Furen’s intention, but later on, she heard that Xiaojie’s appearance was not bad, and Xiaojie had a weak personality, Furen thought perhaps San Xiaojie will be useful in the future, since there was only Da Xiaojie of Dafeng, so she had brought Xiaojie back – ” Who would have thought Furen brought back a feral wolf, Du mama thought to herself, continuing to smile kindly.Li Wei Yang stood up, “Alright, Du mama has finished, I should go to Mother’s courtyard to pay my respects.”Not a word of resentment? Not even a hint of indignance, Du mama could not understand Li Wei Yang’s thoughts.
She stepped forward and said: “Xianzhu, what you agreed to…”Li Wei Yang paused and glanced at Du mama before telling Bai Zhi: “Bring the banknote here.”Du mama smiled widely: “Thank you, Xianzhu.”Once Li Wei Yang had left, Du mama breathed a sigh of relief, gripped the banknote in her hand, hidden under her sleeve, and wiped away the sweat on her forehead.Outside, Bai Zhi quietly said: “Xiaojie, Xiaojie really believes that lao dongxi? She has helped Furen carry out quite a few schemes!”Li Wei Yang smiled faintly as if she saw Du mama through the window: “I do, why wouldn’t I?”“But Nubi still feels she is not truly helping Xiaojie.” Bai Zhi frowned.
“Nubi could follow Du mama for Xiaojie, if Da Furen makes a move, we will be able to guard against it in time.”Li Wei Yang shook her head, “No need, do your job well and that will be enough.”Bai Zhi felt that Li Wei Yang was underestimating her opponent, “Xiaojie, Nubi is not overthinking this, Nubi only fears …”Li Wei Yang chuckled: “You, you are still young yet worrying until your hair is all white.”“Xiaojie! Nubi is only worried for Xiaojie!” Bai Zhi cried out indignantly.Li Wei Yang sighed, looking off into the distance: “Don’t worry, everything is still in our hands.”A while later, Li Wei Yang saw Qi Yiniang running over with ragged breaths, who was frightened to see Du mama there.
Du mama smiled: “Qi Yiniang has arrived.” Qi Yiniang was now Shuren of the Third Rank, she was no longer the Yiniang the Yatous once looked down on.Du mama’s greeting left Qi Yiniang somewhat stunned.

Li Wei Yang glanced at Du mama and said: “You should return to Mother’s courtyard, tell her I am preparing my belongings and that I will come over soon.”“Yes.” Du mama respectfully replied, then she quickly left.Only when Du mama had left through the great doors did Qi Yiniang approach her: “You absolutely must not go to Da Furen’s courtyard!”Seeing her worry-stricken expression, Li Wei Yang smiled and asked: “Why?”“This matter—” Qi Yiniang wanted to say something but decided against it.Bai Zhi smiled as she took her leave: “Nubi must prepare tea for Yiniang.”Seeing the others leave, Qi Yiniang hurriedly said: “No one can guess what is on Da Furen’s mind, you must know that!”Qi Yiniang was a simple person, but she wasn’t naive.
Li Wei Yang could not help but smile.Qi Yiniang saw her smile and indignantly continued: “Foolish Yatou, you must be more careful!” Her eyes became glassy, brimming with tears.Li Wei Yang smiled and offered a handkerchief: “Niang, rest assured, I won’t fall for her schemes.”“You don’t know how she schemed against me, I had just stepped foot into the courtyard, yet I was already terrified!” Qi Yiniang said, growing pale.
Li Wei Yang reassured her: “No, food and arrangements will be left to trusted Yatous, no one will be able to slip anything in.”Hearing this made Qi Yiniang feel more at ease, Li Wei Yang added a couple more words of consolation, then had her escorted back. ————————————————-Translator: ChauEditor: Panisa (In Progress) Chapter 81 Part 2: Swarm of Scorpions属下 shǔ xià – subordinates refer to themselves as shu xia Da Furen had left the best room in Fu Rui Courtyard to Li Wei Yang.
Li Chang Xi was rather unhappy and despite Li Chang Xiao’s attempts to stop her, she rushed over to voice her complaints.
Then, she saw Du mama reminding a group of Yatous: “Si Xiaojie and Wu Xiaojie aside, Furen said to serve San Xiaojie with care!”Li Chang Xi heard this, and she was furious and fuming.Hearing Du mama talk about how Li Wei Yang was favored by Lao Furen and given such luxuries, the flames of anger burned brighter for Li Chang Xi.
In the past, she may not have been Li Chang Le’s equal, but she still had greater status than Li Wei Yang, and yet, now Li Wei Yang had stumbled across such luck and surpassed her in status.Du mama continued: “Of the unmarried shu Xiaojies in the house, with a lovely face and grace, is there anyone who can compare to San Xiaojie, noble and prestigious in everyone’s eyes, with such wealth and even more so in the future!”These words made Li Chang Xi even more uncomfortable.“Earlier, Furen had me prepare a new gold-embroidered quilt for San Xiaojie, yet she did not mention the other two Xiaojies, it seems San Xiaojie has the highest status in Furen’s eyes.”Everyone was listening closely when a voice suddenly rang out behind the crowd: “Du mama!”Du mama turned, surprised: “Ah, Wu Xiaojie!” She immediately fell silent.Li Chang Xi’s face was particularly unpleasant, she scoffed coldly.
Li Chang Xiao pulled at her sleeve, Li Chang Xi tried to hold back her anger as she said: “Du mama, I have moved my belongings over, now I want to see Mother.”Du mama smiled and said: “Furen said to wait for San Xiaojie first.”Li Chang Xi’s face grew even uglier.Two Yatous dragged a small sack into the courtyard.
Du mama quickly stopped them: “Have you brought the ingredients?”One of them, a clever-looking Yatou responded: “Yes, they will be immediately sent to kitchen.”Something rustled within the sack, making others nervous.
Li Chang Xi furrowed her eyebrows: “What is this?”Du mama responded: “The physician said Furen’s condition is severe, so scorpion tail soup is necessary to nurse her back to health.
These scorpions must be the most venomous kind and thoroughly cooked in order to be most effective as a soup.
Aiya, that’s right, Wu Xiaojie, Xiaojie should stay away, if they happen to sting you, it will be a matter of jiǔsǐyīshēng.” She then ordered the two Yatous to take the sack to the kitchen.Li Chang Xi stood rooted to the spot as she listened until Li Chang Xi nudged her, breaking her out of her trance: “Mei, what is wrong, why were you in a daze?”Suddenly Li Chang Xi laughed, Li Chang Xiao saw this and felt that it was a bit strange.
Li Chang Xi looked over at her jiejie and closed her mouth, refusing to say a word.
Si jie was too weak and lacking, telling her would not be a good thing.
Once she had dealt with Li Wei Yang, she would tell Si jie.
Li Chang Xi felt a hint of rising anticipation.Li Wei Yang had moved everything in when she saw the two jiemei Li Chang Xi step into her room: “Aiya, the lighting is San jie is so nice, Mother can be so unfair!” Li Chang Xi giggled as she said this, there was no other emotion that stood out on her face.Li Wei Yang heard her words, which were neither bitter nor lighthearted, and faintly smiled, ignoring her words.“San jie, we should go see Mother.” Li Chang Xi approached Li Wei Yang, intending to pull her along, not a trace of anger on her face.Zhao Yue stopped her: “Wu Xiaojie, our Xiaojie doesn’t like being pulled along.”Li Chang Xi felt a cold hand on her shoulder, and as if struck by lightning, she quickly withdrew her hand.
She was about to rebuke at Zhao Yue when she remembered Si Yiniang had said that Li Wei Yang had a Yatou skilled in martial arts by her side and changed her attitude: “Sorry San jie, mei is really happy to see jie these days, let’s go, Mother must be waiting!”

Li Wei Yang looked to Li Chang Xi.
Something must be wrong for Li Chang Xi to treat her so sincerely.
Perhaps it was not a good thing, but she smiled: “Wu mei, please, go ahead.”The three of them went to Da Furen’s place to pay their respects.
Da Furen seemed to be in a good mood and arranged for them to dine together in the room.
The atmosphere was surprisingly peaceful and harmonious, Li Chang Xi would recount gossip of other households to Da Furen, occasionally making her laugh and smile while the other two focused on their food, not joining the conversation as they listened and smiled.Li Chang Xi suddenly looked up at Da Furen and said: “Mother, after this, let nu er massage your shoulders, so to relieve any sore muscles.
Nu er is familiar with acupuncture points, but  nu er does not have enough strength and fears it will not be as effective.”Da Furen smiled and said: “Then find a strong Yatou, tell the Yatou, and the Yatou can follow your instructions, my legs are sore, you can help with that.”Li Chang Xi looked around for a moment: “Then have her do it!” She pointed directly at Zhao Yue, who was standing behind Li Wei Yang.Da Furen glanced up and smiled: “This is not a good idea, that is Wei Yang’s Yatou.”“But she knows martial arts, her strength will not be as heavy-handed as the Yatous who do manual labor.
Besides, she will only be here for two shichen, it’s not as if we won’t return her to San jie.
Jie certainly will not mind, this is filial piety!” Li Chang Xi raised her voice, implying that if Li Wei Yang did not agree, she would be rejecting her filial duties.Everyone’s eyes were on Li Wei Yang, in a moment, the room had become frighteningly tense.Li Wei Yang took a sip of tea and slowly said: “Wu mei must be joking, if Mother wants a Yatou, then that is not an issue, only that Yatou is a bit heavy-handed, I’m afraid she will hurt Mother, then that will not be good, it would be best if nu er attends to Mother!”Li Chang Xi quickly said: “No need, no need!”Li Wei Yang looked to her and smiled thinly.Li Chang Xi’s heart raced but she continued to act natural and forced a smile: “San jie must have been troubled enough today, Mother has mei, and that is enough!”It was as if she was afraid someone would steal her efforts.
Li Wei Yang smiled, her acting was not that bad at all.
But that Yatou wanted an excuse to keep Zhao Yue, what for?Li Chang Xi quickly glanced over at Li Chang Xiao, although Li Chang Xiao did not understand what was going on, she gently advised: “Since it is this way, San jie should return and rest.”Li Wei Yang smiled, as if she were agreeing, she looked over and saw Li Chang Xi sigh softly and smiled coldly.
This Yatou dared to arrange such a performance in front of Da Furen?Zhao Yue seemed reluctant.
Li Wei Yang glanced at her, Zhao Yue immediately understood and gave a small nod.Li Wei Yang had just left when Li Chang Xiao caught up to her, smiled and said: “San jie, Wu mei doesn’t understand, please don’t take it to heart!” Li Wei Yang saw Li Chang Xiao’s unease and smiled: “Si mei should not worry, if Wu mei does not cause trouble, then I won’t provoke her.” In other words, she was not promising anything.Li Wei Yang left with Bai Zhi.
Li Chang Xiao looked after her retreating figure, not knowing why a bad feeling surfaced in her heart.A shichen later, Bai Zhi said: “Xiaojie, it’s time to bathe, Nubi will prepare warm water.”Li Wei Yang nodded, turning a page in the book in her hands: “Go.”A while later, Bai Zhi returned, “Nubi  went to the water room, saying Xiaojie needed water.
After that, a mama sent word that Furen said, three Xiaojies can use the fragrant hot spring in the courtyard, no need to go through the trouble of getting water.”There was indeed a fragrant hot spring in Da Furen’s courtyard, but very few could use it.“Nubi already went ahead to inspect, Si Xiaojie had just bathed, seems there is nothing wrong.”Nothing wrong was, in fact, what was wrong with it.
Li Wei Yang nodded and thought about it as she slowly went over to the fragrant hot spring in the Fu Rui Courtyard.
Unlike other hot springs, this one had a variety of spices and herbs in the water.
It was a pity that aside from Da Furen and Li Chang Le, no one else had the right to use it.
In the past, Er Furen had held a grudge against Da Furen, partly because of this courtyard and fragrant hot spring.The fragrant hot spring was peaceful with only the sound of water and a gentle fragrance encircling them.Li Wei Yang put her hand into the water.
Steam slowly rose up and shrouded her in a thick, opaque mist.Mo Zhu stood watch outside while Bai Zhi went inside to serve her.Li Wei Yang closed her eyes as if she were exhausted.At that moment, there was a small, distinct sound outside the window.
Li Wei Yang opened her eyes and turned around to see something black crawl into the window.“What is that?” Li Wei Yang’s voice was cold.Bai Zhi looked over, and in the blink of an eye, her heart almost stopped!When she glanced over, she saw a scorpion with a red mark on its back, slowly crawling towards the hot spring!“Scorpion! Scorpion!” Bai Zhi cried out in fear, her face pale as a sheet, she reached for the clothes on the screen partition, only to find another scorpion on them, unable to retrieve them, Bai Zhi quickly withdrew her hands.Outside the window, a Yatou opened up the mouth of the sack, allowing the scorpions to crawl out.
She took three steps back to Li Chang Xi’s side and quietly said: “Wu Xiaojie, will this tactic be successful?”Li Chang Xi scoffed: “Hu, it’d be best if those venomous scorpions killed her! Even if she doesn’t die, I have other things waiting for her!” As long as Li Wei Yang cried out for help, the guards she stationed outside would burst in, then Li Wei Yang would be seen, in all her glory.
Even if she could escape the scorpions, her reputation would be ruined!Bai Zhi had just screamed when the scorpions came at them, clearly moving faster than before.
A terrifying sound grew louder in the peaceful chamber.Bai Zhi fearfully asked: “Xiaojie, what do we do now?” Swallowing uneasily, Bai Zhi looked at the scorpions and said: “Nubi will hold them off, Xiaojie, quickly run away.”“I can’t.”In a moment, Li Wei Yang had understood her opponent’s intentions.
Perhaps there were countless people already waiting, waiting to see lose face and lose everything, humiliated and her reputation destroyed! “Xiaojie! Nubi is afraid!” Bai Zhi blurted out.Li Wei Yang lowered her voice: “Take off your outer robe and give it to me.”

Bai Zhi was surprised for a moment, then she remembered LI Wei Yang was not wearing anything.
She quickly took off her outer robe.
Li Wei Yang quickly climbed out of the hot spring and slipped into the robe.
Bai Zhi was left in her white garments, panicking as she stared at the window: “Xiaojie, there are too many! Too many!”Four, five bigger scorpions climbed in through the window, Bai Zhi was too afraid, unable to speak clearly.
She was about to drag Li Wei Yang to run outside when Li Wei Yang stopped her: “With our state of dress right now, we will not be able to explain ourselves if anything happens! Is this still not clear?”Bai Zhi tightly gripped her sleeve, fear grappling her heart in a way that it never had before.
At that moment, Li Wei Yang gently grabbed her hand, “Don’t make a sound, I have a way!”Bai Zhi did not know what Li Wei Yang had in mind, but to her, there seemed to be no way out of this situation.Li Wei Yang had thought it through beforehand because she knew Zhao Nan was nearby, in the shadows somewhere, protecting her.
She only needed to blow the golden whistle she always wore around her neck, and she would be safe and sound.
But doing so would quickly expose her strength, allowing Da Furen to grasp her strengths and weaknesses! Da Furen was a guarded individual, she would not waste a single person!Countless scorpions had closed in one them, holding onto the golden whistle, her mind racing, but Li Wei Yang’s movements were slow as if she were waiting for something! Then, someone burst in, holding a torch in hand, and quickly warded the scorpions away.
The scorpions receded at the sight of the torch, two, three fell into the hot spring, one after another, and resurfaced moments later, bloated as they floated on their backs.
It was a disturbing sight.The person holding the torch sincerely asked: “Xianzhu, are you alright?”Li Wei Yang looked at her, clenching the golden whistle in her hand before letting go: “I am, thanks to you, Du mama.”Du mama smiled clearly: “Why would you say that, Nubi has only fulfilled rightful responsibilities.
Once Nubi heard the scorpions escaped, Nubi quickly realized that scorpions like places with warm water and quickly came to protect Xiaojie.”Bai Zhi had not calmed down yet, she patted her chest in relief: “Thank you, Du mama!” She always suspected Du mama, but now that her life was spared from the scorpions, she felt that Xiaojie was right, in this world, there was not one person who could not be bribed.
One only needs money, and someone who was once an enemy would aid them.Du mama smiled and said: “Bai Zhi guniang, this is Nubi’s responsibility!”Mo Zhu had burst in at the same time as Du mama, frightened, she stood watch outside the entire time until Du mama suddenly came with a torch in hand and told her the scorpions had escaped.
She thought it was just another scheme to harm Xiaojie somehow, but Du mama had pushed her aside and rushed in.
She ran in after Du mama only to see scorpions everywhere on the ground.Du mama seized the clothes full of scorpions, shook them off and handed them to Li Wei Yang: “Xianzhu, quickly put these on, as not to catch a cold.”Bai Zhi asked: “Where did these scorpions come from then?”Du mama said: “All of them are for Furen’s medication, aiya, Nubi remembered, earlier the Yatou in the kitchen said she saw Wu Xiaojie’s Yatous come——”Li Wei Yang looked at Du mama: “Mama thinks Wu mei wants to harm me?”Du mama sighed: “It ‘s possible to know someone and their face but not know their heart, who would have thought Wu Xiaojie was this kind of person!”Li Wei Yang calmly said: “Du mama, do not speak carelessly, earlier, Wu mei was still with Mother, how could she order Yatous to steal the scorpions and release them?”Du mama said: “Haiz, Nubi would not lie, Wu Xiaojie only gave instructions for acupuncture points and said she had a headache and left.
Furen is still frustrated, if it wasn’t time to take her medicine, Nubi would not have found out about this!”Li Wei Yang saw her rambling and waved her hand: “Alright Du mama, Mother is still waiting for you to serve her, if Mother discovers you here with me——”Du mama fell silent and lowered her voice: “Then Nubi will leave first, Xianzhu only needs to know that Nubi is dedicated to serving Xianzhu! Everything else does not need to be rushed!” After that, she glanced at Li Wei Yang, as if waiting to be rewarded.There truly is no end to one’s greed, Bai Zhi thought to herself, although still smiling: “Du mama should go ahead, Nubi will help Xiaojie change, then Nubi will send it over to Du mama.”Du mama handed the torch to Mo Zhu, smiled and left.Li Wei Yang calmly changed into her clothes.
Mo Zhu was still burning the remaining scorpions.
Suddenly, Li Wei Yang took out her golden whistle and gently blew it once, and it let out an unusual sound.
Then, a tall, young man flew in through the window at an astonishing speed.Li Wei Yang asked: “Did you see clearly?”“Yes, shu xia saw the people releasing the scorpions outside.”“Bring them here.”“Yes.” Zhao Nan solemnly said, then he quickly disappeared from sight.Some time later, Zhao Nan jumped into the room, dragging two people along.His feet had just touched the ground when he immediately threw them down like he would with a dead dog, the two rolled once before stopping.“Xiaojie, Nucai has sealed their acupuncture points.” Zhao Nan said.Li Wei Yang nodded, she lifted a face with a hideous scar to further examine, a face full of fear and confusion.Li Wei Yang’s slender nails gently grazed over Li Chang Xi’s face, the tip of her nail sharp and cold, making Li Chang Xi tremble from head-to-toe.
Li Wei Yang smiled blankly and said: “Wu mei, are scorpions that fun to play with?”Li Wei Yang’s face was bright as moonlight and clear as the river, yet there was a cold, cruel light in her eyes.
Li Chang Xi suddenly realized how terrifying the person before her was.
She didn’t know why things turned out this way.
She had just released the scorpions and quickly led the Yatou away, afraid someone would discover them.
She had thought that no evidence was left behind… Who would have thought the moment she returned to her room, a man had stopped her and forcefully brought her here!Li Wei Yang laughed lightly as she said: “Wu mei has suffered quite a bit, yet Wu mei still has not learned what to do and not do!”Zhao Nan released the acupuncture points for Li Chang Xi and placed his sword on her neck, Li Chang Xi’s voice trembled: “I… I really don’t understand what you’re saying.”Li Wei Yang smiled dryly and coldly said: “Could this be a misunderstanding?”Li Chang Xi hurriedly said: “Of course it’s just a misunderstanding, I don’t know anything!” Li Wei Yang said: “Find a live scorpion and bring it here.” Since you did not spare me a second thought, I will not spare you this time!————————————————-Translator: ChauEditor: Panisa (In Progress)

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