Chapter 41: Reluctantly giving up one’s treasure


Li Chang Le keenly smelling something was off, quickly said: “Meimei is really confused, forgetting what you have sent.”

Li Wei Yang’s black and white eyes revealed a trace of surprise: “Dajie, what I gave to Dage in return is a jade green ink stone,” after saying that, her eyes fell on the beautiful mandarin ducks pouch on Li Min Feng’s waist, said: “Is this not the pouch that Dage is talking about?”

Li Min Feng’s expression abruptly changed: “Since Sanmei did not send it, then I must have remembered it wrong.”

Li Wei Yang has already approached him, suddenly pointed to the pouch on his waist, said with surprise: “Aiya, isn’t this pouch Zi Yan’s?” then turning her head, with a faint smile at Zi Yan, said: “Your embroidery and Ping Cheng’s second Xiaojie’s nimble embroidery are the same, exquisite stitches, bright harmonious colours, in our prime minister’s residence, there is no other who can do that.”

Everyone was surprised, Li Chang Ru said in a muffled voice: “What is this, how could the main brother carry a pouch made by a maid?!”

Lao Furen’s face fell, secretly using her master’s name to send a pouch, this maid’s courage is too much!

Zi Yan turned pale, knelt on the floor with a thud, trembling: “Nubi, Nubi was following San Xiaojie’s instructions in sending the pouch…”

 Li Wei Yang looked at the pouch, sighed and said: “If you and Dage have fallen in love just say it, why do you know the plank road darkness? I am brother's sister, even if I want to send a pouch, I should send a Peng bird Or Golden Toad, to send mandarin ducks paddling, what is that?

Zi Yan suddenly understood everything, San Xiaojie already knew that she would send a pouch with the significance of love, and is sure that the young master would receive it, only it was herself who did not think otherwise, therefore falling into the enemy’s trap! But now it is too late for regrets!

Not only Lao Furen, even the expression on Da Furen’s face is unpleasant.
The young master is not married, yet he became interested in his sister’s maid Zi Yan, causing people to unconsciously doubt his character.
Da Furen coldly said: “Min Feng, You’re too outrageous! You dare to accept other people’s stuff!”

Li Min Feng glanced at Zi Yan, but did not panic too much, “Mother, I did not think much of it, just saw that the pouch is pretty, therefore I accepted it.”

Redeeming himself cleanly? You wish! Li Wei Yang’s face revealed rebuke: “Dage, don’t be embarrassed, your generosity to me, I did not know how to thank, since Dage like Zi Yan this maid, obviously I will help you attain your wish.” On saying this, she glanced at Zi Yan.

Li Min Feng look as usual: “I appreciate your kindness, but—-“

Li Wei Yang is full of smiles: “What is Dage saying, you’re such a smart person, how could you not guess that the gift was sent by Zi Yan, if you didn’t like her, why would you carry the pouch with you!”

Li Min Feng was surprised for a moment, he only carry the pouch in order for Zi Yan to confidently complete the tasks for him, never thought that it would become a weapon for Li Wei Yang to use against him, sneered and said: “San Meimei sure is clever, hearing your words, mean that you even know what is in my heart!” His words lack confidence, how to say  that he did not have an intention towards Zi Yan, this is not some honest situation.

Li Chang Le frowned, said: “Sanmei, it’s just a misunderstanding, don’t think too much on it.”

Li Wei Yang laughed and said: “Dajie, Zi Yan accompanied me to the capitol from the far away Ping City, I have an obligation to find a good home for her.
Since Dage like her, and she is infatuated, I sincerely want to grant their wish.” She looked at the frowning Li Min Feng: “Although Zi Yan is of low status, however being the fragrant added to Dage’s red sleeve is more than enough, Dage has accepted her token of affection, you cannot trample on her feelings, it is not good if this spread out.”

San Furen smile slightly, lowered her head to drink tea.

Da Furen’s face is so gloomy it might rain, Er Furen has listened for a long time, now laughing and said: “Really need to congratulate Feng er, I see that this girl is not only born beautiful but also very clever, it’s very rare ah.”

Li Chang Ru also echoed: “Yes, Zi Yan is a clever girl, last time I asked Sanmei for her, but Sanmei is not willing! This time Dage has gotten quite the deal!”

Shitty deal! Da Furen’s brows are twitching, her eyes chilly, Lao Ye really dislikes young masters of the house fooling around with maids, with this return Li Min Feng became interested in a maid from his sister’s house, Lao Ye would be furious! But Li Min Feng clearly knew that one who sent the pouch is Zi Yan, not sure why he actually accepted the pouch, causing Da Furen to be puzzled and distressed: “This girl is well-behaved and clever, come with me first, after she is taught then she can be sent to Xiuzhu house.”

No matter what, definitely cannot let this vixen into her son’s house! Da Furen has made up her mind!

“In that case, Mother please instruct Zi Yan properly.” Li Wei Yang glanced at Li Min Feng: “If it wasn’t for Dage treating me so well, such a sweet and obedient girl like Zi Yan, I would definitely not let her up!.”

Li Min Feng looked at her coldly: “then I thank Sanmei.” Since success will naturally come soon, leaving Zi Yan at Li Wei Yang’s side is not of much use.

Zi Yan was listening, her face showing happiness.
Regardless of San Xiaojie’s intention, she has finally gotten her wish of entering the young master’s house!

Li Min Feng is annoyed, but upon thinking that Li Wei Yang will soon pay for her own behavior, the smile on his face deepen, setting aside the current matter, she turned to Li Chang Le and winked at her.

Li Chang Le understood, smiled and walked over, picked up the tea cup beside Lao Furen: “Lao Furen, please have some tea.”

Lao Furen subconsciously accept it, Li Chang Le’s hand slipped, suddenly cried out, the cup fell to the ground, broken with tea spilt on the floor!

The sound shocked everyone in the room.

Already a maid has rushed over, nimbly picking up the broken pieces.
Li Chang Le looked embarrassed, would lower herself to bend down, as if to help, scaring the maids.

At this time, Li Chang Le suddenly cried out, picked up a piece of the debris from the ground, said: “What is this?”

The maid, Lv Xin, laughed: “Responding to Da Xiaojie, this is the red ginseng that Lao Furen normally eats.”

Red ginsengs are precious, not only restoring vitality, blood, but also calms the mind, although the taste is bitter, normally red ginseng are stewed together with duck soup, or cut the red ginseng into thin slices, to drink with tea.
This point, Li Chang Le clearly know, yet why did she ask? Everyone thought it was weird.

Li Chang Le seems to wish to say something but having second thought, the slice of red ginseng clenched tightly in her hands, Lao Furen looked at her, said: “What is it?”

Li Chang Le’s arched eyebrows frown slightly, disturbed: “This is not a red ginseng slice, this is Suzi.”


Li Wei Yang heard it, her eyes suddenly turning cold, it finally came!

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