Chapter 39: Secret Collusions


Bai Zhi and Zi Yan entered the house one after the other, Li Wei Yang did not pay attention to Zi Yan and spoke only to Bai Zhi: “Did you feel like I was too harsh in punishment?”

Bai Zhi thought about it and said: “This house does have rules, Xiaojie was right.”

Li Wei Yang smiled and said: “I brought you two with me when I came to Li Residence, you do well, I can be proud, you misstep out of line, I will lose face.
By my side, aside from diligently carrying out errands, you also need to be loyal, if you cannot do these two, then I will send you back to Pingcheng.”

Bai Zhi answered yes, Zi Yan softly said, “Xiaojie, of course Nubi is loyal to you.”

Li Wei Yang sighed in her heart, she does not want Zi Yan to think unnecessary thoughts; she was using Liu Mama’s matter to remind her, but can’t determine the effect.

One morning three days later, Zi Yan brought breakfast and set up the table.

Li Wei Yang discreetly sizes her up with a glance.

Zi Yan was born beautiful, a pair of water-clear almond eyes, lotus-like face with delicate red blush, wearing a pale red embroidered dress, rounded shoulder and slender waist, an eye-catching figure.
If Li Wei Yang was just a naive thirteen-year-old girl, naturally nothing seems amiss, but however her mind was already past thirty years old, how could she not know that a shift has happened with this girl in front of her, without expression on her face, said in an easy voice: “This dress is pretty.”

Zi Yan just laughed and said: “Didn’t Xiaojie give some beautiful silks that she didn’t like to Nubi? Nubi wanted to wear it for Xiaojie to see.” Upon seeing Li Wei Yang’s expression, said: “Xiaojie said that it is suitable for Nubi, now it seems it is as you said.”

This dress, Zi Yan has finished making it to be used for the New Year, however she has brought it out now! Bai Zhi’s pupils narrowed slightly, almost afraid to see Li Wei Yang’s expression.
Xiaojie is not a weak ignorant person who can be bullied; on the contrary, although she is only thirteen years old, she is shrewd and capable, careful and subtle.
The slight changes with Zi Yan were discovered by Xiaojie.
She didn’t say anything because she wanted to give Zi Yan a chance, but this girl was too dumb to see it!

Li Wei Yang's soup spoon gently touched the bowl, then she heard Zi Yan whispered: “Xiaojie, yesterday afternoon, the young master has specially someone to deliver a red coral bonsai, look—“

Li Wei Yang glanced at her: “Oh, is it?” Deliberately did not say more.

Zi Yan is a bit anxious, but did not dare to show it on her face, instead said carefully: “The young master sent a fragrant jade fan to Da Xiaojie, she sent back a set of four stationery treasures of Chinese study; a pair of Fanghu hairpin to fourth Xiaojie, Fourth Xiaojie sent back a set of Yan Zhi Ge ancient books; a green jade cosmetic box to Fifth Xiaojie, she …

“Yeah, everyone has given a gift in return, however it is difficult when it come to me, they have money to send some gold and jade, however I am poor1.” Li Wei Yang appeared slightly embarrassed.

Li Wei Yang’s current expenditure, although not rich and ostentatious like Da Xiaojie, was unlike those other misses who have their mothers to subsidize, can only rely on the monthly allowances and the monetary rewards from Lao Furen, she also has to rewards the servants, therefore cannot spend money extravagantly.
Zi Yan only wanted to find an opportunity to see the young master but never thought that Third Xiaojie cannot produce a decent gift in return, was immediately staggered.

Unconsciously, Bai Zhi held her breath; her gaze hesitated on Zi Yan’s and Xiaojie’s face, then quickly lowered her head, pretending like she did not hear anything.

Mo Zhu who was distributing the food on the table, laughed and said: “Xiaojie, the young master doesn’t need the gold or silver jade wares, it is about the sentiments, you can send a pouch or a pair of shoes that are useful.”

As a sister, sending a pouch or a pair of shoes to her big brother is not impossible, the gift may be small but it conveys deep affections.
Li Wei Yang nodded and praised: “That’s right.” However it was difficult to do it soon, “Time is too tight, it may be too late.”

So as to not let Li Wei Yang change her mind, Zi Yan said: “Xiaojie, embroidery can harm the eyes, you should not do it personally.
Nubi will work day and night, should be able to make a pouch for the young master on time.”

Li Wei Yang’s cold gaze fell on her, but her face was full of smiles: “Zi Yan, you know how to care of my burden.”

Zi Yan, upon hearing no objections from her, could not hold back her smiles.
She was anxious that she would be unable to reasonably convey her feelings to the young master, now this is a great opportunity!

After Zi Yan left, Li Wei Yang put down her chopsticks.

Mo Zhu brought a cup of tea and lightly said: “Xiaojie, don’t be mad…”

Li Wei Yang was very angry, she slammed the teacup on the table so hard that the tea spilled out when it shook and coldly said: “That girl clearly thinks I’m blind!”

Bai Zhi could not bear to speak, Mo Zhu lightly said: “Zi Yan, this child, is rather impatient.
Xiaojie has already warned her yesterday, yet she doesn’t reflect on it.”

Li Wei Yang took a deep breath, she has done what she can, giving her two chances, but she only thought about climbing to a higher branch of the tree, never thinking about the difficulties of her own master! If Zi Yan has any conscience, she should know that she should not have any involvement with the young master!

For a long time, Li Wei Yang did not utter any sound seems to be deep in thought, Bai Zhi, finally unable to bear it, said: “Perhaps Zi Yan has been deceived.”

Li Wei Yang glanced at her, slowly said: “She was deceived? Did she never think that, if she didn’t have any use, would the young master even be interested in his own sister’s maid!” She could not repress the moodiness from her heart, traces of condensation appearing on her face.

Mo Zhu thought about it, carefully asked: “Xiaojie, what should be done?”

Li Wei Yang’s face gradually relaxed: “Find someone to watch her, her every moves should be reported back to me!”

Mo Zhu respectfully said: “Yes.”

Bai Zhi was secretly wiping her tears.
Li Wei Yang saw it, and sighed gently: “Bai Zhi, I know you were together from a young age, your relationship is good.”

Bai Zhi wiped her tears, her face becoming steadfast: “Xiaojie is good to all of the Nubis, yet Zi Yan is like this, she is too ungrateful.
Nubi knows the severity, Xiaojie should set your mind at ease.”

Li Wei Yang paused for a moment, then slowly said: “It seems that Dage is doing this for Dajie.” She looked out the window, a single plum blossom bloomed alone, could not help but sigh, “do not act any different, they will be taking actions soon.”

Bai Zhi said: “Nubi understands.”

Li Wei Yang lowered her head and continued to eat, thinking about the entire matter in her mind, Li Min Feng was arrogant, yet he stooped down to be interested in a yatou, was he using Zi Yan to deal with her? But Li Min Feng was not a fool, he would not make the same mistakes as in the Hua Mei incident, then, what was he trying to do?

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