Chapter 51: Take possession and make it as one's own

  “Fourth, reduce taxes.
Dispatch a messenger to each region to announce a three-years tax exemption for all victims, this will make the people remember the emperor’s kindness with gratitude.
If we do this, what’s important is not reducing taxes but showing the people that we care.
Five, set up backup granaries.
After relief has been provided and the price of grains begins to decrease, we will purchase grains from the farmers to prepare for future catastrophes; once the price of grains starts increasing, we can sell the grains we’ve purchased to lower the market price.
We can also use the grains we’ve purchased to areas affected by catastrophes in the future, this is the once and for all good tactic1.” Everyone listened and speechlessly gazed at one another as they were all stunned.
Tuoba Zhen greatly applauded and said: “Great! Great! This is wonderful!” Li Chang Le still had the same usual expression, anger and hatred greatly appeared in her pair of beautiful eyes.
She couldn’t believe that Li Wei Yang could have thought of such a plan, the most important part was she had to admit that the plan was very rational! She couldn’t believe it, no matter what she couldn’t! 


 “Even though this Five-Steps Disaster Relief Policy is lacking in some areas, but it inarguably is a great idea!” At this point, a person entered the pavilion, shocking everyone. It was Li Xiao Ran, whose face was filled with joy. 

After overcoming his awe, Li Min Feng suddenly stood up and smilingly said: “Yes, Chang Le’s Five-Steps Disaster Relief Policy is definitely extraordinary, I’m afraid she’ll have to be compared to men of the world!” Everyone was surprised, Li Chang Xi then jumped up: “Yes, Da jie is awesome, to come up with such an idea, she is really an exemplary role model for all women!” Li Xiao Ran was confused but then stood at where he was and was silent for a moment. Tuoba Zhen frowned, his gaze swept across the blushing Li Chang Le; in the end, he didn’t voice a word.  “It was obviously our Xiaojie —“ Bai Zhi exclaimed. Li Min Feng sternly reproached: “Silent! The masters are speaking, you as a yatou dare to speak here!” Bai Zhi was frightened by his words and his intimidating expression, she bewilderedly looked towards Li Wei Yang.
Not only her, but everyone in the pavilion looked towards her. 

Li Min Feng walked up a step, his handsome face revealed a hint of coldness: “San mei, don’t you think Chang Le is an extraordinary woman?!” Taking the credit of other people’s merits, this pair of siblings was indeed shameless.
As for Tuoba Zhen, he had already lowered his head to sip his tea, the inner struggles within the Li Family were none of his business, what he wanted was the end-result. Li Xiao Ran gazed at the quiet Li Wei Yang, a hint of regret passed through his heart, and then he laughed loudly: “Yes, Chang Le is amazing, even I as the Prime Minister couldn’t resolve this problem yet it was easily resolved in her hands! She is inarguably a female Zhuge Liang!” Li Chang Le lightly smiled, her index finger considerably brushed past her own beautiful skirt as she hid the mocking smile on her lips. Li Wei Yang, even though you came up with this five tactics, so what, who would dare to speak out for you here?! Mother was right, you are simply a lowly illegitimate, you are destined to pave the roads for me! Thinking to this point, she gently smiled: “Father, I don’t deserve the praise, I am doing it for the people, there is nothing to boast about.” She even had the impudence to admit it, Li Wei Yang almost laughed aloud.
In the previous life, half a month before Tuoba Zhen ascended the throne, the eastern region of Da Li was suddenly flooded; Tuoba Zhen personally visited the flood-stricken areas and she also accompanied him.
Facing an agonizing sight of millions of homeless commoners, fifteen strategists gathered together and came up with a plan based on the situation after three days without rest.
Only then, the plan was in fragments, it wasn’t fully systematic, but it was after pondering upon this that she came up with such tactics. Li Xiao Ran regretfully glimpsed at Li Wei Yang, he couldn’t have known that this not eye-catching daughter of his had such a brain, but —– he had been training Li Chang Le for years, now was the perfect opportunity for her to shine, not only would this garner her attention from the imperial family, but it would also help her gain a good reputation amongst the people.
If only Wei Yang was also raised by his side, if only she also had a beautiful face, then he perhaps wouldn’t have neglected her hard work, but since the situation has gotten out of hand, he could only go with the flow.   

Witnessing the end-result, Tuoba Zhen smilingly said: “This being so, I will enter the palace and put forth this Five-Steps Disaster Relief Policy to my imperial father, at that time, I will ensure Da Xiaojie’s merits are rewarded.” Li Chang Le’s brows rose, she smiled with complete satisfaction for the first time. Since the start, Li Wei Yang didn’t utter a word. Coming back from the pavilion, Bai Zhi was infuriated, Li Wei Yang looked at her and smiled: “What has happened to you?” “**,你怎么还跟没事儿人一样!那主意分明是你想出来的,怎么能让大**将全部的功劳抢走了!奴婢听人说,因为文武百官们想不出好法子,陛下已经诏令民间,不论男女,只要能有救灾的方法,男的加官进爵,女的给封赏诰命呢!”“Xiaojie, how can you act as if nothing has happened! You obviously came up with the plan, how can you let Da Xiaojie take credit for it! Nubi heard because no officials could come up with a good idea, the Emperor has already sent out an edict saying that no matter male or female, whoever can come up with a plan to resolve the crisis, if he’s a male, he would advance in rank, if she’s a female, she would be rewarded!”  “Oh, really?” Li Wei Yang listened but was not concerned at all. Bai Zhi was always calm, it was rare seeing her fret: “In the family now, Xiaojie only has Lao furen on your side, but Da Xiaojie is after all her granddaughter as well, no matter how much she dotes on you, she couldn’t disregard Da Xiaojie and the others; she is also getting old, she can’t protect you in the future, what will you do then!”

 Li Wei Yang couldn’t believe Bai Zhi would speak such words, she stared at her: “Bai Zhi, I am really glad that you are saying these words to me.” Bai Zhi was on the urge of stomping her feet, “Xiaojie, what time is it now, how can you not be a bit worried! Do you really want to be in imminent danger2before you become worried!” Mo Zhu was standing on the side, she tried to persuade her: “Xiaojie, should we tell Lao furen about this situation —–“  “No need, Lao furen has been frequently troubled because of me, we shouldn’t bother her with such trivial matters.” Li Wei Yang rose, she stared at the snowstorm outside her window and she slowly revealed a smile. Five-Steps Disaster Relief Policy? Li Chang Le, slowly wait for your reward. Tuoba Zhen didn’t lie, he immediately proposed the plan.
Once the emperor saw it, he was extremely delighted; after hearing that it was devised by Prime Minister Li’s fifteen years old daughter, he greatly praised the prime minister and promised that once the catastrophe was over, rewards would be given accordingly.
Not long, countless scholars and musicians came up with poems and songs to describe Li Chang Le’s beauty and intelligence as well as her patriotism towards her country and people.
It can be said that Prime Minister Li’s eldest daughter’s skillfulness in literature and arts was incomparable to her impressive feat, she will be entered into the records and be remembered throughout history.   Da furen couldn’t hide her joy on her face for half a month.
Not only her but Da Xiaojie’s servants who had their allowance doubled, were also joyous, causing servants of the other households to envy them.

Amidst the shouts of joy, it was only Li Wei Yang who silently waited, she was waiting for a catastrophe to befall upon Li Chang Le’s head …… 

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