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1 成龙成凤: turn into dragon and phoenix: becoming royalty since dragon represent emperor and phoenix represent Empress

2 罐子破摔了: smashing the pot to pieces because it’s cracked- meaning not learning from one’s mistake, instead you just continue in the worse direction

3 This is an old saying from the northern part of China which means someone is taking the opportunity for themselves

4 This means that they have done so much and gain nothing, instead, someone else has gained

Chapter 58: Congratulatory Banquet

Li Chang Le laid on the beauty couch with sickness, a handkerchief covering her face.

Da Furen walked over quickly and shouted angrily: “Get up!”

Li Chang Le was surprised, sat up subconsciously, Da Furen raised her hand, gave her a slap.

A vivid fingerprint mark appears on Li Chang Le’s face, her eyes bulged, staring at Da Furen in disbelief.

“Even when losing you must be a good loser! Don’t put on such behavior!” Da Furen’s voice was cold like ice.

Li Chang Le only feels the burning pain on her face, tears rushing out immediately: “Mother! That yatou framed me! She set me up! It doesn’t matter that you didn’t get justice for me, you still hit me!”

“You still haven’t figured it out!” Da Furen shouted, “Kneel!”

Li Chang Le was surprised, kneeling down subconsciously.

“From a young age, I have put you on the palm of my hand, dying to pick the moon from the sky to give you.
Only hoping that you can turn into dragon and phoenix[1], I have higher expectations for you than your brother!” The more Da Furen talked, the angrier she became: “Who would have thought that you would be so stupid, watching someone else dug a pit and jump straight into it, even so, I do not blame you, if you fall, you just climb back up, but you would just lie in the pit, smashing a pot into pieces[2], not knowing how to go forward … my painstaking efforts, have all been destroyed by you!”

Upon hearing this, Li Chang Le wanted to cry but dared not to, dully looking at Da Furen with tears in her eyes.

Da Furen was exasperated: “Chang Le, what did I tell you before, I have already arranged a good way for you to come out, you just wouldn’t listen, therefore being taken in by that slut!”

Li Chang Le was almost bewildered: “This is Dage—-” In the beginning, it was definitely Dage who said this idea was hers, of course, she then went down the slope of the donkey[3].

“Your brother is simple-minded, sent him to study in other places, don’t even know what he has learned! That he would meddle with maids of the residence! This time the two of you, have recklessly made a wedding dress for other[4]!”

These words, at that time when she was famous throughout the world, mother had never mentioned it before, at that time she was still happy … Li Chang Le could only refute in her heart.

“Do you know, that slut is now the Lady of Anping, a higher status than your own, just now Lao Furen has specially selected ten yatous and Mamas to give her.”

Li Chang Le lost her calm and snapped: “This slut!”

“Since it is already one step wrong, then it cannot be wrong again, who knows how many high officials and noble lords will come to tonight’s banquet, all here to celebrate Li Wei Yang becoming a titled lady, if you don’t go, isn’t that letting her gloat from now on?” Da Furen’s voice was a bit unfeeling.

“Mother!” She moved on her knees to Da Furen’s side, “Mother, I was wrong!”

Da Furen looked at the Li Chang Le who was brimming with tears, sighed and wiped the tears from her face: “I know, you feel embarrassed, however regardless of whether it is inside the house or outside, you need to be steady and swallow your grievances! I believe, no matter how clever Li Wei Yang is, as long as you stand there, no one would notice her!”

Although her tears have not dried, Li Chang Le’s manner began to relax.

She suddenly understood Da Furen’s meaning.

The commoners outside who curse and spit on her, what did it matter, as long as she had her devastatingly beautiful looks, her father’s support, there would be a day, she would get what she wanted! Li Wei Yang, was destined to only become a stepping stone! Today, she needed to borrow Li Wei Yang’s banquet, to take away all of her glory!

When entering the main hall, it was already filled with congratulatory guests, on one side was the female guests with close links to the prime minister’s residence, the other side was Prime Minister Li’s colleagues and students.

Li Chang Le gently entered the main hall, like a gorgeous cloud floating in, instantly attracting everyone’s gaze.

Everyone looked up, looking that the Li Chang Le in front of them, her full forehead, her chin sharp and mellow, slightly prominent, bright red cherry lips slightly pursed, eyes clear like autumn water, bright like a shining star, a touch of sorrow in them, drawing out an endless charm.

Among the crowd, Fifth prince Tuoba Rui was sitting in the most honorable position, his face handsome, also beautifully dressed, stands out exceptionally among the crowd.
As Li Chang Le was passing by, she happened to meet his eyes, his eyes shining as he looked at her, Li Chang Le’s face turned hot from that gaze and smiled slightly.

In the past, Li Chang Le never attended such occasions, Da Furen’s thought it was easy to understand, the more mysterious, the more fragile, outsiders only knew that Prime Minister Li’s eldest daughter was devastatingly beautiful, but just not to this extent was her beauty, seeing it at this moment, the fifth prince’s eyes, unmoving, fell on her, looking infatuated.

Li Chang Ru was already dressed up in splendid attire sitting in a seat for female guests, originally her beauty had attracted some praises, but now, who still remembered her? Her beautiful face slowly twisted, silently cursing Li Chang Le through clenched teeth.

In the entire hall, the sole person sitting comfortably was only Da Furen.
Seeing her beautiful daughter, evoked a smile, this was right, not relying on wits, just this incomparable beauty, would be able to beat Li Wei Yang to the dust.

Li Chang Le gracefully welcomed the gorgeous firework-like gaze of everyone, calmly taking in the surprise, the envy, the coveting and various kind of gazes, enchantingly stretch a hand to comb the loose hair beside her ear.

Someone exclaimed in wonder: “This daughter of the Li is very beautiful.”

“Yes, like someone out of a painting, that you cannot believe it!”

“The Li hid her very well, such beauty, heavenly fairy must be as such!”

At this time, everyone has forgotten, this is a banquet held in honor of the prime minister’s third daughter being titled Lady of Anping, no one remembered, that this calamity was eliminated due to San Xiaojie’s strategy, so much so that no one thought to ask, where was San Xiaojie now.

Li Wei Yang did not appear, the banquet would soon begin, there was not even a trace of her.

Seeing this scene, San Furen frowned.

Li Min De moved quietly in front of her: “Mother, I will look for San Jie.”

San Furen nodded and seemed to want to entrust something, but still held back the words.
Whether Li Wei Yang came or not, it did not matter now, with such a beautiful older sister, no one remembered if she came.

Everything has been ruined by Li Chang Le.
And what was more, it was clear that she did it intentionally.

Li Min De nodded and left quickly.


The late coming Third Prince Tuoba Zhen walked through the corridor, happened to see Bai Zhi hastily rushed by, following that line of sight, that in an unobtrusive corner of the garden, he saw Li Wei Yang.

Beneath the plum blossom tree, a girl was laying on her side on the spacious swing, skirt spread out charmingly, jet-black hair falling, she watched the moonlight from the sky, eyes half squinting, thinking about something.

Tuoba Zhen suddenly raised a smile and was just about to go over, the prime minister ’s maidservant who was guiding him quickly stopped him: “San Dianxia, the banquet will soon begin.”

“I know!” Tuoba Zhen smiled, “This is not my first time coming, I will go over by myself shortly!”

The maidservant was surprised, a bit at loss, Tuoba Zhen waved a hand towards her, “You may leave.”

The maidservant did not dare to disobey, gave him a curtsy, and quietly retreated.

Li Wei Yang who was staring at the moonlight seemed to have heard the sound of movement from this side, turned her head to look over.

Tuoba Zhen stopped in his steps, he saw clearly, the moment when Li Wei Yang’s eyes saw him, he saw the mix of a smile of mockery and cold like rippling water from a well, making one felt as if they had placed themselves in iced water.


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