ressive background, it would be great if she became the empress, why would she choose a riskier path? Li Chang Le lived a comfortable life, she had already become tired of the family chef’s dishes.
After knowing this, Tuoba Zhen sent a chef through Li Min Feng; this chef’s specialty dish was Jiangshan’s layered osmanthus cake.
Each layer was thin and tender, soft yet wasn’t waxy, sweet yet wasn’t greasy, which made Li Chang Le unable to part with it.
Originally she held a bit of admiration towards him, now it has increased.
Li Chang Le deeply breathed in, she slowly said: “Mother is thinking too much, Third Prince might not be what you described him to be.” 

 Da Furen coldly groaned and said: “I’m only afraid that you don’t use your brains — based on background, Tuoba Zhen’s birth mother is of low birth, which is poor compared to the Crowned Prince and Seventh Prince.
But he is very prudent and he moves carefully at every step so the Emperor trusts him a lot, the Empress also treats him well.
It seems like he wholeheartedly considered for the Crowned Prince …… he probably has ulterior motives.” Li Chang Le heart jittered: “If he seriously has other motives and if he becomes the Emperor one day ……” Da Furen coldly smiled, she said: “But he is merely a rascal2, how would he dare to hope for greater things.
So what if his scheming is profound, it can’t cover up his low background and a mother without any family backing.
If he had a matriarch clan like Seventh Prince’s, your father might have supported him but he is only —“ Da Furen suddenly thought of something, she stared at Li Chang Le, “Don’t tell me you like him?”  In the end, Li Xiao Ran faintly guessed Tuoba Zhen’s ambition yet he was reluctant to support and indulged his ambitions; even more, he wouldn’t place his bet on him. 

Li Chang Le lightly uttered a sound, her face turned red and she said: “Who said so, Da ge has been continuously praising him, this is actually ……” Da Furen sneeringly said: “Your Da ge and him traveled together, their relationship is naturally on good terms, but he views everything too simple.
Your father originally wanted to let your Da ge interact more with the Crowned Prince and the Seventh Prince, he didn’t want to, to let him interact more with the Fifth Prince, he also didn’t want to.
He believed these people already has a powerful matriarch clan and thus, once they ascend the throne, he will not gain any credit, so he wanted to choose another path.
But he didn’t think about how could a Tuoba Zhen without any power or allies can overcome all the obstacles.
You shouldn’t fall for his frivolous behavior.” Li Chang Le’s heart vaguely had a shadow appearing distinctly yet she softly spoke: “Yes, I understand, Mother.” 


Da Furen’s eyes glimmered, changing unpredictably, she spoke in a low voice: “Don’t worry, the husband Mother finds for you will indubitably be a matchless ruler and noble.”

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