[TPWY] Chapter 31

**Er ge = way to address the second brother

**biao ge/ biao mei/ biao jie = way to address cousins

Chapter 31: Arrogant and Domineering

Bai Zhi turned and looked towards Li Wei Yang: “Xiaojie, what has just happened?”

Li Wei Yang succinctly replied: “Someone wants to ruin me.”

At this hour, the rain has already stopped.
Li Wei Yang looked into the horizon at the rainbow, her pupils contracted, and she spoke in a low voice: “If I had killed him just now, it would have been great satisfaction, but unfortunately, he still has his use.
Or else for these wicked people who tarnish other’s reputations, to be pierced with thousand knives is not enough to quell my hatred.

Bai Zhi stood still.

Li Wei Yang gave her a glimpse but also laughed and continued: “Let’s go —“

Because it has just rained, lights were reflecting from the rainwater on the wet grounds.
With both feet touching the ground, it was impossible to avoid getting the dress wet.
Bai Zhi was too busy holding up Li Wei Yang’s dress that she forgot to react when she saw the mumu guarding the door and instead repeatedly emphasized what the mumu had just said once more: “Da furen said to close off our yuan zi?”

Guarding the door, Zhang mumu smilingly said in the usual cold tone: “Yes, Da furen just sent someone over because Biao shaoye was attacked, no one is allowed to leave this yuan zi.”

Li Wei Yang squinted her eyes and said, “I was in my yuan zi for some time but I haven’t seen anyone suspicious.”

The creases on Zhang Mumu’s face were very deep, her smile revealed a hint of malice, “I apologize, San xiaojie, who is the one behind the attack, we have to wait for Da Fu Ren to decide.”

Li Wei Yang coldly smiled, she has already expected that her opponent would use this tactic, lock everyone within the yuan zi and then punish each one individually.
She pursed her lips and in a low voice said: “I am going to He Xiang Yuan, are you preventing me from visiting Lao furen?”

Zhang mama chuckled: “San xiaojie, Lao furen currently … I’m afraid she doesn’t have the time to see you.”

Li Wei Yang showed a brief smile and hid the hint of bitter hope in her eyes.
Just because Da furen won’t let her, would she not find other ways to see Lao furen? She has left Zi Yan and Mo Zhu behind and instructed one to seek Prime Minister Li from his study and one to seek Lao furen from He Xiang Yuan.
Da furen must think she is a fool to just sit here and wait for her to come and punish her?

“San xiaojie, please don’t take offense!” Zhang mama waved her hand and then a few large waist mamas came forward to seize Li Wei Yang.

Li Wei Yang sunk her face and snapped: “Stop! I am the well-respected prime minister’s San xiaojie, how can I be handled by such lowly servants? Not to mention that the truth is not yet known, even if I did something wrong, it’s not up to you all to personally interrogate me! Hurry and summon mother, tell her to come interrogate me personally!”

Bai Zhi was quick-witted, she immediately warned the mamas behind them: “If San xiaojie suffers from any injury and Lao furen looks into this, you all have to watch your lives!”

Everyone stared blankly at one another and couldn’t help but feel the urge to protect Li Wei Yang instead to prevent her from inflicting any injuries.

Zhang mama thought it was not a good idea.
Originally, Da furen ordered her to tie up San xiaojie but now — San xiaojie is after all a Zhuzi, she herself is just a servant, it is inappropriate to offend the master.
Her brows furrowed as she thought about it for a while before smilingly said: “Nubi is only following Da furen’s orders —“

Li Wei Yang lightly said: “Mother is not an illogical person who doesn’t understand the importance of status! It must be you servants who are misusing the master’s authority! Leave­!” With words spoken in such serious tone, Zhang Mama’s forehead was drenched with sweat: “San xiaojie, Nubi really can’t do anything, I beg San xiaojie to understand …..”

Seeing her unwilling to back off, Li Wei Yang coldly spoke: “That’s fine, I will wait at the Liang Ting, you go bring over some hot tea, a cloak, and a cushion.
Once mother arrives, I will personally explain to her!”

San xiaojie’s expressions did not reveal any hints of anxiousness, not even panic from the thought of being interrogated.
Zhang mama spoke for a long time but in the end felt apprehended so she told her people to prepare the things.
Not for long, everything was brought forward and Bai Zhi hung the cloak on the cool bench.
Li Wei Yang comfortably sat down, held the cup of hot tea in her hands, and thoughtfully stared at Zhang mama.

Her expression was coldly distant, as if carrying an unfathomable chilling aura from the well in the cold winter.
Zhang mama originally came to seize her but was actually subdued by the imposing manner of a thirteen-year-old girl.
Standing there, her complexion paled as she became uncertain what was to come.

Half an hour later, only the sound of a jade bell can be heard with a light breeze of fragranced air.
Da furen entered the garden with a glamorous looking woman.

Because of the water stains, someone has already placed a rosewood blanket on the grounds.
As they approached closer, Li Wei Yang observed from afar.

As Da furen approached and suddenly realized Li Wei Yang was peacefully sitting down, her face darkened: “Wei Yang, why haven’t you greet Wei Guo furen yet!”

Wei Guo Furen indeed has a noble reputation but as family, these type of etiquettes can be disregarded, which is why everyone was standing there, coldly staring at Li Wei Yang as if they have forgotten that she is also part of the Li family.

Li Wei Yang slightly smiled, stood up to bow, and gently said: “Greetings to aunt.”

Wei Guo furen made a sound of acceptance instead of signaling her to stand nor said anything else, but only coldly sat down and lifted her eyes to give Li Wei Yang a glimpse and then looked at Da furen and said: “This girl is very thick-skinned, not the usual thickness.”

Da furen lightly smiled and only said: “She was raised in the village since she was young so she wasn’t taught much etiquettes.
Sister, please don’t laugh at me.”

Wei Guo furen finally said: “You may rise.”

Li Wei Yang coldly smiled inside: A very domineering demeanor – it seemed like Da Furen wanted to put her to death with this matter.

A young girl’s deliberate provocation was heard: “It was you who ordered people to beat up my Er Ge?”

This girl was Wei Guo furen’s youngest daughter Gao Min, who was the most arrogant and domineering.
Li Wei Yang lightly spoke: “Wei Yang only beat up a small thief who slipped into my yuan and haven’t seen Min Biaojie’s Er Ge, you must have misunderstood!”

“What thief! You dare to insult my Er Ge!” Gao Min aggressively questioned.

“Wei Yang is not smart; I don’t understand Min Biaojie’s meaning.
Could it be that the thief who trespassed into my yuan today was Gao Jin Biaoge?” Li Wei Yang showed no resentment nor anger and instead stood there with a slight smile and she spoke without being too overbearing nor too humble.

She obviously only said Li Wei Yang beat up her Er Ge, when did she say her brother was a thief! Gao Min couldn’t believe that Li Wei Yang was that good with her words that she can’t think of a comeback, and instead angered herself as her face reddened.

Wei Guo furen originally wanted to let Gao Min to show off her authority but she couldn’t believe it backfired.
She was about to show her rage when Li Zhangle suddenly spoke: “What is going on today!” Her eyes swept towards the maids and mamas standing by the side.

Bai Zhi softly voiced: “Reporting to all Furens, today San Xiaojie brought us all to the garden because this afternoon we saw a cuckoo dwelling in the garden and we were preparing to catch it and gift it to Lao furen.
Who would have known a person suddenly appeared, not to say he scared away the cuckoo, but he was also sneaking —“

Gao Min loudly interrupted: “What do you mean by sneaking! That is my Er ge!”

Bai Zhi felt perturbed, but seeing Li Wei Yang’s unwavering expression, she confidently continued: “Biao Xiaojie, this is what we all nubis saw with our very own eyes, not just I telling a lie.”

Gao Min suddenly became very angry and raised her hand preparing to slap Bai Zhi.
Li Wei Yang was quick to noticed, walked a step forward to grab ahold of her wrist.
Gao Min originally wanted to show off her power and did not expect her hand to be held tightly by Li Wei Yang in mid-air.
Unable to move, she couldn’t help but fly into a temper: “Li Wei Yang, how dare you, a mere concubine’s daughter dare to offend me!”

Li Wei Yang is young but she has massive strength, she warmly smiled: “What do you mean Min Biaojie, Wei Yang is worried venting off on a servant will make you lose face!”

Wei Guo Furen couldn’t hold back any longer and loudly slapped the stone table, “A mouth filled with nonsense, such audacity, kneel down!”

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