Chapter 46 : Kneel and repent


Such a big room, in the end it was frighteningly silent.


Want to use your own power against everyone else? In Tuoba Zhen’s eyes, a trace of sneer came across.


At this instant, Li Wei Yang looked clearly into the cold-blooded eyes of the other side, suddenly thought of the painful moments when her own legs were cut off, unexpectedly there was a feeling of suffocation.
No matter when, it was just herself fighting.


“San jie would not lie!” At this time, a hand suddenly stretched over, through her sleeves pressing on her hand.


Li Wei Yang’s entire body was startled.


She turned her head, along with the arm in her hand to look, in the bright and beautiful sunshine, Li Min De’s pair of eyes bright like stars, steady gaze, pure, full of trust.


This little boy, forehead full of crystal-like sweats, upon hearing this news, rushed to her side at the first chance.


It was strange, just earlier she still felt suffocated. 

However at this moment, a whiff of warmth flow into her heart, when everyone was questioning her, suspecting her, even hating her, surprisingly this child stood by her side.


Warm, comfortable, even …… lifesaving.


She fiercely grasped Li Min De’s hand, then let go, quickly moving to Lao Furen before kneeling in front of her: “Lao Furen, since Wei Yang came back, unknowingly adding trouble to everyone, please Lao Furen—send me back to Ping Cheng!”


Her expression, steady and emotionless, but in her eyes, there seemed to be a trace of crystal tears, all of a suddenly people dared not to look away.


As silence lingered in the room, everyone was holding their breath.


At this time, Lao Furen laughed, her frowning eyebrows smoothing out, the corner of her  lips lifting, the original cold expression immediately softening.


“Feng er, kneel before your sister, serve tea to admit your wrongs.” Lao Furen has made the decision.


Li Min Feng’s express changed drastically, looking back in disbelief, only to see Lao Furen’s cold eyes.
He gritted his teeth, quickly walked over, as if using hatred as strength to pick up the teacup; he walked towards Li Wei Yang, breathing heavily, all the muscles in his face twitching, simply unable to open his mouth.
Meanwhile Da Furen aside, her face has already revealed an extreme look of anger, if it wasn’t for all of the people present, she would have probably rushed up and tear Li Wei Yang’s face.


Li Chang Le suddenly turned back, face full of tears, looking pleadingly at Tuoba Zhen.


At this moment, a trace of sneer came back to Li Wei Yang’s face.


She looked at Li Min Feng, soon he will have to kneel down!


Just at this time, suddenly a slender arm stretched out, stopping Li Min Feng’s movements: “Brother Min Feng, men’s knees are golden, can kneel before heaven, earth, king, parents and masters, what is the meaning of kneeling before a girl?!”


Third prince Tuoba Zhen’s face is uncharacteristically beautiful among the colourful clothes, and what more eyebrows and lashes are dark, causing people unable to turn their gaze away.


Li Min Feng was stunned, then stopped his actions.


Li Wei Yang’s eyes shift, quietly looking at Tuoba Zhen.


Tuoba Zhen was also looking at her, for the first time, he is really looking at Li Wei Yang.


Obviously enduring silently but restraining, very calm, yet one can feel that an impending explosion of fury surged through her body.
 She looked frail and delicate, but, there was no power in this world, that could knock her down.
So contradicting, yet so harmonious, natural as if wisdom was concentrated on one person.


Tuoba Zhen could not help but think, there were countless women around him, some as noble as an empress, some as virtuous as Mei Guifei, some as elegant as Wu Xianfei, some as beautiful as Li Chang Le…however, someone like Li Wei Yang, this was the first time seeing.


That was clearly a begonia, blooming in this world.


Stubborn and beautiful.


Unfortunately, born from common origin, too low! His eyes turned dark, of course receiving Li Chang Le’s grateful look.


Everyone was shocked, third prince came out to save Li Min Feng, if Li Wei Yang still insisted on Li Min Feng kneeling to admit his wrongs, that was going too far!


Lao Furen looked at this scene, could not help but frown.


Da Furen let out a breath of relief, luckily third prince was present, very timely!


Li Wei Yang smiled coldly, not looking at Tuoba Zhen who kept staring at her, instead walked in front of Lao Furen, bowed deeply: “Thank you Lao Furen for standing up for Wei Yang, however as Gege’s body is precious, Wei Yang cannot accept it!”


Lao Furen lightly looked at Tuoba Zhen, her lips twitched: “Then Feng er can kneel a night in the ancestral hall, as for admitting wrongs, Chang Le can replace her brother.”


The expression changed for three people, including the Da Furen who just sighed in relief.


The light in Li Chang Le’s pair of clear autumn water eyes show a mix of uneasiness and shame, she looked at Tuoba Zhen, clearly hoping that he will come to her rescue.


He could only help once not twice, Tuoba Zhen could only look at Li Chang Le with apologetic eyes, showing an expression of dismay.


Da Furen quickly judged the situation, between her eldest son and beloved daughter, she made a choice: “Chang Le, you should replace your brother, admits your wrongs to Wei Yang.”


Li Chang Le looked at Da Furen in disbelief, who gave her a wink, she only feels humiliated, composed herself, looking at Li Wei Yang while holding that cup of tea without moving, finally came up, voice thin like a mosquito: “Sanmei.”


Li Wei Yang smiled and looked at her, deeply inhaling the cold air, calming the burning fury in her body.


Li Chang Le slowly kneel down, her smile becoming stiff: “It is I and Da ge who misunderstood you earlier—-”


Li Wei Yang lightly said: “ Dajie is wrong, it is not misunderstanding, it’s wrongful treatment.”


Li Chang Le’s black cloud-like hair, eyelashes delicate and charming like a half bloomed rose with water vapour, everyone who are present, suddenly seems to not have the heart to bear it.


Da Furen is particularly annoyed, her own beloved daughter raised meticulously, in the future will be unspeakably precious, but now have to grovel at the foot of a girl of common birth, even though in the future Li Chang Le will be noble and distinguished, she will forever unable to wipe away this mark of humiliation.


Li Chang Le almost could not conceal the hatred in her heart, lower her head further in embarrassment, “Yes, treated you unfairly.” She paused, then continued: “Please forgive me.”


Li Chang Le’s lips were bitten red, eyes sobbing, everyone was shocked by her beauty, indeed, beauties are everywhere, but devastatingly beautiful looks are hard to find.


Li Wei Yang looked at her, saying each word: “Dajie, I have never blamed you or Dage.”


I’m dying to drink your blood, eat your flesh.


“It’s just a misunderstanding.”


There will be a day when I will make you all perish.


“We are still good sisters.”


Slowly waiting for this to befall you all, this process, will be interesting.


Li Wei Yang blinked her eyes, then presented a toothy smile that revealed her white teeth, “Please get up.”



Da Furen thought that all was over, but did not see, Li Xiao Ran’s eyes were filled with unspoken disappointment, watching the mother and children…..

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