do not know where he has gone, how can we find him then? Dage clearly wants to stall for time!”Li Min Feng’s face turned purple in rage: “San di, what are you trying to say!” Everyone saw him with his fists clenched as he lunged at Li Min De.Li Min De had a frightened expression but his eyes could not help but reveal his ridicule: “Dage, are you threatening me? In front of Da Bofu, am I not allowed to say a word of reason?”Li Wei Yang held Li Min De’s hand, slightly shaking her head.She did not want to involve an innocent Min De.Er Furen hid her cold smile with her handkerchief: “Half the night has passed, you could not search anyone but your own nu er.
Da sao, it is best if you proceed impartially.”Furious, Da Furen turned around to say: “Chang Le is not an unrighteous and corrupted child.
She must have been unjustly framed by someone else!”Li Wei Yang calmly said: “Mother, this is something everyone has witnessed and cannot be justified in any way.
Even if you pity Dajie, you should not cover it up for her.
On the contrary, if you had admonished Dajie on a daily basis, she certainly would not have done something like this! Using witchcraft to curse Father, first of all, is a disgrace to filial piety.
Secondly, Bixia has forbidden witchcraft and ordered that those who use it will be exiled if it is a light offense and sentenced to death if it is severe.
Dajie is not important, but do you want to involve all of the Li family?”

San Furen silently laughed and said: “Indeed, in this life, how can there be a wall without winds and flames? If this becomes known to the public, who knows how many will sneer and speak scornfully of the Li family?”Li Chang Le panicked, her hands shaking as she tried to recompose herself: “Father, it really wasn’t me! Father, you must believe me!”In her heart, Da Furen resented these people, but outwardly her expressions were despairing as she pleaded: “Laoye, please do not wrongly accuse an innocent Chang Le!”Lao Furen frowned and suddenly swept her arm out, sending the tea set on the table to the floor, loudly clattering as the porcelain shattered.
For some time, she had felt that Li Chang Le was too beautiful, perhaps even a calamity, but she did not expect this Yatou to do this! Furious, her face turned ashen white and her lips purple, Luo mama rushed over to help her clear her chest.Everyone had never seen Lao Furen like this and were taken aback.


Li Wei Yang saw this and took the newly poured cup of tea from a Yatou’s hand and came before Lao Furen: “Lao Furen, please do not be too angry, everything needs to be carefully reexamined first!”Lao Furen waved her hand and took in deep breaths as she said: “Absolutely not.
The longer this is left to be, many more unfortunate events will follow, this must be resolved at once!”Lao Furen’s voice was stern and effective.
Her expressions were steeled.
Li Xiao Ran stirred at the sound of her voice.
People say even righteous ministers had difficulty judging matters in the family.
Matters in the imperial court he could examine and judge impartially.
If he had a choice, he would not punish Li Chang Le, but the thought of her using such wicked methods to curse him heightened the fear in his heart.Li Wei Yang sighed, slightly wistful, slightly resenting: “Father, if you cannot bear to do so, then simply have someone dispose of those filthy things.
Only, there is one thing to keep in mind and that is to be more careful, so in the future, no one else will bring these things into the residence.”The meaning behind it was more like: you should be more careful, so you would not be cursed.Li Xiao Ran’s eyes soon hardened like ice.
That was right.
Li Chang Le dared to curse him, only because he had a couple harsh words with her.
A Yatou with cruel intentions as this, could it still be his brilliant and knowledgeable nu er? Simply put, her beauty was that of venomous snakes!Li Wei Yang stood still and emotionless, but her long eyelashes gently quivered, revealing the person within, as dark as ink: “That is right, Dajie.
The placenta that is dripping with blood looks like eating human flesh.
Wu meimei has no choice but to eat it to heal her wounds.
Jie is fine though and only used it for beauty.
In the future, do not touch these things anymore.”Li Xiao Ran’s face had become harsh and unforgiving.
This placenta, dripping with blood in a way that even he had to look away from, but that Yatou saw it as a beauty supplement.
Her mind was truly terrifying!Li Min De looked at Li Wei Yang.
He saw her smile from the beginning to the end.
His eyes were still bright like a light under the glass, clear and gleaming as if it could illuminate the world.He knew the person behind what happened today was none other than his lovely San jiejie, but so? This was the law of nature.
They hold the dagger.
Those were the fish.
Rather than quietly lie there and be cut into pieces, take the knife into your own hands!Li Xiao Ran looked straight at Li Chang Le, deeply conflicted, and for a moment, he did not know how to discipline her.This matter could not be said to be small, to say it’s big….it can pierce the sky.
If Bixia heard of this, then it would implicate the entire Li family.
Li Chang Le, was it worth it for the Li family to take this risk for her? Due to her disaster relief efforts, Chang Le’s reputation in the Imperial family, great families, even among the commoners, had plummeted in a never-ending descent.
Some even said her beauty was a calamity.
Could this nu er still become Empress in the future? Who would support her? Li Xiao Ran felt the trust he had for the past ten years collapse for the first time.Li Chang Le, her life seemed to be over.
Li Wei Yang recognized this and remained a step ahead, only to end her life sooner.After all, Li Chang Le was still young and could not think of a countermeasure.
Her mind was blank, her face drained of any color as she stared at Li Xiao Ran, not knowing if he would believe her or what he would decide.
Li Min Feng debated if he should ask his maternal family to intervene, but his grandfather and uncle were stationed by the border.
Water from afar cannot put out a fire nearby.Da Furen naturally knew this.
After all, she was someone who had experienced many hardships and was more level-headed than the other two.
Although her expressions were blank, she was actually thinking of a way out from here.Lao Furen’s voice was cold and detached, but her face reflected a faint hostility: “When the previous Emperor was still alive, the former Prime Minister He Ping and his daughter, Yang Ning Gongzhu, Zhu Yi Gongzhu and even the Great General Zhou De lost their heads, and was it not because of witchcraft? Everything linked to witchcraft is an inevitable road to death.
Now, Chang Le has found these filthy things.
She cannot say who framed her, so it must be something she did herself! No matter what, if this becomes known to the public, the Li family will be greatly disadvantaged.
You should make your decision now.”Having heard these words, what remained of his hesitation crumbled.
Li Xiao Ran had decided and coldly said: “Chang Le, you have deeply disappointed me.
From here on out, go to Pu Ji An.
If anyone asks, I will say that you have caught the epidemic and must recuperate.”Pu Ji An, that was – a temple for nuns! Father must be insane, Li Chang Le lost her self-control: “Father, you are telling me to shave my hair and become a nun?!”

She could not believe it, could not believe any of it.
Li Xiao Ran could be this heartless.Li Xiao Ran turned away, not caring to look at her.Er Furen smiled and said: “Da Xiaojie, this is your father leaving you a path to live, to leave you to close your doors and reflect, that is all!”Close your doors and reflect? She could close her doors and reflect, if not in her courtyard, then somewhere else in the Li family.
Father sent her to the temple and did not mention when she could return, if so, Father might leave her there for the rest of her life, then what?!She hurriedly ran to Li Xiao Ran and held onto his feet, desperately saying: “Father, don’t! Don’t send me to that demonic place! Nu er has been unjustly treated! Nu er has been wronged!”Li Xiao Ran looked at her, her extraordinarily beautiful face like a delicate lotus.
Reluctance appeared in his eyes as he extended his hand as if wanting to stroke her hair.Li Wei Yang coldly looked on.
From the moment she stepped foot into the residence, both mother and daughter had schemed to harm her every step of the way.
If she was harmed by those two and forced to leave or lose face, she only feared Li Xiao Ran would not care, and yet, he was reluctant to punish Li Chang Le.Only… Li Chang Le had committed a grave crime this time and could not be forgiven.
Li Xiao Ran had to be resolute! She quietly looked on, a cold light crossing her clear eyes.Of course, Li Xiao Ran waved his hand, finally clenched into a fist, and coldly said: “Leave.”Li Min Feng quickly stood up, his eyes reddened: “Father, you must be mistaken, how could you not believe her and force meimei to go to that kind of place?!”Lao Furen’s cold stare swept over Li Min Feng, she had always wholeheartedly doted and loved this grandson, but he was too foolish and ignorant, wayward and insolent, exactly like his mother.
And now he even dared to say such things, he had no manners at all!She breathed out a sigh and said: “Chang Le, your father only wants you to live well for now.
No need for further delay, someone escort Da Xiaojie out to gather her belongings!”Da Furen’s face froze and suddenly she stood up from the ground: “Lao Furen, at least allow me to have some parting words with my nu er.”Lao Furen looked at her and frowned.“Very well,” Li Xiao Ran saw that Da Furen was desperately pleading and agreed.
After a second thought, he ordered someone beside him, “Those who took part in the search today, aside from those trusted, will all——”Li Wei Yang stood from afar and heard.
She lowered her gaze.
Li Xiao Ran wanted to eliminate the nubi that knew what had happened here, but the people in the hall were all members of the Li family.
Who could cast aside their wealth and glory to spread this, but nubi were different and could sell their masters out at any time.
Even Physician Shen was no exception.Da Furen helped Li Chang Le stand.
She pretended to fix her daughter’s hair, but there was a sense of urgency in her eyes.“Mother…” Li Chang Le wept.“Don’t cry, don’t cry, Chang Le…” Da Furen tightly embraced her, “Your father only lost his temper for a moment there.
He still loves you and will welcome you home in the future.
You must remember to live well…” She could not help but begin to cry as well, sobbing as she said: “I have told you before, you need to be careful.
Do not give that lowly girl an opportunity to scheme against you.
Who would have thought you were too kind, suffering like this today…”Li Wei Yang coldly smiled.
Da Furen ultimately did not forget to set a trap for her.Li Chang Le leaned against Da Furen’s shoulder, despairingly crying.
In her heart, her hatred for Li Wei Yang deepened, but she did not dare to reveal this and was deeply disappointed by Li Xiao Ran’s decision.
This time, she was leaving without knowing when she would return.
If Father listened to Lao Furen or Li Wei Yang and did not allow her to return, then her life would be over.
Perhaps in the Capital, if she did not make an appearance, people would quickly forget about her.
Even if she had the beauty to befall empires, what use would it be? If at all!This matter certainly had to do with Li Wei Yang! She could not stop cursing, if she had a knife in her hand then and there, she would immediately choose to die with Li Wei Yang.At that moment, Da Furen softly whispered to Chang Le.
After that, her icy stare turned to Li Wei Yang as she raised her voice, “You should take good care of your well-being.”Li Wei Yang noticed something was not right but could not say what it was for sure.
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Editor: Panisa

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