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1 This part has become a question, but the meaning is the same.2 I use Empress Dowager because it is more common in translations.
I feel like Dowager Empress is more accurate though.3 An Ping Xianzhu – a position bestowed only to women during the feudal era; it is different from gongzhu (princess, daughter of Emperor) and junzhu (princess, nieces of the Emperor), the rank xianzhu is below both gongzhu and junzhu — An Ping is the characters bestowed as a title based on one’s character and achievements4 Titles bestowed to wives of officials who have contributed major achievements towards the country VocabularyChen nu – what female subjects refer to themselves as when speaking to the EmperorDimu – legal mother of concubines’ childrenNuhai – a girl, young childShichen – lit.
long hours, the day is broken up into 12 two-hour periodsShu ren – referring to a gentle and righteous person  The eunuch rolled up the list of the treasures presented and placed it on the tray brimming with gifts.
His voice was sharp and clear as he addressed Li Wei Yang: “Why have you not accepted the edict and expressed your gratitude?”[1] 

Li Wei Yang respectfully kowtowed and said: “Chen nu is grateful for Bixia’s grace.
However, every time chen nu thinks of the suffering of people in turmoil, chen nu cannot bear to accept this.
If Bixia permits, chen nu will use every treasure here to help the people in the affected areas as well as those displaced from their homes and are seeking refuge.” The Emperor was taken aback.
It was difficult to see what he was thinking in the bottomless depths of his cold eyes.
In truth, a bit of fear had surfaced in him.
A young lady with such intellect who was also not after wealth and fame was rare. The Empress Dowager[2] smiled softly and nodded.
She looked to Li Wei Yang with well intentions and said: “Gentle young one, you are worthy to accept these treasures.
You should not turn them down.
Moreover, you have good intentions.
It would only be right to further reward you.
Bixia, what do you think?” The Emperor pondered over it for a bit before nodding: “Imperial Mother, you are right.
Compared to the gold and silver you have been awarded, you should accept it.
The Empress Dowager has said to further reward you, so I will award you the title Anping Xianzhu, your mother —— ” [3] Having said one part, Li Wei Yang softly spoke up: “Bixia, chen nu’s dimu is already a furen of the first rank of nobility.”[4] Li Xiao Ran was the Prime Minister.
Lao Furen was of the first rank of nobility and likewise Da Furen.
However, the imperial edict could be issued many times.
Da Furen was already of the first rank of nobility, if the Emperor were to bestow the title of first rank once more, it would not be an issue.
Why would Li Wei Yang abruptly speak up in this manner? This was clearly directed at the Emperor: you bestowed Da Furen the title of first rank, yet I still have my birth mother! The Empress Dowager nearly laughed out loud.
This young yatou was truly unwilling to be at the slightest disadvantage.
She reminded them, “Bixia has already bestowed the rank for dimu.
It is only right that this child’s birth mother should receive the same honor.” 

The Emperor was also aware of the complication.
In his mind, he only needed to know that Li Wei Yang’s father was Li Xiao Ran, not who her mother was.
However, since she had taken the initiative and brought it up, he could not pretend he did not understand: “Very well.
It shall be extended to your mother, as it should be.” Having said this, he did not want to prolong the ordeal any further.
He swept his sleeve and left to seek his court officials to discuss matters. The Empress Dowager kept Li Wei Yang back for a bit, speaking to her like a grandmother of a normal household would. With Li Wei Yang’s expressions just then, she could not help but feel a bit cautious towards this child because she was worried.
In her eyes, a girl with intellect and intentions like this at a young age was undoubtedly a dangerous sign.
She solemnly placed Li Wei Yang’s hand in her own and earnestly told her: “Women should not participate in men’s affairs.
What young misses of prestigious households should do is become well-learned in poetry and painting, marry into a righteous household and live the rest of their lives in peace.” Although these words were vague, their meaning was clear.
It was intended as cautionary advice to Li Wei Yang. Today, the child was elevated to such a high, noble status and will become entangled in jealousy and hatred from there.
Least to say, someday, she may suffer a great fall and end up on the cold ground without anyone or any place to look to for support. The Empress Dowager was worried that Li Wei Yang did not understand, or perhaps, understood but did not accepted this and even bore resentment in her heart.
She had not expected Li Wei Yang to remain calm and collected, nodding as if she were committing the advice to heart.
There even seemed to be a look of gratitude in her eyes. The Empress Dowager breathed a sigh of relief and momentarily felt that she did not quite understand this child.
For the most part, children in the Imperial family abandoned their innocent childhood at an early age, such maturity for their age was nothing out of the ordinary.
Yet this child had grown up in the rural countryside.
How could she have had such keen insight and recognized who was sincere and truly her allies in a fleeting moment, and moreover, she had delivered an appropriate response… Least to say, it was truly surprising. Not six hours had passed before news reached the three women of the Prime Minister’s household.
Li Wei Yang had been bestowed the title of Anping Xianzhu.
At the same time dimu Jiang shi was given first rank of nobility, and her birth mother Tan shi was to be shu ren of the third rank, shocking the entire household for the time being. Er Furen was stunned.
Li Wei Yang becoming xianzhu was one thing, how was Qi Yiniang, who was not even allowed to eat at the grand table, bestowed the title and status of shu ren of the third rank? It was simply too much for someone to believe.
Looking back and forth between the eight, red lacquered chests, she understood the extent of the Emperor’s grace.

 When it came time to receive the imperial edict, Da Furen’s face was tense and quivering in fury for some time until she reluctantly recollected herself.
Er Furen’s envious stare flared, and even San Furen’s cold and nonchalant disposition had a hint of astonishment.
Li Chang Le was furious to the point where her face had grown pale.
Since the edict required every member of the household to wait at the doors of the compound, everyone in the Capital soon realized San xiaojie of the Li household Li Wei Yang had resolved difficult matters in the Emperor’s stead and was bestowed a position by the Emperor! The person who would have had this honor and glory should have been her, Li Wei Yang had deliberately stopped her mid-step and she had become the person behind the efforts! Nevertheless, Da Furen was a calm and collected person.
Having accepted the imperial edict, she ordered someone to help Lao Furen inside and another to take silver to thank the eunuch that delivered the edict. Li Chang Le’s face was drained of color.
Li Chang Ru of Erfang took great pleasure in her deflated defeat and deliberately approached her, “Dajie, why is your expression so unsightly?” Li Chang Le could not say a word at all.
Her hands clenched into fists, her nails digging into the palm of her hands until it drew blood. Da Furen’s voice was gentle and calm: “Chang Ru, your Dajie has only caught a bit of a cold.
Your concern for your Dajie is a good thing, but you should be careful that the cold does not spread to you.
The imperial edict has been received, receive to your quarters to rest.” Li Chang Ru pursed her lips and unhappily helped Er Furen to return to their quarters. Qi Yiniang suddenly received a blessing from her daughter.
She was overjoyed and brimming with tears, but in front of Da Furen, she did not dare to reveal her happiness.
Li Wei Yang gave Qi Yiniang a meaningful look.
Tan shi wanted to step forward to exchange a few words with her daughter, but there were so many people there that she did not dare to say much.
She only looked intently at Li Wei Yang before a yatou helped her return to her quarters. Li Wei Yang looked to her birth mother as she left, then turned away.
As she stood on the steps, she saw Da Furen had ordered yatou Tan Xiang to help Li Chang Le inside while overseeing those who carried the chests inside.
The housekeeper beside her restlessly went back and forth: “Be careful, be careful.”

 Li Wei Yang smiled slightly.
This time she had let Li Chang Le down with a great disappointment and yet, there did not seem to be a trace of any emotion on Da Furen’s face.
It seemed she was a formidable opponent and not easy to confront. As Li Chang Le gracefully ascended the steps, she suddenly paused mid-step and stared intently at Li Wei Yang. Bai Zhi was frightened by her stare and immediately lowered her head. Tan Xiang embarrassedly said: “San xiaojie, Da xiaojie is not feeling well and cannot participate in the evening banquet Lao Ye has prepared for xiaojie.
Nubi will help Da xiaojie return.” Li Wei Yang’s expressions did not change, she nodded: “Alright.
Look after Dajie well.” Having said that, she turned and returned to her quarters. “You! Stop there!” Li Chang Le abruptly called out.
Although her voice was not loud, it had strange undertones. Li Wei Yang looked to her, smiling: “Dajie, is something wrong?” Li Chang Le returned the gesture with a hostile glare: “Li Wei Yang, you arranged all of this!” “I arranged this?” Li Wei Yang smiled softly, “Did I plead that Dajie steal my idea? Or did I plead Dajie to go the Emperor to be rewarded? Dajie did everything knowing fully well what was ahead, how can you blame me.”

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