Chapter 37: Brother and sister conspire

 In the chamber, Li Chang Le personally served Li Min Feng a cup of tea: “Gege, you must be tired from traveling back.” Li Min Feng gave a smile and said: “Meimei, we haven’t seen each other for only six months yet you’ve become more beautiful, even causing San huangzi to glaze at you without shifting his attention!” Li Chang Le lightly smiled, Tuoba Zhen was very handsome and alluring but his mufei came from a humble background so it was only after gaining the emperor’s favor that she gave birth to him.
Because of this, he was disliked and wasn’t favored.
Fortunately, his mother passed away, so he was eventually adopted by the childless Wu xianfei.
As a prince with such background, he could never ascend the throne.
Recalling Tuoba Zhen’s handsome face, Li Chang Le unconsciously released a smile of sympathy. Li Min Feng looked at his meimei and knew exactly what she was thinking about: “Don’t let mother influence you, the politics within the court is ever-changing, this San huangzi is not an ordinary person —“ Hearing this, Li Chang Le thoughtfully said: “But he is relying on the crowned prince, in the future, he would at most become a qinwang ……” 

Li Min Feng let out a smile but he didn’t give a response.
In his eyes, even though his meimei was as beautiful as a goddess, she was ultimately shortsighted and didn’t possess the far-reaching mind of a man.
This year, it seemed like he and San huangzi were traveling leisurely, in actuality, he was sent to Changzhou by the emperor to investigate the case that involved Zhang Gun, the governor of Changzhou.
Once Tuoba Zhen arrived in Changzhou, he dug up what Zhang Gun was trying to cover up.
He questioned Zhang Gun’s steward and found evidence, forcing the shrewd and well-experienced Zhang Gun to have no choice but to plead guilty to his crimes.
From accepting the assignment to reporting the crime of Zhang Gun, only half a month time was used.
After, Tuoba Zhen stayed in Changzhou to reorganize the chaotic administration completely.
Within a month, he had rectified the mess and transition the new administration to the succeeding governor.

 In this assignment, Tuoba Zhen did an outstanding job, which greatly showed off his talents and capabilities and earned him praises from the emperor.
In the eyes of the pompous Li Min Feng, he had to admit that Tuoba Zhen was indeed determined and intelligent and was able to handle everything agilely, which showed that he was not an ordinary figure.
He didn’t know if he should mention these words to the sheltered Li Chang Le.
As a result, he only said: “If you don’t believe it, then let’s wait and see.”

 Li Chang Le heard this and her heart fluttered. As she continued to probe further into his words, Li Min Feng became unwilling to continue on and thus changed the subject: “Meimei, what has happened today, you allow a little yatou to cause you displeasure.” In the eyes of his privileged self, he eventually saw this meimei of a concubine to be of a degrading status.
In their household of sisters, who didn’t treat Li Chang Le with profound respect and humility, it was only this Li Wei Yang who didn’t show an inch of reverence, this made him felt surprised because according to his muqin’s methods, how could she tolerate the existence of such a yatou?  Speaking of Li Wei Yang, Li Chang Le’s face uncontrollably paled: “This degradable thing! She has won Lao furen’s favor now, you should know Lao furen’s thoughts, she biasedly favors San fang and has always not been close to muqin and us, if she insists on protecting the yatou, muqin can only leave her be.” In addition to their failure of framing her, they actually raised her father’s suspicions, so they couldn’t act recklessly anymore.  Li Min Feng pondered and spoke: “But as a yatou who was raised in the country without any knowledge or education, meimei should just not be bothered with her!”  

“Da ge, how can you say such things, meimei is being continuously bullied by her! I was anticipating your return so that you can help me seek revenge!” Li Chang Le’s eyes widened, the buyao of jade and pearls on her hair slowly shook as if she was forbearing from something, her raised voice was of anger and hatred. Li Min Feng stiffened and said: “To teach this yatou a lesson is naturally an easy task, there’s no need for meimei to get angry and ruin your own mood.
Just watch, Da ge will help you seek revenge!” Li Chang Le listened and stood up, walking slowly to the side of the window.
Her skirt of golden phoenix prints made a light rustling sound.
After a period of silence, she fiercely turned around and coldly voiced: “Da ge, I don’t want you to simply take revenge, what I want is her life!” Since she was young, no one has made her felt this unpleasant, she couldn’t tolerate this! Li Min Feng was stunned; this was the first time he saw such ferocious expression appeared on her face that it was about to rip apart her beautiful face. “We can’t be too impatient; we have to think of a more thorough plan.” He Xiang Yuan Li Min Feng saw Lao furen seated upon the ottoman through the purple scenic divider screen, slantingly resting on red sandalwood; wearing a light blue silk skirt, Li Wei Yang was sitting on a tramp atop the sandalwood ottoman.
She slowly massaged Lao furen’s leg and she spoke with Lao furen as her head faced upward.
As for San furen, she sat by Lao furen’s side sipping a cup of tea and smilingly spoke a few words here and there.
His muqin, meimei Li Chang Le, Si mei, Wu mei, and the people of Er fang all rested at a farther distance away.

 Lao furen is very particular in allowing who to reside at the position by her side.
His eyes focused, it seemed like what his meimei said was true, as a concubine’s daughter, Li Wei Yang had actually climbed too high and had gained the favor of Lao furen. As he took back his glance, he saw Lao furen glancing towards his direction.
He immediately restrained the waves of heat within his heart and approached forth to pay his respects. Lao furen smiled happily and reached out a hand to help him up.
As she looked at him, she harmoniously said: “This child, you have been wandering outside in the past year, and has become more and more distinguished.” Li Min Feng respectfully smiled and said: “Originally, fuqin wasn’t going to allow sun’er to return for the new year, but when I wrote a letter back saying I miss Lao furen and muqin, it was only then that fuqin relented.
This time, Min Feng brought back Changzhou specialty product, the thousand-year duck that is often gifted to the imperial empress, give it a try.” Lao furen seldom smilingly said: “It’s great that you have such a filial heart.” Li Min Feng gently smiled: “Lao furen, duck meat can calm one’s mood and stimulate one’s appetite.
The current empress extremely loves duck; every year, duck is brought to the capital from Changzhou, salted and pickled. Li Min Feng’s consideration was evidently sincere, so the smile on Lao furen’s face became much warmer.

 Li Chang Le warmly spoke: “Yes, this four fortune duck also has another meaning! Does Sanmei know?” Seeing them directing the subject to her without any reason, she gently smiled and said: “Wish to learn from you.” Li Chang Le’s smile deepened: “In the previous dynasty, renowned poet Song Xi described four happy occasions in life: A good rain after a long drought, the reunion of long-time friends, the wedding night, and passing the government examination.
It circulated among the people and then incorporated into the names of sumptuous courses at a meal, to bring good luck. The smile on Li Changxi’s face was trying to fawn on Li Chang Le: “It’s still Da jie who have wide experience and extensive knowledge, we usually know how to eat yet don’t know the history behind the food we eat!” Li Wei Yang’s eyes drooped, she said: “Exactly, Wei Yang didn’t read many books, and haven’t experienced much —“ Lao furen chuckled and said: “There’s no point for a girl to read lots of books, it’s sufficient to be meek and well-mannered, being erudite can actually lead to others’ dislike.” Li Chang Le’s countenance turned worse and then recovered to normal: “Yes, Lao furen’s words are right.” Li Min Feng’s vision coldly landed on Li Wei Yang, this meimei of a concubine definitely cannot be kept!

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