Chapter 75: Ulterior motives


On the day of Jiu Yiniang’s birthday, the Li family specially set up a stage.
The furens and xiaojies thought this was such a rare opportunity to liven up so all of them set up a shed outside to watch the show. Da furen sent someone to invite Er furen, but Er furen didn’t participate since she was not feeling well.
Da furen smiled lightly and didn’t force her. It was well known that Er furen was a pretentious person so how could she give face to a concubine and attend her birthday banquet. In the past few days, Lao furen had been taking spring naps; she rested in the afternoon and didn’t come out.
Everyone else had arrived and sat below the stage and looked joyful. Li Chang Le had a beautiful fan in her hand as she looked at the stage from afar, showing a trace of thoughtful smile.
While on the other side, Jiu Yiniang was surrounded by a crowd but she was restless and had on a fearful expression. Da furen watched all of this and showed an amiable smile on her face. Li Wei Yang was the last to arrive.
After she arrived, all those with ranks lower than hers had to stand up and greet her.
Of course, Da furen was the matriarch and a lady of first rank, so she was still sitting as if she was already. Li Wei Yang smiled: “No need to be this polite, let’s sit down and watch the show.” Li Chang Le looked at Li Wei Yang and saw that she was wearing a rose dress; her thick black hair was like stack of clouds and the jaded green hairpin of single-stringed tassel was dotted around by inlaid precious gems of various sizes, making it look obviously valuable and causing her unable to fixate her gaze elsewhere. At this moment, the clapper on the stage was sounded loudly and a handsome performer came out from behind the stage.
Seeing this man, Jiu Yiniang's eyes seemed to be moving uncontrollably. Li Wei Yang traced her vision and saw that the martial arts performer on the stage had a thin body garbed in a costume with red darted sleeve sprinkled with gold.
Around his waist was a five-colored silk belt and his hair was brushed up highly and was held up by a golden ring.
His flying phoenix eyes were gently rising and proudly looking around, all the essence were being fired off from his long eyelashes, his aura alone was enough to make people’s hearts melt.
He jumped up in the air after a turning point, one foot gently landed down, the multicolored belt around his waist spread open like a bird as he loudly sang.
It was just a single phrase, he held two swords in his right hand, his left hands pinched, he turned his hips and posed.With this figure, this singing, he must be a famous performer.
Li Wei Yang took a look and made a judgment. Although the martial arts performer was singing yet he noticed the movement amongst the audience.
When he saw that person, he was excited at first, then after a long while did his joy turned into disheartenment.
He was just a performer and even though he used to be a son of a wealthy family, dabbled in poetry and was born with a handsome, dignified appearance, he was well-liked in the troupe, but now, and he and that person were of different social standing. At this moment, he suddenly saw the face of a young girl in the audience.
Although her face wasn’t as beautiful as the Xiaojie by her side, but her clear eyes were like a quiet well and at right at this moment, those eyes locked with his, as if she saw through him.
Ming Jie’s whole body trembled a bit and when he regained consciousness, her eyes had gently focused elsewhere. The performer desperately pulled his attention back together and continued to sing, luckily no one was able to detect the oddity. Li Changle laughed: “This martial arts performer really sings well, Jiu Yiniang, what do you think?”Jiu Yiniang did not answer but Si Yiniang had already bitterly said: “Yes, Jiu Yiniang is an expert in this field, your comment carries weight.” However, singing drama was a lowly activity and these performers had bad reputation so she was basically ridiculing Jiu Yiniang.
Li Chang Xi loudly laughed out, while Li Chang Xiao shook her head with sympathy. Jiu Yiniang’s snow white face turned red and she couldn’t say a word. Li Changle smirked and said: “Si Yiniang, don’t use Jiu Yiniang to make laughters, her face is thin.” Si Yiniang sneered.
Ever since the voodoo incident, Da furen had been casually jumping at her and came up with ways to embarrass her.
She was not afraid, because Lao Ye had promised her that he would have a say in the marriage of her two daughters and would definitely not let Da furen marry them off at her will. This way, let alone Da furen’s jealousy, even if she wanted her lift, she felt it was worth it! Li Chang Xiao laughed: “The beads in Jiu Yiniang’s hands are very beautiful.” After she said that, everyone saw the emerald beads in the hands of Jiu Yiniang, each bead was green and clear and of great size.
Da furen’s face couldn’t help but slightly changed, and then laughed: “This is also the gift from Lao Ye.” She was obviously jealous but she still feigned magnanimity.
If the matriarch wasn’t able to endure this, it was absolutely inacceptable in the household.
Li Wei Yang faintly smiled, sat on the sidelines, and did not speak. Just then, a girl was suddenly heard to have exclaimed: “Oh, the stage collapsed!” Everyone was taken aback and saw that the stage collapsed in half.
The performer who was originally singing unexpectedly fell from the stage dropping two meters.
He fell softly onto the ground and almost at the same moment, blood scattered on the ground, making Li Wei Yang feel slightly dizzy. Jiu Yiniang uttered an “Ah!” and cried as she quickly stood up. Li Weiyang keenly noticed this and she clearly saw Da furen’s eyes, showing a hint of cold smile. As for others, they only noticed the incident on the stage and didn’t notice Jiu Yiniang at all. Li Wei Yang coughed gently, Jiu Yiniang immediately reacted and dared not speak and only drooped her head. “What is going on! Call the steward to find out!” Da furen frowned, the tone of her words weren’t high yet it was severe. Jiu Yiniang’s face already turned pale, her eyes were drooping yet her ears have been listening to the commotion over there. A few moments later, the steward quickly came to report: “The stage fell down and went over to check and the performer’s injury is quite severe, I'm afraid he will not be able to perform today.” At this time, everyone saw that the body of the performer was bloody and was being lifted. Li Chang Le sighed, waved the regal fan very gently and looked down.
A shallow smile appeared on her shadowed face: “Such a pity.” Jiu Yiniang’s face was transparent like snow.
It wasn’t after a long pause did she responded: “Yes, really pitiful.” And then she shut her mouth and didn’t utter a single more word. Li Chang Le gently pursed her pink-colored lips and smiled brightly.

 At this point, the performer had fallen off and it was bloody everywhere that no one could continue to watch the show.
Da furen stood up and ordered: “Give more money to the performer, tell him to take good care of himself.” The steward said: “Yes, Da furen is merciful, your servant will go immediately.” Li Chang Le also stood up with Da furen and the golden hairpin on her head was fluttering.
Her stunning beauty made people couldn’t help but think of peonies, such a splendid beauty.
She looked at Jiu Yiniang, smiled and then held onto Da furen as they left. Li Chang Xi coldly made a humph: “What a bad luck charm, how can celebrating a birthday be so unlucky!” After she finished speaking, she held onto Li Chang Xi and left with Si Yiniang. Originally there were crowds of people but now Li Wei Yang and Jiu Yiniang were the only two people left. In Jiu Yiniang’s eyes, there were hazy strips of affections; she couldn’t help but think of the times when she started singing and was often scolded and stroke by her master because of not singing well, it was only that person who comforted her.
At that time, she felt his breath gently spilled over her eyes and she couldn’t help but shuddered slightly.
And while, he was holding her in his arms tightly until the heat of his body warmed her thin body, she slowly softened in his arms, and he buried into her face and placed his lips on her lips …
She thought she would marry him, but then, why did Prime Minister Li took a fancy in her? From Jiu Yiniang’s expression, she was in a trance. Li Wei Yang saw that Jiu Yiniang was still deep in a trance and couldn’t help and sighed: “The performer’s injury is not light, but it’s external injuries so it’s not as serious.” Jiu Yiniang heard her voice, her heart jumped and she turned around.
Li Wei Yang’s bright clothes and white skin made her eyebrows seemed much more green, lips red, teeth white, and her long pair of eyelashes were as deep as a well, shimmering off cold light. It was San Xiaojie, Li Wei Yang, Jiu Yiniang saluted and said: “Yes.” Li Wei Yang smiled: “Jiu Yiniang, Mother specifically organized the banquet for you today and she put in lots of effort, I hope you understand her painstaking solitude. Jiu Yiniang was startled, and she didn’t dare to look at Li Wei Yang. San Xiaojie was born from a concubine, but she was personally conferred the title of Xianzhu by the Emperor and her status in the family was steadily rising up that she even outshone the alluring Da Xiaojie.
However, her relationship with Da furen was getting worse and worse.
In fact, it seemed like harmony and calm were incompatible like water and fire.
Jiu Yiniang already knew that she must stay far away from the struggle between the two but she didn’t expect Li Wei Yang’s remark, what did she mean? Li Wei Yang faintly looked at Jiu Yiniang’s face, which was full of doubts.
She didn’t specifically explain the problem but slowly said: “The stage was fine, how could it fall?” After saying that, she slowly walked down from the stands. Jiu Yiniang seemed to have listened to an injection but her entire body turned icy cold as if she was falling through an ice cave. Martial arts performer Ming Jie’s whole body was covered in injuries and he was taken back to the troupe to recuperate.
Soon after the doctor had left, a group of strangers rushed in without any explanation and began rummaging everywhere.
They searched repeatedly but didn’t find what they wanted.
Then, they held Ming Jie even with his disciple trying to prevent them and hurriedly tied him up and rushed off. Another hour later, Jiu Yiniang was summoned into Da furen’s residence. “What a disgrace to the family’s reputation, in the end you’re a performer after all, you don’t know shame and humiliation, you actually did such a shameless thing!” Jiu Yiniang had just entered the room, after hearing those words, the face of the color suddenly subsided completely.
She strongly suppressed the fear in her heart and greeted her in the room: “Furen.” Da furen raised her eyes and stared at her. Jiu Yiniang’s eyes turned teary and she suddenly kneeled in front of where Da furen was sitting, she choked: “Furen, I did not ……” Da furen slightly raised her slender, sharp jaw and gently laughed aloud.
Immediately, she gently and warmly said: “Jiu Yiniang, what happened?” “I …… I ……” Nine Auntie bent over on the ground, she was unable to suppress the horror on her face and she bit her teeth to hold back the tears in her eyes.
Everything happening now was putting her life on the line, her whole body involuntarily turned cold and spread to the exterior, she couldn’t hide her trembles. Da furen’s sharp eyes were like a sword, bottomless.
She continued to look at her for a long time, and then she gently tilted her lips: “Well, it’s not a big deal, you may rise!” Lin Mama smiled and helped Jiu Yiniang up but she couldn’t be even more confused by Da furen’s intentions and couldn’t help but feel horror forming.
She blushed, kept her head down, pouted her lips, fastened her belt as her pair of sympathetic eyes pitifully looked at Da furen, like a trembling pearl. Such an innocent look. It was exactly like the face of that bitch back then! Da furen couldn’t stand the sight of her face bearing resemblance but she finally managed to hold back her anger and kindly offered her a seat. Jiu Yiniang slightly raised her body and sat down.
Even when she was sitting down, she didn’t dare to put all the weight of her body on the chair, her body was slightly held up. “What did Da furen just say?” Jiu Yiniang’s hands unconsciously clenched her skirt, her voice was trembling. Da furen smiled: “Oh, this is what happened.
Lin Mama just came and mentioned to me that the one named Ming Jie was caught having an affair with a concubine of an aristocrat so he was captured and tied up.” “Ah ……” Jiu Yiniang felt guilty from the start, and so after listening to those words, she suddenly felt suffocated and couldn’t utter a single word.
Then, extreme embarrassment appeared on her face and tears began to form in her spinning eyes. It was as if Da furen didn’t see the fear in her eyes, she just laughed: “It is really a pity that there was such a commotion at your banquet today, but this is so good, what a filthy performer, our family absolutely cannot tolerate this.
Jiu Yiniang, do you agree?!” Nine Aunt mouthed words but could only say: “Yes.” Da furen sneered: “I have not asked, I heard you have seen Lao Ye before you were at the minister’s residence?”Jiu Yiniang was surprised for a moment, she said: “In the past, I have sung in the Auspicious Garden Court.
At that time, a dignitary wanted me to become his concubine, I was reluctant, and by chance, Lao Ye passed by coincidentally and helped me out of the situation.” As Da furen listened to this, it seemed to her that it was a hero coming to the rescue for the beauty situation, how romantic, she couldn’t help but felt more disgusted and her brow slightly rose.
She suddenly wanted to mock her, but remembered she summoned her for another matter so she had to suppress her hostility towards her. Noticing the expression on her face changing uncertainly, Jiu Yiniang was scared and didn’t dare to speak.
Da furen said lightly: “Then you met Lao Ye once again in the minister’s residence and you deliberately seduced him and wanted to climb up, is not it?” Jiu Yiniang’s cheeks turned red and suddenly felt abnormally distressed.
The truth was she only saw Li Xiao Ran once and didn’t had any other intentions towards him, but later …… later, Li Xiao Ran actually sent a large box of gold and silver to the troupe leader, the troupe leader tried hard to persuade her that marrying the prime minister is such an honor, she was reluctant so the leader was going to sell Ming Jie and that was when she was forcefully accepted. Da furen saw her expression and had guessed bits and pieces, not only were her eyes burning with fury, her reluctant kindness from earlier had already completely vanished, she coldly sneered: “Since Lao Ye have such deep affections towards you, how could you do this kind of thing?” 

Da furen exclaimed loudly, her voice was already fierce and vigorous. Jiu Yiniang didn’t know what to say, she looked up and had on a look of ignorance: “Furen, I do not know what you are talking about.” “You do not have to deny, that performer is already in my hands.” Da furen’s smile was cold, her teeth grinded hard, squeezing out these few words from her teeth. Jiu Yiniang noticed that Da furen’s words were very vicious that she couldn’t help but panic.
Yet amidst a state of panic, she was still sane that she knew no matter what she couldn’t admit it, she then flatly said: “Furen, what are you talking about, I do not understand! If you want to wrong me, why don’t we straighten this out in front of Lao Ye!” Da furen didn’t allow her to say more, she snapped and interrupted her: “Lao Ye? You and the actor were intimate in the past but you pretended like weren’t and even dared marry Lao Ye.
If you are really innocent, let’s confront this in front of Lao Ye! If this is spread off, Lao Ye is bound to be ridiculed by the entire world! Of course, the ridiculing is light, perhaps there would be some opponents who would be able to use this to harm Lao Ye! All of these things, do you not understand?” Da furen’s words were like strings of lightning striking towards Jiu Yiniang one by one as they shocked her, making her stiff and unable to move in her chair.
Her face was liking falling tide, it turned green all of a sudden that it looked transparent. Da furen saw her sat there motionless and knew that her words had worked, she chillingly said, “I believe you are an understanding person and already know what to do.
If you have the brains, you should know who can save you! And who can help you! And from now on you should listen to whom!” Jiu Yiniang was completely dumbfounded. When Li Wei Yang passed through the corridor, she noticed Jiu Yiniang sitting idly by a stone table full of petals, and her flower-like face was frowning. The young girl on the side warned: “Jiu Yiniang, Xianzhu came.” Once Jiu Yiniang looked up, she suddenly saw Li Wei Yang, at that moment she even expressed fear as she hurriedly bowed: “Greetings to Xianzhu!” “Since you are married to my father, you are a part of the family, you do not have to be this courteous.” Li Wei Yang was weighing her expression. After listening to this, Jiu Yiniang not only did not look happy at all, her face quickly burst into fear. Li Wei Yang saw that she didn’t seem well and couldn’t help but felt very strange and asked: “I just noticed Jiu Yiniang’s worried frown, is there something bothering you?” “No …
no …” Jiu Yiniang slightly panic, “It was seeing a gust of wind blowing and the flowers falling all over that it made me feel sad inside.” Li Wei Yang noticed the sad look on Jiu Yiniang’s face, penetrating into her bones, it was not merely sadness sprung from the surroundings. After Jiu Yiniang finished saying those words, she stared at Li Wei Yang’s eyes, afraid that she didn’t believe her.
See her actually showing a look of doubt, the expression on her face turned ugly.
In fact, the thousands of melancholy in her heart were all because of Da furen.
The words Da furen said today lingered in her heart.
Until now she felt that she might as well escape from the residence.
But she also understood that she couldn’t escape at all, so she felt contradiction in every moment of her life and suffered all the time.
More importantly, with Li Xiao Ran favoring her now, she was already this upset, if one day she was no longer favored, she didn’t know how miserable she would end up. Li Wei Yang saw that Jiu Yiniang’s expression was ugly, and laughingly ordered Bai Zhi to take a teacup, poured some tea and offer it to Jiu Yiniang.
She smiled and said: “Jiu Yiniang, the new tea hasn’t arrived yet, this is last year's chen tea, try it out.
” Jiu Yiniang tasted the so-called “just decent quality” tea and it was a little better than the tea she used to have.
She carefully looked at Li Wei Yang. Everything Li Wei Yang wore and ate nowadays wre far more superior than everyone in this household.
A daughter of a concubine was living such a good life, no wonder Da furen loathed Li Wei Yang that much and must force her to destruction ……
Jiu Yiniang thought about Da furen’s severity of her speech at that time and she couldn’t help but look down.
Then she raised her head suddenly: “Xianzhu, I have something to ask for your help!” Li Wei Yang looked at her and involuntarily raised her brows: “If Jiu Yiniang has something to say, you can tell me directly.” Jiu Yiniang barely smiled and said: “This is not a convenient place, can we switch to another place.” Li Wei Yang smiled and straightforwardly replied: “No need, there is nothing to hide from others, I believe Jiu Yiniang has nothing bad to say that would be heard by others.” Jiu Yiniang didn’t think she would refused this fast, for a time she didn’t know what to say before she said: “People say that Xianzhu is kind-hearted and like to help others, how is it that you wouldn’t even listen to a few words from me -” Li Wei Yang laughed, this Jiu Yiniang, although incomparable to Si Yiniang’s bootlicking skills but she was learning quite fast. Jiu Yiniang saw Li Wei Yang laughed and thought she was relieved so she quickly said: “I really have something urgent to ask you, if you are willing to help me, I will do slave and die for you —” Li Wei Yang frowned, Jiu Yiniang immediately held her hands: “Xianzhu, a life is on the line, can you not help me once!” She wasn’t one who would do good things without reason! Li Wei Yang stood still and said: “Jiu Yiniang, Lao furen is still waiting for me, I have to go.” Jiu Yiniang became anxious and busily said: “Xianzhu, please stay, I will say it here — I beg you to let me go.” Li Wei Yang had a moment of surprise, she said: “What did you say?!?” Jiu Yiniang bit her teeth and said: “I beg you to let me go!” Just now, she had gone a few steps away, and now besides Li Wei Yang’s personal maids, no one heard their dialogue, but Li Wei Yang tilted her head and saw a few girls walking past the corridor. Even though they couldn’t hear but they could see Jiu Yiniang and her rambling, what was the meaning of this? Li Wei Yang wasn’t angry but actually smiled: “You are now father's favorite concubine, you have eternal prosperity and wealth, you are telling me to let you go, where do you plan to go?” Jiu Yiniang was stunned, she then said: “Although it is great here, but the environment is complex, I am favored, but for how many years? It’s incomparable to have some money and leave here!” Li Wei Yang’s face sank, she silently turned to leave.
Jiu Yiniang was originally putting it well but she didn’t know why she suddenly changed the expression on her face.
She busily pulled her sleeve and said: “Xianzhu! I just begged you to save me a life, if I continue to stay here, I would definitely die an ignominious death!” Li Wei Yang coldly looked at her, Jiu Yiniang hurriedly said: “Da furen just called me over again to scold at me, she even brought up past old things, I …… I really can’t stand it anymore!” Li Wei Yang forcefully broke free from her hand, and coldly said: “You want to leave, then go seek out Father or Mother, why should you come to me.” After she finished, without listening to Jiu Yiniang’s explanation, she walked away, only to hear a thump from Jiu Yiniang as she kneeled in front of Li Wei Yang and said: “To save a life is better than to build a seven-storied pagoda for the gods, I ask that Xianzhu be kind, let me go! Otherwise, if Da furen gets ahold of evidence, she will definitely beat me to death! ” With her kneeling here suddenly, she didn’t know what others thought, on a good note, others would think that Li Wei Yang was bullying Jiu Yiniang, on a bad note, others would think they had some illicit deal between them! This Jiu Yiniang was really ignorant and didn’t know the rules of a large aristocratic family or she just deliberately let people see!”Li Wei Yang glanced at Bai Zhi, Bai Zhi and Mo Zhu understood and the two went to help Jiu Yiniang up, Li Wei Yang coldly said: “If you like freedom, then shouldn’t have returned with Father, since you have become his concubine, then you should be act dutifully and serve Father well.


Jiu Yiniang tearfully cried: “Xianzhu grew up with prosperity and riches, how would you understand the hardships of people like me.
I originally came from Changzhou, although I’m not wealthy, but I was a Xiaojie from a good family, who knew that after my mother died, my unvirtuous stepmother, lied to my father and sold me to the troupe.
I grew up singing in the troupe, I don’t know how much sweats and pains I’ve suffered but these I wasn’t afraid of, I’ve been dreaming that just one day I would save enough money to purchase my freedom, and seek refuge with some poor relatives and then purchase some properties and find a good family to marry into.
Who would have known that the minister took a fancy in me and gave me to Lao Ye, I had thought that even as a concubine, as long as Lao Ye doted on me, I would live a good life.
Who would have known that today Da furen suddenly called me in, forced me to admit I had an affair with the performer, and also threatened to to tell Lao Ye, Xianzhu, if she really grasped ahold of evidence, I really nowhere to go!” Li Wei Yang was silent; it was as if she pondering the credibility of Jiu Yiniang’s words.Jiu Yiniang looked at her expression and guessed the she was hesitant and quickly said: “I know Xianzhu is the rare kind-hearted person in the family, or you wouldn’t take care of San Shaoye who isn’t entrusted to anyone.
Furthermore, you aren’t willing to see Da furen be elated? Please help me this time it!” Li Wei Yang secretly thought, to help Li Min De, it is because of her promise to San furen, it was definitely wasn’t because she had a great heart, in this life, she wouldn’t become a kindhearted person. Jiu Yiniang noticed that she was still quiet and thought that she still wasn’t willing to help her out, she quickly said: “Xianzhu, I will not let you help me without benefits, if you have anything you want me to do, I will not refuse!” At this moment, Jiu Yiniang suddenly saw Lin Mama appeared on the cobblestone path as she walked towards them, she urgently said: “Xianzhu, I will take it as a yes, I will discuss more details with you later.” Once she finished speaking, she left immediately as if she had just seen ghosts. Li Wei Yang thoughtfully looked at Jiu Yiniang’s crisp departure, Bai Zhi whispered: “Xiaojie, how credible do you find her words?”Li Wei Yang smiled and said: “The part about herself, those were not lies.” Bai Zhi guessed: “Did Da furen find out about something, Jiu Yiniang is afraid, so she has no choice but leave.” Li Wei Yang shook her head: “This, I do not know.” The stage just fell on the performer, he was probably Jiu Yiniang’s past lover, Da furen may be aware of this but she couldn’t find solid evidence, She wanted to use this opportunity to verify and seeing how Jiu Yiniang’s face paled, she figured she had guessed correctly, so that was why she called her in. From Jiu Yiniang’s appearance, it seemed like she had resisted, and temporarily didn’t admit it, but she may be scared enough already, and thus came to seek out help from her who she wasn’t acquainted with.
Jiu Yiniang knew she would be able to help, she was right, to be able to create trouble for Da furen, Li Wei Yang wouldn’t miss out, the entire household knew that this concubine-born daughter and the matriarch were at discord, it was not strange at all that Jiu Yiniang would come to seek help from her. However, Li Wei Yang thought that although all seemed reasonable and logical, there was still something odd that couldn’t be explained.
According to Da furen's ways, she wouldn’t strike if it wasn’t a certain hit, would she easily let Jiu Yiniang off? And even let her come and ask for her help?! Li Wei Yang thought more and more about this and felt more suspicious, she whispered: “In these two days, pay more attention to the movements within the family.” “Yes,” Bai Zhi answered. Li Wei Yang thought and then said to Mo Zhu: “Qiu Ju of Jiu Yiniang’s, are you familiar with her?” Mo Zhu paused and then whispered: “We’ve spoken together in the past and have taken care of each other.” Li Wei Yang nodded, called her to place her ear closer and whispered a few words.
A smile appeared on Mo Zhu’s face, she said: “Yes.” At night, Mo Zhu quietly looked for a chance to call Qiu Ju out and said: “In the past few days, was there anything wrong with Jiu Yiniang?” Qiu Ju's heart suddenly jumped yet she laughed: “Yiniang’s daily routines are normal, where would there be anything wrong.” Mo Zhu smiled and pulled her hand over.
She placed a white shimmering silver tael in her hand, Qiu Ju was surprised for a moment and then she said: “Ever since Yiniang left from Da furen’s residence, she had been acting strangely, I don’t know what Da furen said but Yiniang had been having nightmares at night!” Mo Zhu stayed silent, then spoke a few words by her ear.
Qiu Ju hesitated and then said: “I am Yiniang’s maidservant, this wouldn’t be too good?” Mo Zhu laughed but didn’t speak, she looked at the silvers in Qiu Ju’s hands. Qiu Ju quickly hid the silvers, she was struggling to decide as she stayed silent. Mo Zhu smiled and promised: “An ingot of gold.” Qiu Ju was surprised and then said: “Monitoring the master, this is disrespectful.” Mo Zhu nodded: “Two ingots.” Qiu Ju took her monthly allowance and compared it with this unexpected income and whispered “I’ll go all out”, she nodded: “Okay, every move Jiu Yiniang makes, I will report them to Xianzhu.” Li Wei Yang lazily lied on a couch, holding a book in her hand.
She was almost asleep as the sunlight comfortably shone on her face.
At this moment, an unfamiliar girl walked in from outside and said loudly: “Bai Zhi jiejie, your maidservant took a look outside the door and saw a flowerpot just now, I don’t know who sent it to Xiaojie!” Li Wei Yang raised her eyes slightly and looked at the girl.
She was sitting in her residence, this girl's voice was neither high nor low, it neither disturbed her yet it was noticeable. Bai Zhi quickly walked over and reproachfully whispered: “Xiaojie is still here, do you not understand the rules here!” The girl showed innocence on her face as she panicked and placed her head down. Mo Zhu whispered in Li Wei Yang’s ears and explained: “Xiaojie, that is the girl who sweeps outside.” Sweeping outside? How come she was here now? Li Weiyang's lips spread open and showed a trace of subtle imperceptible sneer.
If she really didn’t know who sent the flowerpot, she could’ve directly taken it away, she wouldn’t personally bring it in, it seemed like this girl knew something.The young girl happily bought the flowerpot in, Li Wei Yang took a look, this was a pot of Begonia flowers. Li Wei Yang readily picked a begonia, sniffed it and found that it had an unusual floral scent, but scent of a very special powder.
Looking closely, this Begonia was actually cut with satin, tied with golden and silver wire, tied to the tree.
Each flower branches and leaves were actually silver beads wrapped around the crystal beads, or yellow, or verdant, or pink, hidden in the bouquet.
It was not easy to discover, but it made the bouquet’s magnificence incomparable. Li Wei Yang gently twisted a flower, placed it gently under the sun as she turned it.
The pink crystals attached to the flowering branches flashed in the sunshine. Bai Zhi was surprised: “Xiaojie, it’s really beautiful, wow!” Indeed, this Begonia looked more beautiful and precious than the real flowers.
Li Wei Yang sneered and then a handsome face immediately emerged in her vision.
There was a pair of burning ambitious eyes on that face. Tuoba Zhen. Until she saw his flower pot, did Li Wei Yang thought of this person again.
The intention of his gift was clearly to be on her good side. This man, was unwilling to be neglected, while he was proactively expressing his affections towards Li Chang Le, he was not willing to give her up, he was clearly thinking of killing two birds with one stone.
He had the Jiang family's military power and still wanted to put everything to its fullest use.
Li Wei Yang sneered loudly. 

At this moment, Li Min De suddenly walked into the yard.
When he saw Li Wei Yang standing in front of the flowers, he smiled, and then waved his sleeves.
A bird flew out of his sleeve and Li Wei Yang and suddenly she heard the fine sound of bells flustering past her ears.
She couldn’t help but look up. Li Min De smiled softly and whistled a little, the bird circled a lap and stopped at his finger.
He gave it to Li Wei Yang as he said, “For you.” Li Wei Yang carefully looked at the bird and saw its small and brilliant feathers, from one glimpse, it was obvious that this was bought at a high price.
On the bird’s paw, there was even a bell tied to it; the bell was created with the highest quality of silver and tied with a thin red ribbon.
Paired together with the ocher yellow bird, it was bright and beautiful. “What is this?” He wasn’t going to gift her a bird to raise. “It's safer than Bi Si, but it’s much more reliable than Bi Si in sending messages,” Li Min De smiled, his eyes gazing at her. Li Wei Yang was greatly shocked inside: “This — is for me?” Li Min De nodded. Li Wei Yang looked down at the bird, smiled and said: “So lovely.” Li Min De's face flushed, then said: “Thank you for making me longevity noodles.” After that incident, Li Wei Yang had personally made Li Minde a bowl of noodles, she kept her promise, at the same time, she didn’t mention to anyone what happened that night and didn’t further ask Li Min De about his identity. “Yes, there are two more people!” Li Min De looked back and said to the outside, “Both of you come in!” A pair of young man and woman came in and stood by his side. “San jie, these two children are a pair of siblings, wandering from outside, yesterday I saw the two of them hungry on the roadside, so I bought the two of them, they turned out to be street performers and know some martial arts, from today on, let them follow you.
” Li Wei Yang heard this remark and felt very surprised.
Eyes fell onto the bodies of the two people.
The pair of siblings looked about 13 years of age, of which, the girl was born with an exquisite face, her facial features were gentle, even though not extremely exquisite.
But in her eyes, her face only made her felt good, she wasn’t too beautiful that she would attract attention yet she wouldn’t be ignored within a crowd of people.
As for the other juvenile, he had thick eyebrows and a great appearance, his stature was very tall, at such a young age, his authoritative demeanor could already be noticed. No matter what these two people were not like street wandering urchins. Li Min De said: “The brother is called Zhao Nan, the sister is Zhao Yue, they are very smart and sensible.
Usually, Zhao Nan will stay outside the residence and will only follow when Jiejie goes out, as for the younger sister, she will stay with you and serve you like a normal maidservant, what do you say?” Li Wei Yang looked at these two individuals and slowly shook his head. Li Min De frowned, and softly said: “You — do not like it?”Li Wei Yang blinked her eyes and said: “I don’t like it, these are people gifted to you, why are you giving them to me?” Li Min De was surprised for a moment, then his face reddened, he didn’t think she would look past his ploys this quickly.
However, he did not panic because he was doing it entirely for her safety: “Those people are not easy to deal with, Jiejie should be prepared for self-defense.” Li Wei Yang still refused: “If I have the need, I would personally seek it out myself.” “No, this pair of siblings are not ordinary people, Jiejie will like them, and I have already arranged guards around me, you don’t have to worry about me, please let them stay.
If you do not want them, I will send them away.” The siblings looked at each other, while kneeling on the ground, “We beg Xianzhu to let us stay.” “If you serve Jiejie, then you must call her Master.” Li Min De suddenly said, the ink color in his pitch black pupils surged with unexpected fainted fierce colors. “Yes, we beg Xianzhu to take us in.” The two unanimously said. Li Wei Yang looked at the situation, understood Li Min De's persistence and involuntary sighed: “Fine, if you both want to stay, then stay.” Li Min De waved his hand and the two retreated. “That man in gray — in fact, he is my biological father's subordinate, he is called Jiang Lei.” Li Min De suddenly said. Li Wei Yang was surprised and then laughed: “I thought, you don’t intend to say to me.””If it wasn't for me, you wouldn’t have been attacked.
But I still hid it from you, I'm sorry.” Li Min De said softly, apparently blaming himself. He was born with an outstanding appearance, although still young, his skin was as transparent as white jade, his eyebrows youthful, his body seemed to contain the brilliance of the sun and moon, as if he was born to this world to use his shimmering brilliance to conquer darkness.
No one would dare to condemn this young boy.
So Li Wei Yang gently touched his head: “It’s nothing, I am still living well, right?” “Jiang Lei said that if I want you to be safe, then I should distance myself from you — ” Li Min De suddenly blurted out as blood surged upwards. Li Wei Yang slightly flickered her lashes, the pupil emitted soft light, she couldn’t help but reach out and touch his head, Li Min De’s eyes glimmered, but after a moment she didn’t know what to think, he tilted his head sideways, Li Wei Yang’s hands touched emptiness and smashed downwards.
 He gave her a furtive glance and awkwardly.
“I, I, I am already an adult!” Li Wei Yang laughed, in her eyes, he was still a child, but he clamored that he had grown up.
 Li Min De’s fair complexion was like he had on a rouge. Li Wei Yang laughed but seriously said: “Yes, Min De is already an adult, so you can protect yourself, but also can protect me, is not it?” Li Min De was astonished, then he realized something, his eyes were suddenly dull, Li Wei Yang didn’t urge him until he figured it out, raised his head and looked at her: “Yes!”

 ————————————————-Translator: Erica Editor: Panisa (In Progress)

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