Leaving the garden, Li Min De suddenly stood still: “San jie, you shouldn’t have risk being in danger for me, imperial gifts shouldn’t be played with.”


Li Wei Yang smiled and didn’t say anything.


Bai Zhi suddenly opened her mouth to speak: “That clasp wasn’t an imperial gift, Xiaojie was simply intimidating them.”


Li Min De raised the corners of his lips and smiled.


Li Wei Yang stared at him and only calmly said: “Min De, in situation like this today, there is no need to have acted like this.”


Li Min De looked down: “Never again.”


Li Wei Yang was confused, she was unsure whether he was answering to not being bullied again or not swallowing insults.


About to speak, she heard Bai Zhi said: “Xiao jie, Third Prince came out.”


Turning around, she expectedly saw two maidservants leading him the way.
The young man dressed in beautiful clothing and a magnificent crown slowly walked over.
It was indeed Tuoba Zhen who was at the pavilion — he was leaving now.


Li Wei Yang’s eyes narrowed, Tuoba Zhen’s luxurious marten felt on his body was gifted by the Emperor.
There were no more than five in the whole Da Li, it seemed like this lowly born prince had conspicuously entered into the center of power.

Seeing him walk over, Bai Zhi and other servants busily stooped and open a path yet Tuoba Zhen stopped right in front of Li Wei Yang.


“Xianzhu ……” He turned to look at Li Wei Yang and then calmly spoke: “Today you played us like monkeys.”


Bai Zhi and others were frightened speechless, Li Min De clenched his fists.


“You were very reckless.” Tuoba Zhen sighed.


“Yes, I have always been daring.” Li Wei Yang showed off an unexpectedly calm demeanor.


In her past life, she had always admired her husband and sympathize him for having the determination to work hard due to his humble background.
In the eyes of her then, this person was her perfect spouse, someone heaven-like that she could rely on.
In this lifetime, the person standing in front of her hadn’t change, he was still resolute and daring and had a firm disposition.
He had schemes, charms, and knowledge, he was indubitably the dragon amongst people.
If she could, in this life, Li Wei Yang didn’t want to have any sorts of interactions with this person because she knew this man too well.
He had deep schemes, he took ruthless measures, he would use every means to reach his goal, and he only knew how to control others within his palm.
This type of person, no one could ever guess what he wanted and even more, if he was treating you wholeheartedly or insincerely.


The two faced each other and it seemed like for a while, a silent interaction occurred.


“Don’t know whether San Gongzi can let me pass,” Tuoba Zhen took back his stares and smilingly spoke.


Li Min De watched Li Wei Yang and she nodded.
Li Min De’s pupils contracted, he then retreated a few steps back to leave a space between them.


“Third Prince has other words to say?” Li Wei Yang arched her brows.


“Red plums amidst snow, what a beautiful scenery ……” Tuoba Zhen didn’t answer as he smiled and looked afar.


“Third Prince surely has a leisure and carefree attitude ……” Li Wei Yang smiled.


Tuoba Zhen waved his hand behind him and all the maidservants stepped backwards, even Bai Zhi had to retreat away from the corridor.


“I simply want to say a few words and see what are you actually thinking inside your head.” Tuoba Zhen’s slight smile carried a hint of coldness.


“What does this have to do with you.” Li Wei Yang asked.


Tuoba Zhen chuckled aloud, his laughter crisp and cold couldn’t fly far from the finches foraging the snowy grounds: “Today was an eye-opener for me, San Xiaojie is certainly sharp-tongued, no matter what you are able to extricate yourself.
Gao Jin jumped into the chilling lake today, even if it doesn’t kill him, it would have split his skin ……
you have such a relentless heart, which makes one admire.”


This time it was Li Wei Yang’s turn to smile.


Li Wei Yang’s smile was much more resplendent then the red plums: “He bought it upon himself.”


“As a matter of fact, you didn’t really have to do this ……” Tuoba Zhen stopped smiling and spoke in a normal tone.


Li Wei Yang raised her brows: “Oh, I would like to hear more.”


“Observing your behavior, it seems like you didn’t care about the Li family.
You live a good life now, you would live an even better life in the future, but you must know, if the Li family is gone, you, Li Wei Yang, will become nothing, so next time ……” Tuoba Zhen said as it was ought to be.


Without being able to finish, he was cut off by Li Wei Yang.


“Dian xia, there is no one here, you don’t have to talk about your principles.” Li Wei Yang smiled, “Moreover, do you think I would listen to your words?”


“Li Wei Yang, to vent your own anger and gamble your own life, is it worth it?” Tuoba Zhen suddenly asked: “Although those people have tramples on your dignity, but human nature is like this, they worship the highs and step on the lows, if you have the time to resent others, why not spend your time in standing at a position where they couldn’t reach you and let them look up to you eternally ……” Unconsciously, Tuoba Zhen’s tone changed, for seconds, Li Wei Yang thought he was no longer talking about her but talking about himself.


Due to Tuoba Zhen’s low birth, he had always been looked down upon by others.
It was largely because of this that he had hidden ambitions more than others.
It wasn’t that he didn’t hold any grudges, it was only that he used his hatred as a power to move up, one step at a time.
From a ridiculed prince to an emperor above millions, it seemed like he was attempting to use this logic to sway Li Wei Yang, no, or to make Li Wei Yang to stand on his side.


“Wei Yang, the you now had achieved fame and position that an average person can ever attain, Father and Grand Empress Dowager both favor you, you have already achieved this, why do you still have to paint a snake with legs1?”


He guided her thoughts step by step as Li Wei Yang looked at him and suddenly revealed a smile.


“Dian xia, you suddenly have the patience towards me ……” She lifted her head to glimpse at him, “It makes me feel overwhelming flattered.
Then, from what you are saying, what should I do?”


Tuoba Zhen’s handsome face developed a hint of carefree expression.
He thought Li Wei Yang had been swayed by him, or in other words, he was a step towards success.


“If I were you, I would find a way to be on friendly terms with everyone and then take the opportunity to climb up, make the Emperor and Grand Empress Dowager to like you more, favor you, so that you can seek a better prospect.
Wei Yang, if you agree, I can also ask my Father to let you become my concubine —“




Hahahaha, he had been waiting for her here.
Li Wei Yang coldly smiled, it was the same previous lifetime and this lifetime.
Previous life, in order to gain Li Xiao Ran’s support and military power, this man seek Li Chang Le’s hand in marriage but who would have known that he married the concubine-born daughter instead.
He was very displeased yet he pretended nothing had happened.
He used her and her connection to the Li family to feigned balance and successfully acquired the Emperor’s favors as he framed other princes and eventually ascended the throne.
After ascending the throne, due to his previous humiliation, he banished her to the cold palace without any hesitation and made Li Chang Le his empress.


Concubine? She was not at all interested in becoming a stepping stone once again.
In his heart, Tuoba Zhen looked down on her status as a concubine-born daughter.
The one he wanted to marry was the Li family’s pearl in the palm, the beautiful Li Chang Le.


On Tuoba Zhen’s handsome face appeared a trace of tenderness: “From ancient times to now, men had many ways in gaining power yet women could only rely on their husbands.
You should know, I am of low birth, I could even say that you and I are suffering from the same fate.
I have people that I abhor but I would not abandon myself like you are doing and make enemies out of everyone.
If you do believe me, I could at least be of your assistance.”


“Third Prince, have you ever been beaten.”


Tuoba Zhen was slightly stunned.


“Have you ever been hungry to the point of fighting for food with pigs in the pigsty?”


“Have you ever been ridden on like a dog that crawl because others lack things to play ……”


“Third Prince, do you know what is hatred and what is pain?”


Li Wei Yang suddenly sneered.


Tuoba Zhen glanced at her and didn’t say a word.


“You say you understand the feeling of hatred? What do you have to resent? You grew up with luxurious finery, you have escorts front and back, your so-called injustice stemmed from your status not being high enough so you have to endure contempt and humiliation, we are not the same type of people.” Li Wei Yang coldly smiled, “I have already said before, we will never be the same.
So these words, Third Prince, there is no need for you to say again.”


Impervious to reason, Tuoba Zhen chillingly smiled but said nothing.


He had already given her a chance, if it wasn’t because she still had her use, he wouldn’t even converse with her in this weather of winds and chills for this long.
Tuoba Zhen’s corners of his rosy lips curved up to form a callous grim as he said: “Even so, it is up to you.” Speaking up to here, his face carried a hint of oddity and even added emphasis on his last words.


After he finished, he tossed his sleeves as he strode away.
Li Wei Yang looked at his silhouette and coldly laughed.


Not afar, Li Min De was watching this scene, he clenched his fist tightly.
If it wasn’t for him, his San jie wouldn’t have to deal with this person, it was obviously asking a tiger for its skin2.


In his eyes, radiance as sharp as icicles appeared, making them like a polished blade.


In this world, where he couldn’t go, even if he couldn’t, Wei Yang probably couldn’t either, which gave him a huge stimulation.


San jie had many people by her side, although he knew that she and this person didn’t have any connection or love, he sensed an uncontrollable link between these two.
If San jie really didn’t take notice of Tuoba Zhen, why did she keep revealing slight abhorrence and enmity ……


He lowered his head, perhaps he was too selfish, San jie and him weren’t blood related.
Besides the promise she made to San furen, she didn’t have to protect him and care for him like that.
But for him — he actually selfish and stubbornly want to possess Li Wei Yang’s concern and notice.


No one had cared for him like that, standing in front of him to protect him.


San jie’s world merely had too much qualms, too much unimportant people.
What did he had to do to make Li Wei Yang have only him in her heart.


Ever since the incident in the garden, Li Chang Le and others avoided Li Wei Yang whenever they saw her.
It was like they were afraid that they would accidentally knock off hairpin on her head or the jade bangle and ring on her hand, which made the scene amusing.
Li Wei Yang took note and didn’t paid much attention, she knew very well that Da furen who wanted to topple her still didn’t make a move yet.




Translator: Erica


Editor: Panisa


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