Chapter 67: Hanging by a thread

San Furen fainted? Li Wei Yang was shocked, not sure why but suddenly a feeling of a very bad premonition floated over her.


San Furen was diagnosed, she was infected with an epidemic.


Lao Furen hearing this, personally went to visit her twice, even bringing a famous doctor for treatment in order to have San Furen recover quickly.
Li Min De also stayed by his mother side day and night.
Li Wei Yang was afraid he would also be infected and tried several times to get him to rest, but he insistently refused to leave.


Li Wei Yang had no choice, she could only silently hope that San Furen would recover quickly.


All the way to through the simple gray brick tile, Li Wei Yang’s face was always heavy.
Although the doctor repeatedly said that San Furen’s condition had improved, soon it would be the end of the year.
If San Furen’s condition really did improve, why couldn’t she go out by now?


In the room, all of the windows were covered by thick curtains, making it difficult for the sunlights  to shine in through the curtain from outside, getting in only due the cracks in the corners.
The room appeared murky


Not far from the window, stood a gu qin, but there were a lot of dusts on top of it.
It was obvious that no one had touched it in a long time.  Upon seeing Li Wei Yang entering, Li Min De stood up from a chair from the side, his face in the murky light, appearing very pale.
In his pitch black eyes, from an unknown time, carried a desperate look.


Li Wei Yang was surprised, suddenly feeling uneasy.


Upon seeing Li Wei Yang arrived, a yatou immediately secured the green bed curtain on the black lacquered bed.
San Furen laid there.
Li Wei Yang could see with a glance that she had become so thin that she lost her shape.
Her face was white like a sheet of paper, her body thin like a leaf, a gust of wind could have blown her from that astonishing bed.


San Furen was unexpectedly very sick!


Li Wei Yang’s heart felt uneasy, expanding continuously.


She was fine, how could she have contacted epidemic?! Li Wei Yang could not hold the sourness in her heart, she walked over quickly: “San Shen.”


Ever since San Furen became sick, she would not see people aside from Li Min De and Lao Furen.
When Da Furen and others came to visit, they were all blocked at the door.


The yatou said quietly to San Furen whose eyes were closed: “Furen, San Xiaojie is here.”


San Furen opened her eyes, saw Li Wei Yang, showed a smile, then she nodded to the yatous beside her, so that they could help sit her up on the bed: “Wei Yang.
Is everything well?” San Furen asked.


Li Wei Yang of course knew what she was asking about, she smiled and said: “Even though Dajie’s forehead injury is not serious, she is still unconscious.
The physician said she has injured her sinews for 100 days.
At that time, Dajie hit her head with a great force, therefore it is unknown whether there will be any side effects.”


San Furen smiled gently, said: “This way, they can stop for a while.”


San Furen could see it clearly, right now Da Furen would be trembling in fear.
It seemed that Father had not gone to see Li Chang Le even once, even becoming estranged with Li Min Feng.
It was known upon reflection, Si Yiniang’s pillow pressure was very strong.
Father initially was suspicious, even now he probably suspected whether the use of witchcraft was real or not.
It was a pity that Li Chang Le was not dealt with.
This incident, on the surface it seemed as though Li Chang Le was staying in the Li house, but remaining here by pestering endlessly, her position in her father’s heart had plummet greatly, her days would no longer go by peacefully.


“ Are you well?” San Furen looked at her.


“Thanks to your blessings, Wei Yang is well.”


“Thanks to my blessings?” San Furen smiled slightly, her smile carrying a bit of bitter, “I cannot protect myself, how can this blessing word can be said? I have been wanting to help you, to see Da Furen fall, unfortunately….”


“San Shen has helped me a lot already, you should stop worrying and rest to recover.” “I know that you are smart and talented.
You are now a Xian Zhu, Da Furen cannot create difficulties in the matter of your marriage, and also cannot easily make a move towards you.
That is great fortune.” San Furen said, as if to comfort her, “Listen to my one advice, think of ways to find a good marriage in the future.
Stay far away from those wolves….
A person’s lifetime, is just these wishes, won’t you say so?”


Li Wei Yang looked at San Furen, unable to brush off her meaning, said: “San Shen’s words, Wei Yang has remembered them.” Not sure why, but she always felt that San Furen’s words, seems to be leaving instructions for her funeral.


But…how could it be? This incident happened too suddenly!


San Furen leaned on the head of the bed.
The first thought that anyone who saw her now would think of was a withered flower.
Her face was very gray, her cheeks that were once ruddy and pretty had become thin due to extreme weight loss, but her eyes were still astonishingly bright.
In Li Wei Yang’s heart, there was a bit of fear.
If something happened to San Furen… her gaze fell on the nearby Li Min De who had his head hung low, thinking of something.


“Furen, time for your medicine.” The yatou beside her held up the medicine.


San Furen looked dully at the bowl of medicine and shook her head.
Li Wei Yang saw her face paling, constantly short of breath when speaking.
She was afraid that she would be tired and wanted to persuade her to rest, to not think too much.


However, San Furen lowered her voice as much as possible: “When others ask you about my illness, how did you answer them?”


“I said that San Furen is getting well soon,” Li Wei Yang thought about it and then answered.


“No, you need to say that I have already recovered, just still need some rest.”


San Furen looked at Li Min De and sighed faintly.
Li Wei Yang suddenly realized, could it be that if something happened to San Furen, those people will do something to Min De?  


Indeed, Min De is not a blood and flesh of the Li family.
If the only foster mother who love him died, his days in the Li family would certainly be difficult.
Even—there were already a lot of unsavory rumours spreading.


It’s just that— paper after all cannot extinguish the fire.


“Can’t you see that I am pretty well?” San Furen said, while suddenly getting up from the bed, both hands holding on to the bed and forcing herself to stand up.
“I feel, perhaps, I will be well soon.” She smiled slightly, walked a few steps, suddenly her legs gave out.
If it was not for Wei Yang catching her quickly, she would have fallen onto the ground.


Li Min De’s eyes suddenly became wet.
He did not turn his head, afraid to look at his own foster mother.


Li Wei Yang at this time understood; San Furen’s health, was really bad.
Her original state of health was not so well, and an epidemic was not a common illness… what to do? Li Wei Yang’s mind was turning at a fast speed.
She tried hard to think back on how she dealt with the epidemic in the disaster area, but— in the end could not get anything.
She only knew that the disease at that time, the number of deaths far surpassed the deaths brought by the disaster, and the doctors were helpless.


She helped San Furen sit down on the side of the bed.
San Duren’s eyes seemed to be searching for something.


“Mother, are you looking for the qin?” Li Min De said softly.


His look at the moment was so mature that it seemed as though he was a stranger, not at all a 10-year-old boy.


Li Wei Yang grieved for him.
Why should a child have to bear so many things that he should not bear? If he really lost his only foster mother who loved him, what should Min De do in the future?


San Furen nodded.
Li Min De suddenly took his mother’s hand from Li Wei Yang’s, helped her up, walked over step by step, to sit by the qin.


San Furen raised her hands, gently stroked the strings.


Li Wei Yang frowned deeply.


San Furen lowered her head, concentrated on playing the qin.
The song she played was a touching one.
Li Wei Yang once heard, that San Furen sat in the yard alone, playing this song.
The song was composed by San Shu for her.
Li Wei Yang sighed gently.
San Shen’s heart had never once forgotten her own husband who has passed away before.


San Furen’s song was very touching and sorrowful, a tale as a song…


Just at that moment, a string suddenly snapped.
Puffing and panting, San Furen stopped, then laughed suddenly and whispered: “Back then, I also had a chance to become a mother.”


Li Min De was shocked and hung his head.
From Li Wei Yang’s angle, she could only see that his translucent skin had become even paler.


“Wei Yang, I did not intend to say these words to anyone.
However, now it seems that if I don’t say it, no one will know in this lifetime.
You know why I helped you? Because I hate Da Furen, but why I hate her, you definitely do not know.
Da Furen appears very benevolent on the surface, but within she is arrogant and despotic, and so Lao Furen never likes her.
Back in those days, Da Bo was often out on trips, second branch was illegitimate, so at that time I was left in charge of the Li household.
Afterwards, Da Bo returned to the capital and was promoted to Prime Minister.
So I took the initiative to hand over the authority of managing the household.
Who knew that Da Furen thought that I was only pretending, that she actually did something that caused me to miscarried.
Therefore, this lifetime I can no longer bear my own children.
San Ye was originally weak, but kind-hearted.
After learning about this incident, he began to dwell on it.
But due to being mindful of Da Bo, he did not have the heart to blame them, and instead died due to grief.
Tell me, should I hate her?” San Furen looked at Wei Yang who was beside her, suddenly laughed strangely.
The pain in her heart now, was it the regrets for being too trusting at that time? Or was it the hatred in her heart that have not dispensed even to this date? No one could say for sure.
Perhaps even she could not say for sure.


Li Wei Yang watched, she could not help but feel sad for her.
San Furen wanted to yield, the other side was not willing to believe and needed to take it away herself in order to feel assured.
Other people might not understand, but Li Wei Yang did.
Da Furen, this person, could not tolerate anyone or anything going beyond her grasp.


San Furen smiled and smiled, suddenly phlegm blocked her throat, she could not help but cough it.
Li Wei Yang hurriedly patted her back.
Li Min De also hurried over.


San Furen kept spitting into the spittoon held by a yatou beside her, settling down after a long while.


“I have thought that I can still live a few more years,” San Furen said to Li Wei Yang while gasping, “Now it seems like the days are not many…”


In the past life, San Furen had passed away shortly after Li Min De’s mishap.
Now that Min De had clearly been saved, she has unexpectedly contacted epidemic.
Could it be that this was not something that could be changed? Li Wei Yang clenched her fist, a comforting smile on her face: “No, no, that cannot be.
San Shen will definitely live a long life.”


San Furen graciously shook her head: “Forget about it.” She looked at Li Wei Yang, a faint blaze burning in her black and white eyes.
San Furen smiled bitterly in her heart.
This child, perhaps she was full her hatred towards Da Furen.
Recalling when she first married into Li family, recalling her own husband and unborn child, one by one leaving.
Thinking of here, an indescribable feeling poured out of her heart.
Towards Da Furen, in her heart there was an unappeasable grievance, this was the real reason why she kept helping Li Wei Yang.


However the severity of her illness, everything else had been worn away; grace… grudge…
these seemed to become more and more unimportant.
There was only one thing that she could not let go.


San Furen gripped Li Wei Yang’s tightly: “San Shen has helped you so much, I only ask you of one thing.”


Li Wei Yang looked into San Furen’s eyes, a trace of earnest plea appearing in those beautiful eyes.
Li Wei Yang at that moment has understood her meaning.“Help me take care of Min De.” Without his mother’s care and not being a flesh and blood of the Li family, the days of this child in future would definitely be tough, Li Wei Yang could imagine.


But— to agree to such request.
The implication was that from now onwards, aside from Qi Yiniang, there would be another person that she need to think of all the time.
Li Min De would become her responsibility… Li Wei Yang had a moment of hesitation, but thinking of the long time help San Furen has given her, she really cannot refuse such request.


Li Min De’s head hung very low, no one can see his expression, just how sad it was.


Li Wei Yang did not say anything for a long while.
San Furen hastily gripped her hands, Li Wei Yang blinked her eyes, looked at the Li Min De beside her, solemnly nodded her head.


“I may not be able to protect him completely, but I will do my best.” she replied.


San Furen smiled and said: “Thank you.”


Returning to her own room, Li Wei Yang did not utter a word.
Bai Zhi and Mo Zhu watched, a bit unease in their heart.
Although they didn’t know the condition of San Furen’s illness, but seeing Xiaojie’s state, probably it was not good.


San Furen, in Li family, was Xiaojie’s important friend.
This bit, they understood clearly.
If something happened to her, it definitely would not be a good thing for Xiaojie.


Rain fell in the middle of the night, only the sound of falling water could be heard in this silence.
Li Wei Yang was unable to sleep, leaning sluggishly against the bed, drearily closing her eyes.


Outside the windows came a slight sound, bringing the wariness of fear of being discovered by someone.


Li Wei Yang leaned slightly, thought about it, draped a coat and stood up.
She walked to the bed.
Through the windows, she saw a shadow standing outside, Li Wei Yang’s heart jumped.


She subconsciously opened the window.


“Min De?” Li Wei Yang asked quietly.


In the darkness, that person’s figure instantly stiffened, after a while, then slowly turned around.


Through the weak candlelight of the corridor, Li Wei Yang saw Min De’s handsome face slowly raised up, red circle in his black and white eyes.


Li Wei Yang looked at him and asked: “Why are you here in the middle of the night?”


Li Min De did not speak, only lowered his head.


Li Wei Yang let out a sigh, beckoned him with a hand, Li Min De– remained motionless in one spot, no other reaction.


Li Wei Yang blinked and said: “Do you want me to ask someone to invite you in? Or are you prepared to let someone discover you slipping into my place in the middle of the night?”


Although they were cousins, although they were young, it still would not be good if this was leaked out.
Li Min De obviously knew this, so he immediately climbed in obediently.


Li Wei Yang saw the numerous pool of water on the ground, then Li Min De’s soaked clothing, only felt the headache.


What she did not know was that Li Min De’s attention was on the flimsy clothing she was wearing.
He could feel his ears drying up, his face becoming slightly red and hurriedly lowered his head.


In Li Wei Yang’s view, this fellow was just a child, did not have the slightest obstacles, so she of course, did not think of this.


Li Wei Yang helped him wring his clothes, said: “Why didn’t you use an umbrella? Do you think you are made of iron? Or did you want San Shen to worry about you?”


“I could not sleep!” Li Min De frowned.


Li Wei Yang could not ignore the stiffness of his body, stared at him for a while.


Li Min De did not know how to face her gaze, so he subconsciously moved his gaze away.
Just as he felt he was about to suffocate, he heard her saying: “I will take you back!.”


Li Min De was surprised; immediately sorrow flashed in his eyes.
Li Wei Yang looked at him in surprised, then thought that she might be thinking too much of it.
He was only a child, how can he have such expression? — she grabbed his hand, but he dodged in shock.


“Can I stay a while?” He asked, his mouth opening and closing, looking at her nervously.


Li Wei Yang didn’t react, Li Min De’s face had already become slightly pale, as if he already knew he was going off the rail.


Li Wei Yang stopped, her black eyes falling on Li Min De who stiffened.
Just when he thought she would reject him, Li Wei Yang felt that this embarrassed youngster was very cute.
She could not not help but reach out and rub his head.


Black hair, bringing a soft feeling


Li Min De suddenly grabbed her hand, lifted dark eyes to look at her, voice gentle, a sincere plea in his eyes, “After the rain stop, I will go back, okay?”


His palms were hot, his heartbeat seemed to be able to pass through.
In that moment, countless thoughts raced through Li Wei Yang’s mind.
Still– in the end, she suppressed it, smiled and said: “Fine, until the rain stop.”


His eyes brightened immediately, his smile was very cute.


“Min De, after I left, is San Shen alright?” Li Wei Yang let him take off his wet clothes while she used a blanket to wrap around him.


Who would have thought that his tofu white and delicate face, all of a sudden would show resentment, fingers trembled slightly, “I don’t know how much longer will mother live, she, she worked so hard to protect me, yet I cannot help her…” his young soft hair fell over, covering his eyes, so Li Wei Yang were unable to see the mood in his eyes.


San Furen’s illness was becoming worse.
There was not a moment of improvement.
She had already taken all kinds of rare medicines, but in the end, all were like water flowing into the river, not even the slightest response.
Tonight, San Furen’s state of mind was absent-minded.
Li Min De spoke to her, she was already unresponsive.
He could not take it anymore, therefore sneaking out.


Li Wei Yang was silent for a long while, then hesitatingly placed her hand on top of his head, then caressed him.
His young body trembled slightly.
It was obvious that he was desperately trying to suppress his sorrow.


Li Wei Yang was worried about his future.
This Li house, on the surface, was like bouquets of flowers and piles of brocades, people with warm hearts.
But the reality was that it was a cold and cruel place.
She also knew, if something happened to San Furen, then the third branch would not have any suppor.
Although Lao Furen had always taken care of San Furen, but that was because her youngest son had passed away, so she felt sorry for the widow.
As for the the adopted grandson Li Min De, in fact there wasn’t much affection for him.
As for Da Furen and Er Furen, perhaps the grudge towards San Furen was too deep, or they had long coveted third branch’s property and San Furen’s wealth, that they would be anxious to get rid of San Shaoye.


Although she promised to take care of him, but all this time, Da Furen’s every defeats, it was because she could risk her own life to fight.
But if she had to protect a child, it was bound to be hard to move from now on.
In this case, what should be done with Min De in the future?


“It’s Da Furen…” Li Min De’s clear eyes, unknowingly developed resentment.
He bit his own lips, a bright bead of blood welling up, “If it was not for her, Mother would not have contracted the epidemic….”


Li Wei Yang was shocked, she felt that there were meanings within his words.
But this thought was gone in a flash, her breathing becoming slightly urgent: “Min De, do you know what you are saying?”


Li Min De’s voice choked up, his head buried in the palms of his hands, hoarse from grief and anger.
Li Wei Yang, from the tone of his voice, for the first time could not hear the inherent  naive and timidity of a youth, but felt the cold hatred: “Half a month ago, Mother saved a young woman on her way back from praying to Buddha.
She gave her food and water.
That woman was grateful to mother, but later Mother found out that she was from an epidemic-stricken area.
At first we did not think too much of it, but after Mother became sick, I thought back on that incident.
I felt something was not right.
That road is the passageway for female officials to go to the mountains for prayers.
Even if ordinary people are fleeing from calamity, instead of heading towards prosperous towns, why would they go to the remote mountains? Along the way she would have came across countless carriages, yet she remained silent.
Why would she suddenly faint in front of Mother’s carriage? Obviously she was given water and food, but why did she still want to express thanks face to face? She even gave a string of Buddha beads to Mother as a thank you gift.
Even though Mother did not accept it, she did touch that thing after all…”


Li Wei Yang was naturally astonished by what he said.
Did that mean San Furen suddenly being infected by the epidemic had something to do with Da Furen? Min De would not have said this without reasons! Her eyes unconsciously fell on his hands, suddenly opening her eyes wide, she hurriedly pull opened his tightly clenched fist, to discover that his palms are already covered with blood from his torn flesh, Li Wei Yang whispered: “You have become crazy!”


“I have been abandoned by my parents since I was young.
I don’t know who I am.
I don’t even know what my identity is.
I was found by Mother at the entrance of a temple.
When she found me, aside from the jade pendant, there was nothing on me.
In order to prevent people from being suspicious of me, Mother has thought of ways to arrange for me to be with a family then formally adopt me, gave me a family.
Even though aside from her in this family, no one else likes me, I didn’t care.
I only want a family.
If I don’t even have Mother, what should I do…” he whispered.


Heaven was ruthless.
Heaven wanted to take away his only happiness.
This Li house was not a safe haven.
Everyone here was so dreadful, smiling gently and amicably on the surface, but on the inside, they were nauseatingly disgusting and bloody.


“I have nothing, only Mother…why, why would they not let her go…?” his young voice had already been gradually changing from the initial choked up sound to a bone chilling cold.
He lowered his head, the clearness in his eyes becoming deep and dark, like a luxurious gemstone, just darker than the night, so dark that a ray of light could not be seen.


Li Wei Yang was speechless for a moment, she didn’t know how to comfort this child who was full of resentment.


Abandoned by his own biological parents, having to face the hopeless situation of his adoptive mother… Li Wei Yang looked at him, there was a bit of a moment where it seemed as though she was looking at her past life, when she herself had stood uneasily at the entrance of the Li residence, unknowing if she could gain her father and Dimu’s favour, to have path to walk on.
Like Min De, she also wanted to have someone who cared, someone who loved, instead of moving carefully with each step, full of hatred.


She did not wish for the boy in front of her to become like her.


Li Wei Yang sighed again, gently raised his face, as expected the boy’s eyes were overflowing with tears, heart slightly pumping, she smiled warmly at him, “Don’t cry, there is me here!”


Li Min De grasped her hands, placed it firmly on his cheek, as if he found his only support.

Translator: Angela
Editor: Panisa

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