Chapter 44: Reverse the course of events

Li Min Feng settled his thoughts, he knew that Zi Yan definitely placed the gold and the remnants of red ginseng that he prepared in Li Wei Yang’s yuanzi.
They only have to find it then Li Wei Yang could say whatever but it would be of no use.

It was cruel to treat her this way but who told her to climb to a significant position in Lao Furen’s heart and who told her to be this obedient? In Li Min Feng’s heart, he only considered his own birth mother and his legitimate sister Li Chang Le as people, his other half-siblings are merely ants.
This ant that dares to threaten their authority should, of course, pay a price! Li Wei Yang, even if you don’t die, you would still be kicked out of the Li family!

Li Xiao Ran frowned, Wei Yang was only the daughter of a concubine and she was also very unlucky.
If she really did stole Lao Furen’s things, they can handle this personally.
He was thinking this as he lowered his head to sip his tea and allowed Li Min Feng to continue.

At this moment, only San Furen warmly said: “I believe Wei Yang is innocent, she is not this type of person.”

Li Wei Yang turned her head towards the tranquil San Furen and smiled: “Thank you Sanshen, it is a shame that you are the only one that believe me, father and mother, both think I am at fault.” Afterwards, she looked towards Li Min Feng, what was left in her eyes was icy coldness, “Dage, I am also you sister, although I am not born from Da Furen, but you and I are flowing with the same blood, why do you treat me with such aggression?”

Li Min Feng calmly spoke: “Sanmei, don’t say such meaningless words again, I won’t pity you and disregard what’s right from wrong!”

Right from wrong? Li Wei Yang laughed on the inside.

Li Chang Le softly said: “Sanmei, what Dage doing is for your sake.”

Li Wei Yang turned towards her and coldly said: “For my sake? Then why don’t I see him treat Dajie unjustly? How can there be such a brother in this world? To use every means to frame her sister as a thief!”

Li Chang Le was startled and passively spoke: “If Sanmei is really honestly selfless, then why don’t we send people to search your room, if Da ge has wronged you, I will definitely make him beg for your forgiveness.”

Li Min Feng icily smiled: “Chang Le, can’t you see, Sanmei is feeling guilty.”

Li Wei Yang stared at him and then suddenly chuckled and then looked over at the completely silent Li Xiao Ran: “Father, do you also think this is of my doing?”

“Listening to your Da ge’s explanation, it does sound like such.” Li Xiao Ran calmly spoke.

Li Min Feng nodded his head: “Father, if you can confirm this matter in a moment, then you should remove Sanmei from our pedigree and kick her out of the Li family so that she can’t ruin the family’s name anymore and cause chaos within.”

“Da ge, you are going too far with this!” San Furen frowned.

“Sanshen, this is our family (first household) matter, please don’t put in a word.” Li Min Feng said nonchalantly.

“I am part of san fang but I am also your senior, so I can’t speak my opinion?” San Furen voiced.

Li Min Feng coldly humped and gave no comment.

Li Wei Yang profoundly gave San Furen a glimpse, her eyes brought along a hint of gratefulness.
Afterwards, she looked towards Li Xiao Ran: “Father, are you really going to kick me out?”

Li Xiao Ran glanced at her and ultimately nodded: “Wei Yang, if you really did do something wrong, Father can only kick you out, and from now on, you will not be part of the Li family!”

Everyone thought Li Wei Yang would be panicking with fear, who would have known she would calmly smile: “The real thief is the one who is the one who is accusing others, what is there that I need to be afraid of.
If Da ge wants to search, then please go ahead.”

Lao Furen gave Li Min Feng a look, she prevented him from bringing his people to search but instead ordered Luo Mama to bring her people to search.

Li Min Feng coldly smiled, he only had to wait for the results now.

On the side, physician Lin was very meticulous; he picked up a fragment and he smelled and tasted.
Until he was finally done that he interrogatively turned his head and looked at Li Min Feng.


Li Min Feng felt joyous and leapt forward a huge step: “How is it, physician Lin, this is suzi, right?”

There was a hint of oddness on physician Lin’s face: “Suzi?”

Li Chang Le sighed and said: “Wei Yang, how can you do such a thing, look how this matter has turned into now, we even have to alert the physician, if you admitted your fault sooner, Lao Furen would have spared you —“


Li Wei Yang coldly laughed and said: “Dajie, the physician hasn’t even give a final verdict yet, why are you so impatient.”

Li Chang Le brows furrowed, her beautiful pair of eyes filled with tears, she spoke with a disappointed expression1: “The evidence is present2, Wei Yang, do you know how hurtful I feel as your jiejie —“

Li Wei Yang couldn’t help but gleamed: “Dajie, why don’t we first listen to what the physician has to say!”

Lao Furen opened her mouth and spoke: “Physician Lin, is this suzi or not?”


Physician Lin let loose a smile and pointed at the fragment in his palm, he said: “Da Xiaojie, how do you recognize this is suzi?”

Li Chang Le leisurely explained: “I’ve looked into Confucian works and have read numerous medicinal books, so I recognized it.”

Physician Lin nodded, opened his palm to show everyone the broken fragment: “The book on Chinese medicine describe the red ginseng to be found on valleys and fertile land, it seemed to be partly transparent with a reddish-brown color, but once in awhile would have a non transparent yellowish-brown clot, a vertical groove, ruffles, and fine root marks, the upper portion has an interrupted and well-defined ring pattern …… and has a bitter taste …”

“As for suzi, even though its shape and appearance is highly similar to red ginseng, but suzi is more rough looking, and has a speck of sweetness in its taste.” As he looked at Li Chang Le, he smiled: “So Da Xiaojie has mistaken, this is definitely red ginseng, this does not have any trace of red ginseng.”

Those words caused Li Chang Le’s complexion to dramatically changed, she became flustered, “Physician, you, have you mistaken ……”

“Dajie,” Li Wei Yang smiled as a pitiful expression appeared on her face, “Why is it that physician Lin said this was red ginseng, you seem to be a bit disappointed.”

Li Chang Le was alarmed and struck dumb by the words, she turned to look at Li Min Feng.
As for Li Min Feng, he was shocked at the very moment, “Physician Lin, you must have mistaken.”

Physician Lin’s face darkened: “I’ve practiced medicine for ten years, even though I can’t say how brilliant my skills are but if I can’t differentiate red ginseng and suzi, then I don’t think I can still be a physician! Li Gongzi, please be careful of your words!”

“How could that be —“ Li Min Feng calmed again, still a young man, hearing those words, he brusquely turned and stared at Zi Yan as if he was going to eat her.
He told her to switch the red ginseng to suzi in Lao Furen’s tea when Li Wei Yang was not paying attention, how can there be red ginseng in the tea cup! Could it be that this wrench didn’t follow his orders!

At this point, Zi Yan was also shocked, she remembered she did make the switch, how did it become like this!

Li Wei Yang coldly smiled, this crowd of people couldn’t have imagined that she has already ordered Bai Zhi to watch Zi Yan’s every moves; once she made a move, they immediately changed the tea!

“Dajie, you claim this was suzi without any reason and as for you Dage, you accused me of thievery!” Li Wei Yang’s expressions revealed sorrows, her eyes surprisingly bright, “This is for what reason!”

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