Chapter 32: Bringing trouble upon oneself

Noticing Wei Guo furen was getting angrier, everyone suddenly became petrified.

Li Wei Yang raised her brows as her eyes quietly gave Wei Guo furen a look and said: “Aunt, Min Biaojie was just confused, there’s no need to kneel and ask for forgiveness.”

After those words were spoken, everyone burst into an uproar.
Is this Prime Minister’s San Xiaojie insane or is she an idiot?

Wei Guo furen furiously ordered: “Take this ya tou out and heavily give her 100 strikes!”

Hearing the order, everyone was intimidated.
A frail lady like Li Wei Yang, 20 strikes would break her bones and render her unrecognizable, but with 100 strikes, she would certainly not live!

Da furen’s lips revealed a slight smile but said: “Mei mei, this seems to be too harsh —“

Wei Guo furen couldn’t hold back her resentment: “This ya tou is trying to be clever, if I don’t punish her harshly, I can hardly quell my anger!”

Da furen put on a perplex expression but was actually laughing on the inside.
She had already tried to change Wei Guo Furen’s mind but she still wanted to take Wei Yang’s life.
Once Laoye finds out, it will be too late!

Immediately, people approached and grasped ahold of Li Wei Yang’s arms, forcing her down!

Li Wei Yang did not actually fret and raised her head and said: “Wei Guo furen doesn’t have the authority to interrogate!”

Gao Min was so furious that her face completely reddened.
“This uneducated thing! Why are you all still standing there!”

Li Wei Yang questioned: “I am uneducated? What do you mean Min Biaojie?”

“I am saying you have a father but no father to raise you!” Gao Min angrily said.

Once those words were spoken, Da furen was shocked and spoke to warn her: “Min er!” Unfortunately, it was already too late, a loud voice bellowed from behind: “What do you mean to have a father but not a father to raise her!”

Li Wei Yang quickly spoke in a loud voice: “Greetings to father!” Gao Min, Da furen, and everyone else were all startled by her actions.
It was only when she opened her mouth did they reacted and turned around.

Once Gao Min saw Li Xiao Ran, she was suddenly stunned that she couldn’t even finish her sentence and only said: “Uncle …… I …… I didn’t deliberately ……”

Li Xiao Ran sat down, plainly said: “Min Er, do you know where you are at fault?”

Gao Min froze for a second, Li Zhangle signaled her with her eyes before she reacted and said: “I have spoken the wrong words, I only wanted to punish her a little.”

Li Xiao Ran’s smile revealed a hint of coldness: “I’ve become too careless to actually trouble Wei Guo furen and her daughter to teach my own daughter.
I’ve really troubled both of you.” His voice sounded very normal, but in this situation, it was difficult to not cause people to feel fear from his words.

Wei Guo furen is honorable but it is simply in name only.
Even though Marquis of Bo Chang to this day is already in the fifth rank, no matter what he can never rise higher than Prime Minister Li.
Wei Guo furen was so used to her own arrogance that she realized she was exceeding her own authority.
Her complexion changed for the worse but didn’t dare to show it.

Li Xiao Ran gave Da furen a look and opened his mouth to speak: “With such a huge scene happening, shouldn’t I be present too.
Furen, what do you think?”

Da furen knew that Gao Min’s words have deeply offended Li Xiao Ran, she fakely smiled: “Laoye, this situation —“

Having spoken only half of what she wanted to say, Lao furen also arrived.
Everyone rose up to greet her, even the domineering Wei Guo furen.

Lao furen’s complexion was dull as she walked over to sit behind Li Wei Yang.
She didn’t know why but simply a small action gave Li Wei Yang an inexplicable peace of mind, this grandmother has offered her her full support.

Wei Guo furen dangerously squinted her eyes: “Since you both have arrived, it’s actually good, then I ask that Lao Furen and Prime Minister Li give my son an explanation!”

Li Xiao Ran frowned: “What explanation?”

Originally she wanted Wei Guo furen to directly kill Li Wei Yang but now it seems like it will not work.
Then she should go on with her next plan, to kick Li Wei Yang out of the estate! Da furen stoically said: “Ai, Wei Yang, now I can’t even help you, someone come, bring Biao Xiaoye in.”

Not for long, Gao Jin was carried in, his body filled with injuries, his face swollen, and his mouth uttering indecipherable sounds.
Because his teeth were partially knocked out, he couldn’t speak a single word.
After seeing her son, Wei Guo furen felt sudden pain in her heart, and powerfully spoke: “Qiu Zi, please tell us what happened!”

Qiu Zi immediately spoke: “Xiaoye met up with San Xiaojie, Nv cai heard at the side that San Xiaojie told Xiaoye that he marry her in a grand wedding.
Xiao Ye said that he has to obtain his parents’ permission so he did not agree.
San Xiao Jie got angry and actually summoned the people from her Yuan Zi to beat up Xiao Ye ……”

After Li Xiao Ran heard the story, his eyes looked down at Li Wei Yang.
He noticed that she looked very calm, like a cool piece of jade floating in the water, preventing any uncertainty from arising.
Now that her chastity, the Li family’s reputation, such important things are jeopardized, observing her expression, she still held onto a calm demeanor.

Da furen let out a sigh and put on a sympathetic look: “According to what he said, it was originally a simple romance between a man and a woman, but because both have forgotten their statuses, they’ve committed such a grave mistake, Wei Yang, you’ve let me down.”

Wei Guo furen coldly smiled: “She ordered people to beat my son, there were many eyes that witnessed the scene …… Li Wei Yang, with the evidence present, there is nothing you can say, why don’t you admit that you are guilty……”

Lao furen has never liked Wei Guo furen’s arrogant behavior, she warmly said: “I don’t care what others have seen, Wei Yang, what do you have to say.”

Li Wei Yang walked forward a few steps, her pair of eyes black as ink, shone brightly: “This is all false, I’ve only returned for two months, I am not acquainted with Biao Ge, how did everything turn into a tryst? If it was a tryst, why was there a need to bring everyone from my yuan zi, am I really that stupid?”

Da furen secretly clenched her teeth; she originally wanted to call Wei Yang out through Qi yiniang.
Who would have expected this ya tou actually brought along an entire crowd, she is truly very cunning!

Li Xiao Ran see that what she was saying sounds rational; he was about to frown when he heard Li Zhangle’s voice: “To say San mei and Biao ge were having a tryst, this type of story — let's not say I won’t believe it, but father won’t believe it, even Lao furen won’t believe either!” Her beautifully-painted fingers stroked her soft hair: “It’s just that Biao ge holds no resentment nor hatred towards San mei, why would he accuse her? Father, you’ve also watched Biao ge growing up, although he is mischievous, he doesn’t have the audacity.”

To casually question a Qianjin Xiaojie’s chastity, this is a huge issue, does Gao Jin have the audacity to do such a thing? Li Xiao Ran’s brows rose up greatly.

Li Zhangle turned to her side, looked at Li Wei Yang and said: “San mei, don’t know if you can explain this?”

Li Wei Yang blinked and then smiled: “Do Da jie and I have a grudge? Why are you accusing me like that?”

“I — when did I accuse you?” Li Zhangle suddenly opened her eyes wide.

“If it wasn’t for you who led Gao Jin Biaoge in, how could he have found the way into the convoluted garden?”

“I — I …… when did I invite him over ……” Li Zhangle’s complexion changed.

Li Wei Yang squinted her eyes, her eyes sharp as knives, “Oh, Da jie’s marriage still hasn’t been arranged yet, and you are still young, feeling lonely is understandable……”

Her expression remained calm, her tone odd yet revealed hints of ridicule, how can Li Zhangle endure such mockery, her face has whitened, and she hissed: “What nonsense are you speaking!”

Li Wei Yang slowly cut her off and jerked out the strip of paper in her hand: “Da jie, take a look at this!”


What do you all think will happen next? Will Wei Yang be able to defend herself?

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