Chapter 76: Reversed Fate Part 1


1攀龙附凤: pānlóngfùfèng : clamber over the dragon and follow the phoenix- meaning to be a social climber

2偷鸡不成蚀把米- unable to steal the chicken, instead lose the rice- meaning originally want to gain something but instead you lost

3人仰马翻- rényǎngmǎfān :men and horses thrown off their feet: meaning thrown into confusion.




Jiu Yiniang’s incident was not yet finished and Lao Furen became ill.


Da Furen wait attentively by the bed, serving tea, pouring water, making a big fuss, that even if Lao Furen gives her a cold face, she acted appropriately and generously, utmostly attentive, but in the eyes of others, it is another feeling.


Da Furen personally supervised the person boiling the medicine, Lao Furen called Li Wei Yang to her side and asked “Which play is she singing now?”


Li Wei Yang smiled, “Rest easy, Lao Furen, perhaps Mother has seen that Dage and Dajie are grown ups, became more open-minded and should not always be at odds with you.”


Ever since the witchcraft incident, Lao Furen is very clear that her eldest daughter-in-law doesn’t say it, but in her heart, she hates her.
Although she is still smiling normally, behind her, she is cursing her to an early death.
Now with her being so attentive, it cause involuntary tingling on the scalp.
Listening to Li Wei Yang, she thought about it carefully, then reacted: “I really love those two children, but they are too disappointing.
Min Feng’s not much, in the future he can be taught well and then marry a good wife, but Chang Le is just inexcusable! She is always finding faults with everything, thinking that I am creating obstacles along the way, but she didn’t even think about what Chang Le has done, if it was not for me helping her cover it up, it would have already became a storm in the city!”


After saying these words, Lao Furen suddenly coughed.


Li Wei Yang hurried over to pat her, said calmly: “Mother is anxious, Dajie is fifteen this year, at the age to get married.
In the future if they want to climb into the royal family, they cannot do without Lao Furen socializing amongst them.”


The ruckus that Li Chang Le made, her reputation is long ruined, Lao Furen’s suggestion is that they should find an ordinary official family to marry her into, with due respect to the Prime Minister’s clan, no one will give her the cold shoulder, in the future there will be good days, but this mother and daughter pair want to climb into the royal family.
Li family’s wealth and rank are enough, is there any need to clamber over the dragon and follow the phoenix1, if not done right, you will lose the rice when you fail to steal the chicken2, this mother and daughter are still inconsiderate and short-sighted.
Lao Furen is unhappy and said to Luo Mama: “In a moment, you should think of a way to take her away, I don’t want to see her.”


Luo Mama smiled and said: “Lao Furen, calm down, in a moment Lao Ye is coming to see you.”


Lao Furen hmphed coldly, “I don’t know what evil spirit did our Li family offended, ai, a femme fatale, lately as long as it involves that girl, something uneasy is always happening!” She suddenly stopped alarmingly and looked at Li Wei Yang with a bit of embarrassment: “Oh, what I have said, you probably find it annoying, forget it, I shouldn’t chatter on about these with a child like you.”


Li Wei Yang took a bowl of porridge from the exquisite tray beside her, smiled and said: “That doesn’t matter, as long as you want to say it, I will listen obediently.
You can push all of your heart’s troubles to me, like a big cleanup, after saying it, you will feel better and a lot lighter with no loads.”


Lao Furen couldn’t help but laughed: “It would be good if it was really this simple!” Thinking about it, she once again felt emotional.
“I am quite old now, the numbers of storms I’ve faced are not few, just this matter involving my grandchildren make me feel inadequate, ai!”


Li Wei Yang blew gently on the porridge, her words also cautious: “Lao Furen, you are the highest position in the family, the most important person, nothing is more important than your health, as long as you are hale and hearty, then your blessings will naturally protect your grandchildren, like a lucky star shining on the high, why do you still need to worry?”


Lao Furen’s heart is full of blooming flowers, she looked at Li Wei Yang and smiled: “Look at your mouth, really sweet.”


As they get old, they need coaxing, in the first place, the Empress Dowager is not much of a task, let alone Li family’s Lao Furen? Li Wei Yang passed the bowl in her hand over to Lao Furen, laughingly coaxed: “Speaking of sweet, my mouth cannot compare to this bowl of red date, osmanthus soup, you should try it.”


The soup is sweet and delicious as expected, Lao Furen ate while laughing.


At this time, the curtain lifted and Li Xiao Ran entered.
Li Wei Yang quickly stood up and greet him, Li Xiao Ran nodded and then turned to Lao Furen and asked: “Is Lao Furen feeling better?”


“Your wife stop being disgusting in front of me, I will be better.” Lao Furen’s face sank, immediately pushing aside the bowl, no good sound coming out of her mouth, then she remembered Li Wei Yang is in front, feeling embarrassed for saying it too explicit, coughed and not say another word.


Although Li Xiao Ran is embarrassed, he is also disgusted with Da Furen in his heart, but he cannot show it, smiled and said: “Lao Furen should concentrate on recuperating, as for everything else, there is Er Zi (son).”


Lao Furen sighed, but did not say anything in the end, at this time, Da Furen personally brought a bowl of medicine in, her face amicable, straight to Lao Furen’s bedside, Luo Mama knowing that Lao Furen doesn’t want to see her, hurried over to take it and said: “I cannot trouble Furen.”


“As a daughter-in-law, I should be taking care of Lao Furen.” Da Furen smiled, then looking at Li Xiao Ran, said: “Lao Ye, you have returned.”


Li Xiao Ran looks calm, anger not seen: “Furen has worked hard.”


Da Furen smiled and said: “These are what I should do, Lao Ye does not need to stand on ceremony.”


This couple look no different from normal days, but Li Wei Yang knows, Li Xiao Ran have not entered Da Furen’s courtyard for two months already, in this kind of powerful family and honourable clan, Lao Ye can have three wives, four concubines, group of beautiful women, but cannot not pacify his principal wife for 10 days or half a month, this is a great disrespect.
Li Xiao Ran in the past ten years like a day, persistently visiting Da Furen’s room for five to six days every month, now this custom has been changed, on the surface it seems like nothing much, but in fact….it is a very dangerous signal.


Li Wei Yang’s lowered her long eyelashes, as if she knows nothing.


Da Furen continued: “Lao Ye, the day after tomorrow, I will go to Puji Temple to petition for Lao Furen, I am prepared to bring the daughters along for relaxation.”


Li Wei Yang raised her eyes, glanced at Da Furen but discovered that the other party looks calm, unable to see through her mind.


Petition on behalf of Lao Furen, naturally it is to pray for blessings, Da Furen’s words are reasonable, Li Xiao Ran has no intention of stopping her: “Who are you prepared to take?”


Da Furen smiled: “Chang Le, Wei Yang, Chang Xi’s sisters both, if Er Furen is willing, then I will also take her along, although Puji Temple is not far, it still requires a lot of people to take care of.”


Under normal circumstances, even though wealthy aristocratic women are not imprisoned to the point that they cannot go out, the chance to go out is very few, their opportunities to shine are limited as well.
The so-called “not leaving the main door, not passing the side door”, although not all a reality, it is not far off.
But going to the temple to pray is the only exception, not only is this just and honourable, it is also routine, therefore with Da Furen suggesting that the daughters come along, there is nothing strange about that.


However, Li Wei Yang still feels that something is strange about it.
If Da Furen want to take this opportunity to go out to relax, taking Chang Le is enough, how could she suddenly turn so kind, even bringing herself along? Is she not afraid of her increasing her vexation? Or maybe, she has another motive for this trip? No, that’s not right, Puji Temple is a praying temple built from the previous dynasty, later left to decay from disuse, now it has been rebuilt by the current emperor.
Since the reconstruction, the incenses are prosperous.
Not to mention, scholarly poets, travelling merchants, candidates for the examinations, even the capital’s royal family, aristocracies, a lot of them also go to burn incense and pray, if Da Furen really want to do something, she couldn’t possibly do anything in front of so many eyes.


Could it be, she is really just saying it, or she has suddenly developed a conscience and decided to be kinder to her?


Li Wei Yang, thinking upon here, she herself felt it is ridiculous.


Dogs cannot change from eating shit, Da Duren definitely does not have any good intention, thinking of this, she smiled and said: “Mother, Lao Furen should have someone besides her to take care of her, I will remains behind.”


Da Furen looked at Li Wei Yang, smiled and said: “Such a filial child, very well.”


No intention to keep her? Li Wei Yang was a bit surprised.
If Da Furen is prepared to do something to her during the trip, then she would have insisted on her coming along.


Li Xiao Ran listened and felt that it is a bit improper.
If the daughters of Li family went to burn incenses and the only one missing is Li Wei Yang, what would others think? Would it bring truth to their reputation that they are unkind to illegitimate daughters, ruining the family’s name? He thought about it and said: “Lao Furen has other people around, Wei Yang, you should go with your mother to relax.”


Li Wei Yang said quietly: “Yes.”


Da Furen smiled slightly, covering her lips to hide how pleased she is.
Li family naturally not would leave Li Wei Yang along behind, it is not good if this spreads out.


Lao Furen looked at them lightly and said: “Send more hands along, do not let anything happen.”


“Yes, Puji Temple is flourishing, lot of womenfolks go to burn incenses, I will also send along more bodyguards, to stop any irrelevant people from disturbing, Lao Furen rest assured.”


Lao Furen nodded and didn’t say anything else.


In the evening, Li Wei Yang has heard that Er Furen declined to come along, saying that she has to go back and see her father.
Then Si (fourth) Yiniang, feeling worried, went to Da Furen and begged to be allowed to come along on the trip, so naturally she was allowed.
Si Yiniang is going as well, Li Xiao Ran of course feel that he cannot mistreat the beautiful as flower, Jiu (ninth) Yiniang, therefore letting her go along as well, with the exception of Liu (sixth) Yiniang who previously caught a flu, Qi (seventh) Yiniang who is not favoured, therefore those two could not join the trip.


Before the departure, Jiu Yiniang has behaved properly and did not mentioned that matter to Li Wei Yang again, instead she is constantly going to Qi Yiniang’s courtyard to visit, sometimes even deliberately creating encounters with Li Wei Yang, each time someone is present, Li Wei Yang remains calm, secretly having Qiu Ju watch Jiu Yiniang’s actions.


On the fifteenth, in front of the Prime Minister’s house, horse carriages are grouped, people are crowding around, servants are preparing the things their masters wanted, so busy that men and horses are thrown off their feet3.
The day is not bright yet, yet everything are ready.
Not long after, Da Furen came out and sat with Chang Le in a green cover, pearl tassel eight treasure carriage, Li Wei Yang, Li Chang Xi, Li Chang Xiao three people sat together in a red and ornated carriage.
Then Si Yiniang, Jiu Yiniang sat behind in a green felt carriage, behind them, the Yatous and Mamas are either following the carriages or walking, with the dense crowd taking up a carriage in the street…


People watch on from afar and couldn’t help but be surprised: “Whose family’s carriages are these, so impressive!”


“It is the Prime Minister’s wife taking the Xiaojies to burn incenses!”


“Ah? Xiaojie? Could it be possible that we get to see that stunningly beautiful Da Xiaojie?”


“What stunningly beautiful, she is nothing but a giant disaster! Last time she carelessly thought up a bad idea, causing riots among victims, she is simply a disaster!”


“Exactly, where are they going?”


“Looking at the direction, it is towards Puji Temple!”


Among the crowds, there are a couple of spies, listening to the people talking, observing the direction of the carriages, then quickly disappearing in the crowd, each rushing back to send messages to their masters.


Inside the carriage, Li Chang Xi look at Li Wei Yang coldly and did not said a word.


Li Chang Xiao was the first to speak, saying weakly: “San Jie, I haven’t seen you for several days.”


Although they live in the same courtyard, but Li Chang Xi has issues towards Li Wei Yang, causing Li Chang Xiao to be afraid to get close to Li Wei Yang, in her heart, she actually like this third sister who looks weak on the outside but very strong on the inside.
In this world, there is a rule that is more or less the same, as long it is a person, all are disgusted by those who are like herself, preferring what she doesn’t have.
Because Li Chang Xiao is mild tempered, anyone would walk right over her, while Li Wei Yang would rather break than bend, very tough, therefore Li Chang Xiao has been very envious of her, she has bore Da Furen’s anger for all of these years, only Li Wei Yang dare to challenge Da Furen and is able to live to this day, this she can't help but admire her.


“Yes, Si Meimei is normally in the garden embroidering, in the future if you have time, you might as well come visit me.”


Li Wei Yang smiled and said.


Li Chang Xi smiled coldly and said: “Forget about it, we don’t want to be implicated by you.”


Her meaning is very clear, when Da Furen punish Li Wei Yang in the future, they don’t want to be mistaken as being of the same party.


Li Wei Yang smiled: “Implicated or not, I do not know, last time if it was not for Si Yiniang doing her best, Wu Meimei would have been married to Rong Guo Gong house (Guo Gong is duke rank), I originally thought that you are grateful to your mother and I, seeing you talk like this, clearly you do not appreciate the kindness,could it be that you has really fallen for that Cheng Lin?”


Li Chang Xi’s face became white, she already found out the truth when she went back that time, knowing why Si Yiniang would plan that human placentophagy incident, risking the danger of offending Da Furen to help Li Wei Yang, in the end, it is only because it is mutually beneficial, more importantly, she is spared from the fate of marrying a dandy, but what of it, her own looks now has become so revolting, even though Father has already promised to not marry her off randomly, which wealthy and influential clan would look upon her? Thinking of this, as if her throat is stuffed with cotton wadding, not a single word came out.


Not that Li Wei Yang doesn’t know what she is thinking of, yet she did not say anything more.
Some people, are forever confused, no what matter what she say, they will turn a deaf ear.


Li Chang Xiao looked at the calm Li Wei Yang, she could not help but ask a question that she has been wanting to ask all this time but had no opportunity to: “I heard that last time, it was Qi Dianxia who saved Jiejie.”


This is the official version, Li Wei Yang smiled and said: “Yes indeed,”


Li Chang Xi raised her eyes, obviously envious.
She really doesn’t understand, why does Li Wei Yang has such luck!


Li Chang Xiao nodded and said: “I heard that Yong Ning Gongzhu Dianxia is sympathetic about the shock that Jiejie has received, not only did she let you stay for the night, she have even specially dispatched people to send you home, afterward sending gifts that help you get over a shock, Jiejie, this can be considered a blessing in disguise.
People always say, one who survives a great disaster is destined to good fortune for ever after, in the future, Jiejie would definitely have luck.”


Li Chang Xi hmphed through her nose and said: “What extreme luck! Si (fourth) Jie, don’t you find it odd, how could there be so much luck for someone to squander, maybe it is because other was born with witchcraft!”


Li Wei Yang laughed, her laughter is tranquil like a pearl’s shine, gentle and warm hiding an edge: “Wu Meimei, I really admire you, since I have witchcraft, you still come to cause trouble, you really are not afraid of death!”


Li Chang Xi was enraged into choking and reprimand: “If not for you having witchcraft, how would you trick Qi Dianxia into saving you!”


Li Chang Xiao hurriedly scolded: “Don’t talk nonsense!”


Li Wei Yang did not take it to heart the slightest, just lightly smiled and said: “This, you need to go and ask Qi Dianxia.” Then she closed her eyes to rest and no matter how much Li Chang Xi provoke her, she did not engage in verbal banter with her.



Translator: Angela

Editor: Panisa (In Progress)


Chapter 76: Reversed Fate Part 2


1Monk clothings are made of patches because according to their doctrine, the clothing must be patched together from recycled pieces of cloth to show disregard for material comfort.

*old sleeves- I think this is a various of how one refer to themselves.
I could not find any other explanation

2庐山真面目: lúshānzhēnmiànmù: the true face of Lu Shan (mountain): meaning the true character of someone

**the original one say inconvenient San Xiaojie and Si Xiaojie to stay in one.
I think it was a typo and meant that number 4 and 5 were to stay in one room (since they are full-blood sisters) and Si Yiniang has responded about the inconvenience.

3观音: Guānyīn- Goddess of Mercy

4尺: chǐ: a unit of length which is equivalent to a third of a metre.

5投桃报李:  tóutáobàolǐ: give a plum in return for a peach: means return a favour with a favour.



The current Puji Temple’s abbot, already over 80 years old and prior to becoming a monk, was a scholarly man; full of knowledge, talent but has however experienced many mishaps, his life full of bumps, in the end became cynical, shaved his head and became a monk.
Now he take care of the this temple, wholeheartedly study Buddhism, and became a prestigious and respected senior monk.


Knowing that the Li house has come to pray to Buddha, the old abbot, along the monk in charge of monastery reception, personally went to the monastery gate to welcome them.


Da Furen alight from the carriage, with a Yatou assisting her, raised her eyes towards the monastery gate and saw only the abbot wearing a red embroidered monk’s ragged robe1, leading the monks standing in front of the monastery gate, that way, it can be considered enough display of splendour, attracting a crowd of people around Puji Temple.


The abbot saw Da Furen coming, take a step forward, both hands clasped in a praying gesture, said: “Merciful Buddha! Prime Minister Furen’s esteemed presence in the temple is a great honour! These old sleeves* came late in welcome, I hope that Furen would forgive!”


Da Furen immediately returned the gesture and said: “Please forgive me! Master is a senior monk, I have troubled you into coming out to welcome, I do not deserve such honour.”


The abbot said: “Furen had a tough journey, please enter the temple for tea!”


Da Furen nodded and ordered: “The Xiaojies at the back please alight from the carriages.”


Ya Huans immediately followed, letting down the steps and stood waiting in front of the carriages.
Li Chang Le wore a veil, first to exit the carriage, she moved with light footsteps, slender figure moving, delicately and gracefully walked closer.
The crowd only felt it was bright in front of their eyes, couldn’t help but suspect that a fairy from heavens had descend to the lotus throne, here to help people in distress, a divine intervention.
Even though they could not see what Lu Shan really look like2, with just this outfit, this figure, it also drew sighs from the crowd.
They originally thought it was just this one Xiaojie, who knew that at the back was one more carriage, three more veiled, slender girls alighted, for the moment the people watching were huddled together, each fighting to see with their own eyes, the elegances of the Prime Minister’s daughters, there was no lacking of loitering Gongzis from wealthy and influential clans among them, who made special trips to seek novelty, but regrettably, all of the Xiaojies’ faces are covered by veils, shadowy shapes, they just know that they are beauties, but not know what they look like.


Along the way into the temple, the noises from outside were cut off.
The abbot said: “A courtyard has already been prepared for Furens and Xiaojies, the courtyard is rather spacious, the area is peaceful and quiet, separated from the small temple by an enclosing wall, there would not be anyone disturbing you.”


Da Furen smiled and said: “I appreciate the trouble Master has gone through.”


The petition this time, require staying at the temple for three days, therefore Li Xiao Ran has sent a lot of bodyguards, especially surrounding the courtyard that the womenfolks are staying in, to ensure their safety.
The reality is this is worrying too much, because Puji Temple, every time valuable womenfolks came to pray, would be closed up, normally outsiders cannot enter, impossible to even speak of trouble.


Da Furen wanted to use the room specially for meditation to read scriptures, therefore ordering everyone else to go to the courtyard and rest.


Li Chang Le looked at Li Wei Yang: “San Mei, should we go and see the courtyard?”


Li Wei Yang really admire this Dajie, during this time can still be outwardly friendly and kind, however, this also shows that her enemy’s steps have become more powerful.
She nodded smilingly and said: “Dajie first please.”


Seeing a smile on both of their faces, Li Chang Xi could only feel a chill on her body, she hurriedly pulled Li Chang Xiao and left.


The courtyard is situated behind the scriptures depository, facing south, a tall gray brick wall surrounding it on all four sides, keeping out the noises and disturbances from outside.
Outside of the courtyard, there is a large garden, surrounded by green cedar.
Lush flowers and grasses, rockeries made of rare stones, winding paths that lead to secluded spots, it offer relaxation for the mind.
Lin Mama is instructing the Yatous to move all of the Xiaojies’ luggages for the stay into the courtyard, a bustling activity.


Seeing the Xiaojies entering, Lin Mama hurried over to bow: “Da Xiaojie, this courtyard has one principal room, four wings, and seven to eight smaller rooms.
You see, this principal room is naturally for Da Furen to stay in, as for the four wings, Da Xiaojie you will stay in one, San Xiaojie in one, we can only inconvenient Si Xiaojie, Wu Xiaojie in one**, Si Yiniang and Jiu Yiniang in one.” Saying that, she turned her eyes to glance at Si Yiniang.


Si Yiniang smiled and said: “What inconvenience is this, when going out, we cannot always trouble the abbot for something small because we don’t like it.”


Jiu Yiniang’s face remain calm, having no objections.


Li Wei Yang raised her eyes to look over, this courtyard is for entertaining guests who came to the temple to pray, the old abbot send someone to clean every day, therefore looking at it, it is refined and spotless.
There is a small gravel path in the courtyard’s yard, the surface paved with coloured stones.
In front of the hall are two pine trees, dark green that twist tall and straight, full of vitality.
In front is the principal room, from outside of the door, you can see the incense burner table facing the door, in the middle of the incense burner table hung an image of Guan Yin3 wearing white, placed beside it was an incense rosewood burner, a pair of white brass candlesticks on either side, a three-coloured glazed vase, a white jade horsetail whisk inserted in it, a red carpet in front, with a futon on top of it, probably it is prepared for the guests who are here for prayers.


The Yatous are being inside and out, tidying up everything, Li Chang Le smiled and said: “Then I will go to the room, everyone else please do as you please.” After saying it, she chose the best wing with sunny exposure to stay in.


Li Chang Xi coldly hmphed and said: “Si Jie, let’s go stay in that one!” After saying that, without waiting for Li Wei Yang’s response, she pulled Li Chang Xiao to choose another one.


Si Yiniang smiled: “There are two wings remaining, one north and one south, Xianzhu should choose first.”


Li Wei Yang glanced at Jiu Yiniang who has not made a sound, said indifferently: “Both Yiniangs choose, the one left behind will be mine.” After saying that, she turned to a Yatou and said: “Mo Zhu, you should wait until Yiniangs finished choosing then go tidy up the room, Bai Zhi, you can accompany me for a walk.”


Li Wei Yang brought Bai Zhi away from the busy courtyard, Bai Zhi said defiantly: “The best wings have been taken by them!”


Li Wei Yang lost her smile: “All of the wings are set up similarly, there is nothing good or bad, why should you care about the little things?”


Until now, she still doesn’t know the reason Da Furen insist on coming for a petition, and what motive has she brought along, therefore she is not in the mood to entangle with those narrow-minded people.


Li Wei Yang took off her veil, unlike other people, she is not gaudily dressed, instead she is dressed as she would normally at home, the black hair on her head in a spiral bun, held up by an emerald jade hairpin, cosmetics thinly applied, lightly swept eyebrows, wearing a pale green dress, appearing even more elegant and delicate.


While thinking about the entire incident, she walked out of the courtyard, along the broken stone trail, twisting and turning, seeing only the spring air coming to an end, fallen flowers are numerous, pieces of peach blossoms, falling on the ground, it is certainly an unspeakable beautiful scenery.
It is just at this moment that Bai Zhi said: “Xiao Jie, that Yatou has followed us.”


Li Wei Yang looked back, and saw Zhao Yue in a normal Yatou attire, standing not far away with a frown on her face.


Li Wei Yang smiled, this Yatou, is quite interesting, Li Min De want her to take care of her, she refused to budge, everyday watching her in the courtyard, afraid that she would have an accident.
However, Li Wei Yang would purposely ordered her to serve tea, and saw that her palm is full of callouses, obviously, this Yatou is knows how to handle weapon, it’s only unclear, just how high is her martial arts.


Li Wei Yang was just thinking of finding an opportunity to test this Yatou’s martial arts, when she suddenly heard Zhao Yue shouted: “Who’s there!”


It is only but a moment to speak, in a flash of lightning, Zhao Yue has already pulled a soft sword from her waist.
Her sword is usually tied around her waist, appearing no different from a belt, taking it out now, it’s like a cold gleam.
Without waiting for Li Wei Yang’s command, she is already running towards the person heading there.


The young man who appeared in the pathway obviously did not think that this Yatou would know martial arts, his movements are also oddly fast, that using a folding fan, has already avoided the swift and forceful sword.
Bai Zhi exclaimed, Li Wei Yang made a gesture towards her, motioning her to not make a sound.


As it happens, taking this chance, to check out Zhao Yue’s martial arts.


Li Wei Yang watched from afar, seeing only the sword light flying, numerous swishing sounds, Zhao Yue has already made seven strikes.
These seven strikes are swift and rapid, the point of each strike, are vital points to cause harm to the human body, the other person actually used a fan to fight.
The flashing sword, the fanning, coming and going like lightning, hearing not the slightest sound of clashing, it is a fierce silent battle.
If the young man’s body move just a slight half a step slower, then he would certainly take a heavy hit, but his dodging become faster and faster, he said laughingly: “The people around Xianzhu are really strong!”


Bai Zhi watched the battle between the two, severely on the edge: “Xiaojie, are you really not going to stop them?”


Li Wei Yang smiled slightly: “It’s all right, just watch.”


Zhao Yue is a thin girl, the speed of her swordsmanship far exceed what people normally think, just one move is overwhelming.
A quick strike of the sword, swift and agile, self-contained, once the sword start moving, swift as the wind, fierce like thunder, each strikes are like a storm that disregard lives, a momentum of fierce force.
But the opponent, under her waves of offense, display a calm that handle her attacks with ease.
Li Wei Yang can see clearly, her sword was aimed repeatedly towards the young man’s vulnerable spot, each was deflected by the fan, with each attack and defend, both are at a deadlock!


“Xianzhu, you really do return kindness with ingratitude!” The young man put a smile on his mouth, waved his sleeve, made a few wrong steps, his figure like floating clouds and flowing water, avoided Zhao Yue’s fierce and swift attack with quick dodges, when both resumed standing, he was already behind Zhao Yue.


There was no expression on Zhao Yue’s face, she turned to continue her attacks, the young man did not panic, his footsteps graceful, in an instant, his body has already retreated a chi4, only hearing a “clang” sound, somehow Zhao Yue’s long sword, was taken away by a fluttering fan.
Zhao Yue turned pale, she learned martial arts from a young age and was always proud, having never received such a setback, was stunned, but still wanted to fight, Li Wei Yang already said loudly: “Yue Er, do not be rude, this is Qi Dianxia!”


Zhao Yue was surprised, hurriedly stop her steps, looked hesitantly at the handsome young man.


This person was dressed in blue clothes, jet-black hair was tied up with a purple and gold double dragon beaded coronet, a very rare Nanhai (South China Sea) pearl adorning the center.
His face is handsome, nevertheless his pair of eyes exudes light like the bright and peaceful moonlight, far deep down revealing a chill, isolating him from this mortal world, so bright and brilliant that people almost could not open their eyes.
However at this moment, he is wearing a smile, while it was never therefore, as if outsiders who see it would be very surprised, that Qi Dianxia would actually expose such smile.


“Xianzhu, by saying this, are you not blaming me?” A shadow of a smile on Tuoba Yu’s face, whether it is joy or anger, it cannot be distinguished


If it was any other person, they would have already been kneeling in fear, begging for mercy, but Li Wei Yang wouldn’t have it: “Dianxia, you are a prince, naturally you can tolerate a lot of things that are hard to tolerate, how would you blame us for unintentional fault? Would you not say so?”


Tuoba Yu looked at her pair of eyes that are deep as a well, even though there are some bad ideas, he couldn’t help but said mockingly: “Originally I was came with good intention to see if Xianzhu is safe and sound, it seems like I was being a busybody.”


Li Wei Yang smiled and said: “Speaking of this incident, I still haven’t thanked you face to face.”


It is clear that Tuoba Yu didn’t care, he said: “It’s just giving a plum in return for a peach5, if it was not for Xianzhu helping me, I would not have extended a hand to help.” Then he moved closer, said with his eyes fixed on her face, “Did you find out just who is it that ambushed you that day?”    


Li Wei Yang shook her head and said: “All of those caught by Dianxia has committed suicide by poison, after Min De and I have escaped by horse, we got lost in the forest in the end, until we found the way out in the morning and because it is too embarrassing, I was forced to ask you for help.”

Tuoba Yu smiled and spoke straight to the point: “Xianzhu, I thought we have already became friends, why are you still not telling me the truth?”


Li Wei Yang raised her eyebrows: “How did you know that I was not telling the truth?”


Tuoba Yu couldn’t help but clenched his hands, the pain from his nails biting into flesh has calmed him down slightly.
Without knowing when it started, perhaps it was from the first meeting, this superficially docile but privately cunning girl has entered his eye sight, then after meeting again in the capital, maybe it is curiosity, maybe it is like, or perhaps, he feels that life is too calm and boring, that his eyes could not help but start to pursue that touch of colour, but now he knows, she actually did not even noticed him, what more, she is only see him as an object that can be used.


He can imagine, when she helped him that time, it is only because it is useful mutually.
These are of course are facts that are already laid out in front of him, but Tuoba Yu is still a bit unhappy.
Perhaps he has been flattered by people for too long, that suddenly comes this girl who does not care about him the slightest, even going as far as hiding the truth from him, that he could not be not amazed.


On the other side, Tuoba Zhen has also reached the temple.
The old abbot hurried out to greet, Tuoba Zhen laughed and said: “Do not stand on ceremony, I am only here to pray, no need to disturb too many people.”


He is after all still a prince, the old abbot did not want to slight him, hurriedly instruct someone to take him on a tour.


Tuoba Zhen then headed towards the inner temple, the novice monk who is guiding him said: “Dianxia, this is the Heavenly King Hall.”


Tuoba Zhen looked up and saw the Four Great Heavenly Kings, with frowning brows and angry eyes, looking frighteningly ferocious.
A couplet hung on a pillar in the hall, the first line reads “timely wind and rain”, the second line reads “the country is prosperous and the people are at peace”.


He smiled faintly, then continued to stroll forward, the novice monk said: “In front is the Luo Han Tang.”


Tuoba Zhen did not pray nor did he light an incense, as if unintentional, said: “I heard that the Prime Minister’s family are also at the temple?”


The novice monk was surprised, then observed his expression, said respectfully: “Yes, Li Furen along with a few Xiaojies, are at the temple.”


“Oh? Which Xiaojies?” Tuoba Zhen, playing with the jade thumb ring on his hand, asked.

The novice monk did not expect him to ask so thoroughly, carefully said: “This… pardon this monk for not knowing.”


Tuoba Zhen saw his face was wary, he could not help but smiled: “Shifu, rest assured, I am old acquaintance with Prime Minister Li, there is absolutely no reason for me to not enter the temple to greet them, you lead the way, I am going to see Li Furen.”


The novice monk was originally concerned that he has some strange moves, now seeing that he just want to see Li Furen, calmed down and said: “Dianxia, please.” While walking, he thought, what’s going on today, first is Qi Dianxia coming in complete secrecy, now came a San Dianxia, these princes are gathering together or what? Then suddenly thinking of the Li clan Xiaojies, like flowers and pearls, at the monastery gate earlier, the novice monk sighed involuntarily, women are dangerous ah!


Tuoba Zhen, unaware of his thoughts, with a smile on his face, followed the path led by the novice monk.


At this time, Li Wei Yang and Tuoba Yu has already left the garden and were heading towards Luo Han Tang.
On both side of the entrance at Luo Han Tang, also hung a couplet, the first line reads “Five hundred arhats, counting carefully, is it ominous or it is auspicious?” The second line reads “Three thousand world, seen clearly, it is an image or it is truth”.
A glance upon entry, five hundred arhats are arranged neatly, some fierce, some kind, the expressions and postures, each are different.
Li Wei Yang looked at the these arhats raptly, as if she is interested.


“Xianzhu, the gold, silvers and jewellery bestowed to you by Fu Huang, aside from the things that cannot be moved, you must have used up quite a bit of the others.” Tuoba Yu said suddenly.


Li Wei Yang did not think that he would suddenly talk about this, she couldn’t help but turn around, a trace of surprise in her black eyes.


Tuoba Yu smiled: “You are rivaling against your Di Mu, the most important is the network of contacts, whereas these contacts, mostly rely on money to get through, for you to be able to be established in Li household so quickly, you must have spent a lot of your wealth.”


Li Wei Yang, with raised eyebrows, said laughingly: “You are correct, what Bi Xia has given me, a lot are tributes that cannot be sold, those useful golds, a lot has already been spent.”


“Frittering away a fortune, be it a gold or silver mountain, can be destroyed in one day.” Tuoba Yu said lightly, “You could send a reliable person to the city of Xiao to get some more goods, especially superior fine silks, in the south, recently there are a lot of buyers for silks, this is a profitable business.”


What Tuoba Yu let out is a very important business opportunity, in his household, the income from the silk is over a few million gold.
But it is hard for Li Wei Yang to become happy, the people around her who she can trust, in fact are not much.


Tuoba Yu, seeing her mind, smiled and said: “If you can trust me, I could help you make the purchase.”


Li Wei Yang was puzzled: “Why would you help me like this?”


Tuoba Yu smiled: “Take it as I am thanking you for your help last time.”


Her help the last time, he has already paid it off, Li Wei Yang thought privately, just as she opened her mouth to refuse, who knew that Tuoba Yu would say: “In front is the main hall, let’s go in and see.”


The appearance of the main hall is extraordinary, white jade steps, coloured glazed tiles, carved beams and painted rafters, gold and jade vied with each other, it is a solemn atmosphere.
There are many couplets on both side, but unable to see much, only the pair on the main entrance was interesting.
The pair near the door, the first line reads “Do no evil, do only good, there will be retribution for good and evil in the end.”


And here Tuoba Yu with Li Wei Yang, as luck would have it, came face to face with Tuoba Zhen.


At this moment, both sides were surprised…


In fact, much before Li Wei Yang saw Tuoba Zhen, he already noticed her.
Except he saw that Li Wei Yang was talking in whispers with Tuoba Yu, it seems as if they are interested in each other.
From time to time, a smile would bloom, reveal white like shell teeth, voice cool, very pleasant to the ear.


When facing him, her expression is an unapproachable one.
Tuoba Zhen seems like an open-minded person but really he is a narrow-minded person, seeing the “affectionate” appearance of these two, smiles with traces of crack, only he can turn his nose up on Li Wei Yang, but now it is the other side who dismissed him first, while climbing a high branch! If Li Wei Yang has taken a fancy to anyone else, it’s fine, but the one she took a fancy to is the one Tuoba Yu whom Tuoba Zhen has always seen as a sworn enemy, Tuoba Zhen could not help but secretly hate her.
But he is, after all, very shrewd, clearly he loathe Tuoba Yu, yet he still brought out his soul, his personality splitting into two.
One full of envy, the other one is full of surprise, went up to say: “How come Qi Di (seventh brother) is here?”


After the last incident, Tuoba Yu has already seen through Tuoba Zhen’s ambition clearly,  no longer faltered by that amicable look, immediately smiled and said: “I am here pray on behalf of Mu Fei, and coincidently met Xianzhu.”


Tuoba Zhen’s eyes, naturally fall on Li Wei Yang, Li Wei Yang smiled and said: “Could it be possible that San Dianxia is here for meditation?”


Of course Tuoba Zhen is not here for meditation, he only heard that Li family has came, therefore he followed them, except when he reached here, he suddenly discovered, he himself doesn’t know whether he is here to look for Li Chang Le, or taking the chance to see Li Wei Yang.


Li Chang Le is beautiful like a bright moon, suppressing a group of flowers, but in Tuoba Zhen’s heart, the one he is constantly worried about is another person.
That person’s looks is not as good as her older sister, her temperament cruel like a wolf, there is no moral character, quickly pretending and deceiving in front of him as if drinking water.
Normally whatever Tuoba Zhen do is measured and proper, with only this person can effortlessly make him confused.


The reality is, if Li Wei Yang still see Tuoba Zhen as important as she did in her past life, putting him first above everything else, Tuoba Zhen would not have think highly of her, but because she is now always opposing him, even turning from him to help other, it can’t be helped that he would notice, but seeing that there is a fickle hand in the unseen world, who knows which way their own fate would go.


However, why is Li Wei Yang together with Tuoba Yu! Tuoba Zhen couldn’t help it, he clenched his fists tightly!   


Translator: Angela

Editor: Panisa (In Progress)

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