Chapter 36: The Meeting of Enemies

 As he approached, everything around suddenly faded away without a trace. Li Wei Yang’s eyes stared widely at the person as he slowly, one step at a time, gracefully walked over.
Her breathing stopped for a moment. His bone structure was distinctive, his facial features were firm and handsome.
Within his jet black eyes laid a cool seriousness, a suppressed silence like a splendor that can capture the soul of a human; he’s undoubtedly the impressive San huangzi Tuoba Zhen. Li Wei Yang’s hands slowly grasped ahold of her sleeves and sounds of Da furen’s fake laughter flashed across her mind: “Wei yang is obedient and intelligent, so mother would definitely want to help you find a good husband.
San huangzi Tuoba Zhen is young and handsome, he and you are a perfect match.
Wei yang, once he marries you, you will serve by his side and you will have a good future.” Li Zhangle’s dimples also showed: “Yes, every girl who is at a marriageable age in the capitol would want to become the wife of the third prince, Wei Yang, you are very fortunate.”
But in the end, the wings of a bird were forcefully broken off, feathers bloodily ripped off, this pain, she will never forget …… Li Wei Yang squinted her eyes and her mouth exposed a hint of mockery.
She deeply breathed in and realized her blood flow gradually returned to normal, this unresolvable hatred eventually dissolved and flowed throughout her body.

 Everyone was busily greeting so Li Wei Yang followed along and lowered her head yet she felt an inquisitive vision fell onto her.   “You all were just talking boisterously, what were you talking about?” Li Min Feng smilingly asked.   “Nothing much …… San mei indignantly spoke the wrong words, Da ge please don’t tell father and mother, or else San mei will be punished.” Li Zhang Le’s eyes were enshrouded with water, revealing an indescribable beauty.
Her lashes looked like teardrops that were about to fall, which appeared to be even more like raining pear blossoms, making her more lovely and delicate.  As a beauty who have spoken such words, whoever heard this would believe Li Wei Yang has committed an unforgivable sin that she has to trouble her jie jie to help her cover up.
Even though she detested this person deep within her heart, Li Wei Yang had to admit that if they were to discuss about flirtatious appearance, Li Zhangle would be considered perfect in this area.
As one who is able to put on an act by coming off as a jiejie who rather be wronged for her beloved meimei, what men in this world would be unmoved?  “Is that so, you are San mei?” This was Li Min Feng’s first time meeting Li Wei Yang, he looked her up and down. Li Wei Yang’s expressions were dull: “Da ge, it is simply casual bickering between sisters.” Since it’s girls’ bickering, would he still have the nerve to say something? In her eyes, Li Wei Yang obliviously mocked him, but once Li Min Feng looked into her words, her mockery has disappeared. 

She was unexpectedly indifferent which made it seemed like Li Zhangle was making a big fuss over something small.
Li Zhangle harbored resentment, her beautiful eyes blinked and she said: “Yes, we just bickered a few words, no need to keep it to heart.” Li Min Feng softly voiced: “Good, my sister must possess a mind unlike the simple-minded ladies.” Simple-minded, he is directing it towards her, Li Wei Yang, of course, understood his meaning but pretended not to understand as her face revealed a smile. Gao Min has already forgotten about Li Wei Yang, she turned her brightly lit eyes and asked: “San dianxia, when did you return to the capitol?” Tuoba Zhen smiled: “I returned with Min Feng xiong.” Li Min Feng smiled warmly: “Min Biaomei, San dianxia came to visit my father.” As they continued their small talk, Li Wei Yang stood on the side as her eyes coldly watched.
Tuoba Zhen hasn’t changed a bit, his mouth still carried a superficial, gentle smile.
She has once thought he was the most charming male deity, but now, he was even more disgusting than the bugs that live within the sewers. On the side, Li Changxi directly stared at the beautiful Tuoba Zhen, her eyes did not budge.

 Tuoba Zhen’s eyes unknowingly moved past the deity-like Li Zhangle and landed on Li Wei Yang. Staring at the girl, he noticed her soft, shining hair and her skirt with an embroidery of the West Lake danced in the air as the wind blew.
On her snow white face, rouge lightly appeared on her cheeks paired with her righteous eyes, with a glimpse, one can tell she is a rather intelligent girl.
Tuoba Zhen has already been used to seeing glamorous beauties, but he rarely encountered this kind of plainly-dressed beauty.
A moment ago, after overhearing her aggressively scolding the qianjins, he has already become curious in her so he unconsciously stared over a few times and at the very moment locked eyes with Li Wei Yang.
At that very moment, a dazzling smile appeared on her calm face, showing her clean, white teeth and her sparkling eyes, which could’ve easily charm others. This smile was unusually splendid that it lit up Tuoba Zhen’s profound eyes, making him unable to redirect his glance elsewhere.
He dropped his head to hide the astonishment within his eyes. Li Zhangle keenly realized he was listless, she smilingly said: “San dianxia, this is my San mei Wei Yang, she has just returned from Ping Cheng and has not shown her face in the capitol as of now.” Tuoba Zhen’s eyes looked at Li Zhangle and smiled: “Oh, really?” Li Min Feng smiled: “Yes, my San mei grew up in Ping Cheng, she hasn’t seen much, if she embarrasses herself, I hope San dianxia can forgive her.” Gao Min coldly spoke on the side: “She’s just impolite? I think Min Feng Biaoge should discipline her more and don’t let her make the prime minister lose face!” Li Wei Yang lifted her eyes and gave Gao Min a glimpse.
Gao Min didn’t know why but she felt intimidated and nervous from the stare.
She wanted to call her devilish but in the end she restrained herself from saying more.

 Tuoba Zhen thoughtfully said: “How can that be, San Xiaojie is naïve and eloquent, these are valuable traits.” To call her naïve, he was actually pointing out her discourtesy; to call her eloquent, he was saying she has a sharp tongue, Li Wei Yang smiled: “Thank you San Dianxia for the praises, Wei Yang don’t deserve such remarks.
If we talk about eloquence, how can Wei Yang’s be compared to Dianxia’s.” Her skin was very white like snow that it looked transparent, making her eyes looked rather big.
The smile on her face was exceptionally splendid; her demeanor can only be described as respectful, nothing eccentric can be spotted.
However, Tuoba Zhen felt that her demeanor was too calm, too calm to the point of making him feel an inexplicable emotion.
As he meticulously analyzed, he realized it seemed more like hatred ……  But why? Tuoba Zhen intuitively thinks he didn’t observe wrongly but at this moment, a graceful body appeared in front of him: “San dianxia! I haven’t seen you for a long time, how is Wuxian fei recently?” Gao Min’s face was filled with laughter, her arrogance was nowhere to be seen anymore, Li Zhangle has also unconsciously followed behind them.  Everyone crowded around Tuoba Zhen as he strolled towards a distinct octagonal pavilion.
As he was about to step on, he glanced behind him and realized the odd girl has already disappeared ……Share

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