Witnessing how brazen her daughter-in-law was to secretly give Li Wei Yang food and even clumsily spilling some out, Mrs.
Liu boiled with anger.
She grabbed the bowl of congee on the table and threw it into Mrs.
Ma’s face.  There was the sound of the bowl shattering on the ground as Mrs.
Liu pointed at Mrs.
“You bitch, I already said you can’t give her food.
Do my words go in one ear and out the other? If you don’t want to live in this house then scram! Don’t stay here and embarrass me!”

The pitiful Mrs.
Ma was drenched by the bowl of congee.
Her entire body was red from the scald.
There were tears in her eyes but she didn’t dare to utter a single word.
All she could do was hold tightly onto her shirttail as she gently wiped off the congee and proceeded to clean up the mess on the floor.

Liu hadn’t changed one bit from her memories.
She treated others meanly without any compassion.
It didn’t matter if it was herself or Mrs.
Ma, Mrs.
Liu would treat them like slaves.
Li Wei Yang stared intently at Mrs.
She wanted to talk, but Mrs.
Ma quickly winked at her, as if telling her to not say anything otherwise she would get even more punished.

Ma was a kind daughter-in-law, but no matter what she did, this evil mother-in-law couldn’t see it.
She would spend the entire day looking for faults.
When she saw Mrs.
Ma defending Li Wei Yang, she immediately thought Mrs.
Ma was trying to go against her, making her resentful towards both of them.

Li Wei Yang clenched her teeth and wordlessly stared at Mrs.

Instinctively Mrs.
Liu glanced at Li Wei Yang.
Liu saw a frosty coldness in Wei Yang’s gaze.
Her heart jumped as she shouted, “Are you crazy to look at me like that?!”

Li Wei Yang didn’t have time to ponder why she was reverted back to her 13 years old self when the thought took a turn.
Underneath her chest, she felt a jade pendant.
This jade pendant was given to her by her biological mother when she was still a baby.

Her father had sent her off to the Li’s distant relative in foster care until she was 7 years old.
In the beginning, they had given her maids and servants but eventually, they realized Prime Minister Li had no intentions of bringing her back to the Capital.
Instead, under someone’s persuasion, she was sent to the rurals and had to live with the farmer’s family.
Each month, 10 silver were given for the living expense.

Six months ago, for some reason, the living expense was no longer paid.
Liu had gone to their door and asked three times but the Li’s relatives didn’t care.
For that reason, Mrs.
Liu resented her further.
Not only did she treat Wei Yang as a maid to slave around, Mrs.
Liu was also abusive.
She didn’t let Wei Yang leave and would call people to hit her until she developed bruises all over her body.

Liu looked at Li Wei Yang’s appearance, furrowed her brows and yelled, “You little slut, what are you stupefied for!”

The jade pendant was the only thing her mother had left for her to remember by.
She had risked her life to hide it, afraid to let Mrs.
Liu set her eyes on it. But today.
.Li Wei Yang lifted her head to look at the older woman.
There was a flicker of coldness in her gaze, but in a blink of an eye, a brownnosing smile had appeared.
“Aunt Zhou [1], more or less you have taken care of me.
I don’t have anything to show my gratitude except for this jade pendant, which I want to give to you as a token of appreciation.”

If she remembered correctly, the Pisces jade pendant would be discovered and stolen by Mrs.
Liu two weeks later.
Back then, she had wanted to get it back only to suffer under cruel physical abuse.
Later on when she became Third Prince’s wife she had sent people to go look for it.
However, the village had experienced an epidemic and a majority of the villagers had died, including Mrs.
As a result, the jade pendant could not be found.

Liu couldn’t believe the jade pendant she had always desired but was secretly hidden somewhere was now being offered to her by Li Wei Yang herself.
She became happier but scoffed coldly and snatched the jade pendant from Wei Yang’s hands.
She said, “This is not enough!”

Ma was shocked, looking at Li Wei Yang like she didn’t know this young girl.
From what she knew, Wei Yang had always carefully hidden away the jade pendant and would never allow anyone else to take it away.
How could she suddenly give it to Mrs.
Liu .

Liu held onto the jade pendant, her mood was better.
She made a noise and sneered, “Forget it, you can stay on the bed for today but tomorrow, you have to wake up and work!”

Li Wei Yang’s smile was gentle and obedient.
“Of course Aunt Liu.
Tomorrow I will definitely work!”

Liu was surprised with Li Wei Yang’s obedience.
She was about to say something but right then, a tall man entered.
When he saw the scene inside, it was as if he was used to it.
With an angry face, he glanced over Mrs.
Ma, looking somewhat scornful and forcefully laughed.
“Mother, why are you so angry? Let’s go.
I bought a block of silk today at the market that looks exactly like Li Furen when worn.
Come with me and take a look!” he urged and dragged Mrs.
Liu outside.

As Mrs.
Liu was being dragged, she turned around and said to Mrs.
Ma, “If I catch you giving her food again, I will skin you!”

After Mrs.
Liu disappeared, Mrs.
Ma held her face and burst out into tears.

Li Wei Yang looked at Mrs.
Ma and slightly shook her head.
One shouldn’t be weak and a pushover.
There were many ways to get back the jade pendant.
To deal with a swindler like Mrs.
Liu, one would have to use an even more wicked method!


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