Chapter 64 Insidious and Sinister

 Li Chang Le frowned and revealed a hesitant expression: “In the past ten days, we have thought of everything, but Father still wanted to imprison you for at least a month.”  “Impossible!” Li Min Feng loudly beamed, “I am Father’s most beloved son, how can he do this to me!” He probably didn’t know but his eyes became sharp with deep discomfort and he was shaking like a leaf that was about to fall. Li Chang Le said: “Da ge, Father is very angry, everyone has been discussing about this recently, Father has always valued reputation, what you did was very unacceptable to Father.”  “No matter what you heard, I have to tell you that everything is a lie! It was obviously a corpse, how could it run to the plum tree and hang itself! It’s Li Wei Yang, that bitch, who planned everything, I will settle this with her soon!” He held onto Li Chang Le’s shoulder and shook her with all his strength and greatly shouted.
His handsome and noble face had already disappeared completely. Li Chang Le was stunned, she felt an unusual fear; Li Min Feng’s face reminded her of a beast that was about to die, he had already lost his calm. Da Furen rushed forward and then mercilessly slapped Li Min Feng: “I want you to sober up! If you are this impulsive, you will fall into Li Wei Yang’s trap.
She is definitely hiding in the dark right now, watching us fall on hard time and turn insane!”

 Li Min Feng was taken aback and absentmindedly stared at Da Furen for a while and then suddenly revealed a shameful expression.
It was such a shame that he was a man; he often boasted himself as a talent but at this moment, his disposition was not as steadfast compared to a married woman who was raised in a family harem. Guilt and shames gradually revealed on his face and then he dejectedly loosened his hands. Soon afterwards, he astonishingly discovered that Da Furen actually revealed signs of old age.
Not only were there silver strands growing from the side of her hair, but there were also wrinkles at the corner of her eyes, eyes that showed unease. His mother was actually capable of feeling anxious and he was once again astonished by this.
A mere Li Wei Yang had force his mother into this condition, what was going on? Li Wei Yang’s face floated in his mind, causing him to rage in fury and even to have the intention to kill.
His eyes immediately turned dull, a helpless and resentful smile formed on his mouth: “Mother, how can I lose to a young yatou?” Da Furen coldly said: “I’ve been urging you both again and again that this Li Wei Yang is a ruthless bitch.
We either not make a move or we make a move that delivers a killing blow.
But you two, you never listen to me!” She saw intentions to kill in his eyes and uncontrollably sighed, “It’s also my fault for spoiling you both.
Everything has been sailing smoothly for so long1, it has made you both unable to endure the waves.”  “But she made me suffer this bad!” Li Min Feng angrily said, his expression was like that of an injured wild wolf.
He saw himself as a man of great talents so he thought a little trouble could’ve gotten rid of Li Wei Yang, but he could’ve never imagined that he had gotten rid of himself. 

Da Furen showed a slight smile, a smile that sent shivers down people’s backs: “At this moment, if you continue to stir up trouble to get out, it will make your father become more tired of you.
Even more, the entire capital is discussing this incident; if you leave, you will bring on humiliation onto yourself, so might as well stay here and think about where did you go wrong?!”  Li Min Feng exposed a hint of uncertainty in his expression. Li Chang Le coldly said: “Da ge, your heart is too soft, if you dealt with Zi Yan earlier, this incident probably wouldn’t have occurred.” Li Min Feng felt a bit ashamed, she was right, he indeed was a little interested in Zi Yan, but she, as his younger sister, didn’t have the right to lecture him.  Da Furen gave Li Chang Le a glance: “If it wasn’t you who instigated your brother, how would a man like him bring himself into these matter!” Li Chang Le’s face paled, she couldn’t escape under Da Furen’s strict expression: “Mother, if we were to be overpowered by Li Wei Yang, this wouldn’t benefit Da ge at all.”  “You both! To deal with Li Wei Yang, we must slowly wait for an opportunity.
She is now Anping Xianzhu, it is much more difficult to touch her now!” Da Furen coldly spoke.  “Mother, you’ve been saying to wait for an opportunity, when exactly do we have to wait until!” Li Chang Le frowned.

 An inexplicable smile formed on Da Furen’s face: “Very soon.” Li Min Feng and Li Chang Le both showed an expression of uncertainty.
Da Furen gave Li Min Feng a glimpse: “Ponder with a quiet mind, I will eventually think of a way to let you leave here.
As for you Chang Le, don’t clash with that slut, Mother will very soon make her disappear for good!”  Leaving the ancestral hall, Li Chang Le couldn’t help but asked: “Mother, do you have a plan already?” Da Furen furtively smiled but didn’t say anything. Li Chang Le had utmost interest in the idea of Li Wei Yang’s impending death, she said: “Do you need daughter’s help?” Da Furen gently looked at her and said: “You shouldn’t be concerned, just simply look nice in front of others.” Li Chang Le blushed and said: “Daughter has always been attentive in this area.”

 Da Furen smiled: “Whether Li Wei Yang is a Xianzhu or a princess, it doesn’t matter, there is one thing she can’t rival with you.
Did you noticed that night at the banquet many titled gongzi were staring at you, especially that Fifth Prince, last night your father told me that the Fifth Prince have the intention to seek your hand for marriage.” Li Chang Le frowned: “Father has already agreed?” Da Furen shook her head and said: “Fifth Prince’s mother Min Imperial Concubine has been favored all these years, so the Fifth Prince benefited from this2, but your father said, the ones with the biggest chance to ascend the throne are the Crowned Prince and the Emperor’s beloved Seventh Prince.
As for the Fifth Prince, he still lacks experience —“ This meant that they had already decided on either siding with the Crowned Prince or the Seventh Prince …… Li Chang Le felt a bit disappointed, she didn’t know why, Third Prince’s handsome face appeared in her mind. Da Faren lightly tapped her hand: “You have to dress up nicely and take advantage of this opportunity, do you understand?” Ever since Da Furen visited Li Min Feng in the ancestral hall and warned Li Chang Le once again, Li Wei Yang discovered that not only did news regarding Da Shaoye not eating at the ancestral hall no longer spread, but also Li Chang Le acted normal and became more well-behaved.
Moreover, seeing this Da Xiaojie again, she was more well-dressed than before.
Li Wei Yang vaguely guessed that it was either because Da Furen was preparing to scheme against her or her older sister was using her beauty as a weapon to do something extraordinary.   


After a month, Li Min Feng was released from the ancestral hall.
A trace of anger towards Li Wei Yang couldn’t be seen on his face, not even an inkling.
However, underneath the tranquil expression was definitely raging torrents of anger.

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