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1waigong – maternal grandfather; jiujiu – maternal uncle

2Taizi – Crowned Prince

3hou – English equivalent is Marquis

4shu nu – way of referring to a concubine’s daughter

5zhangbei – elders

Chapter 59: A Sudden Gust of Wind

Something stirred within him as Tuoba Zhen smilingly said: “San Xiaojie is the main person of the banquet today, why did you run here to hide?”

Li Wei Yang idly ran her fingers through her hair, simply smiling: “The banquet is certainly for Dajie to indulge in extravagance.
If I stand in Dajie’s way, it would be a crime worthy of a hundred deaths!”

“What are you saying?” Tuoba Zhen was a bit surprised but outwardly maintained his warm smile, “The evening banquet is not held for Da Xiaojie.”

Li Wei Yang smiled softly, “Today, San Huangzi uses his good name to congratulate me, but in truth, you are weighing the worth of us sisters in Father’s heart, is that right?”

“You…” Tuo Ba Zhen did not expect her to be so direct.
He was stunned but remained brightly smiling and unwavering as before.

Li Wei Yang raised an eyebrow, looking to him: “San Dianxia does not need to worry.
Although I helped Bixia and Father resolve a difficult matter, in Father’s eyes, I will always be a concubine’s daughter who is unworthy of his attention.
This Anping Xianzhu is only a title that is pleasing to the ears.
Dajie is different.
Dajie has Father’s favor and a maternal grandfather and uncle1 with military authority in hand, and of course, she also has unparalleled beauty.
Naturally, Dajie will be the most useful to San Dianxia.”

There was no trace of any emotion on her lovely face.
There seemed to be a hint of disdain in her eyes as well.
Tuoba Zhen noticed this and suddenly had a strange feeling.

This girl could grasp his intentions with a single glance.
He smiled slightly: “It seems you are someone with a rare intellect.”

Li Wei Yang’s gaze remained fixated on him but seemed to go through him, focused on something else, indifferent but hostile.

Having been reborn, she had eventually thought things through.
Although Li Chang Le had her indisputable beauty, what Tuoba Zhen valued the most at this time was the support of Prime Minister Li and military authority of the Jiang family behind her.
This man not only had great ambitions and fearlessness but unparalleled patience.
He played along with her for eight years until he had drained her of what little value she had left, only then did he stop.

Tuoba Zhen stared intently at her.
In truth, Li Wei Yang could be considered beautiful, but she was rather lacking compared to Li Chang Le.
Moreover, in the encounters with him, she did not have the charm and grace of women.
There were also her determination and ambition.
He breathed out a sigh: “From the moment we met, you seem to have a deep hatred for me…”

The corner of Li Wei Yang’s lips curved upwards as she reluctantly said: “Dianxia has misunderstood.
You and I barely know one another, how can deep hatred exist between us.”

Tuoba Zhen tensed and discovered that he did not have any means to understand this girl, much less a bit of her thinking.

This feeling was certainly unnerving.

He casually said: “You must attend the banquet, even if it is only to pave the way for Li Chang Le, you cannot decide not to come.
Taizi Dianxia2 has brought gifts and intends to present them to you before everyone during the banquet.
If you do not attend, it would be considered that you have gone against Taizi’s will.”

He thought Li Wei Yang would find another excuse to decline and did not expect Li Wei Yang to stand up with a bright smile as she said: “Thank you San Dianxia for the reminder.” Having said this, she left in the direction of the banquet.

Bai Zhi bowed to Tuoba Zhen and quickly followed after Li Wei Yang.

Tuoba Zhen was stunned.
After that, he coldly stared after Li Wei Yang’s retreating figure for a while with a blank smile.

At the banquet, Li Chang Le was cheerfully conversing with other daughters of aristocratic families.
On the other side, the other furen were quietly conversing.

Dong Furen of Marquis3 of Hechang’s household was about forty years old and was covered in pearls and jewels.
She softly smiled and said to Da Furen: “This banquet was prepared for San Xiaojie, is it not, why have we yet to see San Xiaojie arrive?”

Da Furen smiled but did not say anything.
It was only right that Li Wei Yang did not come.
Every lady here could not be compared to Li Chang Le, since she was already lacking compared to her sisters, she had no reason to come and lose even more face.

After the last incident, Wei Guo Furen came to deeply resent Li Wei Yang.
She smilingly covered her mouth with a handkerchief and had a jeering expression: “A young yatou that grew up in the countryside must be lacking in poetry and painting, and must be unfamiliar with etiquette no less.
It seems to me Prime Minister Li should hide this shu nu4 well in order to lose face in front of others!”

Dong Furen covered her mouth with her handkerchief, slightly smiling: “This may be so, but she is currently Anping Xianzhu.
I heard the Empress Dowager had to look at her differently too!”

Wei Guo Furen smiled coldly: “Anping Xianzhu, there was no official ceremony nor was there such an honor, then what meaning would this Xianzhu have! It was only because Bixia has high regards for Prime Minister Li and appeased her, she is truly a naive yatou! That being said, it is only right that she does not show her face in order to save herself from becoming a laughingstock in front of everyone.”

Suddenly, Dong Furen stopped smiling, pointing at the graceful silhouette ahead, fearfully said: “That is, who is that?”

Da Furen followed Dong Furen’s hand and could not help but frown.

Everyone stared wide-eyed at Li Wei Yang, their expressions were those of astonishment.

Since Li Wei Yang now possessed the title and status of Xianzhu, every Furen and Xiaojie without a noble rank had to ceremonially greet her.
She smiled softly and returned the gesture to everyone.
Her notions were not only free of any errors but also had a refined and noble air, even the small smile she had was just enough, further surprising everyone.

“Didn’t they say she grew up in the rural countryside?”

“Her mannerisms and disposition is not like that at all! Surely, look at her gestures and see.
Her movements are swift and graceful like drifting clouds and flowing water, not too different from the imperial concubines and princesses.

Da Furen was stunned and speechless.
Her harsh gaze was fixated on Li Wei Yang as if she did not know her.
She could not understand why Li Wei Yang did not resemble a yatou from the countryside but more like a princess of high, noble birth!

Dong Furen stared at Li Wei Yang.
This child, while her appearance was lacking in comparison to the beautiful Li Chang Le, her actions were calm as water, refined and unhurried.
Compared to Da Xiaojie, it was a different presence.

Being too beautiful will make others uneasy, but Li Wei Yang was pleasing and cheerful enough without being a potential threat.
Her eyes were clear, and her smile seemed slightly sweet.
In this manner, her presence was much stronger compared to Dajie, a feeling that every Furen and Xiaojie in the room shared.

Li Chang Le’s gaze closely followed Li Wei Yang’s every gesture.
She did not think this lowly girl would dare to appear at the banquet.
Li Chang Xi came to her side and looked after Li Wei Yang’s silhouette, spitefully saying: “Look at that triumphant look on her face, with just the position of Xianzhu, she thinks she must be a princess!”

Li Chang Le did not say anything as she grimaced.

Li Xiao Ran smiled at everyone as he said: “I welcome everyone to the residence today, first of all, so everyone may socialize and eat and drink merrily, and secondly to introduce my third daughter…” Having said this, he turned to Li Wei Yang and said in a low murmur: “Wei Yang, now greet everyone here.”

Li Wei Yang gently smiled, bowing slightly as she greeted their guests: “Wei Yang respectfully greets zhangbei5.”

Everyone had thought they would see a countryside yatou who was ignorant of etiquette and dared to cause trouble.
They had not expected she would be a lovely Xiaojie.
Perhaps the opposition was too strong, for the admiration for Li Chang Le’s beauty suddenly dissipated and everyone’s attention turned to Li Wei Yang.

Even so, this San Xiaojie, a daughter of a concubine, was a legend.
First of all, she was not favored and was sent to the rural countryside.
After that, she returned and miraculously stood firm in the Li household and had done a great service to the country and was made Xianzhu by Bixia.
This was unheard of in Da Li, since the country was established to this day, it was truly a miracle to behold!

Everyone’s eyes and gazes were full of curiosity and admiration like.
Li Wei Yang had a gentle expression, refined and courteous, making Tuoba Zhen, who had just arrived, stared intently at her, his gaze not leaving her.
Li Wei Yang was a daring yatou, something one could recognize from the words she had spoken before.
However, having arrived at the banquet, she seemed to have become an entirely different person, with the bright smile on her face, it could be said to be flawless.

At this moment, suddenly a cry from a girl rang out.

“Qi Huangzi! Qi Huangzi Dianxia!”

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