ce, “You’re the matron of the family but you can’t even discipline a simple servant and force me to be involved! Bring in that Hua Mei!”

Hua Mei was brought forward.
Her legs and hands were tied up as she bawled.
Seeing this, Da furen furrowed her brows.

“Still, we should give her a chance to explain!”

Lao furen glimpsed at Luo mumu.

Luo mumu immediately stepped forward and questioned, “The chests were looked after by you?”

Hua Mei had a hard time agreeing.
“Yes, but nubi had just received the chests—”

“All the silks in the chests were ruined?!”

“Yes, but nubi is innocent.
There must be someone trying to put the blame on nubi! It’s San xiaojie! Lao furen, it must be San xiaojie who is setting up nubi!” Hua Mei recklessly screamed, desperate to be freed of the crime.

This servant was definitely brazen.
She didn’t even give her owner face!

Lao furen’s eyes glanced around.
“Such a lazy and incompetent servant, don’t let her dirty my eyes.
I don’t want to hear anymore of her lies and excuses.
Mute her! Then take her out and give her 50 strokes as a warning!”

Hua Mei promptly realized she had said the wrong things.
She struggled with all her might and bent over.
“Lao furen, nubi knows wrong! It is all nubi’s fault! Da furen, please save nubi! Please save nubi!” As she begged for mercy, she repeatedly kowtowed, desperately asking Da furen to say something and help her.
Every time her forehead hit harshly against the floor, the faces of those who were watching turned a little paler.

Li Wei Yang glanced at her and calmly suggested, “Lao furen, why don’t we forgive her this time?”

Li Zhang Le’s eyebrows furrowed.
Just as she was about to say something, Lao furen shot her a look.

Actually Lao furen didn’t want to punish Hua Mei but wanted to use this to teach Li Zhang Le a lesson.

Da furen was shuddering on the inside.
“Lao furen is right.
This kind of servant must be strictly punished!” Once these words were spoken, it was the same as sealing Hua Mei’s fate.

All of the mumus immediately covered Hua Mei’s mouth and dragged her out.
Hua Mei’s screams were muffled but it was obvious she still had things to say.
However, Lao furen and Da furen both acted as if they didn’t hear anything.
Naturally the mumus also didn’t care.

Even though Lao furen was normally grave, she had never once been so angry.
It made everyone shudder.

Da furen’s expression was twisted.
Even Li Zhang Le’s beautiful face had turned snow white as she witnessed her beloved cat being taken out by one of the servants.
Clearly Lao furen had no intentions of forgiving her cat.

Looking at the faces of the mother-daughter pair, Li Wei Yang let out a sigh. Seeing the two of you choking to death, truly can feel the cool, refreshing breeze!

Lao furen took a look at Li Zhang Le.
Her anger has not yet subsided.
“All of your silks will be given to Wei Yang! You will copy the Buddhist scripture a hundred times to pray for my parrot!”

Give all her silks to Li Wei Yang? Copying the Buddhist scriptures to pray for some bird?! Lao furen had gone crazy!

Li Zhang Le made some movements but was held back by Da furen as she said, “Say you understand!”

Going against Lao furen was disadvantageous, Li Zhang Le understood this.
“Yes, Zhang Le will definitely do as you say.”

Walking out of He Xiang Yuan, losing her beloved cat and being punished by Lao furen, Li Zhang Le’s eyes were red.
There was a vicious look on her face filled with venom as she said, “San mei, you definitely have a lot of schemes up your sleeves to have Lao furen in the palm of your hands!”

Li Wei Yang simply smiled.
“What are you saying, Da jie? I don’t understand.
All I know is that Da jie has been careless this time.
Da jie should’ve known that animals must be disciplined and shouldn’t be allowed recklessly about, isn’t that right?”

Under her sleeves, Li Zhang Le’s hands were clenched into fists.
Coldly, she replied, “Very good, those words can come from you.
Hopefully you will be able to laugh freely like this come next time.”

Li Wei Yang looked innocently at Zhang Le.
“Jiejie is kidding! Copying the Buddhist scriptures a hundred times isn’t that easy.
Jiejie shouldn’t stand here and waste time otherwise, should Lao furen find out, she will be even angrier!”

Li Zhang Le choked on her words.

Da furen quickly approached her side with an unflinching expression.
“Zhang Le, no need to spare words.
Let’s go!”

Li Wei Yang grinned.
“Wei Yang sends Mother and Da jie off.”

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