Chapter 40: The storm of giving a gift in return


Zi Yan really did work day and night, soon producing an exquisitely embroidered pouch that was sent to the young master’s Xiu Zhu Yuan.

Li Wei Yang was watching, yet acted as if she knew nothing, would not talk about it in front of people.
Soon, she used the excuse that the pouch is too light, and sent a piece of jade green ink stone.
Zi Yan was oblivious, only jumping for joy because she got another opportunity to see the young master.

Spring Festival was soon approaching, the moods of the masters also became better.
The maids and the mothers worked extra hard, hoping that the masters would give some rewards.

On this day, Luo Mama who serves Lao Furen personally led a master over: “San Xiaojie, Lao Furen has ordered the storehouse to be open, bring all the good materials previously saved for the young misses to use for making clothes.”

Li Wei Yang smiled and said: “I still have the materials that Dage brought last time—“

Luo Mama laughed and said: “It’s only a total of four bolts, enough for two dresses, this time Lao Furen has given each misses enough to make 16 dresses, San Xiaojie do not need to refuse, come and choose.”

    Having said that, she ordered the box to be brought up, the box was full of silks and brocades, while it couldn't be compared to those brought back by Li Min Feng, it was still top grade.

Li Wei Yang laughed: “Mother, you have good taste, help me choose.
What texture? What colour is suitable?”

Luo Mama did not shirk, she lowered her head and chose a fair amount of colour, then laughed and said: “Xiaojie’s skin is white, will look good regardless of the colours, however around New Year, there are a lots of dinner party, Xiaojie should wear brighter colours, as for the undershirt, underskirt, socks and shoes, it should match all the way through, then it should do.”

Li Wei Yang listened and nodded, said: “Then thank you very much, mother.” After saying that, she turned her head and saw Zi Yan standing by the side of the table, then she inadvertently let Zi Yan send Luo Mama out; shortly after those two left, Bai Zhi came to report: “Xiaojie, the silver spindle that was originally prepared for Luo Mama, has been secretly switched by Zi Yan.”  

Li Wei Yang raised a brow: “Oh? Switched to what?

Bai Zhi bowed: “A bunch of coins.”

Instead of being angry, Li Wei Yang smiled: “She sure knows how to save me money!”

Luo Mama is Lao Furen’s most trusted subordinate, absolutely should not offend her, since Zi Yan actually changed that silver spindle prepared by Li Wei Yang, what is her motive! Mo Zhu frowned and said: “Xiaojie, this way, Luo Mama would only think that Xiaojie is stingy, don’t know how to be a person.”

This was still quite trivial, Zi Yan deliberately presented her poor status to Luo Mama who was very close to Lao Furen, this was not just to make Luo Mama unhappy! Li Wei Yang asked: “What else was said?”

Bai Zhi took a deep breath, answered truthfully: “Zi Yan said that Xiaojie has spent too much money recently, that we are stretched to the limit, unmanageable, hope that Luo Mama would pardon this once.”

Li Wei Yang pondered for a moment, a hint of laughter on the corners of her lips, suddenly said: “It seems like she is utterly loyal to Dage now!”

Bai Zhi and Mo Zhu looked at each other, their hearts are confused.
Zi Yan doing this, is inarguably related to the young master’s words, but why would the young master do this? To let others think that San Xiaojie is too stingy? No, it was not this simple.
But after thinking deeply, they couldn't come up with any other purposes.
At this time, they heard Li Wei Yang said: “We are master and servant, since she really wants to be the one sleeping next to big brother, I will do her a favour!”  

Early the next morning, Li Wei Yang purposely woke up an hour late, then brought Zi Yan and Bai Zhi with her to give morning greetings to Lao Furen.
 After entering the tea room, she brewed tea as she did normally, then entered the house with Zi Yan, leaving Bai Zhi outside.

Zi Yan liked to enjoy her moment of fame; with the thought of being able to see the young master after entering the house, she couldn't help but become delighted, Bai Zhi secretly sighed, and lowered her eyes.

Xiaojie had already given Zi Yan multiple chances and did everything she could to regain her loyalty.

Lao Furen was sitting, softly talking to Li Min Feng, Li Chang Le’s hair was combed into a cloud-like chignon, wearing a bright jade satin jacket, exquisitely embroidered peony-patterned long skirt, looking lithe and graceful, sitting neatly there, suppressing the limelight of all the other misses in the room.

Li Wei Yang smiled and went to greet Lao Furen: “Wish Lao Furen happiness.”

Lao Furen looked at her, with laughter in her voice, said: “Did you finish copying the Buddhist scriptures?”

While smiling, Li Wei Yang took the scriptures from Zi Yan’s hand, said: “Just finished copying them last night, I hurried to bring them to you this morning.”

Lao Furen saw the dark circles under her eyes, smiled and patted her hand: “Buddhist scriptures can be copied anytime, do not stay up all night.”

Li Chang Le listened, her eyes revealing a contemptuous look.
Words that she saw looked to have been written so reluctantly by Li Wei Yang were actually considered neat; she wasn't skilled in music, chess, calligraphy and painting, or poetry recital so she couldn't enjoy the attention in front of everyone; thus, it was only suitable for her to copy Buddhist scriptures for Lao Furen, and only Lao Furen would accept this.

Li Wei Yang nodded and smiled, turned and offered a cup of tea that she just brewed, Lao Furen was not in a hurry to drink, so she just set it aside.

Li Min Feng raised his eyes, his gaze falling on Zi Yan, Zi Yan taking advantage of everyone’s inattention, quietly nodded to him.
A smile spread on Li Min Feng's lips.

Lao Furen and Li Wei Yang seemed to have a tacit agreement, talking to each other, leaving Da Furen to hang by herself on the side.
As such, Li Chang Xi was not pleased to see, turned to Li Chang Le and said: “Dajie, I heard that Father has gone out yesterday and return with a pair of ruby earrings for you, it changes colour under the sunlight, is it not?”

Li Chang Le smiled and said: “It does change colours; I heard that it is a tribute offered by a diplomat from Yi.”

Li Chang Xi’s eyes revealed her envy, Li Chang Ru humphed and turned away, Li Chang Xiao said: “Dajie should bring it out another day so we can admire it.”

 Li Chang Le nodded, deliberately looked at Li Wei Yang and said: “Didn’t you two also receive a gem bracelet? Oh right, Sanmei, what did father give you?”

Li Xiao Ran has completely forgotten about Li Wei Yang’s existence, went out a few days, did not even bring back a blade of grass, Li Chang Le clearly knew this yet purposely asked, wanting to see Wei Yang lose her composure in front of everyone.

    Li Wei Yang smiled and said: “Father’s safe return is the best gift for Wei Yang, I do not ask for other.”

Da Furen listened, sneering in her heart, putting an affectionate expression: “Wei Yang really understand courtesy, all of you must learn from her!”

Lao Furen touched the neat words of the Buddhist scriptures, lightly said: “Exactly so.”

The smile on Da Furen's face disappeared.

Li Wei Yang witnessing the Li Min Feng's calm demeanor, suddenly said: “Speaking of gifts, the gift that I sent in return, Dage is satisfied?”

Li Min Feng was stunned, then said smoothly: “The pouch is pretty—“

Li Wei Yang’s eyes blinked, mirroring the twist: “Pouch? Meimei did not send any pouch!”


Everyone was surprised, Zi Yan’s expression changed slightly.

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